2009-12-14: Starting The Process


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Summary: Rob comes to visit. Wyatt starts work on a potential helpful solution

Date: August 14, 2009

Starting the Process

Rating: R

NYC - Fordham Apartments (Wyatt's Apartment)

Things have quieted down. For Wyatt, that's good. He can go back to his normal life. not that there's much of it at all. Currently, he's simply sitting on his couch, eyes closed, lights dimmed. He's just… resting. And thinking. Nothing more than that. He's not one of the overly active people that has to be doing something all the time. That, and it helps him come up with new ideas.

Since there's still time before school starts back up, his lesson plan is already complete, and he's still waiting to get a moment with the headmaster to talk about a few things, Robert Weyrin has decided to attend to something that's been bothering him. That scientist from the MGH incident had mentioned being able to help his invisibility problem and it had been bothering him for awhile. Eventually, he decided to go see the guy. So, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, his leather jacket, a baseball cap, and a pair of sunglasses, the invisible man is hoping he won't attract much attention as he steps up to the door. There's a pause before he knocks, not bothering to look for buzzers or anything of the sort.

At the knock, Wyatt's eyes snap open. Slowly, he cracks his knees, stretching out as he moves to the door. "Who is it?" He asks, not opening the door after last time. He takes an ampule into his hand as he opens the door, placing it near the place in his arm, waiting. If he has to, he'll use it. He's… not very trusting of human nature lately, for obvious reasons.

Rob sighs slightly, muttering something about how he should have worn something different. "The invisible man," he replies at first. There's a pause before he speaks again. "Rob…ya know…guy who's unseen," he says, waiting for the door to open. "Yo," an invisible hand is waved when the door does finally open.

Right now, Wyatt can't see all of that. "Ah. Come in." He says, stepping away from the door and placing the small ampule back on the counter near the door. "I thought you might come around sometime. The one he placed down is red. He picks up another, Orange, and places it in a niche in his arm. Waiting a moment. His eyes close. As they reopen, his eyes have an orange sheen to them. "It's not much, but it's home." He says, eyes meeting Rob's.

Rob glances around the apartment as he steps in. "Better than the last place I lived," he shrugs. The ampule catches his eye and Rob arches an eyebrow. "So I take it that orange one lets you see me?" he guesses.

"Visual/Audio enhancer. I haven't been able to separate the two yet. And, usually, the two work well together." Wyatt says with a nod. The apartment itself is so clean it's on the verge of sterility, but there's no personality to it. The couch is a bland tan, as is the carpet. Everything is… average and normal. There's no real 'flavor' to the home.

Rob nods, reaching up to take his sunglasses off and put them in his pocket. He looks like he skipped shaving today, five-o'clock shadow on his face. "So…this all come with the apartment?" he asks, arching an eyebrow at the blandness.

"Pretty much. Never had the need to get anything different. It's all fine for me." Wyatt says as he moves to sit on the couch again. "What brings you here?" He asks, tilting his head. "I was just… relaxing. Doing absolutely nothing."

Rob remains standing, not wanting to start a fight right now. "Never even tried to personalize it?" he asks. Taking a deep breath, the shrugs. "You said you could help with this…invisibility thing…"

"I said I could try. I don't know for sure what I can and cannot do. I already do things that most scientists say is impossible. But I THINK I can. At least, for short periods of time. Your body chemistry is… different from normal." Wyatt offers with a nod. "Mine isn't standard. That's why I can do things with my own." He looks around and shakes his head. "Why? Everything here is transient. With life as it is, who knows how long I'll be here before I'm kidnapped again?"

"Well, trying is better than nothing," Rob declares. "Yeah…my chemistry's screwed up, I know," he sighs, stretching his neck a little. The invisible mutant looks at Wyatt for a moment before shaking his head. "Oh, I dunno…so it seems more like a home. And if you're worried about getting kidnapped again…well, you have little capsules to give yourself super powers, right? Know how to fight?"

"Not really. I'm all flailing arms and elbows. I mean, look at me." Wyatt says with a shrug. "Having powers and knowing how to use them aren't the same. Especially when they don't always work right. And people can sneak up on me when I don't expect it. I'd keep them in my system, but it's not good for me to do it too much." He says, pondering. "Though, because of that chemistry, I might be able to create something that'll give you visibility for half hour or hour long periods. Like my own abilities."

Rob smirks, looking Wyatt over. "Then you need to learn," he says. "And you don't need to be all muscles to put up a decent fight," he points out, giving a subconsious flex. "And just about everyone can be snuck up on so it's not just you," he points out. "Will it be an injection or something?" he asks, not sure if he wants to a little ampule port in his arm.

"Most likely." Wyatt admits. "It hits the bloodstream faster and harder. Pills take longer and are never nearly as effective." He offers as he leans back on the couch. The TV isn't even on, that's his form of relaxing. "I've been working through possibilities in my head, but without samples to work with, it's not easy to postulate properly."

"Are there other methods that would work?" Rob asks. "Drinks, patches, some kind of inhaler?" he wonders. "Samples? So you need blood?" the man inquires, finding a place to lean.

"Blood. Flesh. A little of each. Not much. Just for testing. An inhaler might work. It'd be slower and less effective than intravenous, but drinks are as effective as pills. Not very. Patches… I've never learned how to make them." Wyatt considers the ramifications as he sits there. He tilts his head to the side. "An inhaler could be very possible."

Rob does his best to try hiding the wince that comes on reflex of hearing blood and flesh are needed. "I'm just not a fan of needles," he says. "Alright…so how much do ya need? Need a ride to your lab or something?" he asks.

"Nah. I always have things here. It'll be just like giving blood at a blood drive. As for the flesh, basically, just a good scrub down with stiff bristled brushes all over will get enough dead skin for me to work with. You'd be surprised how much comes off that way." Wyatt offers with a firm nod. As for why he keeps things around? who knows?

Rob nods, tugging his jacket a little. He starts to say something when there's a pause. "An all over scrub down? That actually works?" he asks. "Huh. Interesting. So…when is good for ya?"

"Any time you like. The sooner you can, the sooner I can work on it in my spare time. Of course, I can't use work hours towards it." Wyatt says, moving to open one of the bedroom doors. Inside THAT room is a rather well equipped miniature laboratory. "I keep things that I need here." Of course, there's nothing really expensive in there, just the basics. But that's all he needs sometimes.

Rob shrugs. "Now's fine. I'm off work for the summer," he says. He follows Wyatt slowly, not in any hurry to get through the small apartment. The sight of the lab causes eyebrows to arch again. "You keep a lab in the bedroom?"

"Not the bedroom. A Bedroom. Mine's over there. And I ahve to have some place to work on things. I can't do it with others looking over my shoulder all the time. That would be ridiculous." Wyatt says with a quick nod. "And, other people would have my formulae."

"That's assuming they'd understand it," Rob replies almost quicker than he realizes he's saying it. "Good to have separate areas for work and recreation," he murmurs. Taking off his jacket and hat, Rob takes a deep breath. "So where do ya want me?"

"Wherever is comfortable for you. Drawing blood is easy. The other part, you're on your own for." Wyatt admits. He was his own phlebotomist for the entire kidnapping thing. "Just relax. I won't hurt anymore than I have to."

Rob drapes his jacket over the back of the chair he finds and sits down. "Fine, we'll start with the blood," he says. "On my own? Alright then," he says, slight smirk.

"Yes, I assumed you'd want privacy for rubbing your body down with stiff brushes." Wyatt says as he goes to get a bag, a needle, and the other necessary equipment. "Even though I've seen it all already, most people prefer their privacy." He says, setting everything up.

Rob shrugs. "You've seen it all already. And it's not like I'm not used to running around in the nude when I have to," he says. In truth, he probably wants the audience, not used to people being able to see him. His eyes flick towards the needle when it appears, tensing reflexively before willing himself to relax.

Moving into position, Wyatt waits. "Calm down. This is to help you. Not to harm you. Not like what they made me do." He says, trying his best at 'bedside manner'. It's obvious, though, that he doesn't possess the skill. He takes an alcohol swab and runs it over the place he intends to draw from. "Entirely up to you, then."

Rob lifts his arm, taking several deep breaths to calm down. He makes it a point to look everywhere but the arm that's going to get stuck. "I'm trying," he says. "And I don't mind an audience or help. Be easier with two sets of hands anyway."

"I might be too rough, though. I do not wish to hurt you." Wyatt says simply. After all, that's where his thoughts go. "Anyway, one… two…" he inserts the needle right after two. "Oh, and three." He says, offering a hint of a smile.

Rob quirks an eyebrow. "How stiff a brush are we talking here?" he asks. "Unless you're planning on using a wire brush or spanking me with it, I don't think you'll hurt me too much," he says. THere's a wince as the needle goes in, Rob giving Wyatt a look. It turns into a smirk when he sees the smile, the invisible man shaking his head slightly.

"Just stiff bristles. Like a horse brush." Wyatt offers. He coughs a bit at the smirk, shrugging. "Now we just wait for that to fill." He says, watching as it starts to flow. Of course, whether it's visible or not, he'll see it right now. Though, that may wear off soon.

Rob's blood is visible even without the enchancer but the part of the needle in him is gone. "Alright, that sounds fine," he says. "So…what do you do all day when you're not working? Just work on new chemicals?"

"Mostly sit around and relax. Give my mind a rest. I… don't really know anything other than working." Wyatt admits. "I went straight through school. I never had downtime. After a few years, I was too young to get to know the other people in my classes, so… I don't know what they do."

"Wait…" Rob quirks an eyebrow again. "You're saying you don't like…go out and enjoy yourself? Ever? No friends?" he asks, surprise in his voice. "Well…you're only 18, right? Plenty of time to learn still."

"No friends. Don't know where to go… what to do… what there IS. I know science. I know chemistry. I know all of that. I don't know people at all." Wyatt admits as he looks at the blood flow. "Why do you think it was so hard for some people to realize that I was really trying to help them? I don't know people."

Rob clears his throat slightly. "Actually that has more to do with the whole being strapped down to a table thing. It's not unheard of for captors to plant people in groups to help counter escape plans and such," he says. There's a few moments of consideration before Rob shrugs with the unoccupied arm. "Alright. How about this. I'll take you out and show you around a few times as payback for this," he offers.

There's a blink from Wyatt as he simply stares, he has no clue what to say about all of that. He tries to get something out, but it's unintelligible. Finally, "Ok…" gets its way out. "I suppose that can be done…" He feels a little bad though, knowing he's virtually a lost cause. Or at least, feeling that way.

Rob nods. "Alright then. What do you say to tomorrow night. Take ya out to a movie and then show ya around some places in New York I know for some fun stuff," he says.

There's a slow nod from Wyatt as he considers it. "I should be able to." He says, pulling the needle out quickly to stop the filling. It's pretty much done now. He doesn't have anything else he can say at the moment.

Rob winces at the pulled out needle, biting his lip for a moment. "Damn," he mutters. "Alright…tomorrow night, I'll meet ya here at about six. That sound good?"

"Ok." Wyatt says again, coughing slightly as he rubs the bridge of his nose, taking the bag and moving it to the refrigerator in the lab. "I don't have a clue about anything out there, so I'll apologize in advance."

Rob shakes his head. "I'm not expecting you to have a clue," he says. "That's why it'll be a learning experience," he remarks.

After it's all placed away, Wyatt nods slightly. "I'll be right back." He says, before ducking out to the other rooms. He has a pair of brushes out there. Apparently, he uses them for something as well. Taking them, he returns, rubbing their bristles together to clear them out some.

Rob nods, stetching slightly. "So…why do you keep two of those brushes around? Get people willing to donate dead skin a lot?" he wonders when Wyatt comes back.

"For testing things on myself." Wyatt says. "I don't want to inject without seeing how it will react to each type of body tissue." He explains.

Rob nods again. "Yeah, that makes sense," he says. "Where are we doing this scrub down?" he asks, looking around and standing up.

"Oh, that's easy. I'll just place a piece of plastic on the floor, and you can scrub down over it. Body and hair. That way, I have both materials to see." Wyatt explains as he goes to get a large piece of plastic tarp-like material.

Rob runs a hand over his head. "Don't got a lot of hair," he says with a slight chuckle. "Well…on my head anyway…" he trails off, pulling the collar of his t-shirt to peer down at his chest. Taking off his watch and dropping it into his coat pocket, Rob looks at Wyatt curiously for a moment before shaking it off. "Want any help with that?"

"Nah, I got it." Wyatt says with a shake of his head, not really even looking over. After all, he does this every few weeks to himself. So, he knows how to set it up for ease of use.

Rob nods and stretches again. "Alright," he says, starting to strip slowly. "About how much skin you think this'll get?"

"Enough for me to test a little here and there. I use a microscope, so I don't need massive amounts." Wyatt says with a nod as he looks back and then turns away demurely. Sure, he's a scientist, but heknows that much is polite.

Rob pulls off his belt when Wyatt turns around, shaking his head. Footwear and jeans come off next and within a few moments, he's completely nude. "Alright," he says, moving to stand on the tarp. "Already to go."

"The brushes are right there." Wyatt says, forgetting the not caring aspect that Rob gave earlier. "Just brush yourself down, and enough flakes will fall that I'll be able to use them to help."

Rob holds his hand out for a brush. "Mind giving me a hand? I can't reach everywhere I don't mind the audience," he says, eyebrow arched slowly.

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