2009-06-02: Stargazing


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Summary: After fighting one of Dr. Sting's minions, Jared wakes up in the middle of the night and goes looking for his older brother.

Date: June 2, 2009

Log Title: Stargazing

Rating: R

Outside Tombstone, Arizona - 1800's

The fight is over and Dr. Sting's minion has been defeated. It's pretty late in the old west, stars clear in the sky. Most of the heroes that had been with them had dispersed relatively quickly, going off to wherever they'd come from, leaving the building outside town for Eddie, Daisuke, and Jared for the night. The three only have a few more hours before Skeets will have enough of a charge to let them jump. And there's only one place to jump to since it looks like Sting's whenever Julian and Jared are.

In the middle of the night, there's a sudden THUMP. Anyone waking up will find the pile of hay Eddie had been sleeping on is now vacant. The hatch leading up to the roof is open though.

Jared does not need to sleep much, part of his powers constantly refreshing his energy levels and making rest much less necissary. He is laying next to Daisuke, half way between where he is in the real world and his worries about the look on Dai's face when he was at his worst earlier in the day, when he hears the thump and looks around. Seeing Eddie gone he frowns a moment and extends his pwoers to find his little older brother before following him out the hatch to the roof.

That power will lead to the eventual conclusion that Eddie's up on the roof. And indeed, Jared will find him up there. Back in the cowboy gear just like the others, he's just sitting there. He's peering at the device taken from Sting's minion and occasionally poking at it with a frown on his face.

Jared did not need to use his powers, his natural cynacism sudgested Eddie would be up there, but he still likes to use his powers. He stops, head jsut sticking out of the hatch watching Eddie for a short time, actually watching his brother and how he looks when he thinks no one is around. After a moment he ducks back down, and makes a few noises to make sure that Eddie knows he is coming before climbing his way out onto the roof with him. "Couldn't sleep?"

Eddie actually looks sad while he thinks he's alone, occasionally checking Skeets and the device. Illuminated by the blue glow from both, he's getting a little frustrated it seems. When the noises startle him, he squeaks and scrambles a bit before putting on a smile. "Hey, Bro. Yeah…couldn't sleep…"

Jared nods and gives a smile hiding his thoughts wondeirng about the sad look. "Yeah, lucky me I hardly need sleep at all to start with. Makes times like these that much harder to get a nap in." Jared is really not sure what else to say, just pulling up a portion of roof space next to Eddie before pulling a coin out of a pocket and playing with it a second before offering it to Eddie. The coin, of course, is a bufullo head penny.

Eddie leans against Jared slightly when he sits down. "I just kept waking up," he admits, poking at the device a few more times. When Jared takes out the coin, Eddie blinks. He does so again as he takes it. "A penny?"

Jared sighs, "Dude, its part of that old expression. Penny for your thoughts?" Jared shakes his head a little at his brother's damndest blanks in his knowledge of popular culture. "I at least have an excuse for not being able to sleep, what about you? What has you worried, or more worried than normal."

Eddie blinks then blushes a litte. "Oh," he mumbles. "Sorry…just…I'm worried about Dads…and getting everyone home," he sighs. "Didn't think my first big superhero adventure would be like this…"

Jared nods and shrugs a little and pulls out his peice of Dr Sting's time machine. "You do not have to worry about getting everyone home. We are a team, and that is something you don't have to shoulder alone. The Dads can take care of themselves, and all of us disapearing at once…they are bound to realize we are together. Your brains, my tenacity, and Julian's pure power they are probably more worried we might happen to someone instead of something happening to us." Jared is trying to up Eddie's spirits, but he is telling a lot of the truth the way he sees it. "As for your big superhero adventure, what was the fight at Staple's center, chopped liver?"

Eddie frowns as he leans against Jared. "That was a big fight, not a big adventure," he says, pouting. "And I know it's a team thing…just..we're all seperated. I'm worried about Julian…Jordan too," he mutters that last part. "And I know the Dads are worried about us and…I miss them," he admits. "Miss the school too…and I miss Ricky…"

Jared puts an arm around his brother and starts to rub his back gently. "Jordan…I don't know him worth shit but Julian can take care of the both of them. Ok, so its not the same but still this is not your firt time at the beach. Me on the other hand, I've had the trip to New York form Cali, the big fight, and a single run in with an electro bitch under my belt. I can't do for Ricky though, but I can guess a lot of how you feel, about the same as if Dai had gotten left behind would for me.

Eddie sighs. "Jordan's…kinda a jerk," he mutters. "But he's Robyn's boyfriend I think," he says quietly. "Never…actually been to the beach before. Don't know how to swim. Dad's teaching me though," he actually smiles a little. He pokes at the device stolen from Ock a few more times. "I…yeah…I love Ricky…really wanna see him again," he sighs once more.

Jared nods and hugs Eddie to him tightly for a moment before something he heard twinges in his mind. "Wait, you have never been to the beach? Really? I…I don;t know what to say to that at all. You realize when we get home I am so dragging you to the pool till you can swim well enough for the real thing right? Then its a day at the beach….just have to find a decent one around here. Hmm, gonna need a new wake board for it all too."

Eddie squeaks slightly. "I only know how to float right now…Dad just taught me," he mumbles. "What's a wake board?"

Jared grins and laughs a little. "Well we all start someplace, just have to get you some help learning more. A wake board is a foam board you use to ride the wake on small waves near the shore. Its not quite surfing, but its fun and I got a feeling you would like it a lot."

Eddie looks up at Jared. "You think so?" he asks. "Well…I guess I can try it," he says. "Just umm…" he pauses to blush. "Don't tell anyone if I like…almost drown, okay?"

Jared grins and laughs a little. "Aww, but where is the fun in wake boaridng if you dont almost drown at least once? Don't worry, I won't go telling stories…well maybe to Daisuke but better than even odds we hit a beach I am dragging him too."

Eddie smiles. "Sounds like it'll be fun. Just you, me, Dai, and Ricky at the beach together…" he trails off. "Think maybe…when this is all over, the four of us could go?"

Jared laughs and reaches up to tussle Eddie's hair. "You know, that sounds like a perfect idea. Day at the beach, some wakeboarding some swimming, maybe even a bit of frisbee, take a picknick lunch and maybe stop someplace for supper on the way home. Ricky wouldn't happen to have a car, or at least a liscense would he? Make the whole thing easier if we can drive."

Eddie blinks. "Um. I know he doesn't have a car but he might have his liscense. I keep forgetting to ask…" he trails off, pouting again. "But that does sound like a really nice plan. I can't wait to do it. Hopefully we won't get attacke by like…renagade Atlanteans when we go though…or that if we do, Namor shows up."

Jared nods and shrugs, "Well if he has a liscense then the dads are bound to have a car somewhere we can talk them into loaning us. As for the other…no way we are gonna get attacked by Atlanteans. Crab people or Dagonese fishmen though, those we may have to keep an eye out for. Don't worry so much bro, you got to let go and let life happen some times, other wise you'll end up looking old and grey before we even get out of Highschool."

Eddie chuckles. There's a pause and a squeak. "Oh man…I'm…I'm gonna be a senior when school starts up in August…" he trails off, eyes wide.

Jared nods and grins and then blinks at Eddie. "Yeah, that kinda happens after you start your 4th year of Highschool, you get called a senior."

Eddie just stares up at the sky. "Yeah…but…wow," he whispers. "I'm…gonna be in my last year of highschool. Never, ever thought I'd even get that far…"

Jared nods and leans back so that he can stare easily at the sky a good 100 years pluse before his birth. "Never thought I would end up in Arizona before I was born, or that I would be training to be a superhero. Honestly never thought I would have a brother, or a Dad, or a boyfriend half as great as Dai either. Guss that proves you never know where you might end up."

Eddie just smiles at all the stars and his brother's words. "Yeah…" he trails off. "When do you think Julian and Jordan are?"

Jared shrugs, and reaches a hand up to Eddie's shoulder and pulls him down into a laying position next to him. "Lets see, did England in the punk age, you had Japan in the Fuedal age, we are in the US in the Victorian age, and there was Germany in the War….so maybe South America with a buncha Mayans? Or Africa in the age of dinosaurs…naw, knowing my luck I am the one that will get to tangle with a dinosaur, that or be dropped on a group of monks in China while Attilla the HUn is attacking."

Eddie squeaks as he's pulled down but settles. He chuckles when Jared makes his guesses. "Man…I hope we don't have to fight dinosaurs. They're all big and scary."

Jared laughs a little and puts an arm around Eddie and gently rubs his shoulder. "They are not that scary, ok raptors and T-Rexes might be, but it would be cool. Especially if there were herbavours."

Eddie smiles and closes his eys. "Maybe we might get dropped into the Savage Land sometime," he says, remembering what he read about it in the school database. "There are dinosaurs there."

Jared keeps his arm around Eddie, nodding and holding his brother. Seeing his eyes close Jared's ebil plan starts to come together while he trys to help Eddie actually make it to sleep. "That might be fun, Dinosaurs, men running around in loin cloths…"

Eddie squeaks and blushes furiously. "Jared!" he squeaks again. "You just want me and Dai to run around near naked."

Jared grins and laughs a little. "What can I say, I know what I like. You could use the tan you would get running around in next to nothing anyway."

Eddie blushes still but closes his eyes again. "I don't like…being that naked a lot and you know it," he mutters. "Too many scars."

Jared sighs, "I know, but its not like anyone in the Savage land would care. Probably impress the heck out of any native peoples. And the scars don't matter, you look cute still with them…"

Eddie blushes even worse. "I'm not cute…" he murmurs. There's a pause for a yawn. "I still don't like all the scars though…"

Jared grins a little to himself and trys like hell to keep a laugh out of his voice. "Your right, your not cute, your sexy as hell." Jared holds Eddie close to him and humms a little under his breath as he trys to concentrate on Eddie's scars. Who knows, it might help his healing powers work better than they would just holding his brother.

Eddie squeaks and squirms. "Jared!" he squeaks yet again. The tingling from the healing power has Eddie squirming some more. "What're you doing?"

Jared laughs a little as Eddie squeeks. "What am I doing? I am laying on the roof of a building decades before I was born, looking at the starts, and trying to be comforting and relaxing enough to get my brother to sleep because unlike me, he needs it. That, and I am letting my powers, the ones I can't control, try and do for him at least some of what they have done for my boyfriend."

Eddie blinks a few times then lets out a noise of realization. "Oh," he says quietly. "Umm…maybe we should go inside before Dai wakes up and panics when he can't find us?" he suggests. "And that way you can try to make it work for both of us?"

Jared smiles a little as Eddie comes to the realization of what is going on. "We can do that, especially if your done brooding and are ready to try and sleep. Hmm, and that way I can sleep sandwitched between two hot guys." Jared say the last and after a whole half second brings the arm not around Eddie in for a face palm, "I am starting to sound like Leo."

"Jared!" Eddie squeaks yet again, a new shade of red. "Let's get inside…" he trails off. "Roof isn't comfortable or safe to sleep on anyway."

Jared laughs a little, he may be starting to soudn like Leo the more he is away from him but at least he gets to see Eddie blush and hear him squeek. "Yeah, and knowing our luck if one of us were to roll off it would not be the one that can take it easy."

Eddie pouts. "I'm not that accident prone," he says, edging his way towards the hatch back inside.

Jared nods and grins at Eddie, "Sure, your not that accident prone. Its not like you have never tripped exiting the elivator, or fallen out of bed, or anything like that." Jared loves his bro, but he is still a little brother. "Or fallen over while dancing around the house in your underware and socks…."

Eddie starts to counter what's said when Jared brings up the no-pants-dance. Eddie yelps and turns bright red again. "Dad told you about that?"

Jared gives Eddie the evil little brother grin and shrugs. "Right after he caught me doing the same thing…only I did not have underware since I was right out of the shower and doing laundry. I swear there is something about the towels the Dads own that makes them fall off at the most emberassing point possible."

Eddie covers his face with his hands and whimpers. "Tell me about it," he mutters. "Jaaaaarrrr~reeeed…" he whines.

Jared snickers just a little. "What? Its not like I did it on purpose, and with you and Dai it was more Nova's fault than plain gravity like it was with Dad. Come on, lets go ahead and climb down and try and sleep a little."

Eddie just pouts at his brother. "Alrigh…" he trails off, climbing
down throughn the hatch.

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