2010-06-30: Stark Smash Brawl


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Summary: Kaji picks a fight with Tony while they are on vacation in the Bahamas. (Note, this logs date reflects when the actual event happened. The rp itself took place on 6-30-2010)

Date:June 24, 2010

Log Title Stark Smash Brawl

Rating: R (LV)

Mutant Island in the Bahamas

There is an island in the Bahamas that is friendly towards Mutants. In fact most of the island was run by Mutants or Mutant supporters. For this reason alone, the Stark private jet had landed at the closest airport, and from there the traveling duo had taken a boat over to the island. On the less populated side of the island Tony had managed to rent out a beach front house that afforded a fairly private section of beach.

The pair had been traveling back and forth from the beach home into the main part of the island enjoying the food, the entertainment and of course the night life. It was around two in the afternoon on a warm tropical mid week day. Having no idea where the wolf had gone off to after he'd last saw him with some sort of furry woman or three, Tony decided it was safe to blast music inside the beach home. He flung the doors to the deck open and started doing a form of kata in naught but a pair of swimming trunks.

The wolf had indeed wandered off with a few of the other shifter mutants, but they always come back to the den. It's just that Kaji's adapt at free running as he looks down from the roof; watching Tony do his kata on the back porch. The anthro just smirks for a bit as he watches his boss and he starts to bob his head to the music blasting from inside the house. "What style is that?" Called down from the roof, loud enough to be heard over the tunes.

Tony pauses before the next movement, "Don't tell me I hired someone that doesn't listen to rock. I'll die a little inside if its true." His yelled reply may not be loud enough to be heard, he can't be sure one way or another so he begins his movements again. One free flowing move leads to another as he focuses on what he is doing instead of the outside world.

A soft laugh comes from the anthro before he stands up on the roof, walking a bit towards the edge before he just walks off; landing on the second story ledge before dropping down onto the back deck. "Oh, I like rock. When I can hear other things!" A small smirk before he hms a bit, moving in front of Tony to start to mimic the movements.

Tony is not entirely bothered by Kajis presence. He's even partially amused by the wolf trying to follow the movements in the kata. It does however prove problematic to Tony in that he can't use the meditative aspects as he wishes. As the next move would clearly end up kicking Kaji in the crotch he stands up straight folding his arms across his chest. "Did you get bored all ready with the trio of blondes I saw you with last night?"

Kaji just grins a bit as he rolls his shoulders in a shrug. "I wore them out by midnight." He's only dressed in swim trunks as well. "They didn't have the regen that I do. So. Fatigue set in for 'em." He hms a bit before he says, "Shame too. The husky one was quite a looker." He sways on his feet a bit before he just grins. "Who taught you that kata?"

Tony shrugs, "Someone who has been gone for some time." He doesn't care to elaborate as it is too painful a memory. "Any particular reason you dropped down? We didn't have plans to go anywhere did we?"

Kaji lets out a soft ah before he shakes his head. "Nah, just figured that I'd come back here to relax. But when I saw you doing the kata; I was starting to wonder about how well I'd fare against ya."

"This isn't for fighting, it can be used as such but that isn't its purpose," Tony sounds authoritative. He takes a step back from Kaji as he takes a moment to think. "Are you wondering if you can take me? Because you think I need a swift kick in the ass or because of what happened with the Avengers?"

Kaji shakes his head. "I figured from how you were moving that it was for thinking things out, or something along those lines." He quirks a brow, though probably unseen with the black fur. "While, yes. That was a hellish night. It isn't cause of that. It's just an idle curiosity. To see just how well I can stand against you I guess."

Tony doesn't buy into that at all. Admittedly Kaji had been tossed into the frying pan without a snowballs chance in hell of knowing what to do but that had been the point of it. "I'm not sure what I want to tell you. Part of me wants to point out that you can't stand toe to toe with me on my best day. The other part of me wants to escalate your physical combat abilities so that you might have at least a chance against someone that you can get a hold of. Course, I'm not the one to sit down and explain to you battle tactics with a team or how to fight something that's in the air etc… I don't have the patience."

Kaji listens for a bit and then smirks slightly. "I'm not asking you to explain those things." He shifts his stance a bit, sliding his thumbs into his trunks' pockets before he says, "If part of you wants to point it out. Then." He brings a leg up to do a roundhouse kick before he hops forward in a quick skip and launches that fastkick aimed at Tony's stomach. "Show it."

The kick registers but Tony being unprepared catches it in the gut. The force sends him backwards off balance. "Is that how it is?" Tony says menacingly. As Kaji moves again the golden armor ripples into place protecting Tony's body even as it tears apart his clothing. Another kick comes in and Tony crosses his arms in an 'x' to block it before striking at the anthro-wolfs knee with a palm strike.

Kaji grins wide as the kick connects and he puts his foot down. "Oh yeah, that's how it is." He shifts his stance once more as he hops back a step, bringing his hands upwards as he steps forwards once more. His leg snapping forward in a front snap kick, but the palm strike to the knee knocks him off balance and he stumbles to the side where he leans against the railing.

"You don't know what you're getting yourself in for, kid." Tony says as he advances towards Kaji. "I could have sparred with you, shown you a few things but this way works for me." He moves in showing a front kick that at the last moment aims not for the stomach but up to the mans jaw.

Kaji smiles as he rights himself when Tony advances. "Aye, but you always talk to much." His hands move to catch the kick, one hand grabbing onto his own wrist as the other hand grabs onto Tony's ankle. He pushes that leg away as he brings up a crescent kick towards the man's side.

Tony manages to dodge out of the way just barely. As the wolfs foot comes down Tony barrels into Kaji with such speed that he sends both of them over the railing on the deck to crash into the sand below.

Kaji lets out a yelp as they land on the sands. Rather unbecoming of a fighter, but he tries to make it up by shoving Tony off of him with a majority of his strength.

The sun light streaming down reflects off the shining armor potentially blinding Kaji for a moment as Tony sails backward to land on his feet in a half crouch. He's not about to let Kaji recover for a moment. The wolf wanted a fight, he would get one. Tony comes back at him, lighter on his feet than one would think. He's gauging his moment and takes several half attempted kicks and punches looking for an opening.

Kaji rolls backwards, closing his eyes from the brightness. But the scent of Tony and the sounds tell him of the general direction. He brings up his hands in a block stance as he opens his eyes back up. His demeanor shifts into a more serious one as the punches are block; pushed out of the way with his hands as most of the kicks are blocked as well. Though a few get through in a small area in the middle of his torso.

Tony is sizing up the wolf fairly well. This was similar to fighting Logan save for the fact that Logan had more experience and a body full of adamantium. Being shorter than Kaji when he is in form allows Tony to use his quickness to get in close enough to fire back to back shots at close range that strike not only the chest but go for the jaw when there's an opening.

Kaji brings his arms up between Tony's back to back punches; taking the first two before he spreads his arms apart to knock those arms sides. He brings his foot up and slams it forward to do two things. To knock Tony backwards, and to allow Kaji to leap backwards at the point of impact to put more distance between them.

The kick lands knocking Tony backward but causing no serious harm. He's trying to mix things up so Kaji has to defend against several different styles. The fighting continues as blows trade and land. They both eat several axe kicks and brutal jabs. Tony finally manages to land a leg sweep that knocks Kaji flat. Employing something that Cap taught him, a judo maneuver that won't last long against someone who is considerably bigger than Stark.

Kaji spits to the side before he eats the ground, and he rolls over; shifting into his wolf form. Once on all four legs, he puts distance between Tony and him once more. Going off at a sprint before he shifts back into an anthro form and presses up into the air. His body spinning as he performs a triple aero kick. A round house to the head on the first spin, a back spinning hook to the chest on the second, and another roundhouse to the lower body on the third. That's if Tony doesn't stop him.

Tony realizes that Kaji's ability to turn into a damn fuzzball to slip out of groundwork moves is hax. There is not much time to dwell on that as the anthro comes back at him furiously. Tony manages to duck the roundhouse, eat half the force of the shot to his chest but the last kick lands solidly. Stark crumples to the sand having the air knocked out of him. He spits blood out of his mouth to decorate the sand. Now he's mad. For being much smaller Tony holds his own with Kaji as the sun starts dropping low in the horizon. Both men facing each other in a fighting stance, panting for breath. "You had enough?" Tony huffs out as one hand is dangling, broken at the wrist.

Kaji pants heavily, spitting out his own blood as an eye is closed, a bit of blood matting his fur down. He doesn't seem to have any bones broken, but from how he's breathing hard. That's probably not the case. He lets out a huff of a growl before he falls down to one knee; an arm wrapped around his stomach. Broken ribs probably. Silently saying, he's had enough.

Tony watches as Kaji staggers down to one knee. It seems as if this hours long brawl is finally coming to an end. He couldn't be more thankful as he collapses down to the sand on both his knees trying to catch his breath. They probably could have kept going till they both collapsed out of sheer exhaustion. As Tony's armor drops he looks to be in better shape that Kaji save for the broken wrist, several bones in the hand and the dark bruising from the bite. He glances up to see if Kaji is all right, catching the wolfs gaze. "Not a damn word," he growls out in reference to his current state of undress.

Kaji lets out a panting laugh before he shifts out of necessity into his wolf form. The quadraped on all fours and limping slightly towards the house. From the look in his eyes, he's going to curl up in front of a window for the next ten hours. Drops of blood decorating the sand and the wood as he walks up onto the deck with growls of pain.

Tony watches Kaji shift and take off at a snails pace. Eventually Stark makes it to his feet. He's worn down and thankfull for his regenerative abilities. A few hours sleep, a ton of food, maybe a trip to that one bar would do wonders. Once he's inside the beach home he sets about finding something to brace his wrist. Extremis would work its magic but for now it hurt like a son of a bitch. "Did you really have to bite me?!?" Tony yells at Kaji who's flopped looking at him with a look that clearly says, /Well, you're the idiot that stuck his hand in my mouth./ Stark laughs himself down the hall to go in search of something to pull on. Private beach or not, he wasn't going to walk around naked in front of the wolf.

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