2009-01-27: Staying Strong


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Summary: Daisuke and Sophie have a little chat.

Date: January 27, 2009

Staying Strong

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

The warm light from the television softly radiates inside the recreation room, completely empty except for one student; Sophie. She's sitting in one of the big, comfy chairs, practically trapped down by the puffy cushions. One hand holds onto the remote control, her fingers constantly pushing at the buttons, the television on a continual surfing path. Her other hand holds onto a steaming cup of coffee as she shows a look of discuss due to the lack of any good shows being on.

Right after a danger room session, Daisuke decided to stop in the kitchen to grab something to eat before going upstairs. He was on his way to his room with a bottle of coke and bag of potato chips when he noticed the glow coming from the rec room and decided to take a peek. "Oh, hey Sophie, whatcha watching?" He walking over to rest against the back of the couch.

"Hey Dai!" Sophie practically shouts, pulling her attention away from the tv for the time. "Aw, nothing really." She scowls, turning her attention back, staring blankly at the channel she's stopped on. It's one of those ridiculous made for tv infomercial products, the product designated spokesman shouting his lungs out. "What're you up to?"

Daisuke walks over and plops down on the couch. "I just got out of a danger room session, was practicing more control over my powers, precision type stuff. I'm getting better but I still have a large radius with my scream." Daisuke says pushing his slightly sweaty hair back. "Was about to go take a shower but saw you were in here so you have to deal with a gross me." He jokes as he opens up the bag of chips and offers some to Sophie.

Sophie reaches over, letting the remote drop into her lap as she grabs a handful of the offered chips. "Don't mind if I do. Thanks." A couple are tossed into her mouth and quickly munched on. "Aw, that's something I need to do. I've hardly been down there recently and my control is dismal at best." After the chips are downed, her free and is used to pinch her nose. "Whoa, you're not lying. Gross doesn't even begin to describe that." Her nose is unpinched and a grin shows begins to show itself.

After Sophie grabs some chips, Daisuke positions the bag so they can both freely munch on them. "I know, I'm a new breed of stink." Daisuke says with a nod. "I just want to get better with my powers, I don't want to be this weak little kid always getting his ass beat anymore." Daisuke says as more of a statement than complaining.

"Yeah, and I think you're more in risk of that than I am!" Sophie kids, giving Daisuke a light and playful punch into the shoulder. A couple more chips are pulled from the bag and tossed into her mouth. "Just kidding. You're definitely more able to protect yourself than I am."

Daisuke makes a playfully hurt face then rubs his shoulder. "I think you dislocated it." He teases before eating some chips while shaking his head. Once he swallows he shrugs. "Nah,I'm really not that good at protecting myself, why do you think I'm always in trouble and getting injured or kidnapped or some shit like that?"

Sophie thinks about his last statement, and then offers up a firm nod. "Yes, you're right. You are shit at protecting yourself." She laughs, taking a sip of her coffee now that it's no longer steaming hot. "Well, think about who you've been attacked by? That really doesn't bring up any sound arguments against your ability to protect yourself. It's like a wolf getting attacked by grizzlies!"

Daisuke shrugs with a smile. "I just want to get a bit better with my powers is all. That way it's not like a rabbit getting attacked by grizzlies, cause lets face it, I'm nowhere near a wolf, too nerdy." Daisuke jokes, he knows he has to work on his self esteem too. "Oh, and I got a job, a volunteer job, but a job."

"A rabbit? Now lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let's work up from a prairie mouse to the rabbit." Sophie once again teases him, grabbing another handful of chips. "Oh? What type of volunteer job did you get? I should probably start trying to look for a job, though the thought of that totally sucks." She takes another sip of coffee before placing the mug across the table in front of the couch.

"Hey, I'm a bit better than a prairie mouse." Daisuke says with a chuckles. "I'm going to be doing some work at this theatre in the city, learning set design and doing set painting. It doesn't pay anything but it's something since I've never had a job before. I don't need the money but I need the work experience."

"How about the toughest mouse out on the prairie?" Sophie laughs, sinking back into the couch, arms crossing over her chest. "That sounds like a lot of fun actually. A really cool job…" she pauses, her eyes darting up towards the ceiling as she momentarily ponders the volunteer job. 'Wait; did Skyler give you the idea to go volunteer with a theater? I know he's really into plays and stuff."

"Surprisingly not. I know Skyler's one of my best friends, that's what makes it weird." Daisuke says. "I ran into this guy in the city, Mr. Hilary St. Thomas, and he offered me a job. At first I was weirded out, with my luck he might have been trying to sell me on the slave market or something, but then I thought about it and decided to check out the theatre and see what it was about."

"Oh, ok. Have you talked to Skyler recently?" Her features immediately go from a little concerned back to carefree. "Never mind… Doesnt matter." Reaching forward, she hooks a finger into the coffee mugs handle, pulling it back to her lips. "That sounds really cool. Have you done any work there yet? Or just talk to the guy about it?"

"Just really quick in passing, enough to tell him I had a job." Daisuke says and gives her a confused look at her look of concern but decides not to press it. "I just visit there but this week I should be starting doing more things. I'm just really shy there is all but Mr. St Thomas seems really nice. He's from England."

"Oh, ok." Sophie forces out a smile. "That's cool. Imagine he was probably pretty pumped for you." She quickly moves to change the subject again, her smile turning more genuine. "That's cool. Where's the theater at? Maybe I'll try to stop by this week. Always down to find an excuse for ditching classes."

Daisuke does notice the difference and he just nods. "Yeah..oh, it's in Alphabet City, over by St. Marks Place. They're not showing anything right now, they're getting ready for the next show which I can't remember the name of right now. Oh hey, do you wanna head into the city sometime with me, all my piercings closed up after the whole thing with Mr. Sinsiter and I've gotten a couple redone but I still have a few more to get done, so if you wanna come it should be fun."

"Know what they're getting ready for? Or will you find that out once you start working there?" Sophie asks, relieved that he hasn't pushed her sudden awkwardness. "Yeah, I'd definitely be down with going to the city with you. I've always thought about getting my ears stretched out with plugs. Maybe I'll try to get that done while you get your old piercings redone. What'd you think?"

Daisuke has had his share of awkward moments that Sophie hasn't pressed so he doesn't press her. "Someone and Rosencrat are Dead? Something to that effect? I've been meaning to get it out of the library here but I'm not much of a reader outside of what they assigned us in English class." Daisuke admits. "Hey, if that's what you want, go for it. I have six of the holes redone, I just need the last two on each ear."

"Oh… I think they did a movie off of that, but I'm not sure. I think they made me watch that at my old high school, before coming here." She pulls her glasses off, using the palm of her left hand to rub her eye. "Cool. I think I will. I've always liked the way those look. Just a shame that it takes so long to be able to stretch them out bigger… stupid normal body healing processes."

"I know." Daisuke says in comment to the healing process. "I hate having to get them redone, not because it hurts, I can deal with pain, a lot of it, but it was the fact that over the years it was something Shuya and I did together. I know he's been dead for 3 1/2 years now but anything I can do to hold onto his memory." Daisuke says with a shrug.

"Yeah, just doesn't seem like one of those things you're expecting to have to redo. Sorry about that." Sophie says, returning his shrug with a rather lofty sigh. "I guess that's the nice thing about plugs. Once you get your ears stretched out far enough, they'll never heal back fully…" She thinks about this, grabbing another handful of chips. "Guess that takes a little while before that point."

Daisuke nods and smiles. "Don't be sorry, I'm trying to move forward and become more sure of myself. I know I don't have much self esteem but it's a new year so I'm going to try. Besides, between Skyler and Eddie, it feels like I have a new family here." He says trying to be positive and his smile doesn't seem like it's a fake one trying to hide his emotions. "I just stick to the small ones, I don't think I, personally, want to go any larger."

Sophie returns Dai's smile with one of her own. "That's awesome! And it helps to have people like them around. Makes things a lot easier." Her eyes briefly look towards the television, still stuck on the channel she originally stopped on when Dai showed up. "Hey Dai… speaking of Skyler. There's something I should probably tell you." She looks back to him, biting down on her bottom lip.

Daisuke turns to Sophie and rests against the arm of the couch, folding his arms. "Okay, what's up?" He says almist thinking that she's going to say something like she has feelings for Skyler or the two are dating or something.

"Well… I'm not sure if he's talked to you." Sophie gets visibly nervous, her eyes sort of darting all over the place, but never stopping on Dai. "I'd hate for you to find out from him, I guess it would just sort of make me feel crappy considering how good of a friend I consider you… Well, you're kind of my only close friend here." She stops, picking the remote back up and turning the television off.

Daisuke gives Sophie a sort of confused look. "It's okay, I consider you a good friend too Sophie you can tell me anything." But he almost feels bad saying it since he hasn't been able to tell her what he's been keeping secret. "Well, if I'm your only close friend that just means I have to drag you out with Me and Eddie and Skyler or someone sometime."

"Ok… sorry, I haven't really said this to anyone and it sort of just slipped out the other day after running into Skyler. So I'm not sure if he said anything to you, as I'd rather be the first to say it…" She stops again, letting herself sink back into the cushions of the couch. "I really like you as a friend, but the reason I've never wanted to date you is because I wasn't sure I was attracted to… well, men. You know? Now I realize that… well, I'm not." Sophie forces herself to look at Daisuke, her teeth biting down onto her bottom lip as she waits for his reaction.

Daisuke nods and it's odd, he doesn't seem upset or anything. "Okay, Sophie, I like you, you know that, but I'm happy with just being friends with you. I think I gave up hope of anything between us a while ago, just as long as we're friends, I'm okay with that." He says with a smile. "Hey, and it took me a while to realize I was attracted to girls." He admits.

Sophie's face contorts into a smile that reaches from ear to ear. "Oh, thanks Dai!" She practically knocks the bag of chips over as she moves to give him a little hug. "I wish I would have said something earlier, but you're the first person that I've officially told. It sort of was just insiuated when I was talking to Sklyer." Her eyes quirk up at his last statement, "Oh yeah?"

Daisuke chuckles and returns the hug. "Well I'm glad that you felt comfortable enough to tell me." He runs a hand nervously through his hair and takes a deep breath as Sophie asks. "Well, I've been meaning to tell you this, but it's not something you easily tell people but it might help you understand why I am such a head case at times. My father….you know I hate him. He did more than just…hit my brother and I." He says taking a deep breath. "Thus why for a while I was unsure of if I like girls or guys."

"I am too." Sophie says with a smile, mirroring Dai's movements as she pushes a hand through her own hair, still shedding off some of her nervous energy. She leans forward, biting down onto her bottom lip as she listens intently to what he's about to say. "Oh Dai…" She trails off, her voice lowering and drench with sympathetic undertones. "I'm so sorry."

Daisuke shakes his head. "Please, don't. It happened I'm getting over it." He's heard that tone several times before. "Yeah, my father was an asshole and I'm glad he's dead, so…yeah." He says shrugging. "I'm determinded though, new year more positive attitude. I'm going to try not to be so down on myself all the time." He says giving her a smile and it's not a smile like he's trying to hide something.

Sophie pushes a smile out, more forced at first but it slowly becomes more and more geniune. "That's awesome that you can finally come to turns with that. I mean, I still get pissed off at the things my oldest siblings did to me when I was younger!" She lets a light laugh slip out, not quite sure how appropriate it is at first. "I'd have to say that already since I first arrived you seem way more positive."

"I won't say that it still won't bother me at times but I can't let it keep me down. I can't let him keep me down when he's dead." Daisuke says with a nod. "And thanks, I think a part of it is finally having friends and just people who I can trust and rely on." He smiles when she laughs and runs a hand through his hair. "I never had that problem with Shuya, we didn't fight much."

Sophie nods, "That's lucky. I still fight constantly with my brother Michael and my sister Kathryn, but they're totally irritating. So that's probably the main difference." She lets herself fall back into the soft couch, pulling her legs up and letting them cross over each other. "That really is awesome though. Seriously, having such a positive outlook."

Daisuke shrugs. "I'm hoping it lasts, and I'm hoping I can go the year with out getting kidnapped." He says. "Though there are some days when things just bother me but I have a job now and I have to move forward and not dwell on the past. And I miss having a brother, but Eddie's become like a brother to me. And having him to lean on helps."

Sophie again nods, a smile creeping back onto her lips. "Definitely worth while goals, but I'll be shocked if you don't get kidnapped this year!" she says in gest, giving Dai another playful punch to his shoulder. "Then I'm happy Eddie is around for you, always helps having someone to be there."

Daisuke can't help but laughs at Sophie's comment and returns the playful punch to her shoulder. "I need a tracking device inserted into me like one of those kiddie ones so you know if I get stolen on the playground." Daisuke says nodding. "Yeah, him and I are a lot a like and I don't think I could have gotten through things without him, or Skyler or you. Though I guess I seem to attract gay friends…" He says with a grin.

Sophie shrugs, "Hey, that's not my problem! I mean, you're the one who picks your friends." she says, laughing again. "Actually, I think it would be better if we took you down to one of the animal shelters. I think they insert the chip into your ear or something."

"I don't know if they'll be enough room in my ear after I get the rest of that metal put in." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "I can get barcoded! And oh crap, I should get going, I gotta take a shower and then I have to get to my new job. Thanks for being able to open up to me Sophie, you kick ass you know that

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