2011-07-29: Starkoween Part One


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Summary: The 2nd Annual Stark-o-ween Costume Celebration began with guest arriving to mingle and enjoy the offerings to be had.

Date: July 29, 2011

Log Title: Starkoween Part One

Rating: PG

Stark Towers - Roof Garden

The stars are out, the lights are up, and the guests are arriving at the second annual Stark-o-ween celebration in July. Valets are there to help guests at the red carpet and once through security in the lobby guests ride the elevator up to the roof garden. The doors part showing twinkling lights amongst the trees, glowing lanterns lining garden paths and across the small wooden bridge in the center of the garden. Music flows through the space at a comfortable volume as people mingle about and head towards the area set aside for dancing. Tables have been set up off to one side of the room where food is being served continually. The open bar is nearby the tables and servers wander the floor to make sure that everyone is happy.

Rashmi tugs at the sleeves of the cardigan draped around her neck, smoothing down her poodle skirt, and checks her blonde wig in the reflection of her PDA… all before she and Travis round the corner and head into the Tower plaza. "Okay Travis," she says, bracingly — as much for herself as for her date — Brace yourself… and don't worry about gawking. I mean it's a *Tony Stark* party, everything you see is going to be incredible… just remember what the invitation said about the bar, and we'll be fine."

Wearing a custom leather jacket for his six arms over a white t-shirt and jeans along with his hair greased into a pompadour, Travis escorts Rashmi on one of his arms. "It's going to be different for sure but I'm sure it'll also be fun." He can't help but feel a bit nervous at the calibur of the event. "But how does one even begin a conversation with someone like Tony Stark without stutter over their words?"

The valet looks slightly confused as what appears to be a modified Hot Wheels car pulls up blasting some very strange music. Rocket Raccoon hops out and tosses the keys to the now even more confused looking valet, "Sweet ride, eh? No joy riding now, ya hear?" He waves a finger at the valet in warning and grabs a small parcel out of the passenger seat before proceeding upstairs. A few guests on the elevator give the Raccoon suspicious glances, but one woman seems to think that his Cowboy outfit with matching boots is "Adorable". Rocket steps out once the elevator reaches the top and glances around, seeing if he actually recognizes anyone up here.

Wearing a fine, if Victorian, tweed suit, Pietro is looking irritable and bored. Which is pretty much how he always looks. He's frowning into the top hat in his hands, tweaking the interior slightly, before placing the thing properly on his head. Hair dyed dark, and a neat moustache in place, he pulls the cane he carries from beneath his arm and leans on it. The little girl who scampers over to him is wearing a sparkling Cinderella ball gown complete with tiara, and clear plastic slippers. She's beaming as they talk, looking totally thrilled as she primps that wide skirt of hers. Luna's hair is piled on her head, artful curls hanging down, and she's all made up for the party.

Sophie arrives through the main door with some assistance from a valet; conspicuous in its absence is the cast she had been wearing up until two days ago, and also conspicuous is what she is wearing. Her costume appears as a princess of the early Renaissance, and her blindfold has been swapped for a white masquerade mask, complete with sequins that sparkle and glitter. Once the valet leaves her to return to his more regular duties, she probes the ground around herself with her cane, before turning to head for the edge of the room.

Fashionably late to his own party Tony is still a floor below in his apartment managing a few last minute particulars such as handling the issue with the arrival of a Cirque de Soliel troupe that Emma graciously sent over to be a part of the evenings entertainment. With business concluded the elevator is called allowing him to ride up a floor to arrive at the party wearing a nice period suit, white shirt with an upturned collar, red brocade vest and cravat. Despite looking terribly disheveled with a scruffy unshaven face and wild uncombed hair the entire look took hours to perfect. From the vest pocket an old pocket watch attached to a long chain is pulled out to check the time then is replaced.

Kalindi arrives through the main door as well. She's all smiles upon her arrival, here in the name of the ASPCA. Her costume seems to be a fairy costume, all in shining gold colours. Her wings seem to be something thinly meshed and semi-transparent while she wears a feline-like mask over her eyes and brow. How it seems to stay put is anyone's guess. In her hair are a few accessories, shining strands and a metallic flower that has been clipped in. Her dress, unlike the rest of her costume is not metallic looking, though it is indeed gold coloured, with a short woodlandsy cut. As she arrives, she first glances around quickly in a search for familiar faces, particularly those that are familiar by virtue of being in the public spotlight.

"Practice," Rashmi murmurs dryly as the elevator comes back down for them. "He's used to it, though, so there's that." She blinks, doing a double take at the elevator beside them, some floors up. "…And I think that was our Civic Responsibility teacher that just scampered by. Oh good! We know people again!" Grinning, she leads Travis in, leaning up to kiss his cheek as the elevator doors close. "You look great, by the way." Moments later, the doors open on the rooftop garden, pulling a delighted gasp from the young mutant. "Oh my God, look! Wow, it's even better than last year!"

"Dance with me, Papa!" Luna insists, tugging on one of her father's hands. Pietro can only chuckle and lay that cane down on the table he's been standing near. "Very well." Tilting his hat to a jaunty angle, the speedster escorts his little girl to the dance floor and sweeps her out. She doesn't know how to, but that's what fathers are for. They don't quite make the graceful pair to start for he teaches her some simple steps, but that will change soon enough. Luna's gown glints and shimmers in the light as she swirls and steps. So what if they don't match the music.

Rocket glances around and nods in approval. "Swanky joint, I'll need to visit more often." First stop? The bar of course. The Raccoon hops up on a barstool and orders a whisky on the rocks, but the bartender shakes her head and informs him that he'll need to show proof of age. "What? You're kidding right? I'd wager I'm older than you…" He pulls out some form of ID with a language written on it that does not appear to be of Earth. She shakes her

"Oh we know her too." Travis says of Kalindi though he almost doesn't regocnize her at first. Maybe this won't be so awkward after all. "This is…it's better than our school dance." He admits looking around at everything with a bit of awe. "I never though I'd be at a party like this." He whispers before taking a few more steps. "Shall I go get us something to drink?"head and says that she cannot accept "Foreign IDs". Rocket looks generally unhappy to hear this.

Sophie soon finds the edge of the room she's in, and plants her hand right in the middle of a window, leaving a print. "…Oops," she murmurs, and blushes softly. She turns and makes her way deeper into the room, holding her skirts with her left hand so as not to trip over them. She makes her way past people, with polite nods and hellos in return to the greetings she receives; until finally she grinds to a stop just inside the garden, upon smelling the change in air to something fresh and pleasant.

Kalindi looks about and smiles to herself when her eyes rest upon Tony Stark. She does not, however, go that way immediately, rather opting to mingle with other guests in the meantime. She slows down when she sees another familiar face, and starts heading over to where Rashmi and Travis are, her false wings somehow flicking lightly as she moves in that direction with a wave to try and get their attention.

There's a quite conference on the dance floor between Pietro and Luna after the girl points out Sophie. A nod from Pietro and Luna is flouncing off, bee-lining for Sophie. "Hi!" Offered once close enough. "Do you need some assistance? Would you like to dance with me and my Papa? Could I help you to a table and get you a drink?" A young female voice is ever there was one, accompanied by the rustling of many petticoats.

Rocket Raccoon frowns at the bartender and hops down from the stool. "Yer in for a world of hurt when Tony hears about this, missy…Wherever he is…" He glances around quickly and notices a couple of ladies looking at him. He shoots them a wink and moves off to mingle a little bit. He notices Travis and recognizes him as a student from Barnes, the six arms giving him away. Travis manages to escape the Raccoon before he makes it over there, causing Rocket to stand there and look awkward for a moment. The wig throwing him off, he doesn't realize that he also recognizes Rashmi until he gets a good look at her. "Hey there…Kiddo! How've things been on earth?" From the way he paused, it appears that the Raccoon may have forgotten Rashmi's name.

It would seem that the party is well under way and doing well. The dance floor is packed, people are enjoying the libations, and Tony hasn't been mobbed by elventy-billion-and one people quite yet. Due to this fortunate turn of events the man lurks about the edge of the crowd noticing that his younger friends are already in attendance. Should they look his way he offers a wave and if not he'll make his way around to them. For now he swaggers over towards a young woman he vaguely remembers from not too long ago who is in the process of being on the end of Miss Chatterbox Princess. "Ladies, good evening. You're both looking exceptionally beautiful if I might say." There's even a rather gallant bow at the waist for the princess.

Sophie is just starting to walk again, when she draws up to an abrupt halt, under the verbal barrage from Luna. "Hello, Senorita," she replies once she can get a word in edgewise. "I… I am fine, I do not need so much assistance at the moment, thank you. But perhaps to dance in a few minutes, once I have gotten used to this place, si?" She clasps her hands around the top of her cane. "To whom am I speaking? You must be young, si?" And then, Tony is there as well, and she blushes at the compliment. "And thank you, Senor Stark." She bobs her head once. "Thank you for the invitation; I do not think I have ever been to such a party."

"Ah, yes, it is nice to see you here as well," says Kalindi, in her very distinctive accent, combining Hindi with something rather otherworldly, some might say demonic. Still, her pleasant smile doesn't say 'demonic'. "I was expecting to not know any people here! That would have been fine, but it is interesting to see other people. I am here on behalf of the ASPCA, so, I do not know, think of donating to them." She takes a couple steps back when Rocket approaches and her eyes go wide. "Oh my goodness wow you are quite adorable!" she gushes excitedly, "May I give you a hug?"

"Rashmi," the 'blonde' murmurs to Rocket, not too terribly miffed that her name was forgotten; the fuzzy hellion has, after all, been off-world for some time. "Earth? Things are okay… here, not so much, but we can talk about that later." Looking back up at Kalindi, she bobs her head in agreement, but whatever she was about to say in reply freezes on the tip of her tongue as the demonic Hindi offers to hug the alien commando. For the moment, Rashmi is suffering from a rare utter lack of knowing what to say.

"My name is Luna, and I'm not young! I'm nearly ten." Luna begs to differ with Sophie about that, but she doesn't met much further as Tony arrives. "Uncle Tony!" Skirts and all she seeks to give the man a brief hug. "Are you okay, Uncle Tony? You look like someone dragged you around the yard a few times. Maybe you need to fix your costume?" Pietro arrives at this time, having fetched his cane again. "That's his costume, my love. He's suppose to be disheveled." Luna ohs and looks doubtful. Pietro offers Tony a hand in way of hello, but his attention is on Sophie, "And who is this young lady my daughter has so easily cornered?"

Rocket nods quickly and offers a toothy grin, "Ah right! Rashmi, sorry. Kind of popped off this rock shortly after getting here. And things've been hectic elsewhere in the universe…Well you know how it is. Evil dictators, alien invasions, stars going nova…The usual. Glad to hear things are ok here though. Well not HERE apparently but here on earth anyway." He spots Tony in the distance and looks like he's about to go say hi to him when Kalindi asks to hug him. "Um…Ah, this must just be some strange Earth custom I haven't encountered before…Maybe." He gives the fairy girl a skeptical look and nods, "Alright but just a quicky. Don't want to turn it into a party game."

A hug from a princess is returned before Tony addresses Sophie with a grin firmly in place, "I'm glad you could attend Sophie. If you are in need of anything there are quite a number of people roaming about with this and that or in general." Luna's comment has him chuckling while casting a glance down at her, "I'm alright kiddo. Ahh, yes and there's Watson." Reaching out to grasp Pietro's hand in a firm shake. "Nice to see you again, Watson. Might I introduce you to Miss Sophie. Sophie, this is my friend and fellow Avenger Pietro Maximoff."

Keeping a level expression while Rocket tries to reason through the hug request, Kalindi smiles happily when her request is processed and accepted. She stoops down just a little in order to properly give Rocket a hug, and doesn't linger for long, uprighting herself immediately after the hug transaction is complete. "Thank you. My name is Kalindi, or you may call me Kali." Her fake wings flick a couple more times as she glances towards Rashmi.

Ah, good, hugs are tolerated… for the immediate moment, at least, and Rashmi's smile drops back into place as Kalindi stands. "Oh I can *well* imagine, sir… um. Right. Introductions. Kalindi, this is Rocket Raccoon. From outer space. … …Yes, seriously. Anyway," she says, eager to move the conversation along, "what brings you back to the planet, sir?"

Sophie affects a curtsey, and bobs her head as she is introduced. "Thank you, Senor Stark," she murmurs. "And it is good to meet you, Senorita Luna, and Senor Watson." She smiles brightly as she straightens, and brushes her hand over her skirts. "Do not worry, Senorita Luna, I do recall being ten years old myself, not so long ago. I rather enjoyed it; in fact I miss it. Do not make the mistake of growing up too quickly, si?"

"Senorita." In way of greeting. For all Sophie can't see it, Pietro tips his hat as is proper for his attire. "I'm afraid it's far too late for that." Rueful and for not growing up too quickly. Luna gives him a look for it. "I'd rather be an adult, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to hurry. Ten year olds aren't allowed to do anything fun." It's horrible! Pietro gives Tony a plaintive look, but says nothing.

Rocket stands perfectly still as the hug is exchanged and smiles up at Kalindi when she's done. "By law I'm obligated to advise you to recieve treatment for exposure to rabies." But then he starts laughing and waves a hand dismissively, indicating that this was a joke…Or WAS it? "Ah, Kalindi, nice to meet you. Yes, I'm Rocket Raccoon, but most people around here call me Rocket or occasionally "Oh god, what is that thing? Kill it."" He does a terrible impression of a woman's voice for that last part. He glances around the room and scratches his chest idly as he responds to Rashmi's question. "Oh you know, immediate threat to the Keystone Quadrant is out of the way, thought I'd come back for a vacation of sorts. Plus this planet's pretty interesting. Lots of nifty individuals to interact with." He glances back at Kalindi, "That's a neat outfit. Is that a Krampnalian Berry Eater costume? You must have been to Obani 7 then?"

"Or one could never grow up at all," Tony offers up helpfully in the conversation between Luna and Sophie. "What might be unallowed to a ten year old that you're in such a rush to grow older my dear? Certain freedoms no doubt. Less homework, going to bed at midnight and such." A knowing look cast Pietro's way whilst he tucks his hands into the pockets of his trousers which flares out the long back of his suit coat. "Though sadly I will have to make the rounds in a moment to greet others and will have to excuse myself. Perhaps I can obtain a slot on your respective dance cards Sophie, and Princess Luna."

Kalindi smiles at the introduction and says, "Rocket Raccoon? I think I will remember this… Ahh, outer space, that is, ehh, quite far away. Welcome to the Earth world. Or back to it?" She blinks a few times at the question about her costume, looking down as if trying to evaluate what she's presently wearing, "Oh, I am sorry, I do not know of Kramf… Klam… These Berry Eaters or Obani 7. I have never been off the planetspace up. Only laterally. But thank you, I think I did good in designing this."

Rashmi gives Kalindi's costume a closer look as well, eyebrow rising. "No-o-o, I *think* it's just supposed to be a fairy," she says after a moment's searching through her memory to see if Ms. Walters and she had ever been to Obani 7 on business, coming up blank. "It *is* really nice, though, Kalindi, you designed it? You do good work."

Sophie chuckles softly. "Si," she replies. "When I was ten I thought much the same way. Well, I still do, sometimes. Let me guess, Senorita Luna, you wish to learn to drive and be able to stay up as late as you wish?" She pauses, and nods towards Tony. "Si, Senor Stark, of course. I would not refuse such a request from so fine a gentleman." She smiles at Pietro, and then flexes her legs to bend down closer to Luna. "When the Mother Superior turned out the lights, where I grew up," she says in a voice lowered just enough to seem conspiratorial, "We used to have pillow fights and midnight feasts with bits of our dinners that we had saved up." She pauses. "We only got caught twice."

Pietro gives Tony such a nasty look that it's amazing Tony doesn't burst into flames. "I already know how to drive." Luna waves dismissively. "But I would like to.." "What?!" That's Pietro of course. Luna immediately puts on her best innocent face, then starts to giggle helplessly. Even as her father is hugging her against his side, having realized she was kidding, her feet hanging, she blinks at Sophie as she protects her tiara with her hands. "What's a mother superior? Is there a rank in mothers? Mine is a princess. I do like pillow fights, but mother cheats." Pietro gives Tony another dirty look for good measure, "Remind me to beat you with your own armor sometime."

Rocket nods and seems to be studying Kalindi's costume a bit more closely. "Ah of course, a fairy. Those are those things that scream at that green kid in Zelda, right? That's a pretty interesting costume." He nods in agreement with himself. "The lady at the costume shop insisted that I try on just about every outfit she had. It came down to this or a sailor, but I like the holsters on this one. Blus the spurs are pretty shine…I mean sweet."

No thanks is given for his attempt to truly be helpful in the conversation at present. Tony has not grown up in many ways and look how he turned out. Under the force of such a gaze from Watson the esteemed detective bows his head slipping his hands from his trouser pockets to wave dismissively. "Right then mother hen I shall excuse myself until later to spare myself the inevitable caning. Enjoy the evening, and feel free to seek me out should you have a desire to." With that he takes his leave of Watson and the ladies for a time to slither through the crowd on his way towards the gathering near-ish the bar.

"Well, it is not very hard for me to do this kind of thing. Only the dress itself is hard, and I had help," says Kalindi, shrugging her shoulders at Rashmi. "But accessories, they are easy, just heavy." The wings flap a few times once more, demonstratively, and she then nods at Rocket and says, "Well, I think you would have looked good in a sailor costume as well, but this costume you have is very cute."

Rashmi clears her throat as Rocket mentions a sailor outfit, trying verym very hard not to giggle at the mental image. "…Well the cowboy look *does* suit you, sir… And Kalindi, the dress really *is* lovely—oh!" Spotting Tony headed in their direction, she starts to call his name, pauses, and settles for a raised hand and a grin, noting the distinct lack of hangers-on and paparazzi in his immediate vicinity.

Sophie glances in Tony's general direction, and bobs her head as he retreats. "Thank you again, Senor Stark," she says as he egresses, before tilting her attention once more to Pietro and Luna. "You could have had me fooled, Senorita," she observes. "You seem very sharp, si?" She chuckles softly. "No, a Mother Superior is not a 'mother' in that sense. She runs a convent, where the nuns live. In Santa Margarita where I grew up, the convent runs an orphanage, where I lived for a time while my real mother could not take care of me herself." She straightens as her legs get tired, and brushes her hands against her skirt. "I…" She pauses. "Is… Senor Watson really your name?" She tilts her head to gaze at Pietro, from behind her eyehole-less mask. "Or… is it your costume, as in Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson?"

Rockets whiskers droop slightly. "Cute? I was going for 'dashing' or 'debonair' or maybe 'rugged'." He shakes his head sadly but Rashmi's encouragement seems to raise his spirits. And then he also notices Tony and waves him over as well. "Oy! Get over here, I brought you something nice from Half World!" He waves a parcel over his head that looks suspiciously bottle shaped.

Pietro relents a little at being called mother hen, and he says as Tony slips off, "Don't forget you've a dance with Luna later." The little girl totally agrees and points, "I command it!" In her best authoritative voice too. Then she ruins it by giggling again. "Papa, would you put me down please?" "Yes, yes." Soon on her feet, Luna is listening to Sophie's explanation. "You lost me at Nun, but I'll look it up." Finger to lips, she looks puzzled. Pietro doesn't help at all. "I approve of orphanages however, but am very sorry that you were separated from your mother. My mother had to leave me with Papa for months once. I missed her horribly." Pietro looks sadly down at his daughter, but he chuckles about his name. "Hardly. Tony did properly introduce me, but you must have missed it over my chatterbox. Pietro Maximoff. Watson is who I am dressed as. Tony is dressed as a very rumpled Holmes. I must say that your own costume is very nice, my lady. How did Tony come to know you?"

Approaching the small gathering Tony offers up a nod of his head along with a warm smile, "Good evening, all. I trust you're all enjoying the evening thus far. There is a performance much later that you might want to stick around for if possible." A mental note is made to not forget, which he quite possibly will, that he's promised a dance to Sophie and Luna. Noticing Rocket he nearly splutters at the costume then eyes the package being held up. "For me? You needn't have brought a gift to this party Rocket but thank you for the kind gesture." He reaches for the bottle shaped package then turns a grin towards the ladies, "Excellent costumes ladies."

"Well, ruggedly cute, I would say. So yes, to say rugged is fine, too," says Kalindi, frowning slightly, though she has nothing to say about dashing or debonair. At Rashmi seeming distracted by Tony Stark, Kalindi tries to peer past other people to see what she's looking at, but is unfortunately a fair bit too short. As Tony Stark comes into view, though, she smiles towards him and then nods at Tony Stark once, in her odd accent, "Thank you very much for the compliment, Mr. Stark!"

Rashmi dipped her head, smoothing down her poodle skirt. "Thank you very much, Mr. Stark… I came with a Danny, but…" She lifts up on her tiptoes, peering at the milling crowds. "…I think he got lost on the way to the punchbowl… Oh well, I'm sure he'll find his way back. He's really quite hard to miss, and… um. Anyway." Shaking her head, she grins up at Tony, dipping a slight curtsy. "I just wanted to say thanks *so much* for the invitation, sir. It *really* meant a lot to me."

Rocket nods and as the bottle is exchanged. "Eh, it's not for the party, just thought you'd want to try some Half-World Xingblat Berry Wine." He leans in and puts a hand to his mouth as though telling a secret, "Don't open it at the party though, that stuff'll curl your whiskers." He juts a thumb toward the bar, "Speakin' of which, I think your staff thinks I'm an ankle biter in a costume. Have a word with the bar staff if you get a chance if ya wouldn't mind, eh?" He does a double point and a wink at a woman staring at him behind Tony and then snaps his fingers. "Oh by the way, a bunch of people keep saying some Earth expression I'm not familiar with. What does "Why can't I quit you?" mean? It seems like a pretty strange thing to say."

Sophie laughs softly, and shakes her head. "Well, then I am glad to have asked, si? Otherwise I might have gone on calling you Senor Watson for a good long time even after this evening, Senor Maximoff." She flicks her cane in a circle around herself, and apologizes to someone walking past who catches it in the ankle. "There is no need to be sorry, Senorita Luna; I have had a good life so far, and it is not as though I never saw my Mother. I always felt lucky, you see, as nearly all of the other children there did not have a mother or father at all." She tilts her attention back up to Pietro once more, and clasps her hands behind her back. "Thank you, for the compliment. I am dressed as Isabella of Castile and Leon; it seemed appropriate. I met Senor Stark at the Christmas Dance, for Barnes and Xavier students. I think perhaps he cannot abide to see someone being a wallflower." She chuckles softly. "I am here more officially to represent a few charities that support people with disabilities."

A polite nod towards Kalindi, "You're most welcome. A pleasure to meet you." There's just the hint of a bow at the waist there before he turns to Rashmi, "Think nothing of it. I'm glad you were able to attend this year and with mysterious date. I'm sure he'll turn up soon enough. One can get lost amongst the vegetation in here quite easily." The bottle of Half-World wine is drawn inward and gazed upon curiously. Tony'll make sure to have those at the bar stash the bottle away to keep it from being used by the masses. At the mention of the bar however he glances that way noticing the dichotomy there between worker and Raccoon. "I'll make certain the situation is sorted out. They've what…" Laughing as he rubs a hand across his unshaven jaw for the Brokeback Mountain reference. "I suggest you tip your hat and move along. It's from a film. You should watch it sometime."

Kalindi nods at Tony politely, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well. I am Kalindi, but you may call me Kali if you would like." She smiles brightly for a moment before the enthusiasm somewhat fades and she notes, "I am obligated to say that I am representing the ASPCA tonight. So. I think that I have just met that obligation."

"I do appreciate that you asked." Pietro notes with amusement. He doesn't react over much at being smacked in the ankle, knowing what that is about. "Don't concern yourself." Luna still smiles at Sophie. "That's a wonderful way of looking at it. I am very lucky in that I still have both my parents." Pietro nods, regardless of that it can't be seen. "It is appropriate, and I remember that dance. You'll have to excuse me if I don't remember you, for the company I was forced to endure chased me away early. As for Tony, he attempts to hide it but the man has one of the kindest hearts I know. No doubt he didn't want a young lady such as yourself to be alone at a party. As for myself I am dressed for his whim." There's a put upon sigh for that. "I don't know how I let him talk me into these things." Luna says, "Because your gullible and he knows it?" That earns her a dirty look too, but she merely laughs and hugs on her father for it. Pietro clears his throat and changes the topic, "If you are hoping for donations for children's charities, Stark is an excellent one for it, but it may earn you a quick disinterest."

Rocket taps a furred finger against his chin at the explanation. "Ah I see. I forgot my Earth film collection when I went off on my mission. It would have made things less boring during long trips…But oh well. Apparently the school is on a summer recess, so I have some free time now." He glances at Rashmi, "Will you be taking any of my courses this year? And what of Miss Kalindi, you work for the ASPCA? Is that similar to SHIELD?"

A woman darts out of no where to bend down and pat Rocket on the head, "Oh it's so adorable! Where did you get it, Mr. Stark?"

The woman is suddenly startled off when Rocket pulls a pair of bright orange pistols on her. "Back off lady! I ain't no one's pet!" He watches her back off and nods in approval once he's sure she's far enough away. He then opens his muzzle and fires one of the "lazers" into his mouth, revealing them to be some form of squirt gun. He points it at Tony's face, "Tequila. Want one? They're my SHOT guns. Get it?" He nudges Rashmi with his elbow, apparently thinking himself quite clever. "I'd offer you girls some, but you are…Maybe too young? I forget how that works on this planet."

A lifted eyebrow of recognition has Stark attempting to focus on remembering names, "Kali, it is then. Thank you for attending the party on behalf of the ASPCA. The Foundation has been supporting various charities over the years and I'm happy to report that the they will continue to do so for many years to come. You will be able to take a considerable check back to the organization at the end of tonight's festivities as Pepper is making sure to run into everyone this evening for that purpose specifically."
A young woman approaches patting Rocket on the head gushing over the fuzzy man and Tony can see this going terribly wrong in a moment. In the end it's rather humorous to watch Rocket handle the situation. With a shake of his head he declines, "As creative as that is I'll leave the shooters to you." Pulling out his pocket watch again he checks the time then replaces the watch into the vest pocket. "I must be off for a time. I've individuals to annoy!" Smiles all around then slips away towards the bar to hand over the bottle of wine and sort Rocket's problem.

Sophie shakes her head slowly. "I have not come to ask; I have come to enjoy a party to which I was invited, Senor Maximoff. I was asked to represent charities for the disabled because they have aided me in the past, mostly when I first came to America." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, as she plants her cane in front of herself, where it won't hit any more ankles. "I am aware that they intend my presence here to be useful to their cause, but in the end, I do not mind." She grins down at Luna, "And your mother and father are two people you should treasure as strongly as I am sure they do you, Senorita Luna," she observes. "Even when you are told to brush your teeth."

Kalindi glances towards Rocket as he asks the question and says, "Well, I assume that it is not the same thing at all. I do not work for it, I am just a contributor of time and money to that cause. A sometimes volunteer and donator, yes? It is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals." She shrugs lightly and then seems surprised at the whole interaction between Rocket and the woman, for a moment seeming like she wants to spring into action, but she calms at the squirting of the guns. "Ohh, yes, I think I am legally too young for that." She then nods at Tony and says, "Thank you Mr. Stark, it really is very much a pleasure to have met you!"

"Better that way." Pietro says of not asking. "You'll get your dance that way." There's a smile and he looks down on Luna as she makes a face over brushing her teeth. "I wish they were together, but I'll take what I can get. Even if it means tooth brushing." She glances up at Pietro, who's pretending interest elsewhere. Not a topic he's getting into. It brings Luna to smile at Sophie again. "Are you sure you don't want to dance? I won't let you bump into anything."

It's rather impressive, being able to choke briefly upon nothing at all; prime spit-take fuel, utterly wasted. Recovering, she shakes her head, voice wavering with the sheer effort required not to burst out laughing at Rocket's antics. "…No, thank you… I *am* too young anyway…. oh! Um. Bye Mr. Stark, and thanks again!" Lifting her hand as the multibillionaire takes his leave to irritate the rest of the party, she looks to Kalindi and Rocket again, shaking her head and chuckling. "…Actually, I was probably going to sign up, if it's the same one… Talk about it tomorrow before I go out of town?"

"Much higher class, also," Sophie observes. "One does not simply walk into a man's house and beg for his money. I hadn't planned even on mentioning it." She chuckles softly, and nods to the girl beside her. "Si, Senorita; if you wish to dance, then I shall dance. And perhaps with your father also, at some point in the evening." She holds out her left hand. "Will you lead me to the dance floor, then?"

Sherlock Holmes wanders through the crowd greeting various guests while carrying a glass of what appears to be apple juice of all things. He's making his way past the dance floor towards where the dj's doing his thing. As the next song ends Tony sets down the glass of juice on the dj's table and speaks via the microphone there. "Ladies, Gentlemen, and aliens, let me officially welcome you to the second annual Stark-o-ween celebration." Pause for gratuitous applause. With a gesture from his hand to calm the crowd again he continues. "I would personally like to thank you all for contributions that you've made tonight to benefit the Maria Stark Foundation. There are guests in attendance tonight representing some of the various charities that the Foundation donates to so please stop and say hello to them and enjoy the evening." The mic is turned off again as Tony turns the music back on and takes over for the dj for a song or two. He's saved the party from the last terrible song at least.

Kalindi nods slightly as she listens to Rashmi speak, but has nothing really to say on the matter, and so she doesn't. Instead, she turns her attention to the stage as Tony Stark speaks, tilting her head slightly as she does so. "Well, if everyone here will come to talk to me," says Kalindi, "Then I think I would become rather busy tonight."

There's a firm nod for that one. "Indeed. You would be amazed how many do, my dear." Pietro leaves it there, and Luna looks gleeful at the idea of dancing. She takes the offered hand as Pietro says to Sophie in excellent Spanish. He learned in Spain after all, "It would be my pleasure." Luna beams and escorts Sophie carefully out to the dance floor. It'll be more of hand holding and turning in circles a lot, but it makes the ten year old very happy. "Your dress is so pretty, Sophie. What was the name you said again?" Luna stills as Tony begins to speak, politely listening. She claps once he's done, but then happily returns to her idea of dancing.

"Oh, probably you will," Rashmi affirms, nodding. "Especially once people see Mr. Stark's seceretary stopping off with you. That's pretty much how it went last year; once everyone figured out who was representing charities, a lot of people were all busy circulating and networking, figuring out who could help whose cause out…" She shrugs, grinning. "Me? I'm just here to have a good time. If you'll excuse me, though? There's still some people I'd like to say hi to…"

Sophie allows herself to be led towards the dance floor by the eager Luna. "Your father seems a very sensible man," she observes. "And I know you will likely gag, Senorita, but I detect his forcefulness in you as well, hmm?" She chuckles softly. "I am dressed as Isabella of Castile and Leon; she was queen of Castile, and married King Ferdinand of Leon. She is largely credited with unifying Spain into a single country."

Kalindi nods politely at Rashmi and says, "Of course. Enjoy giving your greetings to these other people." She starts wandering off to get herself some kind of non-alcoholic beverage.

Pepper is circulating amongst the crowd dressed as Poison Ivy in a rather stunning number despite the bits of fake leaves adorning the outfit in places. She stops from time to time to speak with everyone who wants a moment and to hand over the donation checks. The base of the current song vibrates the dance floor as people cheer and cut loose having a good time. Tony's busily listening through headphones while playing with switches, dials and moving electronic sliders. The dj returns at the end of the song to take over for Tony who clasps the man on the shoulder before taking his drink to idle near the dance floor.

"Most people hate him." The girl admits sadly. Yet Luna laughs over the forcefulness. "You have no idea. You should meet my mother sometime. I inherited it in spades from both sides." She's delighted in that topic of course. Explain the costume and she is interested. "That's a wonderful costume then. A powerful woman doing great things. Is she your hero then? Um, I mean rolemodel. If in a way. Someone who does great things and you try to emulate?" Pietro meanwhile takes up a spot along the wall, playing wallflower for the moment.

Sophie hmmms softly. "I suppose in some ways, I do look to her for an example," she admits. "She was brave, strong, and committed to her ideals. But there is another whom I would look to as an example also." She pauses, waiting for the next song to start so she can start dancing, with what meager dancing skills she has. "Have you ever heard of someone named Helen Keller?"

Rashmi slips through the milling crowd, bobbing her head and murmuring polite greetings to those who'd stop to talk to a young woman at such an event, eyes searching for Sophie in particular… Then her gaze falls on the man by the wall, and a spark of recognition hits her; it was difficult to figure out, when he was speaking with Sophie, but now with little better to do than to avoid a great many people, she finally recalls who he is. Not many people in the world have *that* natural scowl, after all… Threading her way through the crowd, she pauses a respectable distance away, clearing her throat. "Mr… Maximoff, right?"

Once his drink has run dry Tony hands the glass off to a passing worker before skirting the edge of the dance floor heading in the direction of the dining area. Once there he notices Kalindi going in search of something making his way over towards the young lady. "Kali right? Flying solo at the moment?"

Kalindi nods at Tony and glances around, nodding once at his question, "Ah, yes indeed I am. I am sure I will run into many more people by the end of the night, though." She smiles quite happily at that thought and says, getting some non-alcoholic punch, "I am quite glad to be here!"

Luna has to think about that one. "No, I haven't." Sounds sad. "I grew up on the moon and have little access to human history and peoples. I try and learn as much as I can while on Earth, but it's hard. I'm sorry. Would you tell me about her? Be careful. Move left." Ever so helpful for the blind partner. Pietro arches eyebrows and tips his hat to Rashimi. "Or as the young Sophie would say, Dr Watson." There's even a smile for that. "I recognize you from Xaviers, but I'm afraid I don't recall your name. If you would be kind enough to excuse that."

There's a smile for Kalindi's enthusiasm. "There are quite a lot of interesting people lurking about for certain. For instance," points out a small group of people not too far from where he's standing. "Movie stars, and to the right of them there's a few people from MTV that you might recognize and," Tony nods in the direction of a rather older looking set of gentlemen that seem far too serious even in costume, "news personalities."

Sophie moves left as indicated; and hopefully Luna meant Sophie's left, and not her own. "Si," she replies. "She was a normal little girl who lived in America, until she got sick, and was left not only blind but deaf as well; and she managed to have a long, full life regardless. I consider her to have been a very brave woman." Sophie moves a touch slowly for the song that's being played, and a touch awkwardly, allowing the younger girl to lead the dance. "Who is your role model, Senorita?"

Kalindi nods and says, "Ahhh, it is hard to recognize these people so easily when they are wearing a costume, or when I am wearing a mask! It makes, ehhh, peripheral vision quite difficult." She sips from her drink and them smiles, "But yes, many many interesting people that I have noticed already, I would say!"

"Oh not at all, sir," Rashmi chuckles, shaking her head. "It's Rashmi. Rashmi Franklin. I'd be surprised if you remembered, really, that was… how long ago? Close to a year? More? Anyway… partly I wanted to say hi again, partly I wanted to thank you for seeing to Sophie, that was *very* sweet of you, sir."

The dance with Sophie is an easy circle. Nothing that requires fancy footwork. Luna is enjoying herself regardless. "Oh! She sounds it." A brave woman. "That must have been horrible. Not able to see or hear? How do you do anything?" A pause and she glances to where Pietro is. "Was that rude? I'm very sorry if it was. Me? I like Mrs Richards. The Invisible Woman. She is brave and strong. I'm also partial to my mother, but I am biased." Dimples for that. "My mother has been in the Fantastic Four and the Avengers too. She's a super hero like Papa. Only Papa hasn't been in the Fantastic Four." Pietro meanwhile nods to Rashimi, even as he looks frowny and points at her. "My father speaks of you. Something about Mutant Town." Not that he remembers. "Thank you for understanding." Eyes shift to the couple on the floor and he snorts, if delicately. "Thank Luna. She saw the girl trying to find her way around and wanted to come to the rescue. But regardless," There's the motion of a hand, "It is a pleasure to meet you." And he offers that hand.

Finally making his way back over to Rashmi with a cup in two of his hands is Travis. "Sorry about that I got lost along the way and then I kept getting asked questions about the arms. I think I was just talking to Samuel L. Jackson. This is so surreal." He says handing her the glass of apple juice. He looks up at Pietro and offers a hand. "Uh hi. I'm Rashmi's boyfriend, Travis Smith. It's nice to meet you." He's really not sure who Pietro is but he figures he'd introduce himself.

"Ahh, see that is part of the benefit of wearing costumes. If one wants to hide amongst the masses they can. Even if they can't see a thing due to the masks." Tony waves to a few people who've just joined the party via the elevator. "As I am unattached at the moment would you care to dance, madam?" Pulls his suit coat up onto his shoulders and offers up a hand to Kalindi.

Kalindi smiles at the request from Tony Stark and says, "Ahh, yes, it would be my pleasure!" She reaches to take Tony's hand before noting, "But I think that I should warn you… I am not very used to dancing."

"Oh… that," Rashmi says, face slipping slightly when Mutant Town is mentioned, and lifts a shoulder. "Well honestly I *am* sort of proud of that one… My first real trip into activist country, and it turned out pretty well, all told." Dipping her head, her smile widens. "But it's nice that he mentions it, I'll have to thank him later. *Any*way—" Whatever she was going to say next dies aborning, as Travis shows up with drinks, and just in time. Slipping an arm around the boy's waist, she nods to Pietro. "Travis, this is Pietro Maximoff. …Um… Hang on, I *know* I know this… Right! Quicksilver, when he's doing Avengers stuff."

Pietro offers Travis a hand, not even batting an eye over the plethora of them on Travis' part. "Miss Franklin has it. I'm semi retired these days, but Tony likes me to play dress up with him." To her he shrugs, "Honestly I have no idea what it is that you've done, only that he's mentioned it. Magneto and I get along as well as oil and water on a hot skillet." His tone says maybe not even that well. Motions a hand to suggest moving past that. "Are you still with Xaviers? Are either of you? I help out there with Chloe, but spend very little time there otherwise. And what was it you were doing going to an activist country? Now I'm dreadfully curious."

Tony shows Kalindi towards the dance floor which has people parting creating a space for him like he's Moses. "That's alright, Kali. It's mainly just to have fun though I'd laugh hysterically if your wings take out anyone." The current song playing isn't too fast and there are quite a few people who are dancing foolishly because they can and or are slightly drunk. Tony presses his lips together in a thin line appearing to ponder something then takes both of Kali's hands showing her how to dance in close quarters. No wild spins or ball room dancing to be had this evening.

"Oh no, not rude at all." Sophie laughs softly. "Not to worry; I am used to questions." She pauses. "It is good that you can count your mother amongst your role models. I do as well; my mother has been brave for me, though she is no super hero, certainly." She continues the slow circle, and shuffles her feet accordingly, while her cane dangles from her wrist and bumps against her side. "You dance very well, senorita. Did your mother teach? Or your father? …Or did you simply work it out on your own?"

"Oh, silly, everyone can be a hero. People do brave things every day and they aren't super heroes." Luna says with certainly to Sophie. There's giggling for her dancing. "Figuring it out on my own. Papa was showing me earlier, but it's too hard in my dress. I love my dress, but it's ..big." If only Sophie could see the big, blue eyes in action. "I don't doubt your mother is very brave. Good mothers are for their children."

Kalindi looks back and her wings seem to fold back slightly as Tony makes his comment about them, "Ahh, I would hope that they do not!" She follows Tony's lead quite willingly, able to follow through the simple steps of a regular dance. She glances around to other people briefly before her eyes settle back on Tony, "Ah, some people on the floor, they are quite the dancers!"

"Oh it's an honor to meet you." Travis says as he realizes Pietro is, was, kinda is an Avenger. He's definitely out of his element but enjoying himself. "I've met Magneto before as well, he was one of the people responsible for saving my life at one point." He says as he's had some good, intimidating, yet good impressions of the man. "No, I've never been with Xavier's. I go to Barnes actually." He looks at Rashmi and smiles. "Have you said hi to Kalindi or that…whose the blond girl from Xavier's again?"

"I graduated a year and change ago, sir, but I still like to go back on Sundays to help out here and there," Rashmi answers, smiling, then glances at Travis. "Well, Kalindi yes, she stopped by just as you were going for the drinks… Sophie looks like she's having a good time though, I can wait till she gets off the dance floor." Looking back at Pietro, the young mutant raises a dyed-blonde eyebrow. "I didn't mean a whole other *country,* sir, just, it was my first big Activist Cause. And an important one, too, which is why I'm glad it turned out the way it did. It's kind of a tale, though… You sure you don't mind hearing?" She pauses, mentally rewinds the conversation, and turns to stare at Travis. "…you talked to *who?*"

"It'll be fine," noticing how the wings move which is a neat trick. Tony is a fairly good dancer when he chooses to be though he's had to pick up dancing lessons in the past to learn specific dances. Such is the life of a socialite. "I've been forbidden to do the robot which means that I'm merely waiting for the right moment to do it. This isn't the right music however. Also, you dance perfectly well Kali." Attempts to get his dance partner to goof off a bit and enjoy the fun rather than worry about where feet are going or how silly arms can be flailing about.

Pietro nods about Rashimi graduating, "My congratulations then, if quite belated." There's a look to the dancing Sophie. "She is.. I suppose you could call it dancing, with my daughter, so rescue her at any time you feel the desire." That has him smiling. As for the cause? "I am curious, and quite willing to listen, but this is a party. If you have other things you'd rather do we can always attempt to speak another time. Someone with a cause dear to heart is worth listening to." That Travis was saved by Magneto has the speedster arching his eyebrows, "I'm hoping his current leaning towards bettering his ways continues. We shall see. Do you enjoy Barnes? I've never been."

Sophie ahhs as she dances, "Then I stand corrected. Heroism is a matter of perspective and choices, and not of great deeds and flashy super powers. …Such as when you came along, Senorita, to rescue me from being completely lost." She giggles pleasantly at that. "Thank you for asking me to dance with you, Senorita Luna. You dance very well; and I know what you mean about the skirt. I don't think I have ever worn one quite so big either; I had to wear one similar for three days just to get used to walking around in it without planting my face on the floor."

"It feels very good to sometimes do something that is forbidden, yes?" says Kalindi, chuckling softly and raising a brow, "This must be quite a dance to be so forbidden!" Kalindi generally picks up on Tony's cues for what's appropriate dancing, which indeed gets her to a point where she is allowing herself to good off a little bit.

Luna insists, "You are so pretty I couldn't leave you there alone. And you've been fun to talk to, thank you." The skirt? She lets go of a hand to make the affair rustle. "It's about three feet across. It's huge. I'm dressed in the ballgown of Cinderella, but I'm not sure you know what that means. It's white and sparkles and is very pretty. I about died when Papa found it for me." Sounds so pleased about it. "I had trouble too!" The walking part. "Papa wouldn't let me wear it around though. I wanted to wear it all the time." Pout!

"Samuel L. Jackson." Travis says again. "I think that's him over there." He says motioning towards a man that looks suspiciously like him. "Yes sir, so far I don't mind it at Barnes. It's different from any school but I can't really compare it to other colleges since I've never been to any others. Though it's been easy since meeting Rashmi and the fact that my Mother is a teacher there." He then looks at Rashmi curiously. "Was this the whole thing with the rally in Mutant Town?"

Tony chuckles, "It is. One can either look incredibly cool doing it or look like a total idiot. I have a very young dance partner at some point tonight I might try it then so be on the look out for it." For now he's enjoying the dance he's sharing with Kalindi. Just for amusement purposes he slowly spins her in place then casts a glance across the floor to notice a young man with multiple arms standing next to Rashmi and speaking with Pietro. "So what is it that you do, Kali? Do you attend university or something else perhaps?"

Rashmi bobs her head at Travis' question. "Yeah, that. See, sir," she says to Pietro, eyes wandering in the direction Travis indicated, "there was a pretty horrible case of police corruption down in the precinct that deals with Mutant Town. I didn't learn about it until Dingo went wild on some policeman… and Travis was there pretty much the whole way, afterward. Most of what I did was suggest things that would keep people from rioting and put pressure on the police to clean up their mess… well that mostly worked, but of course the ones responsible had to be forced to back down…" Turning away from her celebrity-watching, she shakes her head. "If you go to Thompson Square, sir, you can see the memorials they put up for the ones who'd died because of it. I'm just glad the ending was generally a happy one."

Kalindi smiles, "Well, is either one of those things acceptable to you? Because if either is fine, then you should do it tonight, yes." She seems quite happy to spin before she tilts her head at the question, and her expression becomes more thoughtful, "Ehhh, I do odd jobs mostly, I would say. Something like an antique dealer, maybe? That is what some have called me. I buy things and I sell things, and I try to stay ahead."

Sophie blushes at that. "Thank you, Senorita," she replies. "Talking to you is wonderful, also." She pauses, and grits her teeth for a brief moment. "Perhaps I should stop for a moment… I was hurt recently, and I can feel it getting sore; I don't wish to strain anything before the evening has truely begun, si?" She bobs her head. "May I prevail upon you to take us back to your father? I am sure we can dance again later."

Brows arch again, for Pietro has heard of that. "Thank you then, in behalf of everyone." Sincere that. "It was something I stayed clear of, if only because my presence there wouldn't have helped matters. I teach in Mutant Town. We did have some trouble at the school, but it was kept to a minimum thankfully. My fifth graders were disappointed at no time off." Sarcasm there. Luna meanwhile is worried. "Are you okay? I haven't made it worse I hope? And he's this way. Talking with that man with six arms." Nope, she's not shocked either. With Sophie's hand firmly held, the girl leads her back to the wall where Pietro, Rashimi, and Travis are.

Tony dances about in the space available to him while complimenting the moves that Kali makes as best he can. "Your profession, in part, sounds like a good friend of mines. She mainly deals in art and the odd thing here and there but essentially she buys and sells much like yourself. New York is a great place to do something like that and on occasion you could run into someone like me who's crazy enough to spend thousands of dollars on something unique."

Kalindi nods and says, trying to move with enthusiasm on the dance floor, "Ah, yes, I have sometimes made some very profitable exchanges selling things that I've appraised to be, eh, quite rare. I am good at appraisal, but I do not have use for many things. My place has already been quite decorated!"

"She was amazing during that whole thing. And I'm not just saying it cause I'm her boyfriend, honest." Travis says raising a hand. "Oh? You teach fifth grade?" Travis says. "If you ever see a guy named Franky in Mutant Town, he kinda sticks out and he tends to stay at the shelter but he's really interested in learning as much as he can. Maybe you can help out? He's really..um..he's a lot more childlike than he looks." He says to Pietro knowing it's asking a lot.

Sophie shakes her head quickly, "No no, Senorita, it is fine; you have done nothing but be wondeful, si? It is just a few wounds to my side that are healing well, and I wish them to continue to heal well, is all." She produces a wry smile. "It is sometimes inconvenient that I can heal others, but not myself." As she hears Rashmi's voice, her attention perks in the direction of the East Indian girl. "Oh! Hello, Rashmi, and Travis." Once she's close enough, she bobs her head. "Si, it is marvelous fun. Senorita Luna is a wonderful young lady, also; she took me dancing."

Pietro smiles in amusement at Travis, "I don't doubt it." That Rashimi was amazing. The idea of Franky has eyebrows arching yet again. "…Interesting. The shelter? I'll have a poke around and see what I can do." Sounds dubious however. Then Luna is back and she's beaming. Pietro asks, "Did you enjoy yourself, my love?" Luna noddles, "Oh yes, Sophie was wonderful to talk to and dance with. Oh, hello!" To Rashimi and Travis. "I'm Luna. I'm a princess from the moon." She settles in to glom on her father, who puts an arm around her, but is mindful of that gown. Those skirts nearly flip up for the hugging. A well placed hand stops that before things get embarrassing and the man clears his throat.

Kalindi nods at Tony and says, "Ahh, yes, that would be excellent. Thank you very much for the dance, it was a lot of fun!" She smiles at him as they start off in the direction of the others, merely because Kalindi knows at least a couple of those who are mingling there.

Travis looks to Sophie and offers her a hand, his bottom right hand specifically. "It's nice to see you again Sophie. I'm not sure if you remember me but we met at the rally Rashmi headed. And I couldn't help but over hear that you're injured and can't heal you're self. Do you mind if I heal you?" He offers. And if she accepts there will be a warm feeling from Travis' hand and a soft blue glow as it takes about a minute for him to heal her wounds. He smiles at Luna. "Hello Luna the Moon Princess. You're probably the most adorable girl here." He says grinning. "Thank you very my Pietro for seeing what you can do for Franky."

Rashmi grins at Luna, stooping down slightly. "That's a *very* pretty dress, Luna, you really *do* look like a princess! Your Papi has *great* taste, if he picked that out…" Glancing up at Pietro and throwing the older mutant a wink, she straightens. "And thank you *very* much for being so nice to my friend Sophie, Luna… It was really very kind of you."

Pietro eyes Travis a moment for the offer of power use, but says nothing. Then to Rashimi, after that dress has been straightened out, he notes, "The irony here is that she is a princess from the moon. That's where she was born and lives. As for Franky, I make no promises, but I will seek him out." Luna beams happily at the two, nodding. Once her dress is righted she curtsies for Rashimi. "Thank you, both of you. It was my pleasure. And I love the dress." Runs her hands down the front. "Papa won't let me wear it all the time though, even if he spoils me rotten most the time. I learned how to make puppy eyes from Uncle Tony. It works wonders. ..Maybe I shouldn't have said that."

Sophie doesn't realize that Travis is holding out a hand to her, but she does bob her head in acquisence to his offer. "Si; yes, please," she replies. "I would be eternally grateful. I am healing well, but I would hardly turn down an offer of help." Her sightless gaze tilts towards Luna once more, and she chuckles softly. "I wouldn't worry, Senorita. Puppy eyes doen't lose their potency just because someone knows about them." She grins mischievously, and clasps her hands behind her back once more. "It is good to hear you here as well, Rashmi, and Travis. I was a little worried that I wouldn't know anyone."

Travis moves his hand so that he's touching Sophie so that he can heal her. "I'm a bit of a healer myself as well. Well, obviously." Travis says with a chuckle. He then looks surprise. "Wait..there are really people on the moon? I didn't know that. I thought it was just..you know, a giant moon rock." He's never learned about life being up there. "So you're enjoying yourself Sophie?"

Kalindi arrives back with the others after Tony guides her back there, and she says to Rashmi, "Ah, hello again," and then to Travis she offers a pleasant smile. As she evaluates the scene, she notes to Sophie, "He is good at healing. One time I was shot, and he made me all better!" The young woman tilts her head slightly as she looks towards Pietro and Luna, only noting their presence as she does not yet know them. Her false wings extend again.

"I'm glad to hear that, Sophie," Rashmi says, bobbing her head at Kalindi as she approaches the group, "but… I'm afraid I really *should* get going. I've got to get back to Xavier's in the morning, and I need to throw my packing together and talk to some of the higher-ups before I leave, y'know? I'm *really sorry… especially to you, Travis."

Pietro tips his hat in greeting with the arrival of Kalindi. The little girl at his side is around nine or ten and smiling brightly about at everyone. "Oh yes." She tells Travis as she watches him heal. "There's a city on the blue side of the moon, Attilan. My mother is sister to Queen Medusa." Luna none the less waves cheerfully to Kalindi as she speaks. "Mother and Papa named me Luna for the moving of Attilan there." Pietro clears his throat again, "Luna, enough. You'll just confuse them." She gives him a look for it. Very easy to see where she gets it from. Pietro nods to Rashimi. "Good night. It was a pleasure meeting you, Miss Franklin."

Sophie bobs her head to Rashmi. "Then we shall catch up again soon, si? Have a good evening, Rashmi." She flashes a smile, intended for Rashmi and Travis both. "And thank you also, Travis. Si, I am enjoying myself very much; I… I have never been to such a party. It is a bit confusing sometimes, but it is quite amazing nonetheless. As is your healing talent; I am very impressed, I— Oh! Senorita Kalindi, you were shot? That is terrible! I am glad you are alright, but still, I pray that such a thing never happen to you again."

"Actually Rashmi I'll escort you home." Travis says as he doesn't mind at all. "Sorry but it was great meeting you Pietro and Luna. And it was nice to see you again Kalindi and Sophie. You all have a wonderful evening while I escort my beautiful date back home." Travis says before offering an arm to Rashmi so he can escort her out.

"Sometimes these things, they happen!" answers Kalindi to Sophie, nodding her head slightly, and then she says to Rashmi and Travis, "It was nice to see you both again, I hope that the rest of your evening goes quite well." She nods once and turns towards Pietro and Luna, "Ahh, my name is Kalindi, it is a pleasure to meet you both!" She has an especially cheery smile reserved for the young girl, "Ahh, you come from this city on the moon? And I heard before that you are a princess?" She says that with no incredulity, like they are honest questions.

"I am Pietro Maximoff, and this is my daughter, Luna." The speedster motions to the girl who noddles. "I am. Papa lives here on Earth. Mother is a princess and so am I. Not often I get to dress like one though." Luna adores that dress. Her father chuckles for that and says, "No, you still can't wear it tomorrow." Which has her sulking, but that doesn't last as she smiles at Kalindi again. "It's nice to meet you too. Your wings are very pretty, and so is that dress. You look beautiful." Compliments are free tonight. "Did you enjoy dancing with Uncle Tony? He's very good."

"Aha, yes, I did enjoy it very much!" says Kalindi to Luna, smiling pleasantly, speaking in her strange accent, "And thank you, you are looking very very pretty yourself." She tilts her head and her false wings flick and flap a few times, "You know, I am a princess too, and not of this world. But it not being this world, I do not get to do many of the things that a princess should! But, I feel quite right today."

Sophie holds up a single finger, "but these things that happen, they shouldn't," she answers. "The other day four mind-controlled people came and blew things up at the boarding school I attend. It was very frightening; I am glad it is over now, and that nobody has any lasting wounds." She pauses, and her lips quirk upwards as she listens. "So many princesses in one place! And Senorita Luna, I shall have to ask you about this city sometime, it sounds fascinating, si? If you may tell me of it." She tilts her head to gaze in Pietro's direction. "You have an amazing daughter, Senor Maximoff."

Luna looks intrigued, "You are? We princesses need to stick together." Totally taking Kalindi at her word. "And thank you." A curtsy for the compliments. Pietro arches eyebrows at this, "Where are you from then?" Not doubting, for this is a man who's seen too much to discount such claims easily. To Sophie he nods, "That I do, thank you. I am merely grateful she takes after her mother for the most part. The city isn't a secret." He assures, and Luna looks relieved. "More of that it's complicated. A great deal of my ex-wife's family is complicated, so easier not to mention it then watch people's eyes glaze over as you attempt to explain." Luna giggles at this, covering her mouth with a hand.

"Ahh, well, you may be able to tell from my accent that I have not grown up anywhere you might hear many accents from," says Kalindi, gesturing towards herself, "It is, instead of another planet, in another universe altogether. It is a small land, and it is not like I rule over anything much as princess, but ehh, it comes with some benefits, yes? I was adopted by the one who is the master of that land. So who am I to argue with his title of princess for me? But this, it does not affect my life very much in this world. I am treated as any other immigrant." Kalindi smiles at Luna and says, "But yes, we must stick together! There are not many of us!"

Sophie perks an eyebrow. "I did not truely expect to meet two members of different royal families in one evening," she observes. "Truely, a remarkable event." She flicks her cane around herself, though more slowly this time. "How is it you come to be here Kalindi, if you do not mind my curiosity?"

Pietro accepts this with only a nod. Sure Kali may be insane, but he's met too many people from other worlds to not give her the benefit of the doubt. "Princess doesn't mean a whole lot in American society I'm afraid." Luna nods sadly, "Most people don't believe me. They think it's a game." Sophie's question has father and daughter interested so they quiet in order to listen. Pietro idly tucks a lock of his daughter's hair back into place.

"Me? I am here as something of an ambassador, I guess? And then I do buying and selling business on the side in order to do well, though I am supported by my father's generosity in other ways," says Kalindi, shrugging lightly at that. "This world is linked and important to many others, and this city, ehh, it seems very important to this world. So here I am." She then nods at Luna and says, "Oh, yes, they think that I play too when I say such things! But that is fine, it does not matter if others believe what I know, yes?"
"Ahh, I do not know the name in English!" protests Kalindi, but she shakes her head and says, "To speak it in the language I come from, I have heard that it is a very grating language… But you have a pleasant evening." She turns towards Sophie and says, "Ahh, in any case… I do hope that I have luck. Sometimes it is strange being here, I do not know all the customs."

Sophie nods to Pietro and Luna, "Have a good evening!" she says to them as they depart. She turns back to Kalindi, and giggles softly. "My boyfriend, Hosea, he has the same complaint sometimes," she observes. "He is from Nigeria, and some things are done differently there, also. But there is nothing wrong with being different, si? If all of us were the same, then it would be boring, I am sure."

"Your boyfriend… ? Hosea… ? Nigeria… ?" repeats Kalindi, sounding a little bit horrified, and watching Sophie with a wide-eyed stare. "He is very tall, yes? Ah, much taller than you, and much much taller than me, yes?"

Sophie hmms? softly. "Si," she replies. "He is, just so. He is very gentle, though; and he has always looked out for me. He has a very big heart and he is very sweet." She pauses, and taps her lips. "You sound upset, though? Is something the matter, Kalindi?"

"Perhaps he is gentle to you, but he tried to kill me before and he did not seem gentle to me. He seemed like a man with a heart filled with /hate/," says Kalindi, brows furrowing, "I was without defense. He broke my ribs and my nose, he bruised my face. I was fortunate that Travis would heal me, so I did not have to do it on my own. Be careful…"

Sophie is quiet for a long moment, as her face flushes with color. "I… I…" She coughs softly, and fidgets where she stands. "I… I cannot see this from Hosea," she says at last. "I have never known him to be anything but gentle; though he did et angry when he heard that someone had hurt me. I…" She shrugs her shoulders helplessly. "I will talk to him," she says at last. "Regardless, I am glad you are alright, Kalindi."

Kalindi sighs softly and says, "I am sorry that I say this to you, and I do not know much about this man… only that he is capable of great violence…" She crosses her arms lightly and says, "I was frightened for my life. Please, yes, I would suggest that you talk to him. But it is as I say, care is necessary, yes? But I do not know him well, only from that day…"

Sophie shrugs her shoulders lightly. "Well… he has had some bad things happen to him in his past," she replies. "I… I do not wish to betray his privacy, so… I will not go into details. BUt suffice to say, these are the kinds of things that one does not recover from easily, and perhaps he may not have when he met you, si?" Her brow furrows, and she continues to fidget with her fingers around the top of her cane. "I have known him for months, and he has always been very gentle," she repeats. "I have never felt so safe in all my life as when I am in his arms."

Kalindi shakes her head and says, "You do not need to tell me more about him, it is just, ehhh, this was in the past year. January, I think it was. Ah, yes, my jacket was ruined…" She shrugs and says, "And I guess I am not quick to dismiss attempts on my life. But if you feel safe with him, that is fine, I only want to let you know what my experience has been."

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