2009-05-18: Stealing Your Powahs


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Summary: The Green Humanoid strikes again and steals more powers.

Date: May 18, 2009

Log Title Stealing Your Powahs

Rating: R (Language and Violence)

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Taking a break from his costume shop, Jesse's out, hanging with his roommate. He's wearing a pair of tight jeans and a tight collared shirt as he grins. Sitting on a bench, he puffs lightly on a cigarette. "Dude, we really gotta get out sometime. I'm getting SO bored. I love my job, but…" He laughs.

A face, much like the face beside it comes walking slowly. "Are you calm now, brother?" Kas asks, giving a slight nod to the man beside him. Mirror image. "We don't need a repeat of the other night, now do we?" He asks, giving a flagrant look of disapproval.

Sitting under a tree, the lonely Amish boy writes slowly in a notepad. Cid isn't doing too much, but waiting for Kaji to get some time to come down. He's happy. He's almost always happy lately, despite his occasional stutter.

The park in Mutant Town is a nice place for Kenta to just relax and play. He doesn't have to hide who he is out here or make excuses for his solid black eyes and black markings from his neck down. Or even the fact that he can wear a sleevless shirt in cooler weather and not give a damn. At the moment he's smoking a cigerette while struming away on his accoustic, accepting any tips he might get, well except for that wise guy with a fin on his head who just gave him a wad of chews up gum.

Darrell on the other hand is out here with his buddy Jesse, sitting on the bench next to him but he's more sitting on the back of the bench with his feet on the seat puffing on his own cigarette. He's dressed in a pair of tight jeans with a tight Rolling Stones t-shirt. "I know, there's that club Nowhere around here, lets say we hit that night. And you love your job but there's only so many naked people you can stare at in a day?" He says teasing his friend.

Despite the pang of hurt from Kas' disapproval, Paul still smiles. "I'm calm. I got to hurt some dumb guy today and have fun," he says, leaning on his brother for a moment before standing up straight.

"Bloody hell…" A man wrapped in bandages mutters, drink running out. Rob tosses the empty cup into a trash bin and sighs. "Pay four dollars and -that's- a large?" he grumbles, invisible under those bandages.

Fred is actually lookin' sharp and somewhat clean right now. As clean as a hairy man of his size can appear. He smells remarkably of smores, though; melted marshmallows and singed hair. The large mutant is picking at his fingernails with his teeth, digging whatever grime is stuck beneath them out; it seems to be tasty, whatever it is.

Zola has decided to make this her day off. She's never been to the Mutant part of town and now's a better time than ever to check it out in her mind. Unfortunately just paying a visit isn't cause for her to go au naturale, so she's still in full skin makeup. But her green hair is probably a big tipoff. Wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and jeans, she wanders around observing the various mutants and how they seem to be enjoying themselves. All in all, it definitely looks like a positive atmosphere to her.

There's a flaming red bird that seems to flying in the sky, the Pheonix Aura to those who would recognize it. It seems to touch down on one of the pathways in the park, the flames dying to reveal a green humanoid. The being looks around taking in it's surroundings and everyone in the area.

As the green figure in the flaming aura lands, Jesse looks up. "The hell is that?" He asks, looking to Darrell with a sigh. He listens intently, trying to hear it's song to see if there's anything he can find out. But here in the city, who knows how loud it is, or if it's anything he can understand.

"Well, that's good then. As long as you aren't injured, I'll be fine." Kas chuckles softly, reaching down to… yes. He's holding his twin's hand, openly. He chuckles to himself as the figure lands. ~~Hmm. Someone's trying to be flashy.~~

The touchdown is right in front of the Amish boy, who meeps and scoots around the tree. He spouts something in German as he peeks around the tree, trying to hide himself.

As soon as the creature lands, Kenta stands up and puts his guitar down in the case. He eyes the creature cautiously for a bit, not sure what it's purpose is but then again, this is mutant town, the weird do come out here. He doesn't move from his standing position though.

Darrell looks at Jesse and throws away his cigarette. "I don't know, do you have your flashy costume on under that?" HE says figuring him and Jesse might have to play heroes again. At least time they know eachother's secrets.

Paul squeezes Kas' hand. "I'm not injured! It'd take more than those weirdoes to do anything bad to me. They just messed up my shirt," he says. ~~Looks like snot~~

Rob looks up at the figure touching down. He lifts his sunglasses…revealing…nothingness….and peers. "I should have stayed in Westchester, tried to find that Summers guy or more kids from the school…but no," he sighs. "I had to go get a pizza from 'best place in the city' number seventy two…"

Fred stays aside, alone; on the other side of the landing. At first, he doesn't even seem to notice, what with his focus all set on his fingers. He smacks his lips loudly before looking up to the majority of the park's focus. He squints over the roundness of his own cheeks. "Huh." He grumbles something absently.

Zola is pretty set on staring at all the wonders of the local area, so when the flashy mutant lands, she turns like everyone else to see what's going on. "Well, they weren't kidding when they said this was a place to be freely yourself."

"Powered beings confirmed." The green being says as it looks around and then uses the telekinsis it stole to drag everyone into the area closer to the being so that they're all with in ten feet of the green humaniod.

As he starts pulling in, Jesse glares. "Shitshitshit…" He blinks, "This thing is doing something." He says to Darrell. "No time for costumes." He shouts loudly, forming a sledgehammer of sound, which he prepares for a swing if he gets pulled in too close.

Kas squeezes Paul's hand. "What the hell?" He asks, as he feels telekinesis around him. He starts to pull against it, rising himself, while he sends waves of telekinetic blades at the being. "Do not presume to use your powers against me, creature." He glares, scar over his eye glowing.

The squeaky Amish boy tries to grab onto the tree he's next to. There's a deep giggle… a maniacal sound as something leaps from him, trying to run and do something to the creature. But what? WHo knows if it can even do ANYthing.

"Jesse!" Darrell says as he's pulled away and he throws out both his hands to send out the energy threads to try to latch onto something so that he doesn't fly forward. Unfortunately it doesn't work and he lands on his backside not to far from the being.

Kenta sprouts a pair of black wings and tries to fly up but it doesn't help as he's pulled forward. His flight isn't stronger than the beings telekinisis as he is pulled towards the Green Being. "What the fuck man?!" He shouts at it as some black dark force begins to build up in his hands.

Paul begins cursing in Greek, increasing his gravity and tearing up pavement as he's dragged. His scar glows as well, using his powers to propell some rubble at the creature like bullets.

Rob yelps, sunglasses flying away and breaking as he's dragged. "If you wanted me over here so bad you could have just asked!" he growls, ending up near the guy with darkforce hands. Bandages start unravleing from his head…revealing no head underneath!

As other mutants are dragged around him, the Blob remains pretty steadfast. He does feel a tugging, yet his feet remain glued to the earth, but that's beginning to crack a little around his heels. He looks down at the grass. "Awh, what cow lickin' mother's child is tryin' to start more crap today?!"

Zola's eyebrows raise high as she's pulled with the crowd. "… This can't be good." She reaches to latch onto a tree, only to wince as she snatches bark away and it gives her an earful. This leaves her flopped in the grass near a bunch of random individuals, looking around a bit nervously at just what's going on. The sudden display of powers from people would be fascinating if not for the sudden reason behind it.

The sledgehammer of sound hits the being and bounces off it as he's now has July's rubber power. The telekinetic blades hit a wall of telekinesis and don't even touch the creature, he seems to not only have several powers but can use them all as well with out limits. The Green creature's gaze looks at the Blob as he's the only one not moved and he stretches an arm out to wrap around the blubbery villain. Though as soon as The Blob is touched, he'll feel a weird sort of pulling feeling as his powers are drained into the Green Humanoid.

Jesse blinks as the hammer bounces back. "Shit… Darrell? Anything working for you?" He asks, wishing he had the ability to focus a blast of sound. He, instead, attempts something different. He makes a large box of sound, surrounding himself and his roommate. They can see through it, but it shouldn't be able to pull them, unless it can do something he doesn't know.

Kastor glares. "Paul…" He says, softly, reaching out mentally to combine their powers in some way. Mainly, to uproot and fling a nearby tree. (Sorry, Zola) Or maybe a Park Bench.

The petite Cid is scrambling, trying to stop it. He begins praying softly in german as he sends out creature after tiny creature, none really able to do much at all.

Kenta glares at the creature, a sort of anger in his eyes as he rushes in to attack, a black sword forming in his hands as he attempts to stab the creature and steal it's life force. "I swear, I'll beat the shit outta you." He growls, Kenta can be a fierce fighter dispite his laid back attitude.

Putting an arm around Jesse, Darrell shakes his head. "No man, I couldn't even get my threads to keep me from being pulled. What the hell do we do? What is that thing?"

Paul's muttering curses still, mostly due to his shoes getting ruined by dragging through concrete. He responds to his brother, linking powers and helping to fling the object with great force. He also reaches out to try and rapidly increase the gravity on the creature.

Rob ends up tripping, falling to the pavement and cursing a few times. Right now he looks like the headless man. "Why does life hate me?" he wonders, getting up and trying to back away.

The sudden sap of super strength, immovability, and invulnerability leave Blob in gulps. His knees begin to buckle under his own weight, and the whale of a man gasps raggedly with both lost energy and confusion and he falls rumpwards upon the earth with a heavy flop. He's dragged on his flabby posterior across towards the others, with wide, confused eyes. "Gordummit," he mumbles with a heave. "Y-ou, ya can't- is impossible to- move da-"

Zola puts her hands to hear ears when the tree is flung. It cries out like a man who's just had his arm ripped off. This leaves her fully distracted with the Blob starts dragging towards the group, and she finds herself pushed further by his roundness. "Good lord!"

As Kenta stabs the Green Humaniod, nothing happens. There is no life force to drain and it makes it all to easy for the creature to reach a hand out and grab Kenta, draining his powers as well. Once the Dark Force users powers are drained, he flys forward using the wind to touch Rob and then Cid as they're sitting ducks, lying on the pavement around him.

For now, they're safe. The box is protecting Jesse and Darrell from moving. "I don't have a clue. I… I can't do anything. It sounds like white noise and it's beating the shit out of those people." Sure, he's a hero worshipper. A cape-chaser. But this… this is way too much for him.

Kas groans at the pressure holding him back. "Paul, I don't know if we're doing any damage." He states simply as he begins to pull out a cell phone to call someone. He needs to let Kage know to beware this thing.

As he's touched, Cid winces in pain. His vision seems cloudy, as he can't see what he normally does. Hey, where'd that guy go? He saw a guy over there a minute ago. But then, his body begins to change. He moans in pain as his physical changes happen. Of course, no one sees them because of his mother's glamour.

As Kenta loses his powers there's a scream from him as all his dark force markings vanish and his eyes go from black to white as apparently he's blind. He falls to the ground and starts feeling around. "I can't see…" He mutters as everythings dark for the Japanese mutant.

"Dude, we should have stayed home tonight." Darrell says in a have assed attempt to be funny. "I really don't know what the fuck to do, seriously man. I hope one of those guys…girls…girl..can kick it's ass."

Paul groans as well, putting up the strongest barrier he can around himself and Kas. "Then let's throw those idiots at it and go home!" he suggests, trying to pull Kas behind him.

Rob lets out a muffled curse as he gets touched in the face. He considers biting the thing but then the drain kicks in. The bandages fade from around him…but he stays invisible. It takes him a moment to realize his powers aren't there, mostly because he tries to rebandage himself and noting happens. He glances down at himself, misinterpreting Kenta's statement even if he is still invisible. He reaches out to grab onto whatever he can of the creature. "HEY! Finish the job! If you're taking my damn powers, take the rest too!" he demands, not knowing what makes him invisible isn't part of his powers.

The Blob is like a turtle on its back. His chubby arms and legs flail uselessly, and he continues to curse and groan beneath his crushing weight. He attempts to roll over, but unfortunately such a motion might just make him roll on top of Zola if he were to succeed.

Thankfully, Zola's abandoned her ears for the safety of the rest of her. She crawls away from the snowless snowball and tries crawling in any direction to get away from the panicked gathering. Where's that harlequin maniac when she needs someone to effect a comedic rescue?

The Green Humaniod doesn't comprehend what Rob is talking about and seems to ignore the powerless. He looks over at Darrell and Jesse and his eyes glow red as an optic beam lances out to shatter their sound box. Shortly after a gust of wind sweeps up and goes to blow against Zola so that she flys right into the being as her plant powers are next on his list to add to his collection of powers.

As his box shatters, Jesse lets out a sound of pain. "Damn, that hurt." He whispers, struggling to try to rebuild it, but knowing he can't in time. "I'm sorry, dude. I wish I could do more." He says, focussing his powers into a crystal on the ground, slowly, adding imagery and action to it. That way, even if his power is gone, the recollection will still be there.

Nodding at his brother, Kas begins directing their movements to try to distract the creature by flinging other PEOPLE at it. Powered. Unpowered. Whatever. Just so it takes it's eyes off of them.

Cid's body finally stops as he looks about. He can't see anything or feel anything other than what he was born as. He sighs softly, moving over towards the guy that said he can't see. "Art thou alright?"

Kenta is breathing hard and he reaches a hand to grab onto Cid as he hears the voice. "I'm not dead right?" He asks, mainly because of Cid's choice of words. "My body hurts…where's that thing…" He says with a bit of anger as he doesn't know what he'll do but he doesn't want to just sit their blind.

"We can't give up yet Jesse." Darrell says as he flings out his energy threads in an attempt to wrap them around the Green Being. They start to tie his arms to his sides until something pushes him from behind as he's caught being one of the peole Kas throws at the green creature. This is gonna end well.

Paul just helps his brother, staying in front of him and trying to back them out of the area.

Rob scowls and curses repeatedly as he's just cast aside. Stumbling, he trips and rolls. Ending up near Cid and Kenta, he's just boots, a t-shirt, jeans, and floating gloves. "Seriously. Someone out there hates me," he says to Cid.

Fred Dukes just goes limp on the ground, and pants. His weight is starting to burn away, but it isn't quite noticeable yet. He seems to resign to lying upon his back and staring miserably at the sky, his jowls melting into the deepest frown ever.

Zola can only claw at the ground when a gust of wind picks her up. Her calm drops completely then and she screams, flailing her arms as she passes by whoever else is flying through the air. Not good, not good at all.

As Zola is flying into the Green Humaniond he stetches his body nice and wide to not only catch her but catch Darrell as well and drain the powers from the the two of them. It doesn't take long to drain their powers as all that is required is contact and the two are flung away from the creature as his gaze goes to Kas and Paul and a red optic beam shoots from his eyes at the two of them.

Jesse stops, holding the crystal he created tightly to himself, since he can't do anything else with it but activate it. At least, with this, he can show someone important what happened. He… he can take it to the Avengers or some shit. He doesn't know.

Kas isn't strong enough to stop the beam unless he sees it coming. He didn't. He goes flying as he's hit, falling towards the ground and the green creature.

Cid, looks at the empty space. "I could see you a few moments ago. But now, I can't. I see what I saw before my teenage years." He says softly as he lets Kenta touch him. He holds out a hand. "This thing. I believe it has taken thy powers. Didst thy power give thee sight?"

Taking Cid's hand, Kenta nods. "Yeah, I needed the Dark Force to see." He says as he's glad that someone's there. "I'm not used to not being able to see." He says as he wants to kill the guy but he knows he can't. "What's going on?" He asks not being able to see.

Darrell lets out a frustrated growl as his powers are drained and flails quite pathetically as he's flung away. "Jesse…don't let it touch you!" He calls out as he starts to look at his hands, his energy threads are gone.

Paul does his best to take the blast for his twin, likely hurting him when blasted back. His barriers don't stop energy after all. He ends up falling with Kas, landing atop him.

Rob growls, feeling like tearing off someone's head right about now. "Yeah…had them…now I don't. Stupid sleeze-ball didn't take this damn…curse though," growls. He reaches out to take one of Kenta's hands too when the man mentions not being able to see. "Nothing good…nothing good." )

A wretched sight to behold, Freddy's tortoise-on-its-back posture doesn't seem to improve, though he finally speaks, calling to whoever might be nearby. "Whadda'ell's going on?!" His face looks a little more sagged than usual. He manages to heave himself over and onto his side, rolling like a large, saggy bag full of water, left arm and leg flailing pathetically.

Zola's scream only gets worse when she's caught and drained. Her whole body feels like it's on fire when the change takes effect, and while no one can see her skin change thanks to the makeup, they can at least see the plant matter that her hair's made up of, go brittle and sprinkle from her head like fall leaves on old branches. She's passed out from shock when she's dropped to the ground, which is probably good since she'd only freak out even more if she could see her lack of hair.

As Kas and Paul land on top of eachother near the Green Humaniod, it takes a step forward and brushes a long arm against the two of them, claiming the twins powers for himself. After that he reaches out the other hand to stretch and claim Jesse's powers for himself as well. Once the powers of all nice are in the posession of the Green Humaniod, it looks around. "Mission Complete." It says before rocket blasting into the air, using the power he stole from Cannonball.

Holding the crystal tightly, Jesse looks up. The thing's gone. He shakes his head and looks to Darrell. "Screw the club. This is going to the Avenger Mansion. Now." He says with a nod.

Kas is unconscious for the moment.

Cid simply shakes his head in a light sigh. "It… apparently wanted powers. It took them from all of us. If thee wants, I can bring both of thee to my apartment, and we can contact people to help ye, if you wish." He offers to Kenta and Invisirob.

Kenta nods. "Okay, thanks…guy." KEnta says as he pushes himself up and waits to be lead. "I just need help getting my guitar." He says as he'll take all the help he can get right now.

Darrell nods to Jessie. "Right and I'm going with you. This is fucked up." He says as he heads off with his friend.

Paul's unconscious too.

Rob grumbles a few things, none of them nice. Eventually, he sighs. "Sure. Thanks…don't really have anyone to help me, though…" he trails off, frowning.

Well, all this struggling and heaving under his own weight has made Blob all the more dizzy and lightheaded. He teeters over onto his belly. The strength-robbed fattie remains there, heaving nasally and headed quickly for where many of the others are: passed out.

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