2011-06-07: Strange Conversation


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Summary: In the search for the ever elusive Kieran O'Toole the intrepid Hayworth manages not only to find his target but accidentally have an encounter with a strange man.

Date: June 7, 2011

Log Title: Strange Conversation

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

Late afternoon on Tuesday during some free time Tyler has forsaken further sketching for seeking out where his friend has gotten off to and as such decided to check the music room first. There might be an off chance that there are others he's met recently in that particular room so either way it was worth a shot. Strolling around the class rooms he finally happens upon the music room finding it empty at the moment. Blast! The wandering teen might as well take a look around the room at all of the instruments available to the musically inclined students which he's most certainly not.

Fingers are moving over the keys to the piano as Kieran plays Moonlight Sonata a look of utter piece as he plays the piece from memory. He's been working on it a fair bit, so it's one of the ones he can play without needing to be constantly looking at sheet music. It's obvious that he's enjoying the playing and he makes it look rather as easy for him as breathing. He doesn't notice Tyler's entrance since he's rather entranced in his music.

While Jonothon isn't a student, he may appear one. If a recently graduated one. The man is actually twenty seven, but he still barely looks twenty. That's what happens when you stop aging at eighteen. Wearing all black, the Brit has on rumpled, battered jeans, a couple of worn tshirts, and a short, leather jacket with a British flag on the back. He's also a book bag slung over a shoulder and is walking a bit of a zigzag for that he's trying to text someone as he moves through the hall. The music though. That gets him to pause. A tilt of the head for the piano, a pause, but then he's nearly running into Tyler. Oops. Hands lift as he blinks at Tyler. Close call there. « Sorry, mate. » The British voice is strange. Mainly because one doesn't hear it with their ears. Which almost means that because he does a general broadcast anyone in the area will hear it unless they have shields, and over any other noise.

There is such beauitiful music once one has entered the music room. The room had looked barren from out in the hall but apparently someone was here. Tyler happens to spot Kieran playing the piano and stands there hoping not to interrupt for his friend is really into his music. "Eep!" It's a rather loud squeak since the poor kid jumps forward startled by Jono's abrupt appearance. "Uhh, no harm done." Other than some of his dignity being lost by his reaction to being startled. "Sorry, Kieran!" Who was this guy? The music teacher? "Is this your classroom? I could leave as I'm not a student." Kinda young to be a teacher but who knows?

The sound of a voice the way Jonothon speaks is enough to startle Kieran and there's a really bad chord hit that causes Kieran to wince a bit and then turn a bit,"Err… Hello. I was told I could practice here by Mr Gilpatrick." He says seriously glancing towards Jonothon,"Hey Ty! Ummm… How long have you been standing there?" He asks sounding a little bit on the embarrassed side, and even looking a little bit pink from blushing.

Consternation flickers briefly over features, but only because Jonothon never meant to scare the music into stopping. A hand lifts and he shakes his head. « Not a teacher. Not like I care if you play the piano or hang out. » That has a smirk tugging at lips and he motions to it. « Sorry to interrupt. Just using the class rooms as a short cut. » Phone is clicked shut as it's a fold out model and tucked into an inner pocket of his jacket. This action shows the gold and silver (X) broach pinned to the tshirt beneath. « Guess I've been gone longer than I thought. » Although that seems to amuse him more than anything else.

Tyler cringes as the piano playing goes from stellar to a disaster. "Hey, man. Erm… a few minutes or so. It was really nice really. Well, save that last bit but that totally wasn't your fault. Was, mine." Places a hand over his heart tapping lightly as if to say my bad. Turning back around towards the older man. "I've only been here a few days but I kinda figured you were with a teacher considering you're older, and you've got that x symbol thingamajig on you. Just assuming stuff but seriously you're not moving your lips." Points back and forth between himself and Jono rather spastically, "How're you doing that? Uhh…dumb question? Telepath? If so, my bad AGAIN."

"Ty, not your fault. I was just focusing and when the 'sound' went off inside my head it just startled me and since my concentration was so intense, well… that's how we got to that." Kieran says smiling a little bit at Tyler,"Shortcut?" He asks curiously as he begins playing again, starting from the beginning, but keeping it soft like a background sound. "I didn't really expect anyone to be down here. " He says laughing a little weakly.

Jonothon looks down to where that symbol is nearly hidden by jacket. Most kids never make that connection. Nor do they always notice when he forgets to move his lips. Oops. Must be more tired than he thought. Still, Jono isn't upset, and stands calm against the tide of babble. He's dealt with ramblers before. « Yeah, telepath. » A glance to Kieran, but his attention returns to Tyler. « I forget sometimes to fake it. » However, that doesn't mean he leaves Kieran waiting long. « I need something in the teachers lounge. Used to help out Dr McCoy before I got called away. » Not that he knows if what he needs is even still there. « I'm Jonothon Starsmore. Most call me Jono. » Introduction, not expecting anyone to know him.

"Ahh, then you didn't hear me then. Anyways, I take the blame." Tyler smiles at them each in turn. When next Jono speaks Ty is fascinated by hearing the voice in his mind. He's never encountered a telepath before and its ever so NEAT. "I didn't mean to point that out really. I just haven't been around very many powered people and well never a telepath. You're pretty damn cool by the way." Bases that opinion on the whole biker look and the awesome power. "Tyler Hayworth, idiot and painter. Nice to meet you Jono." A hand is extended towards Jono in greeting even as he's twisting his head to indicate Kieran. "That's my friend Kieran."

"Kieran O'Toole." Kieran says smiling a little bit towards Jonothon,"Pleasure to meet you sir." He says politely,"And you're not an idiot Ty." He says casually towards Tyler as he keeps on playing,"So now you've heard at least one of the instruments that I play, although this is one of my better pieces. Since I've been working on it for a year that's probably not that surprising." He says laughing a little weakly.

There's a shrug of black clad shoulders, « Jono works. I'm not a sir. You have to be knighted for that. » Yeah, he's trying for a joke. Jonothon then gives Tyler a strange look. « It's not all that cool honestly. » Trust Jono to put a downer on things. The hand is looked at a moment, then shaken. « How's the school treating you? » Changing the subject, yes. A few days. That means the sky hasn't dropped on heads yet. Yet. « I've been gone months, so am really out of touch. »

Tyler thanks Kieran for thinking he's not an idiot. He's said some pretty lame things today already and doesn't want to stick his sneaker any further in his mouth. "Being able to talk like that would be great in boring classes. No chance of getting caught texting." Ever the one to seek the good in everything Tyler offered that up mostly for amusement purposes. "It's going well so far. Met a few really cool people, and some that I'm not so sure about. Been to a few classes but it's mainly just to keep me from being bored since school is out in like two weeks. Thanks for asking though." After releasing Jono's hand Tyler strolls over to make Kieran budge over on the piano bench. "How do you guys not get lost around this place?"

"Well I did the first couple days I was here but after that I was able to figure it out. The school that I went to had a bit of a maze to it." Kieran says smiling a little bit," Even still there are times I have to stop and think about where I'm going." He says casually as he scoots over a little bit as that Tyler can sit down,"I think telepathy would be a good way to communicate when there's a large amount of background noise." He says looking towards Jonothon without missing a beat of his music. "I've met a few awesome people here. I got a bit of training of using my powers in an offensive manner."

Jonothon's look has a strange understanding to it. Those who don't know always think it neat. « I'd prefer having vocal cords and lungs. » Yep, always bringing the gloom. It's how he is. « I don't get lost? » Asking back with a blink to make his answer. Then there's a little smile for it. People have moved away from him, but the Brit doesn't mind. He just leans a shoulder against the door frame. « Yeah, there are some amazing people around here. » Yet he totally doesn't give details to that, and his answer is a little distant. « You'll get used to it. » If it doesn't drive you crazy.

Tyler slowly reaches forward lightly pressing a few of the keys on this end of the piano. Those notes clearly don't belong in what Kieran's playing but that's not the point. "No shit?" Tyler blurts out spinning on the bench to face Jono again. "I have the same problem some of the time. Honest!" Both of his hands meet in the middle of his legs to press down against the wooden bench. "Get used to getting lost or the people? The former totally but the latter I'm not so sure. I guess I just feel a bit overwhelmed by everything still. Kieran? You got that problem man or are you pretty chill with it all?"

"I just take things as they come. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to sing and what have you, but just because you would prefer having vocal chord and lungs, I'd think you'd still be able to find telepathy cool." Kieran says shrugging a little bit and beginning to play something entirely, just playing around on the piano, still kept slow but it's almost like he's trying to play around Tyler's keys to make it sound intentional."Sometimes people here can be a little bit overwhelming, but you can get used to them."

« Heh. » Pushing from the doorframe he straightens. « Clearly you don't now. » Jonothon manages a proper smile for that though. As for the rest he shakes strangely, unless one realizes that he's laughing. Just can't make the sound. « Both. » Getting lost or the people. « You get used to a lot of things here. » Serious that, and to Kieran too. « Everyone without telepathy claims that. No one with telepathy does. » Being the least over whelming person around, the Brit lifts a hand to the two boys on that piano bench. « Going to hunt the lounge. Cheers. » With that he turns from the music room to go.

The terrible notes Tyler added to the song somehow get swallowed up by Kierans playing so it's not too terribly bad overall. Perhaps being a telepath wasn't all that cool after all if Mr. Jono here said it wasn't. Tyler would read up on telepathy but that would require RESEARCH and that never happens even for subjects he's interested in. Since the man is bailing on them Tyler tosses a jovial wave, "Nice meeting you. Don't let the coffee pot come to life and attack you! Mind the stampeding water cooler as well."

"Thing is I have a feeling that those things could happen." Kieran says wincing a little bit at the thought of the coffee pot attacking and the stampeding water cooler,"It was nice meeting you, and I guess I usually try and find the good in a situation." He says while relaxing at the piano,"It was nice to meet you Jono. Probably see you around if you're going to be staying around here again." He says grinning a bit at Jono.

There's a look to Tyler for the idea of a stampeding water cooler, but the Brit says nothing more. Jonothon isn't one for good-byes and he just gave his. That hand drops and he's soon gone from view. Down to the teachers lounge to rummage through things. Might have to brave McCoy's lab down stairs. Guh.

"Hmmm…" thoughtful Tyler. Slowly feet help to spin him back to face the keys. "That guy's interesting if a bit weird. Not like anyone around here isn't weird but you know weird." Of course he's not explaining what he means very well. Instead he presses a few more keys to see what the notes will sound like. "The strong silent type?" He laughs leaning to the side nudging Kieran with his shoulder before slipping off the bench to leave him to his playing. "You're really good by the way," pointing at the piano. "I'll catch you later?"

"Yeah. A little gloomy. I'm not bad. I've been playing for awhile." Kieran says smiling a little bit as he continues playing,"Sure. I'll probably switch to the guitar here in not too long. Meghan is over there." He says casually, nodding his head to the otherside of the piano where a guitar case with the Irish flag on it rests against the piano. "She's feeling a little bit neglected I think." He says laughing a little weakly.

Tyler tips his head from one side then to the other. "Meghan? Ahh, the name of the axe. Good name!" Won't dare to pick up the guitar case let alone pop it open to check it out. "Tell you what…" Jogs over to the door to the music room. "Let me grab something to eat and I'll come back and listen to you play for a bit. Unless you don't want an audience. I'm cool either way." Offers up a warm smile as his hand flattens against the door. If Kieran would like the company Tyler will be back to listen for awhile otherwise he'll just grab something to eat and go exploring the grounds again. Either way not a bad afternoon!

"Sure. Feel free to come on back." Kieran says nodding his head a bit as Tyler heads out,"Feel free to come back and then all will be well." He says casually as he switches to Fur Elise. So he knows a couple of Beethoven pieces, this one is obviously not as well practiced as the Sonata as he seems to be focusing much more intently on the keys than just getting wrapped up in the music the way he did with the Sonata.

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