2010-03-29: Stomping Thru The Woods


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Summary: Daisuke seeks peace in the woods, but Chloe, Mike, and Tara won't give it to him.

Date: March 29, 2010

Stomping Thru The Woods

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Woods

Pine, Oak, Birch, and many other trees can be found in these woods. Paths lead all through out them for students to take walks. The occasional bench can be found along the paths. Students shouldn't worry about wandering too deep in these woods as its almost impossible for them to get lost here.

It's still the morning and since Daisuke isn't a student here but more of a teacher's aid, he doesn't have any classes. Besides he doesn't really want to be around too many people, espeically the students, after what happened. He knows there are still some people who are afraid of him. He's sitting on the ground with his sketch pad in his hand and just drawing what he sees, like that squirel digging for food not to far from him. Making sure not to make any extreme movements, he doesn't want to scare his furry model away.

The peace and quiet of the forest don't last for long. For here comes Chloe stomping her way through the woods, pausing now and again to stare at the cast on her arm. Each bout of staring is then followed by a poor tree getting kicked until the bark is cracked from the furious assault.

Nifty robot tricks: moving very very quietly. Even when playing his music very loud, only Mike is hearing it, and the sounds of nature are separately mixed, which means he can hear his feet on the path, and he's trying to move with minimal noise. Not having to huff and puff to breathe helps, although his engine does rev slightly faster as he goes down then up a stream-carved unflat spot to emerge about 40 yards away, with line of sight just letting him see Dai and a sketchbook. He decides to make his way over there. After last night's interrupted chat with Hellion, Mike is convinced that these guys need to know they're supported and not viewed as weird strangers even when they are. But suddenly… oh, someone is buzz-sawing trees? Dang.

The sound of a tree being kicked causes Daisuke to startle and jump and that squrriel he was studying to scamper off. Darn. He looks up over in the direction of the noise and sees Chloe. He can't help but feel back for what happened to her, and somewhat guilty. Even though he wasn't the one who cut off her hand, he was one of the attackers. He's about to just go about his business when he notices something and jumps up, running over to Chloe. "Don't kick that tree again!" He whispers as loud as he can, with a sense of urgency in his voice. He spoted something that most people wouldn't be able to spot thanks to his mutant powers.

Chloe spins at the unexpected voice and just barely restrains the instinct to divert the kick at Daisuke. "Pardon?" she says after a moment slowing her breathing.

…and that (whispered?) shout sends Mike running too. It's not that far but given underbrush, path, and dodging panicked squirrel it will be a little longer before he reaches Chloe's location.

"Sorry." Daisuke says looking at the tree closely. "If you kicked the tree again it was gonna come down." He whispers as he gestures to an area on the tree. "I can see in this area, it's weak." Where Chloe was kicking. "I can see weaknesses with my power, and I just spoted that, I didn't want anyone to get hurt." He says in that voice that can't go above a whisper. "Sorry." Daisuke says again.

Chloe glances between Daisuke and the tree, then shrugs. "It wouldn't have fallen on me. I could get out of the way with plenty of time to spare, " she informs coldly. "And I swear if you keep saying sorry I'm totally changing my mind about not kicking you. I don't need anyones pity."

Mike arrives at the site of tree-directed violence and flinches when Dai speaks, and whimpers when Chloe answers … ouch. Why is everything so loud… oh. He turns his music DOWN and the balancer on the inputs turns the external ear inputs back down. All incomprehensible overdriven noise anyway, hooray. Scott replacing his old blown up radio with a newer better one means there's some automatic stuff. Fine, can talk to someone to fix it later. So he doesn't QUITE catch Chloe's tantrum in time to know to chew her out for murdering trees. Cause those damaged trees are likely to die,,, they do that when you kill their bark. Mike knows this. Don't ask.

"It wasn't going to fall on you anyway, but if you kicked it and it did fall, you don't know who, or what, it might have crushed." Daisuke whispers as he wasn't just looking out for her but anyone else who might have been in the woods. Like Mike whose arriving now. "And I was apologzing if I startled you with just appearing." Daisuke whispers again and not giving her any pity. "I'll just go back to my drawing." He whispers as he turns to leave, though part of him feels he deserves the attitude.

One of the bad things about being blind and horribly overconfident in your abilities is that you end up doing stupid things like taking a walk in the woods. And then getting lost. Thankfully the sound of people attracted Tara's attention and she manages to follow the sound of talking and defoliation. "Thank God!" she exclaims when she's finally able to sense people with her sixth sense. (Or alternate fifth, if you prefer.) "I've been wandering around out here for hours."

"For whatever it's worth I don't blame you," Chloe informs to Daisuke as he turns. "Or even him for that matter. Keeping myself from making people eat thier own teeth for staring has me on edge."

Mike is distracted from his initial mission by the sound of a TaraInDistress, but knows better than to refer to it by that sobriquet. "Over here, Tara, watch out for the tree," he calls out. But then he does turn towards Daisuke,.. "Hey, Dai? Please don't take off yet, I wanted to say szomething."

"You're not the only one being stared at Chloe, this isn't the first time some of the kids here are scared of me for doing things against my own will but…" It still sucks for Daisuke none the less. "I don't think we've formally me though, I'm Daisuke." He whispers offering a hand, his right hand so that she can shake it. "Or just Dai." He then looks to Tara and whispers to her. "Hello. You were the truck driver." He says recognizing her from the one driving Mike. He looks over at him. "Okay." Dai whispers to hear what Mike has to say.

Tara follows the sound of Mike's voice until he gets within range, and then from there it's pretty easy to get to him. She's got her cane with her, but she's using it to bat aside the underbrush more than using it to guide her through the forest. "Hey, Astroboy!" she calls out cheerily. "Boy am I glad to see you. So to speak." She turns her head when she hears Daisuke's whisper and counters, "And you must be the one I was aimin' to make roadkill." If Chloe doesn't take Dai's hand, she does. "I take it you're feeling less murderous."

Chloe glances at Daisuke, then briskly (although no more briskly than she does anything) shakes his hand before moving to one side to let Tara in. "Yeah well although I don't blame you I'm not sure I'm nice enough for sympathy just yet. Several weeks subjective time in the medbay hasn't agreed with me, although at least the muscle wastage is mostly gone now."

Deep breath… well, ok, can't do that … but pause… Mike looks Dai as in-the-eyes as he can, and says, "Just wanted to let you know, I really appreciate the risks and hard work you guys put into keep us safe. I don't think you hear that enough."
And he steps back to look at Chloe. "May I see your arm, the bruizes all gone yet? Do they have the replazement in the worksz? I'm sorry we couldn't zave the original."

Daisuke is about to say something to Chloe but what Mike says really throws him off. Like he's completely thrown off by it. "Excuse me?" He whispers to Mike. "I think you have me confused as someone whose on X-men or X-Force…I'm not either. I'm just…former Hellion is all." Daisuke says as he doesn't really do anything, in his opinion, to keep them safe. "And Chloe, I'm not asking for any sympathy." He whispers almost with frustrated expression before turning to Tara. "Thanks, for not turning me into roadkill, I really do appricate it." Dai whispers.

"Thanks for not impaling me with sonic shuriken," Tara retorts with a grin. She considers something for a few moments before turning to Chloe. "You're the girl who lost her hand?" she asks. "I'm sorry about that. It was kinda my first day at school and I really had no idea what I was doing."

Chloe glances at Mike and scowls for a fraction of a second, before sighing. "That sort of question is pretty much why I'm out here," she informs holding out her left arm for inspection. "They're leaving the cast on for now. Someone said they might be able to get a prosthetic but it'll take a while to build." She turns to Tara and forces a smile. "Not your fault. I was exhausted to start with, made a bad punch and the rest was just bad luck. Despite whatever 'improvements' Sinister made to slice n dice he was still way too slow to hit me on a good day."

Not to embarrass Dai, Mike doesn't mention that his rock-screen knocked down three of the four sonic shuriken that would have hit them - except that last one that hit the tire, and made him glad he had remembered to reinforce them. He shrugs at Chloe, "Sorry for being interested, since it was partly my responsibility. Won't bother you about it again."
He steps back one step and goes into immobile observer mode for a bit.

Daisuke looks between Chloe and Mike and that bit of tension between them and there's a small smile on his face, almost cruel. Something inside him, if he wants to or not, is pushing him to instigate it further. "Mike, are you really that sorry for being interested?" Daisuke whispers. "I mean all you were doing was being concerned and she acted like it was a burdern." And the scowl from Chloe didn't go unnoticed either as he looks at her. "And you, so much anger about losing your hand. Why not just lash out at someone?"

Tara tilts her head, sensing something… shifting inside of Daisuke. And then he speaks words that's more like what she heard when they were out on the battlefield in the middle of the invasion. "Hey!" she yells at him, cane whipping around and smacking him on the shoulder hard enough to sting. "Don't you evil out on me, here!"

"It is a burden," Chloe points out, rolling her eyes. "No offense Mike. You pretty much saved my life, but there isn't even anything to see. No hand, end of story." Tara's cane smacking makes her giggle. "And yeah like mind games are gonna work. Sure I'm angry, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid."

Mike's answer isn't robotic-emotionless. It's contrite. "You're right, Dai, I was being politely rude. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'm sorry, Chloe. I resented that you were treating me like just another pezst and I should not have said that. And I should have asked better. Pleasze accept my apology."
Hey… he didn't turn off his emotions yet. That's a good thing, right?

The WHACK! Of the cane stings but brings Daisuke back to his right mind and he cluthes the sides of his head. "I'm not going to let Sinister win." He whispers to himself as he doesn't hear much of what he said between Chloe and Mike. He can't let himself concentrate on that. He has to focus on keeping his mind straight. The fact that the two seem not to be angry with eachother helps Dai. "Sorry." He whispers as it looks like he's still having a bit of an inner struggle.

Tara brandishes her cane at Daisuke, listening to make sure that he doesn't do any more evil badness. When it seems like he's got everything under control she lowers the cane and nods approvingly. "And the good guys win again. Hooray!"

"It's cool Mike. You can do no wrong 'till I've saved your life in return," Chloe offers, then in the least subtle topic change ever she adds "Settling in okay Tara? Normal classes must be kinda anticlimatic after the big first day."

Mike says to Chloe as an aside, "I'd give you one of mine but I don't think they fit, You're tiny," and then he hears Dai saying that mantra. OK. He looks back to the sonic youth.
"Dai? You OK? Need some space? Or hugs?"

"I need to get him out of my head." Daisuke whispers as it's never easy. "I wish he would just leave me alone." No, the connection is broke between the two but the effects still linger. "Sorry, I just get this urdge to instigate a fight if I see it, like when he made me War. Thanks Tara, for smacking me. That hurt." He whispers rubbing his shoulder.

Tara gives Daisuke a thumbs up and a wide grin. "Any time," she says.

Chloe waves a finger sternly at Daisuke. "Try think of really catchy and annoying songs," she suggests. "Probably won't get rid of the programming, but I'd put good money that it's impossible to be evil while humming the intro to Tailspin."

Mike laughs. Actual laughter sounds from one person and not a studio audience sample.
"I was just gonna suggest a twelve-steps type of thing, since they have a good handle on compulsions, but that sounds a lot more amusing. Or masochistic, I don't know which."

"I've never watched Tail Spin…" Daisuke comments to Chloe as he's lead a very sheltered life in regards to American Classic Cartoons. Then he just looks up at Mike and it's kind of an odd expression, almost fearful in a way. "I..I think I'm gonna get going, I think I need some time to myself." He whispers as he looks to Tara and ndos. "Thanks."

"Hey, wait up!" yells Tara at Daisuke, rushing after him. "You've got to lead me back to the dorms."

Chloe shakes her head in mock dismay. "Then try Gummy Bears instead," she suggests. "Or go watch it on one of the communal tv's. People will be less afraid if you're watching cartoons." She briefly waves. "Cya around."

Mike looks around again. With the other two gone, his original reason for being here in the woods has come back: he needs to find a particular fallen tree that he dreamed about … if it really exists. He asks Chloe, "Have you seen a fallen tree anywhere with a second tree growing out of the trunk?"

Chloe turns and stares at Mike for a moment. "Bwah? I've seen tons of trees," she informs in a puzzled tone. "They all look the same to me. Except some are bigger than others. Why'd you ask anyway? I mean did you lose your wallet by it or something?"

Mike shakes his head. "Nah, I had a dream … my unconscious mind likes to give me weird clues. If it's real then it's just a random image I saw sometime. If not it's me telling myself something I have to figure out."

"Well, let's hope it's nothing Freudian," Chloe says cheerfully. "Because man was that guy a complete pervert." She glances around and frowns. "Can't help you I'm afraid. I'm in the middle of my pseudo kickboxing training, need to toughen my legs up. Probably should get back to work, no rest for the wicked and all."

Mike nods. "By the way… don't kick the treezs. It's spring. They're very fragile right now. You killed that one there," and he points to the one that has the most recent damage, "It juszt doesn't know yet. Firszt windstorm, over it goes."

Chloe shrugs indifferently. "According to Daisuke it wasn't exactly in good shape anyway. Consider this the circle of life, only without a musical interlude. But if it makes you happy I'll stick to kicking dead trees?"

"Please and thank you," Mike replies … using a sample of the impossibly annoying Kim Possible character… he's watched a few cartoons as well.

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