2009-04-12: Strange Moments


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Summary: Robyn and Vladimir chat a bit about family and music when things get…awkward.

Date: April 12, 2009

Log Title Strange Moments

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

Most of the day Robyn's been in the art room, in honour of Easter Sunday he's decided to scuplt his own version of the Monty Python bunny. He's scuplted it, along with a headless knight on a sort of grassy setting and once it was baked in the kiln, he's decided to paint it. He's nearly done with his own little project adding touches of red paint to look like blood from the rabbits mouth and coming from the headless knight and his helmed head laying a bit of a distance away from him. All in all the scupture is maybe five inches high and eight inches wide.

Vladimir walks into the art room deciding to check it out since he was board and Robyn had seemed excited about it. He walks thought the door and looks around. He blinks seeing Robyn sitting alone and walks over to him and places a hand on his back. He seems to gotten over the shock of the what happen last time. He looks down at the man eating bunny and smiles, "Well there’s something you don't see everyday."

Robyn looks up and grins from his bunny killing a knight scupture. "Hey, it's from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I figured the killer rabbit was a good thing in honour of Easter Sunday, what do you think? Too macabre?" He asks still smiling as he puts his paint brush in a cup of water and turns it slowly to look at the detail, and there's quite a bit of it. Little blades of grass, the hairs on the rabbit, the detail on the knights chainmail, he's good at scuplting.

Vladimir laughs and nods, "well it makes as much sense as coloring and hiding eggs." He sits down next to you, "Well maybe a macabre but another wrong with that. It looks good very cool. I am wondering why you here alone making killer bunnies and not out with your family or rocking out some place?"

At the mention of family, Robyn takes a deep breath and looks up. "My Mom still won't talk to me, she's still afraid of me being a mutant or something. And that I put someone in a coma for a few days. My Dad though, him and I talk. I don't know, this is who I am, it's not like I changed anything or am going to try to hide who I am, that'd be silly. And thanks for the compliment, and I'm here alone because I wanted to sculpt and my mp3 player's batteries died so no more music."

Vladimir nods and looks at Robyn. He frowns some and sighs, "Moms can be a bitches. I sorry if I dragged up some bad feelings." He looks at the bunny, "I think it needs more red on the nose" He reaches for some clay and start too move it in his hands making it into a ball, "Well I sure we can find batteries around here. A big place like this I am sure they have some."

Robyn shakes his head. "No, I'd never call my Mom a bitch, she's actually awesome, that's the weird thing about it. She's the one who always taught me to be myself." Robyn just shrugs again figuring she's just adjusting. "No, pink more than red, then it'll get too confusing with the blood and bunnies have more of a pink nose." Robyn says as he grasp a tiny paint brush and starts mixing some white and red together. "I should have used the glazes…and I just need to plug into a computer. Was rocking out to some VNV Nation earlier."

Vladimir nods and sighs, "Well I sure she get use to it I mean she most likely just in shock about it. Your lucky to have a mom who loves you." he looks at the ball in his hand and frowns not sure what to make he never been very artistic. He places the balls down on the table, "VNV I don't think I heard them before I mostly listen to Green day and Linking park."

Robyn nods. "I am lucky, I'm lucky I got adopted by cool parents." Robyn says with a chuckle. "Oh VNV Nation are this really awesome Industrial, EBM kind of band. They're got a good beat and are really fun to dance too. I like their stuff. So what about you Vlad, what are you doing wandering around on the holiday all by yourself?"

Vladimir nods and nods, "Oh your adopted that's cool." He nods, "not into Industrial that much more into punk, alterative, some 80's rock, and I have a thing for love song." He laughs a bit, "My mother does not care about me." He brings up his fist and slams it on the table squashing the clay ball he made, "All she cares about is where she gets her next fix."

"I love 80's rock. The Cure, The Smiths, Missing Persons, Depeche Mode, DAvid Bowie though he started in the seventies…" Robyn says trailing off before stopping and getting really quiet at Vladimir's next words. He was never a very social person, he was always that 'weird kid' in school with a few friends and he's never had that much family problems himself. "I'm sorry to hear that, at least you're here with people that seem nice and that want to be friends with you no matter how different you are? Cause well…we're all different? That sounds stupid, I'm sorry."

Vladimir peels the clay off the table and starts to make a ball again. He does not speak or look at Robyn for a long moment, "It not stupid. I came here for those reasons. I do not care about going to school and all but one of my powers I have control of. I was just sick of being alone even thought the last three years I lived with a friend and his mom I was never part of there family. I was hoping for a normal life here. Not sure if that can be found here anymore."

"I don't know, does normal exist when you're a psychic vampire, and I'll admit, a part of me thinks it's really cool." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I can't claim the control part but the only subjects that ever held interest with me were art, orchestra and German class. I'm here to learn control cause, well you saw in the woods, I don't have any. Yeah…normal life. Look at us, it'll be about a normal a life as the Addams Family. And at least you had someone to call a friend and whose family let you live with them. It might not have been your family but they did care enough about you to take you in right?"

Vladimir laughs and starts to sing (off key) the Addams family theme even snapping his fingers. He then stops and nods, "well I know allot of normal people" he marks quote marks with his fingers when said normal people, "who call them selves Psychic Vampire I even met a few when I used to go clubbing" He shrugs, "if they are real or not I couldn't tell you." He then nods, "yah they did care about me and brought me in. I did have to pay rent but that was not hard."

Robyn grins and runs a hand through his hair. "I've snuck into one or two clubs in the city, it was fun and I know what you mean. And you've been to clubs where people said they were 'Vampires' and you haven't heard of VNV Nation? They're played in almost any Goth Club in the city." Robyn says with a chuckle. He may look Emo but he's more into the 'goth' style of things but over all he does what he likes not caring about which label it falls under.

Vladimir shrugs, "maybe I have I don't know I never went to the clubs for the music. It all sounds the same to me. I went to find a hook up for the night. Guy girl it does not matter to me. All that counts is the person willing a drug free."

"Drugs never were for me." Robyn says as he figures he's already too spacey and imaginative with out them. He's just never had the urge. "I haven't been that much cause even with a fake ID, look at me, I don't look eighteen. I have a baby face." He says with a big grin and for someone who likes morbid things he's really happy and upbeat. "I never went to find someone, I like the music and the dancing."

Vladimir nods and looks over the Emo looking guy. Vladmir always had a thing for Emo as well as goth and Euro trash looking people and he wonders if Robyn is well playing in left field. he reaches over and strokes Robyn’s cheek, "Tell me Robyn do you enjoy guys or girls?"

Robyn pulls back from the sudden cheek stroke and seems a bit startled. "Um..um..uh..I've never had a…significant other." Is all he says as he's suddenly a mix of nervous, uncomfortable and flustered. "I've never enjoyed either. I'm just myself. I don't know." He's just very guarded about his sexuality at the moment.

Vladimir can't help but smile at his class mate reaction, "Easy there Rob I am not going jump your bone or anything just wondering because you are cute. If you are into guys I would mind helping you in that field." He smiles some and then continues, "If not don't worry about it I not going press the issues."

Robyn nods and stands up. "Well I should be going anyway Vlad, I need to get my homework done before tomorrow. I'm horrible about procrastinating and I think I have to start cleaning up a bit as I heard I have a roomate now. Nice talking to you Vlad my fellow Addams Family weirdo." He says chuckling with a wave as he puts his scupture in a safe spot to dry. He's still a bit weirded out by what Vlad said more because he's just not really 'out' or anything yet.

Vladimir frowns some at Robyn’s worlds and nods, "hey listen I sorry if I scared you I didn't mean to. I am also sorry if I stepped over a line." He sighs and would offer to help with his homework but decides that at this point it might not be the best idea, "If you want to talk about this then I will listen." He knows there more to this they you being a striate guy who just got hit on. He seen others react that way to being hit on by the same sex and then a year or so later come out. Then again he might be reading into this too much. He rolls the clay ball in his hands some more and watches Robyn clean up.

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