2009-02-26: Strangers In A Strange Land


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Summary: Addison wakes up to Sam bringing food down. Eddie joins them as they discuss what Addison can remember at that time, though there may be more for later.

Date: February 26, 2009

Strangers in a Strange Land

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

After hearing about what happened last night, Sam was given the task to head down stairs and check on Addison and the Other-Emma as well as bringing them something to eat. He's not the doctor type but it must be that he's one of the young ones back on the team again. He walks in carrying a tray with some soup, toast and juice on it. "Howdy, how y'all feelin'?" Not seeing whose awake and whose asleep yet. Whoops.

Lying on his stomach due to the back injury, Addison turns his head to the voice. "Not bad, considering I just broke free from someone controlling my actions for the past few years." He says, with a slight shrug. "Em is still out. It took a lot out of her to help me break the control." He says, somewhat softly. His hair is tangled and jumbled, having been kept under clothing for a while now. "Any… chance of finding a brush anywhere?"

Sam nods as he listens to Addison. "Well Ah guess we're just free the two of ya broke free." Sam says putting the lunch down next to Addison. "Ah think there's probably a brush 'round here." He says as he looks around to see if he can find a brush, or a comb or something. "Ah'm Sam by the way, and it's gonna be weird havin' two Emma's 'round here."

"I don't think she'll be here long. Emma, despite her quite and shy nature, tends to push towards things she believes in." Addison says with a nod. "At least, that's what she was like before." Of course, it's obviously a different Emma. Quiet. Shy. "She's already planning to go back and start helping with reconstruction." The food can wait a few minutes, for now.

Sam just stops and looks at Addison with surprise. "Ya gotta be jokin' with me. Emma, shy and quite? Ah swear, the day Emma is shy and quite is the day… Ah don' know but Ah have a hard time believin' that." Though the pushing towards things she believes in does ring true as long as it's what serves Emma best in the end. "So what exactly's goin' on out there that's causin' all this?"

Addison shakes his head softly. "Have you ever wondered what would happen if your world were taken over by an interdimensional alien race? Ours… was. I was a freedom fighter from age fourteen, helping get people away from them. It finally worked two years ago. But that's when someone else took over. He feeds on the darkness in the minds of humanity, letting it help him control more." He explains as he runs fingers through a knot in his hair. "Amahl Farouk. Shadow King. First, he took the telepaths. Myself and a few others. Then he took the telekinetics. Then… he took most of the world. Some remained free, avoiding him. Some were simply dark enough that they went willingly along with his desires."

Sam listens to Addison and shakes his head. "Boy howdy that sounds like some mess." He says walking over with the brush that he finally found. "Well it's good to hear ya'll broke free, and the X-Men will be doin' what we can t' stop this and help those under control." He's heard the name The Shadow King before, and had to deal with him before and knows he's not some push over.

"Well, As soon as the doctor gives me permission to move, I'll be joining you. I'm not going to let my people remain under the control of some… heartless monster that wants to destroy another world just for his pleasure." Addison nods, accepting the brush with a quiet, 'Thanks', as he begins running it through the long red strands. "I think taking down the others at the island should be a priority. The field will be weaker without me. Only one of the telekinetics was stronger. The other was slightly below me. However, the strongest telepath is still out there."

"Well any information ya have will help since it seems there are versions of us, there." Sam says and he remembers when The Shadow King possed Karma, that wasn't an easy time. "Well, Ah'll talk to Scott and see what we can do. Who are the others that are creatin' the field?"

Addison nods softly as he considers Sam's words. "There are four still on the outside holding it up. Then… there's the groups on the inside fighting to control the people. But the first four are the targets. Charles, Elizabeth, Dante, and Jean." He offers, brushing through a thick tangle. The hair does come apart, perhaps in part to his own telekinetic separation.

"So if we take down the other four, we can git inside the city t' try to take them down." Sam says thinking that having Addison around now is significant advantage. "So y'all are different versions of us attackin' our world right?" Sam asks as that's what it seems like to him.

"I… have no idea. I only came to last night. I've been under his control for two years." Addison says with a mild shrug as he thinks things over. "I've heard of the other Emma since getting here. Is there another me here?" He asks, raising his eyebrow.

"Ah don't recall ever seein' another one of ya, but then that don't mean there ain't one." Sam says as he wasn't around when Addison was created. "Ah just still can't believe that there's a quiet and shy Emma out there." Sam says shaking his head.

"She's right there." Addison points a finger to her. Her hair is also not blonde. It's darker, closer to brown but not quite. "I don't figure I was. The Shadow King liked to taunt me with the fact that I was a genetic manipulation." He says with a shrug. "He never learned to realize that we get over things."

Sam didn't recognise her without the platinum blond hair and the best boobs money could pay for. "Some of us are stronger than people relize. Ya gotta be when ya choose this kinda lifestyle. It ain't always easy but ya gotta realize that ya can't let it defeat ya. Ah'm glad t' hear your free of that."

"Believe me, so am I. But we're not out of the water yet." Addison says, still brushing away at the last few tangles. "Not until the whole thing is over with. He nods quickly as he finally moves himself into an upright position.

"Ah know we ain't but Ah ain't givin' up on this either." Sam says eventually finds a seat and sits down. "So do y'all have a world t' go back to?" Sam says worring that if they don't is there going to be two of everyone here now cause that'd be really strange.

"Of course. They were rebuilding it before Amahl started taking over. I have a feeling that's what most people are going to do. Go back to finish, if we can get the people here free." Addison says, nodding softly as he finally finishes the last knot. His hair is a little frizzy, but that can be dealt with later. Of course, the hospital gown leaves his back free, showing the large red stripe he was given by last night's sword.

"Well we'll be doin' our best t' get them free." Sam's not going to say any definatey 'yes we will' or 'no we won't' because honestly, you don't know. What he does know is that they won't go down without a fight. "So how'd ya get that nasty lookin' cut on your back?"

"I only remember bits and pieces. I was just starting to break free, with Emma's help." Addison nods to the almost-brunette sans boob job who's still asleep on another bed. "And this woman made of black rock or glass or something, shoved a sword at me. Fortunately, the Doctor that was there last night rolled in time to prevent it from doing too much."

Sam makes a wincing type face as Addison says the bit about getting a sword shoved at him. "Well Ah'm glad your okay then and that the Doctor..which Doctor?" He asks trying to remember, but then it dawns on him that Jeri went. "Ah right, that Doctor. Sorry Ah was tryin' to think of which of the X-Men that went were Doctors."

"It's obsidian. Volcanic glass. Dunno who she thinks she is but I think she might be in league with the demon I ran into. They were both there when I ran into Crimson Cowl and Marvel Boy…atleast your Crimson Cowl and Marvel Boy," comes a sudden voice from the entrance to the room. It's Eddie, dressed in jeans and a 'Fantastic Four' t-shirt. He's also got a pair of goggles atop his head for some reason. Walking into the room with a frown, he looks around. "Dr. Reyes asked me to come check on the patients…" he explains.

"Yes, the one that had the son to find." Addison nods quickly. "I hope they made it. I… well, Emma and I both passed out at the time." He admits, a little sheepishly as he finally reaches out for the water he was brought with his lunch. He turns his head back towards the new voice and offers a nod. "You assist her? Mm. Good, they teach people useful skills here." He says with approval.

Sam chuckles as Eddie comes in and says that Dr. Reyes asked him to check on the patients. "Ah reckon Ceci and Scott should communicate more often since Scott sent me down here t' do the same and bring em' lunch a while ago. This here is one of the students, Eddie, Eddie, this is Addison."

Eddie frowns. "Dr. Reyes probably would've sent me even if she did know," he says, shifting on the spot a bit. He pauses at the name given by same. "Addison…Falk?" he asks, remembering from the files. Shaking his head, Eddie takes a deep breath. "I work with Dr. Reyes cause I asked for it specifically…dunno if anyone else is getting the training. I just figured I should get more skills if my powers were gonna be what they were…"

"Yes." Addison nods quickly. Of course, the files also showed him as a thirty something computer construct leading a team of computer constructed non-X-Men. "All powers are useful, even if they may not seem like it." Of course, that's when things start adding up to Addison. "Wait. Enhancer." He says, looking at Eddie in a new light. "With him, it may be even easier to get them to stop this foolish war." He says, considering things logically. "Though that would require him being out there. That's… not as good of an idea." He shakes his head as he begins formulating more ideas in his head.

"Enchancer?" Sam asks curiously. "How do ya know about what Eddie here can do? Ah think we gotta talk to Scott 'bout a few things, also 'bout what ya've been tellin' me. Probably come up with a plan of some sort insteda just jumpin' in. Seem like this has been planned for a while and we was takin' by surprise."

Eddie sighs, hanging his head for a moment. "I want to meet this Enhancer if so many people keep mentioning him to me," he says. "See if I can talk some sense into myself," he adds. His expression lacks that usual 'spark' it usually does. "I'm not afraid to go back out and help fight…" he says, moving over to check on the other injured parties. "You're…not a computer created being in that reality?" he asks Addison. Shaking his head slightly, he looks up at Sam. "There's another one of me from his reality too, sir. A bunch of others have been mentioning him after seeing me or getting beat in fights."

"No. I am a genetic creation, though." Addison admits. "Essex created me." He says, offering a slight yawn. "I apologize, I think I'm going to need a little more sleep today." He says, stretching out on the bed he's on, back up since that's where the injury is. "And yes. But, he may not be helping willingly. I've never been in contact with him, only seen images of him." He says to Eddie. "Most of the people here aren't doing it because they want to. Many of us are controlled."

"Rest is good, Ah'll probably be by t' check up on ya." Sam says giving Addison a nod before turning to Eddie. "Ah've seen some crazy stuff 'bout what's goin' on and Ah still can't believe that's Emma over there." Sam says looking at the dark blond sleeping woman. "Ah just gotta talk t' Scott about some things first. So how ya handlein' things Eddie, Ah heard they rescued ya?"

Eddie nods. "I know. I've been communicating with The Vision and exchanging information. The Shadow King is involved. Some kind of Shadow Queen was mentioned too…" he trails off, tensing just for a moment at the mention of Essex. He's saving Addison for last to check on. "I'm…" Eddie pauses. "I'll be fine. Wasn't really a rescue…just Ms. Pryde coming to drag me and Ricky back home," he forces a smile.

"Well glad t' have ya back home Eddie. Ah saw your father, Chris, 'round here last night, he was worried somethin' sick." Sam says since he stayed behind as well to make sure none of the X-kiddies ran off trying to hunt danger since there are a few that definately would.

Eddie nods as he makes some notes on patient progress. "I knew they'd both be worried about me…but New York City's my turf. I know it well enough to keep safe out there," he forces the smile again. "Even with all the ferals they had running around, I wasn't worried."

Sam looks at Eddie and shakes his head with a smile. "Just because ya know it well enough doesn't mean those who care can't worry. Ah got nine younger siblings, Ah'd worry if any of them were out there including Husk, Aero and Icarus and they're all trained or in trainin'. So what's with the force smile?"

Eddie pauses then sighs. "Just…depressed, sir," he says. "Figured people would wanna see a smile anyway though."

"Ya wanna talk about it?" Sam asks as the big brother role comes naturally to him even if he left the house at sixteen. "Some people would, some people would wonderin' what's really buggin' ya."

Eddie looks up from checking on Addison now. "This invasion…seeing people that look so much like people I care about and admire doing what I saw them doing…hearing about their world from what Vision told me…it hurts. We shouldn't have to fight one another and whatever's controlling these people…and whatever did that to their world…" he just trails off and shudders.

Sam sighs and nods. "Well The Shadow King was never known for bein' nice. Ah remember when he possesed Xi'an. We just gotta do what we can to break them free of this control. They ain't the enemy it's who controlin' them that is. Though some are participatin' of their own free will. Unfortunately being an X-Men everythin' ain't always perfect ya gotta fight the ugly sometimes."

Eddie nods. "I know…I know…" he trails off. "I have some ideas…on how to fight Shadow King…" he pauses, scars flaring blue for a moment. "Just need to meet this Enhancer to find out what side he's on first to see if my plans even viable…"

"Ah'd strongly suggest talkin' t' Scott before runin' off and doin' anything." Sam says as he really doesn't want to see any student run off and get themselves killed. "Maybe try talkin' t' Emma here…" It still weirds him out that she's considered quite and shy. "And see what she knows. If their version of you is doin' this willin'ly than Ah don't wanna see ya walk int' that."

Eddie looks up with another semi-forced smile. "Don't worry, sir. I don't even know where Enhancer is. I'll talk to Mr. Summers though," he says. Eddie is a responsible student after all. "When she wakes up…I'll see if this Ms. Frost has info too…"

"Ah just reckon we're lucky that they were able to break 'em free last night and get 'em here. Addison here had some pretty useful information." Sam says runing a hand through his hair. "They all got one third of that wall down so Ah'm hopin' that we'll be able t' free Manhattan soon. And Ah'm starting t' get hungry, how 'bout we go find some lunch Eddie?"

Eddie takes a deep breath, looking Addison over. He'd have to come ask about his information later. "Manhattan and everywhere else too…" he trails off. "Sounds like a good idea, sir," he agrees.

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