2011-06-14: Strange Walk


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Summary: Teenage mutants go to Mutant Town to see how things are for people who live there and to check out the Embassy. Tyler called Jono over to talk with and also to have the mans presence there to ward off trouble.

Date: June 14, 2011

Log Title: Strange Walk

Rating: PG

Mutant Town- Avenue B

//Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture. //

It's been a trek over from Westchester to Mutant Town for the blonde haired teens walking down Avenue B hand in hand. Having heard of this location in passing conversation Tyler had suggested heading over to check things out, gain some exposure to other mutants, and generally see how everyone fared living in their own community away from the humans. During the travel over Tyler put in a phone call to Jono mentioning where they were going and if he'd like to keep them from getting mauled or just to hang out and answer a billion questions; that would be cool.

In one of the few places where people don't care whether or not he looks like he's on fire, Jonothon does indeed have his psy-fire out. It curls around him, lazily coiling on the air, mostly drifting out behind as he walks. While he replied that he would meet the pair, the Brit didn't say where. No, he found them all by himself, and seems to appear around a corner as if by magic. The magic of using telepathy and walking over. Wearing black, looking little different than the last time, he lifts a hand in way of hello before the three meet on the sidewalk. « What possessed you to come down here? » Asked with a confused look. « This is a bad part of town. »

Wearing a button down dark blue dress shirt left unbuttoned over a light grey fitted t-shirt, a black belt about his waist and black skinny fit jeans, Kiearn holds his boyfriend's hand as they walk along,"Is it? I've been here a few times with the school to do community service for people. Although not in this area." He says casually as he has his free hand hooked into the pocket of his jeans.

In khaki cargo pants, black skater shoes, and a loose white dress shirt unbuttoned to just below the collar bone, Tyler waves in greeting to the flaming man. "Hey, Jono. Glad you could come down here for awhile." The question has him shrugging his shoulders as he tries to get out of the path of others walking along the sidewalk. "Why not come down here? Where better to learn about other mutants than amongst them?"

« Spoken like a true, ignorant teen-ager. » The man seems amused though, looking off as he recognizes someone on the other side of the street. Jonothon lifts a hand in greeting and is given a cheerful wave. Not quite the dangerous appearance he was speaking of, is it? « Considering how many times I've been attacked here? How couldn't I be wary of it, and worried about you two blokes? That said, was there some reason you came down here? » There's no good shopping here, very few restaurants, and little in the way of sites to see. It's nearly a slum, for all certain people are working to rebuild aspects of it. « You can learn about how lousy mutants are treated just fine in safer locations. »

"Well from what I've gathered there is no such a thing as a safe place." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,""And the school doesn't exactly show us what it's like out here for those whose gifts are obvious." He says casually seemingly unconcerned. "I'm just along for the ride today and to make sure if things do start going wrong that Tyler should be able to get away a little bit easier." Given his powers….

"No," Tyler insists shaking his head. "You don't really learn a thing unless you're in it. Hence why we're down here. I totally appreciate the concern but with you here we're doing a bit better than we would be on our own." Part of the reason he called Jono was to have someone who was street smart with them as well as be able to answer questions. "Nothing will go wrong," he sighs dramatically at them both. "Then again if you guys jinx it," he teases with a mock-stern look. "Take a look around, maybe meet some people and ask them what it's like here and go check out the Embassy was the plan."

« Heh. » Jonothon looks off, and gives up. Kids never listen to him. Ah well, he wouldn't have listened to him at that age either. « Don't jinx yourself. » By claiming that nothing will go wrong. Yet in spite of it all there's a small smile spreading. « You get mugged I'm letting them. » The Brit warns, knowing that there are mutants more powerful than the Xavier kids out here, but he shifts topics without a hitch. Points off. « The Embassy is over that way. It takes the whole block. Worth having a good at. » He knows, for he helped build it. « You want to meet people, lead on. »

"So shall we go check out the Embassy then?" Kieran suggests trying to move things along. Truth be told, he's not entirely comfortable with being here in the open space and dressed like he is in an area that's so run down. Sure there's a lot more for him to work with here than in other places, but he'd rather not have to start because then there's all sort of problems that can start happening as a result.

Tyler gazes off in the distance in the direction the embassy is in. "So Mutant Town is just about as bad as taking a stroll through the ghetto? Hmm, instead of guns and knives you get tentacles and Oscar the Grouch?" Tipping his head in the direction of a green furred man sitting on a bench across the street near a beat up refuse bin. "This kind of reminds me of Demolition Man. You guys ever see that?" He begins explaining the movie as he walks with the others down the street. "Hey! In that vein is there someone around selling rat hamburgers?" That would be gross. There are a few heads turning here and there. Whether they are eying the boys or Jono, who can tell?

Jonothon decides not to answer about the ghetto, but he does say of the guns, « No, you get those too. There was a point of a few months I was getting shot at nearly every other day here. » It's not always the mutants one has to worry about. And while he has seen the movie, the man rolls his eyes. No, he doesn't think people are eyeing him. He's been around too often for that. Hands are tucked into pockets as he falls into pace with the teens. Psy-fire trails behind him, looking like a living thing as it plays on the air. « Do you mean to insult people like that? » Asked mildly of rat burgers.

"I'm thinking that saying they're serving ratburgers might be a very insulting thing." Kieran says a little nervously as he walks along,"I wouldn't know about ghettos. However, here's hoping that we don't have to use our abilities. I don't think that the people here would like to deal with the damage that we would end up causing." He says laughing a little bit, although looking very very nervous.

"I think that came off in a way that I hadn't really intended. It was just something in the movie and I was joking around about it. There was stuff like that," pointing over to an old rusted car that's been turned into an outdoor chair complete with grafitti. "Just a lot of similarities but instead of a race of people being shoved underground it's mutants shoved over here which is uncool." Tyler doesn't seem all that nervous as he's wandering towards the embassy nodding to people who look his way and saying hello to those that actually seem friendly enough. There's a squish of Kieran's hand as he looks over to Jono, "So I ran into Magneto, quite literally, and he might be doing this summer thing where students go help out in Genosha. What do you think about that? I mean, you know him and you've helped with the embassy and everything."

« Oh, that came off bloody horrible. » The Brit claims with a smirk. « Then don't make trouble. » To Kieran. Yet there's still one of those greetings to an old man sitting on a stoop. Jonothon lifts a hand as the three pass. « Hey, mate. » The old man flicks ash off his cigarette, his hands almost more of claws for all he looks normal otherwise, "Jono." A non commital reply if ever there were on. Then Tyler is speaking of Magneto, and Jono shifts his attention to the teen. Jono doesn't respond immediately though, psy-fire shifting noticeable as the man thinks. This is a troubling topic for him. « You should be careful, Tyler. There's a reason Magneto has a negative reputation, and it's not all that exaggerated by the media. The idea of heading to Genosha makes me nervous. I don't think he'd mean you any harm, and I know he truly wants Genosha to flourish, but the man is too driven. »
How to explain this? Jono looks uncomfortable. « If he asked you it was because he has some goal in mind, not because he wants to help you. I guess that's the best way to describe it. You have to decide if your being used is out weighed by what you can learn. It's why I've done what I have for him. I learn more than I do. »

"Hey! I have no intention of causing trouble. I don't like having to fight." Kieran says rolling his eyes a little bit he walks along. "I think most people use people in any situation when they're in positions of power." He says showing a bit of a cynical side. It's not like he thinks Emma Frost is being altruistic in her view of things."Magneto though can teach him a lot. He's apparently brilliant and he's powerful. Although he's also incredibly dangerous from what I've gathered."

A few people pass by though Tyler seems relaxed about their passing. Sure they set off the creepsome vibe but if they don't start anything then he won't either. Jono has pretty much confirmed what he had thought up all on his own about Magneto which is why he wanted to ask the older man the question in the first place. "He's brilliant, intimidating but like you've found he knows a lot and of course there is a trade off. I just don't know what he'd want from me. That and I'd be helping Genosha out and that sounds like a good cause."
Freeing his hand from Kierans the teen tucks his hands into his pants pockets with a shrug of his shoulders. "I've never fought anyone. I'd rather not start now." Nods his head towards his boyfriend. "I was wondering how difficult it might be to see if Magneto would help Kieran as well. There's power stuff in common and no one else on campus has those skills." Slips behind Kieran as they walk then pops over onto the other side to take Kieran's other hand. "You still want to talk to him right?"

Jonothon looks to Kieran, showing rue, and shoulders slump. « So, remind me again why I'm bothering with you two geniuses that know absolutely everything? » The sarcasm there is thick, yes. The thin man's psy-fire lashes about with a brief ire. It doesn't show on his features however. There's fire flickering in eyes however. Tyler he shrugged at for his words, « You can ignore what I say as you will, but remember, you asked. If you train with Magneto you will fight. You spend time with him and you will be targeted. The choice is, as ever, yours. » The Brit stops after that, looking away from the teens and keeping much of his thoughts to himself.

"Well have you ever met someone who was in charge that didn't have their own agenda?" Kieran asks looking at Jono curiously. "I have to wonder if we are any less of a target just being what we are and not hiding in shadows." He says seriously looking towards Jonothon. "And we don't know everything, just planning things out right now." As Tyler moves to his other side, Kieran smiles a little bit at his boyfriend,"And of course I still want to talk to him, and if you're going to Genosha, loved to go with you… just in case."

Tyler peers over towards Jono as the Embassy is not far away. "I don't mean to sound like an ass or whatever. I appreciate that you are telling me what you think. Not sure if I'll train with Magneto but he is a professor at the school so it's bound to happen some time." The embassy is quite a sight to see from where they are now. Having never seen it before Tyler is already peering up at it while keeping an eye on where he's walking. "I'm hoping that nothing happens in Genosha or here for that matter but it's always good to have someone with you." For that he smiles over at the guys.

There's a thumb jerked at Kieran. « Mostly he is. » Being an arse. To Kieran Jonothon notes, « And yes, I have. It's just very rare. » The smile from Tyler isn't returned, but there's no more trash talk from the Brit. « I know someone who might better tell you about Genosha, but I barely know the bloke. He teaches Chloe, but isn't a professor at the school. Quicksilver, the Avenger. He was once a minister in Magneto's Genosha government. I've never been there, but he has. He was there during some of the worst of it too. You want to know about that place ask either Magneto or Maximoff. » The embassy seemingly grows as you all approach and he looks up at it. « I don't believe Magneto to be an evil man, but he loses sight of important things in his struggle to achieve his goal. Like people's lives. » A sad sound that.

"Not trying to sound like an ass." Kieran says shrugging a little bit as he lets out a bit of a sigh and just decides that it is probably a better thing to just be silent for the time being. He isn't sure what he thinks entirely of Magneto, or Tyler going to Genosha. Since there's really nothing else to put his opinion on right now, he's silent, looking towards the Embassy and taking in exactly how it looks.

Not sure what's going on between Jono and Kieran so Tyler just looks between the two and frowns. "I'm not sure what I believe right now. What's on tv is one thing but even within the school there are so many opinions about everything but the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that there's trouble." Having been warned numerous times by various people it's a wonder students remain. It is probably because there is nowhere else for them to go and those that need the help and can't find it elsewhere. "There was some attack in the city the other day that claimed Connor. No one's certain where he is or if he's alive or dead but it has to do with some other students crazy parents. They don't talk about this sort of thing when the smiling person comes into your home pitching the school."

Jonothon looks down for Tyler's words. « No, they don't. » Talk about that in the pitch. But the Brit doesn't explain his experiences at the school to the boys. Like so many others he tries to spare them that. « I can only tell you what I know of Magneto, and because you asked. » His tone is subdued as he looks back to the embassy. « We built the whole building in one night, Magneto and I. We linked minds, pooled our powers and put the whole thing together. It was the most brilliant thing I think I've ever experienced. His mind is utterly amazing. Yet at the same time he belittles me nearly every moment, and his idea of trying to train me is to see how many ways he can try to kill me. Every week he does his best to hurt me and calls it teaching me. I endure because I do learn, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it, or his verbal abuse. » Fire backed eyes shift to Tyler and Kieran after he speaks, and there's a moment of quiet, « Be careful. Don't accept blindly. That's all I can ask. » Jono doesn't think Magneto likes him, for all the other actually does.

"Heather's parents." Kieran says seriously,"It was Heather's parents. Connor went through what appeared to be a black hole, and Robyn's seriously worried that he's gone for good." His voice is a little soft as he speaks. "Robyn's positively distraught over it." He says in that same soft voice,"So he's the type that makes you put everything on the line in order to get results? Sounds terrifying." And it sounds like he actually means it,"And it is incredible to see something like that and realize how it was done."

"Heather's parents? I hadn't met her but that's terrible. I've met Connor and Robyn and I really do hope that Connor is alright. Maybe I could try to help Robyn somehow." Tyler looks thoughtful as the trio are now just outside the embassy peering up at the architecture. "I'm not sure I could handle being treated the way you are Jono. Yeah, some people think that's the best way to train people or make them learn something but it doesn't work so great. Like taking a kid that can't swim and throwing them in the deep end then yelling at them for nearly drowning." The teen clearly doesn't like that at all and gives Kieran's hand a squeeze, "And I wouldn't want you training with him if he's going to do something like that. Learning how to be uber isn't worth the abuse. For me either." Gazing back up at the building, "You two did this in a night? Frakin crazy. Can people go in? I'd love to see the inside. Kieran? You want to go check it out?"

There's no reply for most of what the teens say. More than a little rude of his own for all he doesn't mean it. Jonothon nods about going inside and motions to the embassy doors. « All mutants are welcome. » Not his words, but he borrows them now. « I don't know anything about Heather's parents. » The Brit admits at last, climbing the steps and opening the doors he motioned to earlier. Everything about the building is beautiful, yet durable. Magneto made sure every detail was soon to, leaving the whole structure nearly more work of art than place to live and work. Only inside does he admit, « I learned to swim, but his training means aren't for everyone. » The verbal abuse doesn't affect him too badly. More of he gets tired of it than truly upset. He doesn't at all mention Robyn, not having seen the other in many months. « Go on, explore. The areas that are off limits are clearly marked. I need to speak to someone here. »
Starts to turn, only to stop, « There are secret passages. Why not amuse yourself in trying to find them. » Jonothon nearly smiles for that, and lifts a hand. « Cheers. » Seems he's going to take his leave of the teens, and doesn't linger after his idea of farewell.

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