2011-07-30: Starkoween Part Deux


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Summary: The partying continues through the night as people leave and others arrive.

Date: June 30, 2011

Log Title: Starkoween Part Deux

Rating: PG

Stark Towers- Main Tower- Roof Garden

It's been a rather busy night so far at the Stark party being held in the Roof Garden of the main building of the Stark Towers. Money has exchanged hands, people are eating and dancing, and there are various performers scattered about entertaining the masses. Having departed from a small group of people Tony has escorted Princess Luna out onto the dance floor. He does not pull the robot out of his bag of tricks in favor of having the ten year old step on his booted feet so they can sail around the middle of the dance floor for a bit. Several dances later he escorts her back to her father.

Luna loved dancing with Tony, and it was the last thing she got to do before Pietro took her home that night. The speedster spoke a little with Tony about seeing him later, and they walked out hand in hand. Now, it's after this that Joan finally arrives. Her heavy gown of red, the woman looks harried. Stops just inside the door to peer around the room. She's dressed as Irene Adler to Tony's Sherlock and is rather late. Finally spotting that shock of hair, the woman hurries through the crowd. "I'm sorry." The first thing if she manages to catch his eye. "Sometimes I think fate didn't want me to get here today." A touch breathless, but that might be the corset she's stuffed herself into.

At first the apology does not draw Tony's attention for there's far too much crowd noise near him then he turns to see that Joan has arrived. A broad grin appears as he extends a hand towards her. "This is where you claim to be fashionably late, and all is forgiven." Steps in close taking her hand to bring up to his lips for a gentlemanly kiss. "You're looking lovely this evening." Tony certainly looks a mess with his stubble covered jaw, wild hair, and rumpled clothing which is how it should be. He's a dude, disguised as a dude who happens to look like him, pretending to be another dude.

"If I were fashionably late I'd have arrived without apologizing." But he takes her hand and there's a smile. "And you look a total mess, but it's perfect." If Tony allows she drops a kiss to his stubble covered cheek. "Did you have fun not shaving?" There are other people around, and Joan greets them. However, the real conversation is for Tony. "I feel so out of place." The normally brightly colored hair is a chaste brown, and pinned up beneath the flower covered hat she's sporting. "There are famous people everywhere!"

Tony chuckles as he takes a look about the crowd then returns his full attention to Joan. "I thank you for the compliment and the smooch. Of course I had fun spending hours trying to look at mess. It's the one time a year I can get away with it and Pepper won't glare daggers at me." Offers the crook of his arm to her so that she can walk with him around the garden. "You're not out of place," glancing across his shoulder. "You're right where you should be." Points out a few celebrities that are lurking near the bar at the moment then to the reporters who are clustered around a table in the dining area typing furiously on their cells to get messages to their respective media outlets.

A sighing out of breath lets Joan relieve tension. She's here. No more rushing. Accepting that arm, she lets Tony lead the way. "Decorating your arm?" There's a wry grin for that one. "I am never wearing Victorian attire again though. Not unless it's the male version. This dress really sucks. I also totally missed your Watson. Unless you have him hidden around here somewhere." Joan is rambling a little though. Can you tell. "..Is that Laurence Fishburne? How do you manage to get all these people in once place?" Amazed she is!

The path is fairly open at the moment as most are either seated enjoying the food or out beboping the night away on the dance floor. "Is at my side the same as arm candy? I'm thinking no but then again…" Tony teases while showing her to the small wooden bridge that runs over the small creek that the brightly colored fish live in. "Looking radiant back then meant that you weren't allowed to breathe for the better part of the day. Alas Watson attended the party with a very young princess who needed to retire lest she turn into a pumpkin. He may return later." When she points out a man there's a chuckle, "I put out the word that I'm throwing a party and people appear it's sort of a trendier Field of Dreams."

"Oh? I'm not pretty enough to be arm candy?" Joan teases right back, watching the famous people with a little bit of awe. She's never been this close to so many famous people. "This is so neat!" Sorry, gushing a little there. "Oh! Koi! How long has this been here?" Pulling away from Tony to lean over and look at the fishies. "I'd prefer breathing, thanks. Also meeting this friend of yours might be nice too. Anyone who puts up with you long term.." A grin at Tony and she's hugging his arm. "Thanks for inviting me."

Tony smiles as they peer over the railing of the small bridge down to where the fish swim about wondering if the people above will throw down bits of food. "Are you insinuating that I'm difficult to be around? Clearly not. Therein lies the amusement factor. I put up with him and he in turn puts up with me. On a limited basis of course." Reaching across his body he covers her hand at his arm, "Thank you for wanting to come. I'd offer to get you a drink but with the corset." Laughs as they begin walking again back towards the main gathering. "Would you care to dance?"

Is she insinuating? "Oh, maybe a little." But there's a big smile and she grips Tony's hand. "I'm starving, but may burst the dress if I take so much as a bite. So.. dance, yes! I would love to dance. You'll have to excuse me in that I don't know any ballroom ones though." Nor is she all that able to move well in the gown. It's a small skirt. Not much leg room. "So you and your friend are both difficult to get along with. Check. I'll have to remember that. Next time you get to wear the corset and I can look scruffy. How's that?"

"Not much space out there to attempt ballroom so you're saved in that aspect but not from the corset." Sherlock Holmes indifference expression engaged Tony glances at Joan while walking the path. "I would need the proper motivation. The last time I appeared wearing something similar I was drunk before noon and somehow had died my hair blue and picked up a feather boa as well. Might have been Mardi Gras can't remember." Near the dance floor he takes Joan's hand in his to try and navigate to a spot on the floor where they can dance.

It's possible that someone recognizes the disturbing-yet-ludicrous image that enters the room, a nearly six-foot-tall conical salt-shaker shape with a plunger and ray gun coming from the center and a longish camera-on-a-stick from the dome on top. Mostly a shining white, with incongruous red racing stripes, the thing glides soundlessly past the buffet table and observes a waiter attempting to offer it a drink. It clicks and twitches, managing not to exterminate the help, and a harsh mechanical voice answers, "NO, I DO NOT REQUIRE HUMAN FOOD."
After scanning the crowd, it moves slowly towards Stark, but does not hesitate to scan the rest of the crowd.

Joan can only laugh over that image. "I bet you were lovely." In the worst possible way lovely can be used. "Not remembering sounds a boon to me. I can't say I've ever been that drunk. Or maybe I just can't remember." Everyone has their college years, right? To an empty spot on the dance floor, and she smiles at the man before her. As the two begin moving in the dance, her trying to not trip over her gown, Joan notes with a grin, "You have a dalek headed this way. You and your wacky friends. If it cuts in I'll be sulking at you, even if it probably dances better than I can."

Someone called the cops!, Nah not really, it's just Cloud. A little late maybe (blame his sister) but apparently this thing is still gonna be going on for a good while, he come dressed as a cop, along with the shiney badge, hat and handcuffs. He still has no idea how Star managed to get into a over 21 party, at least he managed to get in on her guest ticket. With strict instructions not to go anywhere near the bar, he's kinda at a loss, Star's wandered off somewhere and he has no idea who anyone here is.

"The bra was a particularly nice touch," Tony comments a bit offhandedly. They've made it to the dance floor without incident and found a place to dance together even though Joan's having a bit of costume trouble. Fortunately one can dance about as they wish without anyone caring overly much and Tony seeks to amuse her by throwing in a few silly moves. "It wouldn't cut in as it's here to exterminate me. Wouldn't be a true party lest someone tried to kill me and or cause some disaster." Spins Joan around wrapping his arms around her to use as a human shield. "Oh, it might be alright after all. I think I know that robot. Best pretend to be the hostage dear while I formulate a plan to escape." Though there's nothing serious to his tone at all. "Oh, perhaps we should let the newly arrived police officer handle this problem. What do you think?"

"I want to see pictures." Spun around, she finds herself playing shield and lifts a hand to her brow. "Woe!" Totally doesn't think it a threat. This is a party. Yes, Joan is a bit naive about these things. "Maybe the dalek is bringing you a drink. Or maybe you could hold me like this all night. I wouldn't mind that at all." Leans back against the man to further that. "I really should ask if you know many robots, but that'd be a pretty stupid question, wouldn't it?"

The dalek hears that comment … cause some disaster? No, SHIELD wouldn't let Mike have access to their archive of Tony's baby pictures. However, he does have access to stuff which was printed before, and he's been USING his computer-brain to store all sorts of images and data. What good is a petabyte storage otherwise? Approaching, the Dalek doesn't exterminate the couple. Instead, the robot scans the companion. It speaks in that same harsh metallic voice, "GREETINGS HUMAN FEMALE. MY COMMANDER HAS SENT ME TO PROVIDE ENTERTAINMENT. MY SENSORS DETECTED YOUR REQUEST FOR IMAGES. ALLOW ME TO PROVIDE THE REQUESTED DATA."
An LCD screen slides up from the top of the dome, and the News of the World photos of the scandal in question are displayed in vivid color. Blue hair and all.

Fortunately for the guests there's the security check-in downstairs as well as the building monitoring for anything out of the norm so that the chances for disaster are lessened. Precautions can only go so far though quite a few of the guests in attendance are super powered, mutants or members of a branch of law enforcement, so attacking the party is not the wisest idea for an individual to consider. "Perhaps," Tony speaks softly at Joan's ear. With a slight smile he replies, "I know a few bots I could introduce you to."
Thus the Dalek approaches and plastered up images of long ago which has Tony tipping his head to the side taking it all in. "Yup, just as I remembered it. See? Though you really should have tossed up the Youtube footage of the one party the paparazzi broke into." Not wanting to call Mike by name since the man is costumed. There's a wave towards the cop who is nearby whom he can't place though something about the man is familiar.

Cloud raises an eyebrow as he spots the Dalek with the oddly familiar paint job make it's way though the crowd towards Tony Stark, he moves closer to get a look at the LCD screen, he looks behind him before returning the wave, he then walks closer to the Dalek he's pretty sure is Mike, chuckling a little when he sees whats on the screen.

A glance back, for all she can't see Tony where he is, "I got stickers for Dummy. Don't let me forget." The dalek is ever so helpful, and Joan cackles with laughter for getting to see the picture. Not that she's letting go of that arm around her though. "Red is more your color, but the blue hair is a nice touch." Back to Mike, whom Joan doesn't know, she smiles, "Thank you for showing that. Hi, I'm Joan. It's very nice to meet you." Even tries to shake the plunger part of the thing. Hello! "I'd introduce Tony, but everyone here knows him. If you attempt to annihilate me, would you please attempt to not harm the dress? I need to return it after the party." All said quite cheerfully.

The dalek plunger actually flexes to wrap Joan's hand as it "shakes hands" in a move that could be construed as Damn Creepy. It answers, "I AM NOT PERMITTED TO EXTERMINATE PARTY GUESTS," and focusses the eyestalk on the police officer.
Meanwhile, the YouTube video Tony mentioned earlier begins to play on the LCD display, although without the sound. Just as well, the 'stripper' soundtrack wasn't particularly clever.

Nod for the stickers, and a rather indifferent manner when a particular Youtube video is shown. Sure it had been taken down ages ago but those things always pop back up. At least most of Tony's clothing is on in this particular vid. "That handshake is nearly as creepy as the weeping angels. Forgive me if I don't attempt my own but rather welcome you to the party and the officer here." Of course he's a bit distracted by the vid feed at the moment as one of the dancers just performed a ridiculous move, and that's where he makes the video vanish. "Damn, and it was just getting to the good part. We don't need anyone seeing any indecent exposure especially in front of the police."

Joan blinks as there's a hand shape for that handshake. Looks confused and surprised. Even to where she doesn't pay attention to the video until it's too late. The thing winks out and she's left peering at the dalek. Doesn't ask though. "I appreciate the no extermination. There's still a lot to do with my life." Then she attempts to reach out and prod Mike. Here and there, just to see if the shape she feels matches the form she sees. Not finding any threat there, there's a curious interest. Hmm!

Cloud watches the next video appearing on the screen, huh you'd think with all his money Stark would be able to get stuff like that taken down, maybe he just doesn't care, he shudders a little at Mike's creepy handshake with Joan, "And to think i used to think the bike thing was weird", he grins at Stark, "As all these good citizens are having such fun, i'll let you off on the indecency charge just this once."

And it was just getting to the good part… but Mike doesn't want to embarrass Tony THAT much, he's just playing off the fact that the man suggested the video, no need for anatomy lessons.
The Dalek plunger, having released Joan's hand, moves to reach for the police officer's badge, intending to straighten it slightly. The LCD screen retracts back inside the metal shell (which is exactly what it looks like: a metal salt-shaker-shaped mini-tank) and the dalek simply looms; they do that a lot.

Photos, video, it doesn't matter in the end as Tony just doesn't care that the information is out there. There are times when he does have a problem with an image or a bit of footage and that is what vanishes faster than someone can blink. Joan's poking the bot has him amused, "There are quite a few unique people here tonight and our Dalek friend here is one of them. You wouldn't have happened to drag Theodore with you by any chance, Mike?" Then his gaze darts over towards Cloud, "That was entirely none of my doing however I'm puzzled as to who you may be. You seem familiar in a way that I can't quite place." Slides his hand along Joan's arm to hopefully deter her from poking Mike any further.

That touch has her sighing and stopping. She attempts to keep Tony's hand if he allows. There's less poking that way. Was going to ask if there was a name to go with the dalek, but as Tony provides that Joan keeps her mouth shut. At least for a little while. As Tony says Cloud looks familiar she notes, "I can't help think stripper with that getup." Doesn't mean it as an insult though, and her expression says that. Looks a little sheepish for admitting it too.

Cloud doesn't stop DalekMike from straightening his badge even if it is really weird seeing a Dalek do that, "Does the lazer thingy work?", he shrugs to Tony, "I dont know what it could be, the uniform maybe?". He looks a little disappointed at Joan's comment, "Really?, i spent ages deciding on a costume, stripper didn't even cross my mind", though when he has to start coughing up money for rent next month he may have to consider it.

The Dalek suppresses a laugh at the declaration that Cloud looks like Officer Stripper, as Daleks are notorious for having very poor senses of humor. Mike figures he'll get a good laugh telling Star that one later though.
Honestly though? It probably does. Though it might not be lethal. Tony could tell, if he were using any of his armor-type things.

Tony threads fingers with Joan while the others talk of costumes. "No, not the uniform though I believe the hat is what makes the ensemble a bit stripperish. Are you here supporting a cause or as a guest of another? You're a bit too young to get in otherwise." This he is asking of Cloud as he's never met the young man before tonight.
"No, no…keep it in your storage bay there Mike as there is a lady present after all." Chuckles about the demonstration of weaponry. "Everything is on the up n'up lads save for the bar which neither of you can pay a visit to. There is quite an assortment of food and drink over in the dining area however so feel free to drop by there at some point this evening."
Since they are all standing about on the dance floor Tony suggests moving the conversation someplace else though effectively that's clobbered Joan's dancing for a time. "Hmm, perhaps you gentleman can excuse for a song or two as we had just stepped out on the floor when you both arrived."

Joan keeps herself from showing much at the idea of flashing weaponry. Boys. "Definitely the hat." Of Cloud's attire. Doesn't say much after that, but does brighten as Tony asks for a song or two. That pleases her a great deal. "I want to get my dress' worth." For it is a lovely Victorian gown. Should Tony spiral her off, much to her enjoyment, she asks, "Is that Pepper dressed as Poison Ivy? I'll have to let her know how awesome she looks later." And well, to Tony. "I can tell you how awesome you look right now. How long did it take you to get that look?" That mess doesn't create itself in an hour after all.

"THE HUMAN DRESSED AS AN EROTIC DANCER IS THE BROTHER OF STAR ROSEN," the Dalek says, to Tony, still staying in character even though his identity has been revealed. And when relocating is suggeste, Mike-the-Dalek tips his eyestalk in salute. "COMPLYING," and moves towards the dining area. Not that he can eat anything there. The alcohol in the bar would be of much greater use to him, but still not an optimal fuel source. The Dalek framework, on the other hand, has some new sensors, based on gas chromatography, and he's hoping they'll allow him to at least taste and smell food. And if nothing else he can switch to a different costume if this one becomes inconvenient.

"Star's brother? Ah! That's what it was," Tony snaps his fingers then points at Cloud. "Nice to meet you. I'll catch up with you both in a moment. I've to take a turn about the floor with my girl." Smiles as he bows his head to the gentlemen then spins Joan off to dance. The dancing commences though they are dancing a bit slower than the current music he tells Joan, "Yup, that's Pep. She made the rounds earlier so she should be hanging around for a bit to enjoy the party now. I'm sure she'd be happy to see you again." The current song winds to an end which has Tony arching an eyebrow at the DJ who gives a thumbs up then plays a slower song that allows for optimum slow dancing. "Thank you for that. It takes hours to perfect looking like I just rolled out of bed."

"I need one of those baseball card thingies that tell me who everyone is." Who's Star? Joan has no idea. "Mike the Dalek is sure helpful, even if I hope he doesn't shout all his dialog. And if I were you, Tony, I'd have to have Pepper following me around with flash cards telling me who people are." But the slow dancing helps. The woman is quite happy with that. Small steps in her constricting dress and an awesome guy to dance with. "I like Miss Potts." Confirmation there. "She's pretty hot as Ivy too. ..May not want to mention that part though. Little weird coming from me." Joan can't help herself after that and touches Tony's hair. Carefully. Doesn't want to ruin it.

Tony splits his face with a grin as he laughs. "A game placard? Pepper remembers everyone somehow and tends to remind me who is who when it's important. I'm terrible with names." The chuckling continues for a moment till he draws their hands up to rest against his chest. "You should tell her anyway. I'd love to see her reaction." Smiles warmly for the touch to his hair as he dances Joan about a small space of the dance floor while rubbing his thumb across her fingers.

"Of course." A place card. "So that I could glance to the side and get the name instead of having it whispered in my ear. I think it'd be funnier." Joan blushes at the idea of actually telling Pepper that, and there's a little cough. That and the small touches. "As much as this dress is beautiful, I desperately need out of it. Have I made enough of a show of it dancing with you? ..I do want to dance again. This is nice. Just in something more comfortable." The woman pulls away carefully, and slips away if Tony doesn't mind.

"Funnier though not as cozy," Tony mentions as whispering the names of others can be better in some cases. As they dance about the small space Joan makes mention of wanting to slip out of her dress which garners an understanding nod. "Thank you for coming to the spectacle. I'll make sure to save a space on my dance card for you." Allows Joan's fingers to slip from his then watches her make her way towards the elevator to leave the party.
Once left to his own devices Tony makes his way over to where Mike is stationed taking up a seat nearby to converse with the young man and others. After having a bite to eat and a bit of conversation he will simply vanish from the party leaving the guests to enjoy the remainder of the evening.

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