2009-09-13: Stretching Your Limits


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Summary: July rests from a hard training day in the Danger Room, Robin tries to test Blank's limits and Erik checks if the girls have finished a paper.

Date: September 13, 2009

Log Title Stretching Your Limits

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

It's later in the evening when Robin decided to take a trip down to the ground floor. She comes out from the boys floor of the dormitories, wearing white pajamas patterned with sky blue stars, and similarly coloured blue slippers. She holds one of her textbooks tight to her chest as she descends the stairs very slowly. It looks like she must have recently had a squad training session or something, since she's not exactly very enthusiastic about this whole 'moving' bit right now.

And, to complete your day, you're greeted by a floating head once you enter the lobby. "Hi!" Says July's head enthusiastically as it floats at eye level. Actually, she's not floating, but her neck is stretched all the way from the couch, where she's laid down to relax. "Hi, Robin!" she cheerfully says, "How are you doing?"

Robin raises her hands and drops her textbook in surprise, eyes going wide for a moment. She puts a hand on her chest (which, apparently when she is in pajamas, she doesn't stuff) and then scrambles to pick up her book again, "Oh, sorry, you startled me!" she says quickly. She adjusts her glasses, grabbing the side with the painted lens, and says, "I'm doing okay. I'm just coming down here to do a little catching up on readings." Heaven knows she does enough of that already, though. She's kind of a nerd. She smiles and replies, "How 'bout you?"

July giggles softly, "Relaxing a bit. After being all over the place at the Danger room. Literally." she giggles again, "Other than that, just peachy." She grins. "Where's your puppet?"

Robin points up the stairs, which Blank at that moment turns the corner and begins running down, her footsteps making no sound. "I'm kind've seein' what it takes for her just to teleport back to me. 'cause sometimes she runs and sometimes she teleports, and I want to see which is why." She shrugs and says, "I just left her in my room this time."

July ah's and nods, before retracting her neck back to normal, still looking at you, though, as she sits up, "Yeah. It's interesting to play around with our powers to test them. But today was quite the stretch for me. Pun intended." she chuckles softly, smiling.

Robin chuckles, and Blank catches up to her. The puppet pretends to look a bit tired for a moment, but then rights herself and appears to be in excellent condition. "I just kinda want to know /why/ Blank does some of the stuff she does. It's just weird sometimes… What happened in your DR session that… um, expanded your, ah, capacity so much?" She really /tries/, but punning is not her strong suit.

July giggles softly, "Well, imagine becoming a 'blanket' for this whole building. Or a 'safety net' of sorts to hold a damaged helicopter from falling onto civilians below you." she rubs her arm for a moment, smiling.

Robin blinks a few times and says, "Geez, that's a lot of space to cover! I can't even imagine covering, well, pretty much anything. There's just not much of me to go around." She and Blank both shrug, and Robin sits down on one of the couches. "Does it ever hurt to stretch that much?"

July hmms softly as she thinks about that, "It doesn't hurt as much as it feels sore the next day." she says, smiling a bit, "Y'know when you exercise a lot, and then the next day, your muscles feel sore from the exercising? Kind of like that." she nods.
Robin frowns and says, "Ugh, that sounds like it must be exhausting, though! I can't even imagine what it'd be like to stretch like that." She looks at Blank, who seems to attempt to stretch her arms out far, without much success. "I don't even really feel much when I'm Blank."

July giggles softly, and she extends one arm from her couch all the way to the cafeteria to get a glass of water, "Oh, I can stretch pretty far and wide, too! It's just that I'm too used to it." she says as her hand returns bearing a glass of water, "I can shapeshift, too. To an extent."

Robin watches July's arm stretch and says, "Gosh, that must come in pretty handy when you don't want to get up." She tilts her head slightly and says, "Gosh, I always wished that I would be able to shapeshift. How do you do it?"

July takes a sip or two of her water before placing her glass on the table. "Well…" she says, smiling, "I can't do anything very detailed, no." she starts to explain. "Something simple, like say, a gym bag, or a ball, or a net, or anything like that is fine. But to shapeshift into the likeness of a person, that's something I can't do. Too many minute details to copy and keep track of." She smiles.

Robin tilts her head thoughtfully and says, "That's pretty neat, though. I mean… I wish I could even do shapeshifting that simple. But I dunno, not really meant to be, I guess." She pauses for a few moments and says, "What do your insides feel like? You can feel where they are and stuff, right? Your… your liver is even stretched that far. Isn't that weird?"

July giggles softly, "I never stopped to think about it. I think I'm just a pure blob of liquid flesh. I mean, I can flow through a keyhole." she giggles again, "Not to mention that, if there's, say, a column in front of me, I can split and flow around it at both sides at th same time, as long as both parts of me are still connected, be it in the front or in the back." she nods.

Robin tilts her head and says, "But you still gotta have a liver! You got skin and bones and stuff, right? They just are all stretchy." She puts her hands on her side and says, "I don't know, it's weird to think of a liver that's, like, a mile long."

The fun times of being a teacher means you do have to do some duties, and make sure that students (such as certain blob girls and blank bearers) are not getting in to trouble. Erik steps in from the outside in a three quarter length coat, looking outside at the Autumn for a moment.

July giggles softly, "That's just it: I don't think I have any normal organs." she says softly, "I mean, I can become somewhat liquid, and even, y'know, leak through normal fabric." she shakes her head softly, "No bones or anything. I don't know. Don't ask, I don't know really how to answer it to you." she says, smiling.

Robin is wearing her pajamas, just white flannel patterned with blue stars. Since she isn't stuffing her bra (or wearing one under her PJs), her gender looks more ambiguous than usual. "That's so /weird/. Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine that and what it'd feel like."

Erik looks back away from the fricking cold outside to the students and chuckles a little bit. "Evening ladies. Everything going alright?" He asks teacherly.

July smiles to Robin, "Well, I guess I got used to it." she giggles, "Eddie gets grossed out whenever I use my powers. It's kind of amusing to watch him react to my powers." she grins, and then she looks at Erik as he makes his presence unknown, "Oh, hey there, Mr. Anderson." she waves to him.

Robin waves at Erik and says, "Oh, hiya. Um, yeah, everything is going fine." She shrugs and says, "Well, I mean, it doesn't bother me at all when you use it, but when you describe it like that, I can't help but imagine my entire body being passed through a strainer."

Erik raises an eyebrow. "It would almost be worth it to see Eddie grossed out by a power rather than incredibly excited by it." He says with amusement. "You both finished your government papers?"

July giggles softly at the comment of being grossed out, but then she stops and blinks at the mention of government papers. "Ah… papers? What papers?" It seems she hasn't gotten the memo. Or read the billboard. Or whatever.

Robin smiles and says, "Yep, sure did." She's a little bit of a keener, the kind of kid who does all of their assignments immediately after they are assigned and uses some of the other time before the deadline making sure everything is perfect.

Erik chuckles a little bit and shakes his head at July. "Due Monday, July. Paper on one of the first ten ammendments to the Constitution and one of the major legal challenges to it. Only two pages, just a summary." Still early in the term.

July blink-blinks, and then she slaps her forehead, and giggles, "Ah, those!" she grins, "Yeah, they're done. I just thought you mean some kind of ACTUAL Government papers, like if I needed a license to go out hero-ing or something like that." she says.

Robin nods her head and says, "Ah, well, I don't think I'd ever have to fill something like that out. I'm not very heroic or anything. Punctual, though! I'm very punctual! You won't be worrying about late assignments from me!"

Erik shakes his head. "No, fortunately they have not ever managed to pass registration for super heroes or mutants, despite repeated attempts. The Constitution remains, quite miraculously, unassailed in that respect." He chuckles to Robin. "Well, I'll look forward to having at least one student who I don't have to worry about that from."

July chuckles, "I'm done this year." she says, smiling. "Then I go to College. I just wonder where…" she hmms softly, rubbing her chin, "My dad wants me to take over his business, but he's not just handing it over. Heh."

Robin smiles and says, "I'm still a long way from college… I'm just entering high school now. Ugh. I'm so glad to be back in school and actually learning something, though! It feels so nice!" She shrugs and looks towards Erik, "I'm glad that they haven't done the mutant registration thing. I'd hate doing that, and it'd probably not be in my best interest."

Erik chuckles. "I can guarantee you that it is not in your best interest for them to ever pass any kind of registration act." Erik says dryly. "In history any kind of census that targets a specific group of people rather than the entire population tends to be for ill purposes; there is a reason why Jews are prohibited from participating in a Census specifically designed to determine if they are Jews."

July heh's softly, "Well, true, but we never know. History has a habit of repeating itself, unfortunately." she shakes her head a bit, smiling.

Robin shakes her head and says, "People are capable of so much cruelty and judgement." She looks at her hands for a moment and bites her lip, "I guess that's something that'll never change, no matter how many repeats there are."

Erik smiles. "But there are lots of good people in the world too, and as high school and almost college students, you shouldn't think the world is too filled with crazy people. That is for old, cynical people like me, and Logan."

July laughs softly, "Oh, I know there's plenty of good people around, Erik, don't worry." she says, nodding softly, "I know no registration act will go around so soon, at least."

Robin shrugs at Erik and says, "I've just met lots've crazy people. It's hard not to get a wee bit cynical." She smiles weakly and shrugs, "I'm sure I'll either grow out of it or grow into it."

Erik grins. "Well, you tend to grow in to cynicism, very few of us manage to just shed it one day and look at everything happy joy joy." He offers before he nods. "As long as people keep working hard to beat them, we can keep them from passing."

Robin tilts her head slightly and says, "That's too bad. I wouldn't mind looking at everything happy joy joy." She shrugs, though, and notes, "I just hope that they learn from past mistakes before it gets passed. Until they recognize that what the act stands for is wrong, there will be people trying to push it through."

July nods, smiling, giggling softly, "But why are we talking about such depressing stuff?" she says, smiling, "Autumn is beginning, it's not like it's the end of the world!" She grins.

Erik snickers. "When, exactly, do you think the world would end? Every season has a reason to keep going. But I agree, there is no reason to be so depressed." He says with a laugh. "I wouldn't mind some happy happy joy joy either, so we'll all work on it."

Robin says with a very serious expression on her face to July, trying to make her voice very doom and gloom (inadvertantly making her voice sound more like a boy voice than an inbetween voice), "In many cultures, autumn is considered the season of death." She smiles immediately afterward, though, to make it clear that she's joking, and says, "I've actually been doing pretty okay lately, though."

July blinks, and then she extends her neck so she's face-to-face with Robin, her nose tip touching Robin's, "Good we're not one of those cultures, right?" she grins, before pulling her head back, giggling softly.

Erik laughs at the antics and grins, running a hand back through his short hair. "Yes, very good thing. That way we have three months until the /real/ season of death." He teases. "Puts it off."

Robin chuckles and says, "I've always thought of winter as the time after death. Stagnation, maybe, but everything that's dead has died already." She shrugs and says, "I like winter. I look good in winter clothes."

July smirks softly at Robin and her comment of winter clothing, but says nothing, shaking her head for a moment, "I prefer the summer. Even though some days can almost literally melt me down." she chuckles.

Erik raises an eyebrow at that. "Oh, really? Harder to maintain control during the heat? Fascinating." He ponders. "Well…don't live in the Gobi and I think you'll be ok."

Robin tilts her head at July and says, "Ick! It must be so gross to be your own sweat!" She smiles immediately afterwards, though still with a scrunched nose, and says to Erik, "I should live somewhere that it's always cold."

July giggles softly, "Kind of like a melting candle." she says, looking at Erik now, "I'm exaggerating, of course. Simple heat from a day can't melt me. It /can/ make me softer than normal, if it's too hot, but not melt me. But intense heat /can/ make me melt, if it's strong enough. A huge fire, for example. Or if I'm inside in a burning building."

"Aw, we knew you were a great big softie." He quips to July with an eyebrow wiggle before he nods. "Well, so I would recommend not a career in fire fighting for either of you then."
Robin chuckles at Erik's pun and says in response to the latter, "Don't worry about it! I'm thinking that I'll get into a career in, uh, well… I don't know. Not firefighting, anyways!" Blank tilts her head a couple of times and then just shrugs an exaggerated shrug.

July sticks her tongue out to Erik, playfully, her tongue going several inches longer than it should, before hiding back in her mouth. "Yeah, I'm a softie, so what." she giggles, "I'm the softie no one can live without."

"And, in a pinch, you could pass for a younger and significantly more female Gene Simmons." Erik responds dryly before he chuckles at Blank's shrug and shakes his head. "Any thought of what you want to do in college, July? Business?"

Robin gets up from her couch, slowly rising to her feet, wincing a bit. "I think that maybe I'm gonna head to bed…" She tilts her head and says to Erik, "Can you try your best to keep Blank here for as long as you can?"

July rolls her eyes at Erik's second remark, "Fine, fine." she giggles, before looking at Robin as she stands up, "Alright, Robin. Sweet dreams, girl." she waves to her friend, before stretching a bit and groaning, "Damn, my whole body is STILL sore." she chuckles.

Erik raises an eyebrow at that before he nods. "Have a good night, Robin." He tells the girl before he nods and looks to blank. "Um…physically?"

Robin smiles at July and then at Erik before waving. She says to Erik, "However. Just don't hurt her, I'm just checking something." With that, she turns around and walks up the stairs to the boys' floor, where she turns the corner to get to her room. Blank, once Robin is almost out of sight, stands up and starts walking after her.

July blinks as Blank stays after Robin was gone, going after her only after Robin's no longer in line of sight. She shrugs, before turning to look back at Erik. "Anyways. Yeah. Physically. This rubber band has been stretched too far too wide too many times at the last Danger Room session. Heh." she shakes her head, smiling.

Erik chuckles a little bit and nods. He holds up a hand and watches. Blank will encounter a force field that presents it from following along. He watches curiously.

Blank just walks right into the force field, stepping back when she encounters it. The puppet floats up in the air to try to get over the invisible barrier in front of her, hands extended along the edge of the force field to check exactly where it is.

Erik keeps it up for the moment.

July arches one eyebrow at the puppet, "So it flies, huh? Interesting." She says, shrugging before looking at Erik, "Mr. Logan kind of worked us hard at the Danger Room today. I had to stop a freaking helicopter from crashing into the busy streets. Heh." she shakes her head.

Erik raises an eyebrow. "And you will never argue with my training programs ever again." He says with a laugh, shaking his head

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