2010-04-23: Standing On The Rooftop


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Summary: Kaji and Kenta meet as the two are both tenants in the same building.

Date: April 23, 2010

Standing On The Rooftop

Rating: PG

NYC - Greenwich Village Apartments (Roof)

After climbing up the ladder and through the skylight to the roof it's almost a whole new world from the top of the 7-story building. A four foot brick wall lines all sides of the roof. Either the landlord or one of the long time residents seems to have an affinity for gardening and plants off all sorts are set around the roof creating an unorganized mess of beauty surrounding most of the edges of the roof. Different small trees sit in planters in a few of the corners. Depending on the season is what's in bloom up here. There is a small white garden table with four chairs and a bench for those who want to come up here and watch the city from above. The roof is open to all who live in the apartment.

On this lovely sunny day in the city, it's as good a time as any to lounge about for once. To laze in the sun. And since he had no classes today, Kaji's taking good advantage of that. Though, he isn't exactly lazing in the sun; he's drawing in it. The shifter, currently in human form, is sitting on one of the chairs near the table; it turned towards one of the planers. Resting against the pot would be his swords. Balanced carefully enough so they wouldn't fall over while he was drawing them.

The roof on a nice day is a perfect day for creativity. Kenta's decided to come up to the roof to play guitar for a bit. With his son at school and having the day off at XAvier's, he can finally rest at home for a bit. Seeing someone is already up here, he gives a wave. "Yo. Mind another, I won't play anything too loud."

Kaji blinks a bit as he looks up, looking over at Kenta as he shakes his head. "Nah, I don't mind. Might actually give me something else to listen to." Other than the sound of the wind and some birds in the distance. He sits up, stretching his arms over his head. He's been crouched over for too long.

Kenta nods and finds a spot to sit while starting to tune his guitar. "I'm Kenta by the way. I live on second floor." He says as he continues to tune it. "I just hope that I don't ever keep the building awake with my music or my son." Though they're not home all the time and really not all that loud.

Kaji lets out a soft grunt as he rests his arms down on his lap, looking over at Kenta. "I'm Kaji, I live up on the 5th floor." He tilts his head a bit before he says. "I know you probably get this alot. But…" He motions with a hand to the tattoos on Kenta's arms. "Are you trying to look like a tiger or somethin'."

"Tony the Tiger, my son's favourite ceral cartoon. Thought I'd do it to get him to like me more." Kenta says with a chuckle as he pushes up his sunglasses. "Nah, I'm not really trying to look like a tiger." He doesn't go on to explain it either, or the number 'tattoo' on his arm. "So you're an artist then? This is a great place for it." Meaning the roof of the building.

Kaji lets out a laugh as he nods his head. "Yeah. I'm in college for Graphic Design. But I'm more for the traditional style of things." He spins a pencil in his fingers before he looks back over; his eyes glancing over the number on his arm before he lets out a hm.

"I'm a music teacher at a local private school. My son's in first grade and so it's just that time when I have to start teaching him to play the guitar too." Kenta says as he takes out a pack of cigarettes. "Mind if I smoke?" Even outside it's just always nice to ask. "Good luck with college though, I never got to finish music school as much as I regret it."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "Thanks for the luck. I'm needing it right now." He listens for a moment before he says, "That's got to be interesting. Music that is. I could never really get into it. Tried Choir for a semester when I was in middle school. Never really stuck." He shrugs a bit before he says, "I don't mind. But, stay downwind?"

Kenta makes sure to shift so he's down wind as he lights up. After a long inhale he speaks. "I was the lead singer in a band a few years back, Screaming Ninja Flips. It was a blast. I've always loved music but art, that was one thing I wasn't good at. I coudln't draw like that in a million years. Daphne, now she was an amazing painter."

Kaji lets out a soft laugh. "Seems like we're the opposite of one another then, eh?" He glances over at Kenta for a second, his pencil tapping against the paper in his lap before he looks over at Kenta. "I can say I've never heard of that band before. What kind of music did ya guys make?"

"I don't know about oposite but I'm music and you're art, and I'm an old man and you're a college kid so maybe we are." Kenta says with a chuckle before taking a drag off his cigarette. Though Kenta really doesn't look as old as he is. "It was kind of this rock, punkish style. It was a blast and it's no surprise you didn't hear of us. We were a small local band." He says grining.

Kaji nods with a laugh. "Aye, that would be why I wouldn't have heard of ya." He looks back over at his swords, getting up out of his seat. When he picks them up, that faint blue aura shows up before he clicks both of them together and lays them on the ground next to his chair. "Please, you're not an old man."

"I'm 31, I'm an old man." Kenta says with a laugh as he finishes up his cigarette and throws it over the roof of the building. "And those are some interesting swords you got there Kaji. Was that the sun or were they just glowing?"

Kaji chuckles. "And I'm nearly 21. You're not that older than I am." He looks down at his swords and says, "Thanks. They were given to me. Or… I think they were destined for me." He shrugs a bit. "And yeah, they were glowing. I haven't quite figured out why." But they look cool as rave sticks.

"Magic?" Kenta suggests sounding serious at that. "I mean there are weirder things, and who knows about destiny. But that looks like a pretty special gift there. You know how to sword fight at all?" Just a general question from the Japanese man.

Kaji shakes his head. "Only rudimentary things that I've picked up during my time of using them. No real formal training." He picks it up, spinning it in his hand a bit. His dexterity is nice. "Though, I don't use them often. Got other fun things to use."

Kenta nods slowly and starts to play a random tune on his guitar as he speaks. "So what do you plan on doing with those blades? Just kind of a hobby or are you gonna go all Punisher or something?" Kenta doesn't mind being blunt with the kid, he's just kind of curious.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh as he leans back in that chat, hooking an arm over the back of it as he looks over at Kenta. "Have you heard of the mutant Fenrir in the papers?"

Kenta shakes his head. "Sorry, can't say I've heard of Fenrir. Most the mutants I'm familiar with are X-Men actually. But I know a few others, but I haven't heard of Fenrir." Unless he has somewhere and it's just escaping Kenta at the moment. "I'm most familiar with one who used to go by Darkstar, he's not very well known though." Yes, he's talking about himself.

Kaji shrugs with a sight, and then he laughs. "Eh, no biggie. Well, I go by Fenrir. Wolf shifter. And I use those swords when my normal style of fighting doesn't cut it." He quirks a brow slightly as he glances over at Kenta. "Can't say I've heard too much about the X-men though."

"Ah well I go by Darkstar, and I know a few of the X-Men personally. I teach mutants." Kenta says with a shrug. "It's a job and it pays the bills and I'm doing something to help the community I guess." Kenta says with a chuckle. "But yeah, I'm a mutant and there you go, these aren't tattoos, it's my mutation."

Kaji laughs. "Ah, I see. What I would've given in the past to have a teacher for my power when I was school." He scratches at the bridge of his nose a bit, lots of embarrassing moments there. He looks back at Kenta and asks, "So, your power is tattoos?" Obviously baiting for more than that.

Kenta shakes his head. "No, it's not tattoos, my power is something called Darkforce, it shows through me like this resulting in this tattoo look." Kenta stands up and walks closer to Kaji, holding out an arm. "If you look close, you can see it's an energy." And there is an odd energy quality about his markings, as if it's not a solid black, but a black with visible depth. "What about you, what kind of power does Fenrir have?"

Kaji leans over and looks down at the arm, his brows rising in surprise as he says, "Honestly, your's sounds a lot more interesting than mine." He lets out a laugh and waves a hand. "All I can do is shift really. With little extra bonuses." His hand shifts anthro, and then shifts back to human.

Kenta takes a step back as Kaji shifts and whistles. "Nah, I've seen people who are kind of animalistic in their powers, like this one kid I know is a Hyena, unlike you though, he can't change back. Good kid." Kenta says with a nod. "And everyone's powers are interesting Kaji, but I'll let you know something, you wanna learn with those blades, I can probably help."

Kaji sets the sketchbook down on the table, stretching his arms up before he pushes himself back standing. "That's a shame. Must suck not being able to shift back." He hms a bit before he says, "Would you like to see the full shifting?" At the offer at the end, his brows raise and he says, "That would be rather nice of ya actually. Could use some actual training."

"I'm more trained in a Katana style but I'm sure the basics would be similar." Kenta says as he puts out a hand and forms a a blade out of dark force, and this one is solid and looks very katana-ish. "I can use my dark force to make blades." He says with a grin. "Sure, if wanna show me your full form, I don't have a problem with it."

Kaji looks at the dark force sword and chuckles. "I agree. Basics should be there. From there, I can try and develop my own style." He hooks his thumbs into his belt loops of his shorts as he just shifts wolf like it's breathing for him. The corners of his muzzle curl in a slight grin as his tail drapes behind him; swaying a bit.

Kenta nods and looks up at Kaji's impressive form. "Yeah, I don't have any cool shifting like that, I'm sure my son would think it's awesome." Kenta says with a chuckle. "Unfortunately though Kaji, I gotta get going in a bit. I gotta pick up Armande, that's my son, from school. But I live here, second floor, apartment 2C. Stop by anytime."

Kaji chuckles a bit, shifting back to human and tugging his shorts back up a bit. "It's alright." He waves a hand a bit before he goes over and picks up the swords and sketchbook. "Ya can introduce me to your son later than. Wonder how he'd like to meet a wolf."

"I bed he'd love it. He's used to being around mutants but he might ask you for a piggy back ride or something." Kenta says with a chuckle as he offers a hand to Kaji. "Again it was pleasure and I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon."

Kaji lets out a laugh, shifting the skethbook under the other arm to give Kenta's a shake. "I wouldn't mind it, as long as he doesn't pull the ears." He nods a bit, "I think ya will. Tired of feeling like I'm just swinging these things like bats." Really. Sharp. Bats.

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