2020-06-12: Story Of A Battle


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Summary: Jonothon asks Daisuke what happened

Date: June 12, 2020

Story Of A Battle

Rating: PG-13

The Future - The Underground - Gathering Area

Hidden in the maze of tunnels is the open area that the mutants have turned into their haven, their home. Not wanting to risk electricity being detected down here, there are battery powered and gas powered lights leaving the place dark and damp. At least three mutants are always on guard down here at the entrance to the mutant camp and secret passwords and codes are needed to get into this room. Theres a large door with a large piece of wood barricading it as those down here dont take any chances.

Daisuke hasn't moved from the cot he's sat on since coming in yesterday. His leg is stitched and bandaged up, his arm has been taped to a piece of think pipe with ductape as a splint, he has duct tape on his chest to hold down cracked ribs and his throat and chest are all bruised. "Some?" Daisuke asks in a voice that sounds like it's gone missing, whispery, weak and strained. "Deadpool…he's…tough. We got two hunters though and thank god Chloe was a godess to show up when she did." There's a glock and a katana underneath the cot along with Dai's empty backpack. He's wearing only a pair of torn pants that the left leg is soaked with dried blood.

"I was trying to be kind." Jonothon admits with a smirk. He places that little bit of fruit on Dai's chest, and motions to the blood. "Mind if I clean up a little? Can't help you heal, but I can at least make you feel a little better." Especially since showers aren't really a normal thing down here. "What side is Deadpool on? Keep hearing about him now and again, but never sure." And why did he try and hurt Daisuke?

"Hunter." Daisuke says as if that answers everything. "There were three, we got two, one got us good. Or me." He say as he takes the tangerine and starts biting the peel off of it as he can't peel it with one hand. "He was hunting mutants, I couldn't get away so I chose to fight. Theo was there. Still don't know if I trust him but….he needed help and he did fight." Daisuke's leg has several hand done stiches on each side of his leg and a lot of the blood is dried and old but the bandages do need to be changed.

And that does answer everything. Emitting a sigh, the Brit leaves Dai to eat and wraps himself in psy-fire. This heralds Jonothon cleaning off a lot of the blood and gunk the other man is living with. Careful not to remove scabs though, he can at least leave the other feeling somewhat washed. Tk on his levels have to be good for something. Means that even the bandages are clean once Jono's done. There's just a bit of gunk he'll get rid of later. "I'm fairly sure Theo hasn't changed a bit. He'll do what benefits him over all else. Not sure there's much we can do about Deadpool." Which bothers him. "Did Theo tell you anything?"

"No…he passed out. I passed out before he woke up." Daisuke says as he winces standing up, struggling with peeling the fruit, spitting out bits of peel. "Thanks. I don't know, I barely knew him but I don't trust him yet, but we couldn't leave him. Though…he helped me kill one of the hunters and I got the other one." He pushes back some of his hair and rubs his throat. "I hope this doesn't last long, can't use my sonics like this."

There's a blink and Jonothon pauses, "He's here?" Two and two added up in his head and that's where the math got him. Facepalming, he rubs at his features, knowing there's nothing to be done about that now. The Brit is totally sure Theo will sell them all out at the first chance he gets. Doesn't blame Daisuke though. Been in too many situations like that to. "If you're careful it will heal." Smirking a little as he moves back to let the other stand up. "Although me talking with you probably doesn't help either." If only they had managed to save a healer. "Tell me what happened? I hadn't heard much."

"You get me some hot water with tea or coffee and I'll tell you. If no tea or coffee then just hot water." Daisuke says as it helps his throat feel better as his whole trachea is bruised and healing. "I'm not going up there till I'm healed…too many…injuries." He says as lies back down. "Happened…down in Battery Park. I shouldn't have been alone…hunters, three of them. I hid and ran toward Subway, Hunter smelled us, so I killed one by exploding his throat. Spot Theo, other hunter come after us with burning goo flesh that he could throw. Theo, got burned lots, I got some burns, nothing serious….Then I hit goo boy, throwing off his equalibrium, then Theo, at my order, shot him. Then just us and Deadpool. I hit Deadpool as his guns…broke. Then Deadpool hit me in the throat and broke my arm. Firing, guns…hit him in the face, didn't stop. Kicked me in chest, cracked ribs. I still fired, then he teleported behind me, stabbed me in the leg and pinned me the ground. Chloe showed up and started fighting him, he dropped explosive…I pulled his katana out of my leg." Which ended up tearing up his leg more. "Chloe deflected all the explosives and got us out of there. Deadpool vanished." Teleported.

"Deal." And so Jonothon goes off to find a mug of tea so that he can hear a story. The mug is battered, but the liquid is steaming. "It's not great tea, but we should have better soon." Easy to make tea when you grow plants. After that the Brit listens, not interrupting as he sits near by. "I'm glad you're still alive." That's all he has to say about that. "Wish I knew some means to deal with Deadpool, but I don't. Everything I've heard over the years is crazy. I'm not sure he can die." Then again Jono isn't sure he, himself, can. "Think you can not be out alone after that?" A bit of a grin there.

"Send more than three people? Make sure he doesn't hit you in the throat?" Daisuke offers as he takes the tea and sips at it greedily. The warmth feeling nice on the swelling. "I'm glad I'm still alive too. And I'll still go out alone if I have to once I'm healed. I can't let a few flesh wounds stop me." Daisuke says with a smile as he plans to fight for as long as he can. "I think he thought I was a threat, cause I wouldn't stop. Why else would he make sure to keep me down and cut off my voice?"

Jonothon shakes his head at Daisuke. "Three people wouldn't stop Deadpool. I didn't mean that, but fine." Resigned to the fact no one will ever be smart about this stuff, the Brit rises to his feet. "Thanks for telling me all that. There has to be something we can do." About Deadpool he means. Jono certainly isn't going to ruin the lives of everyone here to find it though. "If anyone asks I'm down below." That meaning he's going to return to his task of moving a lot of plants to a new safe spot. "Take care, okay?"

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