Stories & Plots


There are two main types of Plot lines and Stories that are run:


One Night Stands can be run by virtually any player. In fact we welcome player initiative. These can be anything from a simple bank robbery to your villain causing chaos in Central Park to something from your characters past coming back to haunt you. This also includes Danger Room sessions. You don't need a wiz approval in order to run a ONS, just please keep these simple. These types of stories are usually run in one or two scenes and aren't really part of a huge plot, just a simple thing to have fun.


Tiny Plots are the big stories, the big plots of the game. Like Spiderman teams up with the X-men to defeat the might evil of New York City! Or something similar. These take up more than one or two scenes and have a dramatic impact on the game. Tiny Plots do need wiz approval though since we do like to keep track of things going on in the game and letting us know keeps our sanity at a reasonable level. We encourage both Wiz and Player run TP's.

Here's what we would like to know when submitting a TP:


Needed so we can easily keep track of what's going on where and with what plot


You? Or us? Or someone else?


Just a brief description of what's going on. We know that the wizzes PC's might be involved so we don't need to know everything, just a quick summary. Please let us know if players will be scene locked during this time (as well as the players before they get involved).


What is the basic goal of this, we know that players have a habit to change the outcome and things aren't always followed exactly as planned, but we're just curious as to what the end goal is going to be. We don't need every step of the way planned, just a basic beginning, end and key points.

NPC Description:

If there are any NPC's that are going to be vital in this plot, let us know.

Main Locales:

Is this Xavier's side, City Side, Avenger's related, whose the plot for?

Estimated timeline:

Again the key word here is estimate, since we know you might plan something to be a week then three weeks later you can finally get everyone together again.


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