2010-06-16: Step Off


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Summary: Kali intercepts Allie and they engage in combat.

Date: June 16, 2010

Step Off

Rating: PG-13

NYC- Upper East Side

//Traveling from East to West in the center of Manhattan is 42nd street. The long street is home to Grand Central Station, United Nations, Bryant Park, New York Public Library and Times Square. This street has many stores and restaurants tailored to the more upscale and tourists of the city. There are also many theatres along this street for Broadway Musicals and motion pictures.

Throngs of people bustle about the Grand Central Station, busy about their business. Such is the nature of East 42nd. Allie walks among these people as naturally as another human being might. Instead of her usual tank top, she's wearing a white, front-buttoned dress shirt, half of it tucked into her jeans. The cuffs of the shirt are rolled back to her mid-forearms. Sometimes, it's just nice to have a change of apparel.
For a short while, Allie walks along the sidewalk, examining the passing shops and people with a glazing interest. Then, suddenly, she turns left at a nearby alleyway. Leap! One foot plants against the wall of the narrow alleyway, providing a decent cat leap onto a suspended latter hanging off the adjacent building. The old metal assembly buckles and makes an awful sound as the woman begins climbing it, though it eases up as she gets all four limbs on the thing. Very quickly she scales to the rooftop of the building. For a 300-pound piece of machinery, she moves pretty well!

"You come to my place." The gold warrior lands on the roof of the building, softly for a woman carrying three hundred pounds of gold in turn. "You walk on my rooftops. After you injure my men, and bruise my face." Kalindi gestures at her eye, which is swollen still from their last encounter, "I would like to ask you to leave very much. And I would suggest that you listen. These are different circumstances today." She puts her hands behind her back and puts her arms, covered in gold armour, behind her back in a diplomatic, unworried fashion.

Allie gets to her feet after climbing over the ledge of the building. She pats her hands together, getting rid of some old paint chips that are stuck to her fingers. That's the trouble with old ladders, sometimes they have crispy paint! Oh, right, someone's talking to Allie. She looks up to Kalindi, looking like she just missed half of that rant. "I'm sorry? Who are you again?" She raises an eyebrow, watching Kalindi. A small grin crosses her lips, but she restrains herself. The girl-robot surely remembers Kalindi, but she just feels like spiting the villain.

Kalindi sighs, and simply repeats her rant, this time faster and far less dramatically, "You come to my place, you walk on my rooftops after you injure my men and bruise my face. Go away. I am Kali, and I do not appreciate you here." She crosses her arms and says, "You are Allie Storms. We met in an alleyway, I was having my men beat up some man. I do not remember his name right now. It is on the tip of the tongue." There is a pause. "Don't you hate that?" Another pause. "Oh! Mr. Caliu. Anyways. Go away from here."

"Oh." Allie responds, folding her hands behind her back. "You know, they say you should try to get along with the people around you." The woman smiles just a bit, "But why don't you just go jump off the side of the building or something before I have to hurt you again, Kalindi? We both know how this is going to end." There's a pause as Allie glances over at another building for a moment, before looking back to Kalindi. "Also, I really like this shirt."

"Yes, I think we both know how this will end. I think you have seen a small part of what I can do. You may have hurt me before, yes, but I do not suggest you push me further than you need to. It is not in your best interest." She pulls at the shoulderpads of her armour, and they slowly reshape themselves into smaller versions of the same things while she pulls out two gold escrima batons. "And your shirt is not nice enough to worry about."

"We'll see about that. — Not the shirt thing.. Oh whatever. You'll regret that, Kali!" Allie spreads her stance a little bit into a form that Kali would recognize as Aikido, things are turning much the same as the last fight. Though, this time, Allie seems a bit more confident in her ability to take down Kalindi, how will that fare?

Honestly, Allie didn't really have a battle plan this time. As such, bad decisions are likely to occur, such as this one. Instead of coming up with some type of weapon to parry said batons, Allie sprints towards Kalindi. At the last possible moment, she goes low and sweeps her legs under Kalindi's in an attempt to really trip her up, all the main while coming to a rough, skidding halt to do this at super-close vicinity.

Kalindi's legs fall our from underneath her, and for just a moment it looks like she's going to fall. "Seriously?" Her feet float a little ways off the ground as she attempts to kick Allie in the face while the other woman is completing the sweep, "I can /fly/! You have seen me fly!"

Allie hits the ground roughly, then, without making contact! How disappointing. She's able to collect herself enough that she can block the kick to her face. "I forgot! Is this a critique of how I fight!? Geez!"

"No, it's a critique about remembering things. Are you just forgetful?" What's strange about these comments is that they are not said in a mocking way. They sound like they're genuine. Which is especially strange since Kalindi is swinging the two bars of gold at Allie's midsection now that they are in even closer quarters, just to knock her back a little ways.

Allie lets her guard down to grab at the pavement and pull her legs up to her body in a hasty fashion. The momentum lets her roll back slightly as she uses her legs to kick out at Kali's midsection. The problem being that the escrima both hit her legs with a loud snap and crunch, leaving a sizable dent on either leg. "No, I just don't remember those not worth remembering." She doesn't seem to be phased by the blow at all, though.

Kalindi is flung back a little ways, but her armour cushions the blow. She still rubs her midsection slightly, indicating that it hurts, commenting while she recovers from the blow a short distance away, "Why are you so obsessed with letting me know I am forgettable to you? It does not bother me. It is a waste of words."

Allie stands up at her spot, dusting herself off. "Why are you curious?" Allie gets back into a defensive position, back into Aikido. She hasn't really been following that tactic, which is a shame. It probably would have saved her repairs later.

"I just like knowing things. It is always better to know something than not know," says the gold manipulator, making a careful approach back to Allie. She begins to swing the escrima batons but uses her powers to fuse them together as she swings. With one baton, she would just graze with the tip; she is hoping to trip Allie up with the sudden change of weapon.

Spark! A bit of metal sparks off of Allie's leg as the baton scrapes through the jeans in a light cut. Ting! The baton hits her shoulder, making another light cut that tears a bit of her shirt. All the mean while, Allie hasn't moved an inch, not even flinched. Her eyes are just following Kalindi while she remains in pose.

Kalindi twirls the long baton and takes a step back, splitting it back into the two escrima batons. "Hm." Kalindi simply takes a defensive stance from here, readying herself to block incoming attacks should they occur and staring at Allie for a few moments.

Allie takes a step forward and just stands still again, completely unmoving. She'd make a good statue. But one could consider than the advantage of being a machine. The woman just watches Kalindi for now, holding that intensive stare.

"You are kind of creepy," comments Kalindi, holding her stance, wondering if taunting will cause Allie to take action. Of course, Kalindi's taunts are uncharacteristically weak: "Your stare is uncomfortable and you seem terribly meddlesome in my business. I am not fond of you."

"I'm not leaving, so do something about it. I can feel my motors getting old." Allie responds, then she resumes not moving at all, aside from her eyes which follow Kalindi. She's obviously not going to move and she's also not very offended by Kalindi's taunts.

"Fine." A single thrust from Kalindi, and all her armour pulls away from her body, quickly contorting into a large three hundred pound fist that extends from Kalindi's wrist. All this is done in the single fluid motion that it takes to punch.

Finally! Allie pushes off the ground to move towards Kalindi, while offsetting her position to allow the fist to just pass by her torso. While doing this, she puts her hand on the top of the fist as she pushes it towards the ground, while her other arm bends into an elbow aimed directly at Kalindi's chest. If all goes successfully, the weight and momentum of the fist will force it into the ground, and drag Kalindi straight into the incoming blow.

The fist seems to come off of Kali's hand as it is pushed towards the ground, attaching to her hand only by a gold thread. The teen takes a measured step back at the elbow coming towards her and uses her abilities to pull the fist back towards herself, through Allie if necessary. She keeps herself serene as she does this, like she was taught by her instructor. Though he didn't exactly teach her how to use a golden fist as a flail, but Kalindi seems pretty good at it no less.

Allie almost loses her balance as the fist just slides off Kali's hand, causing her to stop just a bit early from Kali's rib-cage. The fist coming back towards her completely offsets everything about her perception of where things are, and the fist hits. The collision knocks Allie to the side, eliciting a small cry of pain as she skids across the ground. Usually, her neural grid can disable pain receptors before a hit, but this one caught her off guard.

As the fist returns to Kali, she coats herself in a much lighter armour, providing a chest guard and guards for her limbs but nothing else, leaving her plenty of material to work with. Reusing an old technique, she controls her batons from afar, trying to swing the floating weapons towards Allie. "It does not please me to see you suffer. I just do not want you ruining my business. You interfered with it once, and I imagine you will again if you remain."

Allie quickly returns to her feet, her sneakers almost slipping on the gravel. She's completely wordless at this moment, looking about ready to attack at Kali once again before 'THWACK', one of the batons roughly strikes down on her shoulder, sending her almost down onto one knee. "Ow!" The pain is only a short shock before the neural net shuts it off again. Allie can't just disable all pain because it takes neural feedback, feeling, to be able to move and react, otherwise it'd be like walking on legs that are asleep. However, she can disable all feeling for short periods of time, and she does this just as another baton comes down on her. With a bit of dexterity, she uses her forearm to knock it aside and grab at the golden thread it's attached to. The baton does leave a small dent on her arm.

The thread is easy enough to grab, but Kalindi continues her assault with the other free baton. She adds a knife into the collection of thread controlled tools, launching it directly towards Allie's shoulder in a stabbing motion.

Allie wraps the thread around her fingers as she dives to the side. She rolls a little bit before getting right back on her feet and dashing away — with the thread still in her hand. Her target?… The edge of the building? She doesn't stop when she gets to the edge of the building, either. Instead she leaps right off the side, down towards the sidewalk.

The gold controller blinks as Allie jumps off the building, suddenly concentrating to make all of her gold become completely rigid. This requires concentration, particularly for the threads, though, and her eyes start to glow that eerie black as she takes full hold of her powers. She does not want her thread to snap and lose a piece of her property.

Boing! Suddenly Allie finds that she's suspended in midair over the sidewalks of New York. The tension from the string has crushed a number of the components inside her hand, almost disabling it completely. Then suddenly the rigidity of the thread is gone, and Allie falls onto the sidewalk with a 'thud', landing almost perfectly on her feet, while in the process, breaking the golden thread. "Oh, look what I've got." Allie says, grinning, as she begins spinning the baton by the thread, she looks expectantly up at the ledge for Kali.

Kalindi flies quite quickly, faster than she has moved previously in the encounter, to the edge of the building, looking down with wide eyes, "Give that back! It is mine, and I purchased it with legal tender. If you take it, it is /theft/." The last word is said very contemptuously, the very thought distasteful.

"Relax, Kali. I just want to play a game. It's called —" Allie winds up for the throw, then tosses the baton as far as she can, releasing her hand as much as possible, which isn't much to the damage. Regardless, the baton REALLY flies. "FETCH!" And as soon as that puppy's in the air, she's off like a dart.

"Annoying," mutters Kalindi as she flies after her baton, darting after it very fast. Due to Allie's strong throw, though, she is off quite a ways before she manages to intercept her weapon. She rolls her eyes and starts heading home, figuring that Allie is already gone.

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