2009-02-12: Strange Things About


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Summary: Lots of shapeshifting…things…are about.

Date: February 12, 2009

Log Title Strange Things About

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's a beautiful day out, and even warm by February's standards, so Cammie's decided to skip class and head out to the city to enjoy the day. It's not every day you get days like these, but it's every day that you have class so she decided what the hell. There's a small flying squirrel sitting on her shoulder as she sits on one of the benches in Central Park, with her earbuds blasting the lastest teen crave band while picking at a large cookie.

Someone cue the theme from Jaws. A strange purple oddity has selected Cammie, her squirrel, and that cookie as a target today. Nightshade, perched in a tree, is watching the girl carefully. "Squirrely…" it's alien voice whispers excitedly. "No. Cookie first…" the human voice chides. Lifting a arm, Nightshade takes aim and fires a webline out in attempt to snag that cookie!

WHEEEEEEE! That's what's going through Kevin's mind as he races around in the grass. To everyone else, he's just a stray Harlequin Great Dane who's having a blast. He's got a leather collar on with a brass tag, and his fur is a bit grass-stained as he has been rolling around in whatever wet patches he can find. He's racing in Cammie's direction, and it looks like he's going to leap over her head or into her lap, depending on how much height he gets.

As the cookie is snatched out of Cammie's hand, it scares both her and Puck. The little flying squirrel leaps off of her shoulder and seems to shift in mid-air, landing as a big brown bear and lets out a roar at the direction the cookie flew. She's about to stand up when there's a dog that jumps over her head and right into her lap. "What the hell?!" He she exclaims in confusion as Puck the bear stands up and, for a bear, has a confused look on his face too.

"COOKIE!" Nightshade's fused voice declares happily, poking his head out if the leaves to absorb the tasty treat into his 'suit'. When the bear appears, the oddity pauses while chewing and stares. "Squirrely turned into bear!" the alien voice whispers. "Bad bear?" the human voice asks as Nightshade hops out of the tree to look at Puck carefully. He doesn't seem to notice the dog, crawling over and poking at Puck gently to make sure he's real.

A nice way to meet the /ladies/. Although this one is a little underaged… So Kevin just wags his tail at her and tries to look innocent. He does stop to blink, though, when he sees Izzy and the bear that was formerly a squirrel. What the heck. Someone horning in on his cute-shapeshifting-to-get-free-food routine?

Puck the bear looks at Nightshade indignantly and in a young male voice says "That's our cookie not your cookie!" Cammie is too busy with the dog on her lap, and something is very wrong about the dog. "You're not an animal." She says to it cautiously and Puck the bear goes back down on all fours and leans over to sniff Kevin. "You're right." Answers ther bear. Cammie shakes her head. "What the hell, first you take my cookie, and I liked that cookie, and this thing, pretending to be a dog jumps in my lap!"

"Bear can talk!" Nightshade's alien voice jumps in surprise. "We were hungry and the cookie was good," the human voice says right back. Attention turns to Cammie and Kevin-dog, Nightshade crawling closer. "Nightshade was hungry…" the alien says when things start clearin up a bit in his head. "We're sorry…" the human voice trails off.

Kevin just… stares. "Man, this is weird even for me," he woofs, clearly in an adult male voice. No need to fake it if they've already pegged him. "Did I step into the twilight zone?" The great dane shuffles off of the girl's lap and sits on the bench.

Both Cammie and Puck stare indignantly at Izzy. "Well then get your own cookie, don't steal mine and I know it was good, I wanted to eat it." She says a little annoyed, but then he apologizes and she just sighs. "Next time ask don't just steal." Cammie then looks at the dog. "No you didn't, just New York City. At least I hope this is still New York City. Puck in the mean time shrinks down into a Bobcat and takes his place on Cammie's lap.

"Puppy talks too!" Nightshade's alien voice seems annoyed, hopping up onto the bench and leaning closely to Kevin to sniff at him. "Puppy smell weird," the alien adds. "We're sorry but we were hungry…" the human voice repeats. When Puck transforms, Nightshade stares and leans over to sniff the bobcat now.

You page, "He would notice that both Cammie and Puck have the same exact scent." to Izzy.

"Puppy" has no scent. Unless you count the wet grass and dirt he's been rolling in. It's one of the fun mysteries of Kevin. "And /you/ look wierd," he says to Izzy. So! Care to explain the magical shape-shifting animal? Kinda thought I was the only one. At least for a few blocks. Talk about a stab to the pride."

"How'd you know it was magic?" Asks Puck, now a bobcat, as Cammie puts her face in her hand. "Puuuck..well, he's my friend and him and I are companions." Don't ask either of them to explain beyond that, they don't know how their bond works. "So what about you, you're obviously not an animal of any kind." Puck though leans over to sniff Izzy back in return. "Why do you have two voices?" The bobcat asks.

Nightshade lets out a little annoyed noise. "Changey-Cat smells like Cookie Girl. Is Cookie Girl a changey girl?" the human voice asks curiously. "Nightshade does not look weird, Nightshade looks like Nightshade," the alien voice replies to Kevin in a matter-of-fact tone. When asked about his voices the being shrugs. "There are two of us," the human one asks. Of course right now, the strange little guy smells like that cookie, wet tree, and a teenager that really needs a bath. Ew.

Kevin smirks and waggles his eyebrows at Puck. "You just told me! And how do you know I'm not an animal? I did say 'magical,' didn't I?" He blinks at Izzy. "Two of you, eh? More magic?"

"You smell icky." Says Puck his little Bobcat face trying to make an 'ew' face. "Yeah, you really do smell like you need a bath." Cammie chimes in, she doesn't smell Izzy but her connection with Puck lets her know. "You don't feel like an animal." Cammie says simply.

"We're not magic, we're just us," Nightshade's human voice says with a laugh. Reaching over, he tries to pet the Kevin-dog. Sure, he's a bit rougher than the average person but he's trying not to inflict harm. "Nightshade smell's like Nightshade," the alien tells Puck. "Bath? We'll go swim in the fountain later," the human voice tells Cammie. Apparently he has no soap.

Kevin's ears flatten as he's roughly petted by Nightshade. "Hey! Watch the material," he says and inches away from him. Then he tilts his head at Cammie and Puck. "Okay, so I'm a ghost. A magical ghost. Who's a little bored of talking, too. So I'm gonna go back to rolling around in the grass." The great dane hops off the bench and looks around for a good spot to continue said-rolling.

Puck gives Kevin a curious look and waves a paw. "Bye bye…" He says as he turns to Cammie with a wide eyed look. "Do you think he's like us?" Cammie just shrugs and ruffles Puck's hair. "So you." She says to Nightshade. "Swim in the fountain? Use soap. It helps, a lot."

Nightshade seems confused for a moment before stretching his arm to follow Kevin as he inches away. "Silly puppy," the alien voice mutters. "No ghostie…" he human voice chimes. "Nightshade wants to play too!" the alien goes on, grinning below his 'mask' as Kevin starts to leave. Just as it seems he's about to pounce the great dane, Nightshade is stopped by Cammie's question. "What's soap?" the third, fused voice asks.

Kevin hasn't gone off yet. He's still looking around, letting his ears pivot as if he can hear something. He sniffs the air, then the ground, then digs away until he has a nice, sizable dirtpatch. "This'll do," he comments before turning over and rolling in it. There's just something about being a dog. Others should try it someday.

As Kevin is still in the area, Puck hops off of Cammie's lap and takes a few steps away from Cammie, careful not to get too far off. "So, are you really a ghost?" He asks Kevin as Cammie continues to be grossed out by Nightshade. "Soap, it's the stuff you clean yourself with, so you don't smell so gross."

Nightshade's focus is split, watching Kevin and Puck for a moment before looking to Cammie. "Soap makes clean?" the alien asks. "Is it the bubble candy?" the human asks after a few moments of thought.

Kevin pauses mid-roll and opens one eye to peek at Puck. "Hmmm?" He flips onto his belly and looks over with a wagging tail. "Sure! Why not? Dogs certainly can't /talk/, and like you said, I don't feel like an animal. I can also make myself look death. Wanna see?" But without waiting for a response, already his form looks rotten. Half of his canine skull shows underneath decaying fur with an eye missing. His ribs poke out of his body and two of his legs become skeletal. Little flies start buzzing around him and he makes low moans, like a zombie.

Puck's fur stands on end and he leaps up into Cammie's arm, claws digging into her jacket. "It's okay Puck, it's okay." She says petting his fur. "And yes, sopa is the stuff that makes you clean, it is bubbly but not candy. I can buy you a bar if you want. It's probably two bucks at the store."

Nightshade nods. "Nightshade will get soap," the alien says, curious now. "Can we have chocolate too?" the human voice asks. Turning slowly, the odddity's gaze settles on Zombie-Dog-Kevin and he ripples. A hiss escapes the young oddity. "Nightshade break bad monster-puppy!" the alien voice yells out as the oddity leaps at Kevin with intent to tackle.

Kevin blinks his one good eye when Nightshade leaps at him. "Whoops." He's quickly tackled to the ground, leaving two skeletal legs and a piece of his tail laying in the dirt. "Hey! I'm fragile in this state," he yells at the alien.

"You just want everything now? First you steal my cookie, I offer to buy you soap and now you want chocolate? Get your parents to buy you some." Cammie says with a frustrated sigh. Though when Nightshade tackles the zombie dog, turns to look away from both Kevin and Nightshade, burring her face in Puck, as Kevin in that state is really gross. "Ewwwwww!" Says the Bobcat.

"We don't have parent people," Nightshade's human voice says back, excited. Meanwhile, the alien lets out another hiss. "Nightshade smash!" right before trying to bring both fists down on Zombie-Kevin's head. Something's made him mad it seems.

Kevin's good eye and empty eye socket both widen when Nightshade goes psycho. Suddenly he's wearing a football helmet, but that doesn't seem to help. When the fists smash Kevin in the head, his head detaches from his body and rolls a few yards away. The body just lays there while his good eye blinks a few times. "… Now was that really necessary?"

Cammie may be a mutant with a talking shapeshifing companion but she still finds what's going on with Kevin gross. She stands up and seems really freaked out. "Stop it, just stop right now, both of you, oh my god, are you okay?" She asks the Zombie dog as he's still talking. Puck in the meantime shifts back into a bear and tries to get between the two.

Heads rolling off and then talking is enough to cause Nightshade to pause. "Bad monster-puppy," the alien voice growls, watching Kevin warily. When Puck comes over and goes all Bear again, the oddity starts to speak. There's a pause and he looks up. "Nightshade find…" it growls. "Bye!" the human voice adds as the strange little creature leaps into the air and webswings away. Who knows what's up.

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