2009-03-17: Stretching Things Out


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Summary: Leo teaches Dai some basic stretching exercises.

Date: March 17, 2009

Stretching Things Out

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

The sun is starting to set colouring the sky in various colours but that also means it's starting to get cooler out. At the moment, Daisuke is sitting outside in a jacket with a sketch book in his hands. He was at least able to grab some art supplies from the art room and draw a bit. He's been working on a picture in pencil and is now just working on the various shadings to bring depth to the picture. A photo sits on the grass next to him as it's what he's using as reference.

Dressed in a pair of tight white shorts and leotard top, Leo has come outside. Sure, it's chilly, but that'll help him to not sweat as much. Walking into the gardens. He hasn't yet noticed Daisuke across the area, but his own glow is definately bright enough to be noticed by someone walking in. Placing a mat on the ground, he sinks into a lotus position to begin stretching exercises.

Daisuke's usually one to be oblvious to the things around him when drawing but the sudden light is something he can't ignore, also with the fact that it's casting some shadows over his drawing. He looks up and grins. "Hey Leo!" He says as he hasn't seen the blond gymnast since he got back. He resists the urdge to go over and give him a hug as he looks like he's busy.

Blond in the way that platinum is blond on the border of white. Leo opens his eyes and offers a smile as he holds his legs in position, flat on the ground, feet almost at his crotch. He's that limmber. "Just getting some stretching in. Maybe a little yoga."

Daisuke smiles and nods. "Sorry for intertupting you, I can go back to my drawing if you're busy." He says as he watches Leo for a bit. Daisuke is not that flexable at all. "I've never done Yoga before either." He comments as he goes back to looking at the picture before adding a few more lines.

"Then sit here with me and start learning a little. Flexibility is always a good thing. I won't press you into what I can do." Leo offers. "And don't worry, I can do things and talk at the same time."

Daisuke folds over his pad and slips the picture inside before walking over and sitting by Leo. "Okay, just let me know what to do. I'm not as good as the doing things at the same time." He says as he smiles to Leo. "So how have things been going with you? Oh, and have you met Eddie's new half brother yet?" He asks knowing Jared metioned a Leo.

"I've known Jared most of my life. He's almost as flexible as me. He's… he was my best friend until I had to leave. He's also a gymnast." Leo says with a grin. "Well, first things, sit. Feet together and legs as close to the ground as you can get them. If you can't reach the ground, move them out a little bit. Slowly work your way in. There'll be a little stretching and might be a little burn if you hold it, but that's how you get used to it."

Daisuke smiles and shakes his head. "Man, he comes out here to meet his father but also finds his best friend…okay!" He says trying to copy what Leo does, it's a bit hard since he's wearing jeans and jeans are really ment for stretching. "Why was your best friend, can't you still be best friends?" He asks curious why he changed it to was.

"Oh, I meant that he was. I don't know how mad he is at me, really." Leo says with a chuckle. "He's not heard from me for months. And my parents wouldn't tell him the truth." He shrugs slightly, holding his legs down at the sides. He watches Dai with a nod. "If youwanna do this again later, we'll get you some more mobile clothing."

Daisuke looks up at Leo and bites his lip. "More comfortable clothing? How about more clothing period. I lost most of mine. I did go out and do a bit of shopping today, at least I have more than five outfits though." That's one thing about Dai, he loves clothes. He had tons before he lost most of them. "I just met him twice, once at Eddie's and once today, he seems really nice."

"Ouch. Sorry, I forgot." Leo says with a wince as he raises his arms above his head, holding them up. "Just follow my movements." He says. He holds them upwards, before slowly trailing them down in a large arc around his body before drawing his hands inwards and raising them in a prayer position. "Press hands against each other, so that the muscles have some resistance."

"Well I at least have money to try to buy new clothes and if I go visit my Grandmother in Japan I can pick up more clothes there." Daisuke says with a chuckle as he follows Leo's movements. He's a bit akward and choppy, not as fluid as Leo but he's trying. "I'm not rich but I'm well off." He says knowing that the funds have a limit too and won't be able to support him forever.

"Oooh, I'd love to go shopping in Japan. I could get some interesting clothing there. But then…" Leo smirks, "I don't look like an average American, so maybe the regular people won't hate me." He chuckles. "Hold it there. That's good. You'll get more limber as you practice."

Daisuke holds it and winces slightly as it starts to hurt. "I want to visit my Grandmother soon. Maybe I can bring a few friends with me, I want to bring Eddie. I at least can speak Japanese and we don't have to worry about a place to stay." His Grandmother is the only family he has and knows about everything that's happened. He knows she's happy to know he finally has friends. "I can teach you guys the basics of Japanese."

"Oooh, that would be fun." Leo says with a nod. "I'll definately pay my share of the trip over, and cover anyone that needs it. Especially if I tell my parents I'm trying to learn some of the culture." Leo raises his prayer hands above his head and separates them before slowly drawing his body down to the ground, as close as he can get.

"We should plan it for Spring Break." Daisuke says with a smile as he'll probably call his Grandmother tomorrow. "I would like to see my Mother and Brother's shrines again too." It's not a depressing thing for Dai going to see that, it actually is something that puts him at peace for a bit. "My Grandmother lives in Kyoto it's beautiful out there and a train ride away from Tokyo."

"That would definately be fun." Leo says with a firm nod. "I wonder who else might go." And who would their chaperone be? After all, three teenage mutants in Japan? Who doesn't smell trouble there.

"I would like to bring Eddie, maybe Jared now that he's Eddie's half brother and your best friend…" Daisuke says trailing off trying to think of who else to bring. "Skyler went with me last time.." And Daisuke doesn't think of chaperones since he's visiting his Grandmother and he's gone alone a few times.

"Wow. That would be… yeah. Interesting to say the least." Leo says with a grin. "Poor Jared. He lost his mom, gains a family, gains friends who will go around the world with him. Well… not so poor with that part…"

"I didn't have any friends until I came to school here, well any friends outside of my brother but he passed away almost three years ago." Daisuke says with a shrug. "I like it here though, and I've been happy dispite everything that's happened. And as long as Jared's willing to be friends with us, I'm willing to do anything for him, friends mean a lot to me, since I don't have family."

"Oh, Jared's a good guy. A little broody sometimes, and a little rebellious, but aren't we all." Leo laughs as he slowly rises back up into an upright position, arching his back in a graceful curling. "Just hold your pose for a bit, I'm doing things of my own." He grins as he places his hands flat on the ground, slowly moving into a handstand with his legs arched in either direction.

Daisuke holds the pose and isn't really sure what he's doing, he's just following Leo's direction. "I don't get rebellious but I will admit I have a tendancy to get too depressed and down on myself at times, I'm trying to get over it." Daisuke says and he is trying to be more positive and not be such a down note but sometimes it's hard when you don't think much of yourself.

"I'm too cheerful for depression most of the time. Especially when my powers give me such a positive vibe all the time." Leo chuckles. "But I was like that beforehand." He admits, grinning. "Holding that pose will definately help with lower back stretching."

Daisuke winces as he tries to hold it, the muscles in his lower back definately straining a bit. "Being cheerful is good. I like it, it's addictive." He admits as it's hard to stay depressed around Leo sometimes. "My powers just keep me from raising my voice other wise bad things happen, and I can't hold it anymore." He says releasing the hold and relaxing. "I'm a drummer not a gymnast." He chuckles.

"More flexible body means more wrist flexibility as well. More flexibility in the wrists means it's easier to do certain unique drum movements." Leo counters, sticking out his tongue. "Not to mention, you'll need flexibility if you're planning on being a hero someday."

"I have pretty decent wrist felxablity and strength actually, from drumming and drawing and painting and such." Daisuke says with a shrug and grin as it's something he's been practicing for years. "It's more I used to hate gym class in high school and took every chance I could to get out without it effecting my grades."

"Ah. Well, it's not something to be scared of. I mean, it's not like we're doing this in a public school where they make fun of you because you're not the same as everyone else in your fashion and ways of doing things." Leo offers, as he switches the directions of his legs.

"I know, I do enjoy the danger room sessions here at least and I'm not horribly out of shape I'm just not athetic or all that flexable." Daisuke says trying to go through some of the previous moves that Leo taught him earlier so that he can work his muscles. "I should come out here with you more ofetn."

"Hmm. Maybe Jared and I can start a morning Yoga group. Or an evening Yoga group. I wonder how many people would actually join in with that." Leo says thoughtfully as he lowers himself back to the ground.

"Well you know at least one person who would." Daisuke says with a small smile. "And if you do, I'll have to pick up something to wear that I can stretch easier in than jeans. It sounds like a good idea to me though."

"Oh, either tights or some jeans with a gusset in the crotch and knees. They work. Kinda like what Chuck uses when he's fighting in the movies." Leo says with a snicker as he slows down.

Daisuke looks at Leo with confusion. "Gusset? And Chuck?" He's not quite sure what Leo's talking about. "And Tights? I don't know if I'd look good in tights, I guess just as they're long sleeved and long pants, I don't like…well…I could live with short sleeved."

"Gusset. It's an extra panel of fabric, that shifts to hide when you're not stretching. Duh… Chuck Norris." Leo laughs as he grins. "Where you been? One of the most well-known martial artists? Though… NOT necessarily one of the best."

Daisuke blushes and looks down. "Oh. Just cause I'm Asian doesn't mean I know much about martial arts and stuff. My father hated most American or English stuff in the house so there was a lot I missed out on." He admits running his hand through his hair. "I mean I've heard of Chuck Norris but I don't really know much about what he's done.

"Oh please, he's as asian as Southern Fried Chicken." Leo laughs. "He's just on EVERY TV show in existence." He exaggerates. "I personally don't care for him, but he's an internet thing nowadays."

"Oh, I don't really do much on the internet besides research for school work and email and stuff. I watch a few videos but I stay away from most internet communities." Daisuke says as he's not always the most uptodate with pop culture. "Though I will admit, I do like fried chicken, but then I'm not picky when it comes to food." Hey says trying to keep things light.

Coming ot a rest, Leo chuckles. "Ah well. I think I need dinner." He says, rising to a stand as he rolls up his yoga mat. "Hungry?"

Standing up as well Dai goes to grab his drawing pad. "Sure, food sounds good." He says going with Leo back inside to grab some dinner.

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