2011-04-01: Stark Enterprises Montage



Summary: Tony's done being the nice guy. Stark descends to the Garage for an indefinite amount of time to create technological wonders for use against pesky psychopaths.

Date: April 1, 2011

Log Title: Stark Enterprises Montage

Rating: PG

Stark Towers- The Garage

Otherwise known as the garage, this is Tony's private Lab at the Towers. There are tables loaded down with parts, schematics and tools. To one corner of the room there is a large circular desk where a computer with a trio of monitors resides. Within a large locked case there is an older Iron Man suit that is no longer in use. There is a couch, a bathroom, and a well stocked fridge away from the working area of the lab. A trio of large metal cabinets is near a medical bed that can be pulled out from a wall that is near a small room that houses eight 10ft tall servers in an AC controlled environment.

Cameo Appearances by: Pepper Potts, Kaji Aldewolf and Pietro Maximoff.

Office Amusements:
Nodding to the secretary, Pietro moves past her desk to push open the office doors. Tony Stark's office of course. Not that Tony is here, and nor was the speedster expecting him to be. That was the point. Coming here when Tony wasn't around. There is a large something wrapped in moving blankets beneath his arm. This is the something that brought him here, and it is carefully placed on the desk. Careful hands unwrap the statue he'd worked all week on. Mostly because it took that long to dry, but he's pleased with the work. Hadn't done anything like this in years until someone at the high school where he works reminded him of it.
The statue is nearly three feet high and is of Iron Man. The armored figure is rising up out of smoke and debris, an arm lifted. All motion and majesty. Not colored, but there's a wash over it so that you could see the intricate details.
Placed just so, the speedster folds the blankets and tucks them under an arm. This was cleared with Pepper, so that the staff knows not to freak out over its addition. Then with a shake of his head, Pietro leaves it for Tony to find in the weeks ahead. Who knows when the inventor will be in his office next.

Late in evening the Stark Towers is powered down to conserve energy. The only lighting remaining on throughout the lower floors was the bare minimum needed to be able to see where one is going and about the desks of the security teams. In the parking garage underneath the building a Stark Enterprises semi is backed up to an elevator where several men are offloading various crates of all shapes and sizes via either carrying them or putting them on large trucks to be rolled into said opened elevator. Standing amongst it all is Happy Hogan. The man keeps track of what is being taken off the truck while keeping an eye on the surrounding environment for trouble.

Downstairs in what Tony calls, the Garage, Pepper is quite busy showing the workers where to set various crates. Some crates could not be put near others, some could not be stacked, and others had to be stored in a special area due to the contents. It wouldn't do to cause an explosion simply by storing things improperly. The entire process occurs over several hours until the truck is empty, Happy deals with the workers, and Pepper makes sure that everything brought over was accounted for. With that out of the way Happy makes his way home and offers to take Pepper to her place. Tony takes a moment to come out of a storage room to say goodbye to his friends and with that the lab locks down tight.

Risin' up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive

Around the lab lights spark to life as the server lights in the enclosed room begin to twinkle faster now that information is being accessed. Three dimensional holographic projections being appearing about the room revealing various projects that are being worked on, cross sections of pieces of the Iron Man armor, and the bots wheel about amongst the displays chirping merrily as they realize they're about to be put to work machining parts, and assisting in complex wiring. The television at the far side of the lab turns on then split screens so that half the screen shows the World News Network and the other half is on a local television news program.

“That's right kids we're in for the long haul. You, make sure that the machines are ready. Dummy? Put the extinguisher down! We're not building yet so your itchy trigger claw can rest for a bit.” As he walks through the lab dictating to his AI about changes that need to be made the pot of coffee percolating in the small kitchen is ready to be picked up. Dummy happily rolls over to pick up the glass container, carefully pours a cup of coffee into a white Stark Industries coffee mug and wheels over to set the coffee down on the table nearest Tony. In mid sentence Tony reaches back for the coffee, takes a long sip then continues dictating as various projections around the room begin to alter.

Mug in one hand, Stark holds what appears to be a pen in the other but it is nothing more than a fancy stylus that allows him to draw in mid air. After a time an entire design is crumpled up and tossed into a virtual reality trash bin scoring the inventor 3pts due to the distance away from the virtual bin. Tony 22, Trash Bin 5. Currently in front of the man is a three dimensional display of a sonic wave beam projector. It's old school Stark Industries tech that was used not only for military purposes but for science as well. What it was capable of back in the day was firing sonic ramshot in a particular pattern and now with a bit of tweaking to the original design it would be able to fire in various directions and amounts while remaining in a fixed position. At least that was the intended purpose. The bots were already opening up various crates to pull out the older models and set them out on a long barren metal table.

Tony shifted several of the holographic projections out of the way to begin popping open the devices one by one to make the adjustments needed. The bots jobs were to ferry over the materials needed to alter the existing devices. Clad in a black tanktop, cargo pants, and thick boots, Tony was wearing his standard inventor garb. A pair of ruby shades sat atop his head for now and a large toolbox was wheeled into position nearby the long table. Wiring was stripped out, parts were dropped to the floor, and then the shades are pulled down not only to protect his eyes from sparking, debris and whatever else may occur but to magnify delicate parts on a display that he could glance at. There was truly no need for the display other than the fact he liked to have something that physical that he could manipulate with an optical movement.

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

There are a row of the sonic wave beam projectors sitting on that long metal desk no longer gutted but sealed as if they've been finished. Specs are correct, virtual tests show promising and Tony is in what used to be a storage room that has been converted to a test facility for some of his more dangerous inventions. A lone device is sitting on a table in the middle of a room looking relatively harmless. Leaving via the door Tony seals the room, picks up a cup of coffee and as he's drinking the device activates via a command sent by Stark. The device opens and fires several bursts of the sonic ramshot which strikes various parts of the room yielding readings as to what the outcome would be under the blanketing effect. There is no visual to the attack though it is in essence burst damage in a contained area that fans out from the desired impact point. Satisfied by what he sees the coffee cup lowers, “Tag 'em and bag 'em!” The bots wheel about to pick up the devices then move them to a particular crate where they are sealed up for now.

As the crate is sealed Kaji enters the room as he's returned to the Towers after having left due to the conversation earlier in the night between Pietro and himself. Tony takes the time to explain How Pietro is and that he understands that the wolf is furious about what happened. Tony reassures his friend that everything will get ironed out before long. Meaning this weekend not right now. “Oh! Since you're down here. I've been working on your chief complaint about eating too much physical damage. SO….” The cup of coffee is sat down again which is Dummy's signal to trundle over to refill the mug as Stark goes digging into one of the crates stacked up on the far side of the room. Out of it he pulls out several pieces of body armor that should look familiar to the wolf. A lot of SHIELD agents wear something similar in combat situations. It's basically a more durable yet light weight suit that was based upon a Stark Industries design back in the day. “That ought to help eat some of the damage. Don't go thinking you can resist tank rounds or anything like that but you get the general idea. Also, it's highly fashionable!” With friend pulling on various pieces of body armor he mentions the crate needing to go upstairs. In the hands of the anthromoprh said crate will find its way to those trusted to install the devices about the exterior of the main Stark Towers building. Bit of a bitch to find a location to put them considering there were various devices already in place from previous attacks such as the EMP equipment, the force field generators and the like. Still, they'll go up around the building.

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger

Bent over a workstation, hair all askew with a half eaten sandwich sitting on the edge of the workstation Tony is bent over what looks like a gun. There's an area on the handle that appears to be a small dial, and the rest of the gun like shape is more science fiction in appearance rather than appearing to be a hand gun. Closing the housing Tony hefts the gun then points it in one direction. The bots scurry out of the way as fast as their treads can take them. Tony swivels on his chair and the bots scurry in the opposite direction they were heading. Back to the other side and the bots give up trying to run away. Taking aim at a sign near one of the many storage lockers in the room Tony thumbs the lowest setting and a sonic beam is sent out. Seems alright at the lowest setting. Thumbs it up again, and the sign rocks under the force. “Set phasers to kill!” The dial is turned to the last setting, aim is taken and the shot is fired sending Tony flying backward over the table behind him and the gun exploding into the air. Dummy wheels over with fire extinguisher ready then pouts in dismay as nothing appears to be on fire. Just a bunch of pieces scattered to the four corners of the room and Tony laid out on a table shaking himself off. “Right, will get back to that later.”

Face to face, out in the heat
Hangin' tough, stayin' hungry
They stack the odds 'til we take to the street
For we kill with the skill to survive

Clothing wrinkled, singe marks on the tank top, and tools hanging out of various pants pockets Tony is sitting behind his desk as the bots fabricate parts. Directing traffic as it were. In front of him are the trio of monitors. The left is messages that he's been ignoring, messages that he's actually answering, and data coming in from the preliminary tests on the Toad Juice that was dropped off with someone that could be trusted to analyze the drug. The middle screen streams reports gathered from various news reporting agencies, and records from the NYPD database about the missing persons reports that have been accumulating over the past few weeks. Various mutants with abilities all across the spectrum and on a map of the city it would appear that there was a fairly wide spread area for abductions other than the heavy concentration in mutant town. Various names of known MGH dealers as well as information about the person Mr. Wilks mentioned is amongst that data. The monitor to the right has an accounting for data gathered during fights with Envy and Dingo. Means that were used not only to combat them but that they used upon him in the past. The data strings along as Tony is seeking any sort of weaknesses in not only their particular skill set but in his own. Particularly didn't like the diamond spike going through his arm at a weak point in the armor.

Generating excessive heat was out unless he ignited the plasma which would cause enough destruction to make it a really last ditch effort to deal with sandy shorts. Also, he was not an aquamancer so he wasn't about to replace his repulsor tech with a water dispersing system effectively making him a rather expensive super soaker. Pepper comes into the lab wielding her datapad flailing it about and yelling at Tony about meetings he's missed, things that need to be signed, and that the man can't keep locked up in his not so super secret man cave for days. To which Tony replies as usual that meetings are not important, just leave the things that needed to be signed on his desk and he could so! Arguing continues on in this fashion as Tony walks about the lab approving various things, turning on Pepper when she's being unreasonable and slumping down into a chair to sign document after document. “What in the hell happened over there?” Pepper exclaims seeing a rather large hole in the far wall. “Bit of a misfire. Nothing major.” Pepper sighs as she cleans up the mess around the desk and Tony finishes what is necessary so that Pepper can head back upstairs to run the company in his absence. At least she remembered to bring him a flavored coffee and a box of pastries.

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger

Long gone are the ruby shades that are lost amongst the wiring on one workstation. The bots are idling near a wall as most of the floor has been opened up to allow for a decent sized empty square space where Tony is standing at the moment with a device that looks much like the blaster that exploded. A dummy is standing in the center of the space that will record data from the incoming attack and be translated by the program setup to relay what damage would be done should the device be used. Lowest setting fine. Moderate setting fine. Tony squints his eyes and fires at the maximum setting and is pleased with what he sees. Not to mention that he was still in one piece! The dial is thumbed back down to the lowest setting and now the blaster is aimed at the target. Smirking with satisfaction about a job well done Tony depresses a button that activates a sonic taser which is installed based upon similar tech that was used in a device that Stark Industries stopped making due to the severity of the damage that could be received. Thump. The dummy remains unharmed as You rolls over peering down at the floor where Tony lays immobile face first on the ground. With a gentle nudge the bot rolls Stark over so that the man has a nice view of the tiles above him for the next fifteen minutes. Back to the drawing board. Eventually.

Risin' up, straight to the top
Have the guts, got the glory
Went the distance, now I'm not gonna stop
Just a man and his will to survive

Three coffee cups are about the room one for every workstation. There are quite a few empty cans of energy drink nearly overflowing a recycling bin, and various empty take out containers littered about the computer desk. Tony is slumped down in one of the comfortable chairs with an energy drink on the table in front of him, and an open box of take out in his hand which he's eating from with a pair of lightsaber chopsticks. On the screen channels are being surfed through as he thinks about his problems with Dingo. What in the world was he going to do with that guy short of installing a moat around the Towers and installing SHIELD telepaths about the building? Several ideas have already been scrapped which make that moat idea all that more appealing all the time. Distortions, heat, water…suction? Yes, Tony will build a giant Dirt Devil. Rolling his eyes heavenward he continues to shovel in noodles while the tv continues to cycle through stations.

The channel surfing comes to an abrupt stop, food is dangling from chopsticks halfway up to the inventor's mouth as he watches the scene unfolding in front of him. A small box slides across a floor with a split hinged lid, opens up and emits what has to be a force field that wraps around the target then collapses it into the box. “That's it!” Tony shouts and drops the chopsticks into the take out box. The food is left forgotten on the table as Tony scrambles over to a workstation pulling various pieces out of open crates and tossing parts around every which way. In the background the movie continues to play unnoticed while the eccentric hopped up on caffeine and taurine is busy making a trap that will suck sand inward and then close it off so that it can not be reacquired. Pretty big trap but if it worked it worked!

It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge of our rival
And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night
And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger

Standing in the square cleared space next to the dummy Iron Man is in full gear, powered up and moving about testing the physical changes to his suit. There are far less gaps between pieces of armor making it more of a challenge for anyone to get something in between plates. Everything seems to be running smoothly. On a table some distance out are various crystal structures including a dagger from a friend. A sonic emitter is activated originating from the armor itself broadcasting towards the table alternating high frequency sound waves. Some structures withstand the barrage so perhaps his theory was inaccurate but then the dagger upon the table fractures. With a fist pump the emitter is turned off and the bots unfortunately are stuck watching Iron Man moonwalk in the available space.

The eye of the tiger….

A worried Pepper Potts punches in her access at the door to the lab and comes in not to the sound of metal being cut, or something exploding, only the sound of rock music playing about the room. Hole in the wall, parts all over the place as well as empty containers she finally finds Tony sprawled half off the pull out couch in the room. With a bemused shake of her head she walks over to move his limbs so that they are on the couch and pulls a blanket out to cover him up. The music is shut off, the bots power down to have a break, and the lab is locked up tight. Whatever she had to tell him can wait. Clearly even genius inventors eventually succumb to exhaustion.

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