2009-03-25: Strange Awakening


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Summary: Cid awakens to find himself on a fur rug with a wierd hard spot… only to learn that it's not a rug.

Date: March 25, 2009

Strange Awakenings

Rating: R - Nudity, VERY adult themes. There is no sex, but there is touching and showing. You have been warned.

Cid's Apartment

Morning comes, and the Amish boy begins to stir softly. He fell asleep leaning against Kaji, and through the night adjusted himself, moved around, and got more comfortable, only to end up with himself clad only in his underwear with his head on the mutant shifter's body, somewhere, depending on how he moved around. He's just starting to open his eyes, but not really realizing everything that's going on. It's that blissful state of halfway still dreaming.

As the morning comes, the wolf mutant has shifted into his wolf form to be more wholly comfortable. An arm bent to rest on Cid's back as the other arm was resting underneath his head. He's shifted enough to have Cid's head on his chest as the wolf sleeps a bit. Even if Cid's waking up; Kaji's still sleeping as he stayed up later in the night to make sure they weren't coming back. As with every teenage guy, there's something that plagues them everytime they wake up in the morning. Morning wood. And Kaji's no exception! He just has morning wood, more easily noticible than human.

Looking at the furry body under him, Cid forms a questioning look. He reaches down, not recognizing the fact that it's indeed a person. The boxers get a hand brushing them as he leans his head in closer to inspect. "Hmm?" He asks, reaching down with his other hand to scratch himself, only to find that his own boxers were soaked in the night at some point. Only after his hand lands on the… wooden area… does Cid realize that he fell asleep on Kaji.

Kaji shifts very slightly at the hand brushing against it and he lets out a soft grunt as his arm rests over his chest and he turns his head to rest on his arm a bit more. Though he doesn't wake up.

Many things in Cid's life have been challenged lately. His desires, his understandings, and above all, the fact that he really is attracted to a guy. Though he's only barely in the stages of wakefulness, he lifts the band of the boxers ever so gently, a finger brushing down the length. Then, he truly realizes Exactly what's under there and squeaks lightly.

Kaji is still sleeping soundly as he shifts once more; a soft moan leaving his muzzle as a leg shifts, causing the length to slide along his waist. Giving Cid the angle down to the bottom.

Tentatively, Cid touches it. He's quite curious, after all. His fingers slowly slide down it, before his face turns up for just a moment to see Kaji's face. He turns back, biting his lip as he attempts to feel the soft fur around it. Of course, he gets a similar reaction of his own, as he squeaks again.

Kaji shifts once more, letting out a soft grunt again as that leg lowers back down and lets the length collide softly with Cid's hand as the wolf mutant continues to sleep. Sleeping like a rock is what Kaji's good at.

With his hand on it, Cid bites his lip again. "Kaji." He whispers, offering a quick shake of the shifter's body. "Kaji, I need to apologize." He releases the material of the boxers, letting it hold things down, but he has yet to take his eyes back away.

Kaji lets out a softer grunt as he stretches his arms above his head; his eyes still closed as he mumbles out. "Why do ya need to apologize?" Though, that comes out a bit fast due to a yawn forcing it self out afterwards.

"I… You were…" Cid blushes, bashfully as he moves hi shead out of the way. "I saw your… body. And I touched and… I had to let you know. It was improper otherwise." He says. Of course, his own shorts are wet and tented. Poor scared, confused amish.

Kaji lets his ears raise up out of their sleepy droopage and he lets out a, "Wha?" Before his nose tells him what's going on, and instantly his ears gain a shade of pink and he says softly, "… Oh."

"I'm sorry." Cid says, moving away quickly. "I shouldn't have, but… I had to wonder." Hey, he's still only human, despite his colorations and background. He actually appears as though he feels he did something wrong.

Kaji lets out a soft laugh as he looks down, his eyes catching it before he looks back up at Cid. A hand runs over his own stomach and he says, "Well… I can't fault you for being curious." He smiles nervously, though as a wolf, that doesn't convey that well. He swallows once before he stands up, moving to hug Cid to his body. "It's… okay, Cid."

Cid gets hugged, and can't help but squeak as the hardness is pressed against him, and his own against the fuzzy body. But, he does lean into the hug. It feels good. "Alright. I was just worried. I mean, I don't know these things. What's right and what's wrong in the normal world." He whispers breathing deeply. "Y… you smell nice." He says afterwards, blushing a little bit. Of course, the wetness of his shorts is probably quite able to be felt.

Kaji rests his head on top of Cid's and he smiles a bit before he blushes harder after he realizes what he just did and he lets out a soft laugh. He clears his throat and says, "You're experiencing a good amount of things in a short amount of time. You just need a bit of time to process it all." He blushes brighter in his ears at the feeling of wetness and he whispers, "You've always smelt nice."

"Oh yeah… you can… smell better as a wolf. I mean… scent better?" Cid's confused again. "Sorry. I had a dream. I don't remember it." He motions to the mess around his erection in his shorts. "But when I realized what I was looking at… I…" He blushes again. "It…" it takes a few seconds to get the words out. "felt nice." He looks up at the muzzle of the shifter with a bashful smile. "Thank you."

Kaji lets out a small laugh as he looks down, catching sight of his own and he blushes brightly as he reaches down; pulling up his shorts to go /over/ it instead of pressing it against him. "You're… welcome." He chuckles a bit as he rubs the side of his head against Cid's cheek; whispering, "That's how I scent what I deem mine. Not like a conventional wolf."

"Yours?" Cid asks, blushing softly. He grins, turning slightly to place a light kiss on the wolf. Hey, he's been kissed a couple of times now, but he's actually responding this time. "I need to clean up." He chuckles. He's obviously not all that bothered by his appearance or wetness. It's a little embarassing, but this is Kaji.

Kaji smiles, giving Cid's forehead a soft lick after the kiss and he says, "Aye, mine." He lets out a small wolfish laugh before he looks around, "Forgot that my clothes are all downstairs. And I'm … yeah."

Cid chuckles. "Well, thou art more than welcome to shower here. I'm sure that some of my looser clothes may fit thee well." He offers as he moves away a little to pull his briefs away, leaving a string of wetness that he wipes away with the material.

Kaji's ears perk up greatly, and he quirks a brow as he starts to follow the hexenmeister in the direction of the bathroom. "Well, if you insist. I should probably help you with cleaning your back." A wolfish grin playing over his muzzle as he starts to slip off his boxers while he walks.

"Well, I wouldn't mind assisting with cleaning thine own." Cid grins. After what they've already shared, nudity is no issue. "Or perhaps thy chest. Or cheeks. Or whathaveyou." He actually seems to be enjoying this teasing for a change as he crosses the room to get to the bathroom.

Kaji uses his longer stride to walk right up behind Cid and he hoists him up over his shoulders. "Right, a shower it is," says Kaji with a low chuckle. Pent up, much? Maybe. Wanting to get this over with? Definately. Wanting to enjoy it? Hell yes.

Naked Cid hoisted? He eeps loudly and giggles, reaching down over Kaji's back to try to get a hold of his tail. "I can walk just fine on my own." He chuckles. Though, if he can't get ahold of said tail, he does stroke the back of the shifter with a chuckle.

Kaji lets out a soft growl of pleasure as his claws rub slightly against Cid's skin. "So? Longer stride." HE figured that the apartments are the same as he heads for the bathroom. His tail though is swaying contently behind him.

"Yes, but isn't it just as nice to let things go as the would?" Cid asks, leaning in to nuzzle his nose in the fur. He can't exactly get out of the grip, and he's not exactly trying. He's just quite happy with being held for the moment.

Kaji smiles softly, setting Cid back down onto his feet as he shifts back to human. "You mean like this?" He quirks a brow with a smile before he leans in and plants a kiss onto Cid's lips. "I'm thinking we should start to clean ourselves… before we get dirty."

Cid blushes at the change, and seeing Kaji in his human form… naked… He smiles, however at the kiss, tentatively returning it for the first time. He's a little on the sloppy side, not knowing the proper way to move, but he makes up for it with the desire. "Dirty?" He asks, softly.

Kaji chuckles softly. "You'll see." With that, he just starts to walk away, into the bathroom; letting his tail shift out for a second to flick around the corner; teasing him into the bathroom.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Cid watches the tail flick out before he darts around the corner, happily. "Thou art teasing and taunting me, since I lack knowledge, aren't thee?" He asks, laughing.

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