2010-07-12: Sticking Point


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Summary: Lucas' gut tells him Connor's possessed, so he captures him.

Date: July 12, 2010

Log Title: Sticking Point

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

Wll the weight machines are powered by hydraulics, you set the weight you want and your bench-pressing that many pounds, or even tons in some super strong students' cases. Punching bags, stair machines, bicycles, treadmills, weights, and anything found in your standard gym can be found here.e.

The hiss and give of the hydraulic weight systems can be heard upon entry of the room, and under the main press is Connor, who is the type who seems to prefer aerobics in the gym instead of coming into the demenses of the stronger students. Currently working a heavy rep set, the digital counter reads 10 and he stops, sitting up for a moment… and sitting up for a moment, he reaches down and takes up a water bottle, chugging most of it, and splashing the rest over his head.

Lucas has been looking for Connor. Since he snuck into the med bay this morning instead of seeing Ms. Frost, he's been trying to find the other boy. Finally, he's there in the gym. Lucas makes his way inside, "Hey, Connor," he says, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Connor stares… and for a moment it's as if he's trying to remember who he's talking to. Then that nearly-blank face turns into something of a smirk as he nods once, "Hey there, Lucas. How's things? Didn't think you'd come down to haunt the gym too often." Standing up for a moment he takes up a towel and starts wiping at his brow.

Lucas shrugs, "Ah don't. Usually Ah just swim out in the Cove." He walks over to Connor, leaning against the nearest weight rack. "But then, you don't normally either." He shrugs, "Ah was just thinkin' about what you said to me the other day." He shrugs once more, "Maybe you're right."

Connor stops with the towel and turns around for a moment to put it away, before replying, "Don't leave me hangin here… I probably said a lot of things. Hard to gauge what sticks, man." Digging out a pair of fingerless gloves he moves over to one of the heavy bags, and starts with a few punches.

Lucas walks over, standing behind Connor so he doesn't get punched. He sighs, and shrugs, "Nevermind. It wasn't important." He chews his lip a minute, and then asks, "You ever wonder what it's like? To be a hero, Ah mean? Like… Is it really such an awful thing?" He tilts his head a little, cuirious.

Connor stops the exercise for a moment as the question comes, and he reaches up to stop the bag from shifting back and forth, before he says softly, "Wonder? Every damn day of my life." Turning slowly so his profile is looking to Lucas with one eye, he continues, "A hero says Yes to the right thing, when others say no. A hero says stop, when everyone else lets it pass by. Anyone can find courage and conviction… but finding it in yourself to look past fear, hate, and suffering, and see what needs to be done… that's the hard thing. You don't let other people tell you you're a hero. You just know."

Lucas nods, "Yeah." He furrows his brow a little, "It's hard to make the right decision sometimes. Seems like half the time, doin' what's right means pissin' off their closest friends." He tilts his head a bit once more, "Or putting them at risk."

Connor turns to face Lucas fully, crossing his arms over his chest, "This about the Selene thing, Lucas?"

Lucas purses his lips, and shakes his head. "Not directly," he answers. "Ah don't wanna fight with you. Can we just… Whatever this crap is goin' on with us… Ah need it behind us."

Connor looks back and forth for several moments, and then gives a shrug, "Done. Never had a real beef with you anyways. You're a bullheaded jackass when you put your mind to something, but hey… that's as much a strength as it is a weakness, man. I think the term someone I knew once said it was… a bucket of stubborn." And he puts his hand out to Lucas.

Lucas nods, stepping forward. He takes Connor's hand, his glove warm from the fire beneath it, and he walks into Connor, attempting to turn it into a hug. "It's just been a rough couple days. Rashmi dumped me… Robyn's hurt, and my best friends are possessed." He pulls his other hand out of his pocket to wrap around Connor and give him a manly pat. When he does, he turns the syringe of sedative he prepared, and tries to jam it into Connor's back. "Sorry."

Connor does the manly hug routine, but the moment the needle jabs in and he feels the injection, his hand sweeps up and grabs the back of Lucas' hair, to put some distance for an elbow that has enough force to knock the other young man back, "That… was a big… FUCKING… mistake…" And blinks a few times as he reaches up and pulls the syringe out. Looking at it a few times, he tosses it to the side, he begins to breathe deeply through his nose, and out through his mouth, attempting to get his adrenaline up before the stuff seeps in too badly, "You got about five before this turns ugly, Luke…"

Lucas topples to the ground. He rolls to increase the distance. Slowly, he pushes himself to his feet and he ungloves his left hand. "If'n you WERE Connor, you'd remember. Ah hate bein' called Luke." He takes an offensive stance, ready to fight. "Ah recommend you stand down… Ah don't wanna damage my friends body."

Connor begins to pant, and for a moment he wavers, but then straightens up, "You drugged me… well… points for inventiveness… but you have BAD fucking time… ing…" Grunting once more as he balance himself and glares, "You better just let loose, Lucas… because when this shit wears off, I am going to beat you so hard, your daughter'll be born black 'n blue…" Voice beginning to slur and eventually he falls to the side, and for a moment he blurs as the man attempts to port out, but lacking focus it fails, and he just lays there, panting to try and keep conscious, "Well… show me some balls…"

Lucas tilts his head a little. "Ah don't… Ah don't have a daughter…" He looks a little confused for a moment. He takes a step forward. "Ah'm done losing my friends to you fuckers, and Ah'm done lettin' you threaten my maw an' usin' her to get me to do bad things!" He begins to pull the glove back onto his hand.

Connor mumblesout before he loses consciousness, "You… idiot… here… to save… your… dumb… as…ssssss…"

Lucas scowls, "Yeah, right." He then waits for Connor to completely be out so he can get him downstairs…

Continued in Exactly Wrong

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