2009-05-20: Still There


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Summary: Brian comes to visit the damaged Addison

Date: May 20, 2009

Still There

Rating: PG

Addison is currently laying back on his bed, casted leg propped up. He's dressed in shorts and a t-shirt while he goes over some books with a sigh. He would look depressed to nearly anyone walking in. He just doesn't seem to care about whatever he's reading.

The energy projector gives a knock on Addison's door. He's aware of his loves injuries, so decided to come and see if he could cheer him up. Brian awaits permission to enter.

"Come in." Addison says, softly. He forgets sometimes that his mind isn't working right now. Not properly anyway. HE can't sense who's out there, so he just has to trust. Not much more he can do. He closes the book, with a small paper inside for a bookmark.

Opening the door, Brian peeks inside. "It's me." He says, looking to Addison as he closes the door and looks to his boyfriend. "You doing okay?" He asks the former telepath. Brian was worried the night he lost his power, but if Addison is alright, Brian's at ease.

"I'm mindblind, with a broken leg, and unable to do anything to figure things out, but other than that, just ducky." Yes, he does have a touch of sarcasm. He can't help it. HE shakes his head softly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be rude. I'm just… a little lost right now." He scoots to the side of his bed and pats it, offering Brian a place to sit.

Brian gets sarcasm, being the middle child of three boys. "Well, take it this way, you were saying hoe much you wanted to stop hearing other's thoughts around here. Here's your chance." He comments, trying to make light of the situation. Brian himself is glad that at least Mr. Sinister had given him control of his powers, since his were so volatile. The energy manipulator sits where a space is made for him.

"Not that way. I wanted control of my mind again." Addison says with a sigh as he reaches his arms out to hold onto Brian. Stupid leg. "But, I'm sure everything will return to rights. It came back last night."

Brian reaches a hand out back to Addison. "I heard it did. More kids and teachers without powers now." He doesn't like the thought of it, but he hasn't left the mansion for a long time, so he thinks he's pretty safe.

Addison nods with a sigh. These things happened right outside, but… hey. He grips the hand offered to him as he slides himself into a comfortable position around the sitting mutant. "There are still a few with powers out there."

Brian nods. "I hope I'm not gonna be one of those with it taken away." He offers.

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