2010-07-22: Stress Designs


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Summary: Daisuke learns Kisha plans out weapons of mass destruction when stressed.

Date: July 22, 2010

Log Title: Stress Designs

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

The heat has died down a managable temperature and the sun shines down over the mansion grounds. It's a beautiful day for students to be out and though Daisuke isn't a student but the school tutor he is one of the many outside. He's lying in the grass on his stomach with his sketch pad infront of him, just moving the pencil lightly and quickly over the paper as he sketches out the view infront of him. The woods of all things. He's just working on drawing a background at the moment, he'll and the finishing touches later. Next to him, his mp3 player is hooked up to a pair of portable speakers playing somthing loud, heavy and in Japanese.

With an oddly metallic backpack, rather like a chrome scarab of some kind, slung over one shoulder Kisha slips out from the garage and begins walking along the path roughly in the direction of the woods. The teenage machine addict also seems to be lugging a bag crammed full of paper and a large bottle of black fluid. Abd if the trail of black splotches the lawn is acquiring is any indication the bottle may well be leaking.

Taking a break for a second to rest his eyes, Daisuke spots the girl with the metal backpack and sits up. "Is that like a jet pack or something you have back there?" He asks as he's joking around with the girl he doesn't know. "And um…you're leaking something." it's hard to not notice the back liquid leaking it's way over the lawn.

"It's toner," Kisha solemnly, turning round in an attempt to look at her own back. "And no this is just a tool kit. But it has a small cutting torch suitable for light paper. I've spent all morning digging a fire pit and now I just need to blank my old designs with the toner and burn them."

Daisuke sits up and gives Kisha a questioning look. "So..wait..you have old designs of what? Stuff that you worked on and you just want to blank them out /and/ burn them…why?" He just doesn't get it, you put all that hard work ingo designing..something and you just burn it? "So what kind of designs are they? And are they really that horrible?"

Kisha blinks a few times, then shrugs. "I've scanned the ones I'm keeping onto my computer and the ones I'm not keeping are… well… potentially unsafe should they fall into anyones hands, especially my own. So I'm making sure there is no possible way they can be recovered."

"What do you design that's so unsafe?" Daisuke can't help but ask the million and one questions like a curius child. When she said design she could mean so many different things but then she's got the back pack with the tools, so that narrows out fashion design. "I'm sorry, I'm Daisuke by the way, Daisuke Sakuragi but most people just call me Dai." He says offering a hand.

Kisha glances at both her hands, which are still slightly sticky with toner. "Kisha's the name and uhm… one sec," She offers, wiping the cleanest hand on her pants a few times before shaking Daisukes hand. "All kinds of things. One of which was a few simple steps, possible by anyone who has ever done high school shop, that turn parts from a microwave into a battery powered weapon. Not a clue if it'll turn on without bursting into flames but hey better not to take the chance right?"

"You design weapons…do you make them to?" Daisuke says sounding a bit impressed as he figures she must but pretty darn smart. "Well, maybe if you go out into the woods, far away from people, you can take the chance, or down in the danger room. If you can make something like that, and it works, why not go for it?"

"I /could/ if I wanted to and if the staff weren't all… well… you know," Kisha informs with a sullen pout, scuffing her foot against the grass. "And would you really like the idea of a teenage girl with a lethal weapon in her room? I mean this would be a device specifically for killing people. Microwaves superheat the water in your cells, causing your flesh to /explode/."

"Kisha, I am a leathal weapon technically speaking." Daisuke says in all honesty. "I can scream and do horrible damage to the average person, possibly kill them, so really, what's the difference between you having a lethal weapon in your room and me having my super sonic vocal chords?" But then he asks the question that he considers to be the important thing. "Is there a specific reason though, you designed a weapon to specifically kill people?"

Kisha chews at her lip while she considers the question. "Because while you could be duplicated and used to form some kind of army it wouldn't be especially cost effective, while my design could be churned out in a factory by the hundred. That's why one is far less safe then the other." The part about her motive elicits a sigh. "I woke up in a bad mood and began idly drawing while making breakfast, by the time I realised what it was it was pretty much complete."

"So when you're in a bad mood you design plans to hurt people…wow. You need to find another way to get our your agressions. I picked up an instrument for that reason, to get out my frustrations." Daisuke says with a chuckle. "You'd be surprised at some of the stuff people could do…so Kisah..what is your mutant power? You know the standard Xavier's meeting question."

"Not as such? My power is all about knowing the probable ways a machine or device functions and how to build or dismantle stuff," Kisha explains matter of factly. "And I wasn't trying to make a weapon. I was probably just next to a microwave, my brain decided to use it for a probable device and my bad mood meant it came out aggressively. I wasn't even especially annoyed, just I'd been counting my funds and they're substandard. So I'm having to cut back all my fun ideas in favor of Project K Ten dash six two eight."

"That's actually not so bad then, I mean, it's kind of a neat power actually. I'd be afraid to see you around Mike." Daisuke says with a chuckle as he has that desire to know how things work so a power that just lets you know how to dismantle and build and such, that's really neat to him. "I'm glad that my power just doesn't go off when I'm in a bad mood though I have had to learn to watch my voice when I get mad. So what's this K Ten day six two eight?"

Kisha glances from side to side, then in a quiet voice she answers "K Ten dash six two eight is an automated market monitor that will be directly linked into real time news feeds. It's in software alpha stages right now, because while my main machine can run the programs I'm aiming to get staff approval from the Headmistress so I can build a dedicated server. I can't be any more specific because you might engage in industrial espionage, no offense."

Daisuke laughs at the no offense part. "I know, I'm a Japanese spy sent her from Queens to scout out Xavier's as a teachers aide and tutour cause I have no where else to live." He says as he does understand so he doesn't press it. "So an automated market monitor, like the Stock Market?"

"Yeah only imagine if you had a computer which could monitor every nations stock market at the same time," Kisha says excitedly, entirely ignoring her previous comment about not being specific. "And which can predict the trends in share prices depending on information picked up from the news. Say for example rumours leak about a company having a defective product, it sells the shares while they're still high and buys in rival companies. The price drops and the rivals are now more expensive, so you've made money and then if the original firm seems likely to recover it'll bulk buy all the cheap shares it'd previously sold for a fraction of the value."

"Wow…that's really interesting Kisha and if you could that, that'd be amazing. So every stock market at the same time…would it also do the trading for you, like black box and stuff?" Daisuke asks as he knows a bit about the stock market but he hasn't had the gall to trade at all. "So basically, you're figuring out the system in a genius of a way?"

"Pretty much. Right now I'm using 'fake' money and not actually buying or selling," Kisha agrees, grinning like a cheshire cat. "Which is just as well because it's a little buggy right now. Every third day it goes bust and needs resetting, but that'll be sorted out once I add in more data samples. I suppose I might need to code in some kind of ethical protocol, because it doesn't account for Human cost."

"Well if you need any help with math and number crunching, let me know. I don't mind that kind of thing. I might not be as smart as you with mechanics and schematics and stuch but I'm pretty good at math…I'm Asian." Daisuke jokes as as he stands up and streches. "Well that's a good way to test out the flaws and what works and what doesn't. Does it do currency exchange as well?"

Kisha blinks a few times, then sighs. "I suppose it should do," she says, muttering something obscene in Russian. "Number crunching wise I have more computing power than some colleges, so that shouldn't be any problem! So… what do you actually do anyway? Power wise that is."

"Me? Oh sorry." Daisuke says with a bit of a smile. "Sonics are my main thing. I yell and things kind of get blasted with lots of sound, then I can also see weaknesses and I have a super metabolism. I've got a cannon in my throat." He says as he picks up his art pad and closes it.

Kisha tilts her head. "Interesting… I would be interested to study which sonic frequencies are most damaging sometime! You also see weakness? That's quite an odd ability, is it structural and linked to the sound control? Or does it also work on people and pick up things which are more exotic like addictions?"

"Objects and people and it's structure weaknesses, mental, if someone is weak against a certain power, it's diverse." Daisuke says as he bites his lip on the last question. "I don't know about an addiction…well, unfortunately I gotta get going. I gotta call my grandmother before it's too late in Japan. It was nice meeting you Kisha." He says has he hurries off.

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