2020-07-08: Strike of the Crimson What?


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Summary: Daisuke has another run-in with Deadpool, Domino joins in to the fight.

Date: July 8th, 2020

Log Title Strike of the Crimson What?

Rating: R

The Future - NYC - Chinatown

For the most part Chinatown seems like its untouched, except for one thing, the Manhattan Bridge spanning from Canal Street to Brooklyn is no longer safe as most of the bridge is in the river below and various cables hang from the towers that still stand. Other wise all the buildings and streets are intact. Those who havent fled New York or couldn't flee Manhattan still live here and a few shops for food and other survival goods are still open confined in a two-block area, its nothing of the bustling community it used to be.

Deadpool was hunched over the bloated body of a recently killed Hunter, not his handiwork, this was someone else. A few feet away was another both equally dead corpses. Since the uTube video that was airing strikes from fugitive mutants had picked up a notch. A gloved hand flopped the form over by the neck laying it on it's face observing the wounds trying to determine what the cause of death was, maybe it was someone he would recognize from the past. Some part of him wanted that to be the case, for various reasons… recently he had become disenchanted, lost some heart and faith in this entire game at times he considered leaving the country. Times like this were the worst, he was down, he had not seen Sabina for days and despite his attempts not to be the sort of person who became co-dependent he suffered from it, he always has, from Cable to Siryn to Blind Al, even Weasel and Bob just to name a few. It made his insides churn to think too deeply into it and several voices began taunting him, this only sunk him further into a dark mood. Killing something right now would definitely cheer him up. Hunters, Hounds or Rebels, he wasn't feeling too picky. One target just required he be sneaky about it.

Maybe Deadpool gets his wish as there is someone in the area, and that's Daisuke. He managed to go to one of the few places still open and get something real to eat. He managed to scrape a few bucks together and pay the premium price for mystery meat over rice with mystery sauce in one of those nice plastic containers. Stepping out he's dressed in his usual gear of his chest armour, which also protects his neck, Deadpool's Katana and modified glock. There's a crunching sound as his boots walk over gravel and as he rounds the corner he sees Deadpool. Very much like a deer in headlights, he stops for a second and debates attack now or just run. He remembers the last fight and he got lucky so slowly he tries to walk backwards round the corner to hopefully preserve his life without being seen.

Though lost in thought and being overly self-absorbed Deadpool wasn't deaf, the barrage of voices in his head kept up enough chatter to keep his mind sluggish right now on realization of what had just fallen into his lap though. Seeing the vaguely familiar face duck back around the corner he popped up and dashes forward springing off the alley wall to his right to end up in an acrobatic flip forward at the edge of the building before Daisuke. "You! I knew I recognized you, you're the guy that killed… "Confusion struck, the Mercenary turned Hunter's body straightened up and he scratched at his jaw,"Jeff? ? Rob? Sam? Ricardo? Juan? Dammit… I know this, gimme a sec." One foot actually began tapping on the ground, the levity of the situation not having sunken in, he was having a crazy moment or he was fucking with the mutant terrorist.

Stopping in his tracks as he knows he's spotted, Daisuke just knows he has to play it as it goes. He's not going to attack, yet, but he's going to be on his guard to defend himself as needed. "Ed?" He offers since he remembers something about Mr. Ed. "Yeah I killed him cause I don't want to be killed." He offers as he just watches Deadpool, knowing he's spotted his weakness before as his hand rests on his glock. His body language is very tense and if he could call for backup, he would. "Rice?" He says offering his hot dinner to the hunter in hopes for a way to survive.

Instantly Deadpool seemed to light up, his hand came up in the air one finger upright."YES! Ed, oh Ed how I miss you. He had a speech impediment you know - was the cutest thing, he also once worked at Walmart back in the day as a door greeter, I can see him now in my dreams waving with his big goofy smile on that mongoloid face saying, "Welcome to Walmart" AND YOU TOOK THAT FROM US! YOU DEPRIVED THE WORLD ONE UPSTANDING FORMER WALMART EMPLOYEE!" Muscles all along the red and black body seemed to stand out, his veins even appeared to be bulging outwards through the thin fabric as he moved towards Daisuke then heard, 'Rice' freezing in place."Is this Spanish rice?"

"Too bad you guys took Wal-Mart from us." Daisuke says meaning that the ones in Manhattan are long since gone. "Want me to welcome you to New York City, I can even give you a smile." He says smiling at him as he is scared but trying so hard not to show it. "No, White Rice with meat and sauce. It's from that Chinese place over there." He says nodding at one of the few places that are still open in this one small area of New York City.

"You actually miss that place?" Deadpool managed his own laugh, "Oh man we did you a service, you need help if you're upset about that one. Honestly I'm not too bent about Ed, I think he was a bed wetter. Don't mind if I do have some rice, fork it over, the rest too. Especially if you have any sweet and sour. On with it or I'll prove to you that saying about pen being mightier than the sword because it can write is bulldookie, I can write just fine with a sword just need lots and lots of blood." He was waving his hand forward motioning Daisuke on. His eyes slit noticeably when he said the word sword, however.

Daisuke walks over with caution and hands his dinner to Deadpool, hey if that's what it takes to keep the lunatic at bay, he'll take it. Life is more valuable than dinner. "Don't worry, I'm not upset." He says as he is very cautious right now from the slitting of eyes. "Sorry it's not sweet and sour it's whatever their house specialty is." It might be pork over right with a brown sauce and some kind of green veggie over white rice but whose to know for sure what kind of meat is in that. "I'm not sure if there's a place left in Manhattan to get sweet and sour." Keep him talking.

Surprisingly Deadpool didn't make a move on Daisuke as he handed the grub over, taking up the bag full of boxes. He opens it up and sniffs, "You don't per-chance have any duct tape or rope do you?" He asks. Pulling his mask up enough to reveal the scar and cancer riddled lips and jaw, using his fingers to fish out some of the pork as he began eating, his eyes never leaving the mutant.

Rope is a necessary thing, even when one can fly, and taking the pack off of his back he digs out some rope. "Yeah, you need some?" He asks the Merc with a Mouth or is that Hunter with a Mouth now? It doesn't sound as good, as he hands it out to offer to him. His eyes don't leave Deadpool either, it's kind of a cat and mouse thing and Daisuke knows he's the mouse. "So why Hunter?" He finally asks.

Eating casually at the Chinese food, chopsticks having appeared in his hand."I'm feeling festive. Just go ahead and toss it down, I'll need it here inna sec. Thanks you're a peach." Not about to tell Daisuke he was going to string him up like a pinata Deadpool continued to eat, his hand wiping along his jaw as he flicked the box aside. One eye closed and he held his gaze on Daisuke as he fished through the bag the fortune cookie. "Ah hah! You can have this." It was drawn out between two fingers and he tosses it towards the rebel.

Mr. Nizami was making a load off of Domino, and she was working on scavenging overtime between killing fields to gather what was necessary to even make the money for exchange. But what was truly needed and worth a crap in this war any more would not come cheap or free to anyone, even a small shop owner in China Town. The door clicked silently closed behind her and the multiple locks on the other side of the door slid into place. Slipping down the alley towards the street her steps were silent, attire blending her with the shadows she stuck to until she knew the coast was clear. This may have been a more free area of New York but caution would never be thrown to the wind.

The rope is tossed down at Deadpool's feet as Daisuke is caught off guard from the fortune cookie. He takes a quick step back and reacts to cover himself as he's hit by…a cookie in a plastic bag. Someone's jumpy. "Thanks." He doesn't know Domino is in the area yet so he still thinks he's alone, trying to go one on one with Deadpool, just keeping it at words now. "Sure you don't want your words of wisdom?" He says of the cookie.

Superhuman reflexes surged into action as Deadpool launches himself forward, making sure that jumpy gap was covered. His right fist curled in and slamming at Daisuke's face with enough force to knock a professional wrestler off his feet. His other hand would come up reaching for the back of his head in a grasp, intent on grabbing a hold and ramming Daisuke mug first towards the wall beside them (if of course he pulled it off correctly) "Nope I think you need it more than me!" His voice would quip up as he was in motion, "Go way back to momma's lesson about talking to strangers. At least they raised you with manners and you share your lunch like a good kiddo."

Pausing at the mouth of the alley before it opened up to the street the Ruger was pulled from a holster tucked beneath the large tac belt and the rounds inside it were taken out, replaced by new ones that were withdrawn from a small box she had been clutching. The remainders were dropped into another pouch of the tac belt and the box was held up, a lighter withdrawn and it burst into flames. No evidence of sale, no evidence at all as the burning box was released to the ground and left to cinder and blow away. Slate blue eyes never stopped their sweep of the streets, it had become habitual, and for that reason alone it made her far more jumpy and attuned to what was going on around Domino. Stepping out into the street she stuck close to the buildings and her pace picked up.

Taken completely off guard, Daisuke is punched right in the face and his snaps to the side as he doubles over to the ground. He can't resist that hard of a punch and cheek probably cracks. Before he can recover from the surprise and pain he's put into a hold and slammed into the wall. There's a sharp intake of breath as he's held by Deadpool. "Sorry, my Mom died before that lesson." He growls out as he tries to get out of the hold by kicking back as hard as he can at Deadpool so he can turn around and use his sonics better. He doesn't want to collapse the wall in front of him…yet.

"I think you just tore my spandex. "Deadpool mumbles as a heel strikes him in the shin, the split to bruise healing up while the Merc speaks on,"You're the one who stole my sword, I want it back." Came the gravel voiced hiss, his right hand swung down in a vicious kidney punch. One meant to stun and hurt, oddly releasing with his other hand as he jumped backwards; "I call that Strike of the Crimson Tinkler." After he leaped backwards he scoops up the rope. If planned right that was another stunning shot.

Nearing an intersection Domino froze. Voices, heard and had brows furrowing and her hand sliding back to withdrawl her Ruger once again. The safety was clicked off with a swift sweep of pale digit, some form of hesitance in the motion alone. New ammo, she could test it out. Somewhere deep inside she glee'd over the simple fact though the scowl told of how she outwardly felt about it. Waste of money. Her back pressed against the building and slowly she peered around the corner, taking a head count and darting back. Two - one familiar…the other familiar as well but none too recent to say ally or enemy, and by the look of his departure on Daisuke, they weren't having a friendly picnic. One deep breath in and the slow exhale had her memories flashing of who was standing where, her body spinning to come out into the open and stand a few feet from Deadpool's back, her aim for the back of his head. But that costume, the tone of voice…Her aim dropped at the last second just before the trigger was pulled, shifting just to the right and the weapon fired, frangible bullet releasing in dead aim for Deadpool.

"Then ta…aaaah!" Daisuke says as the fist hits his kidney and he doesn't even have time to finish his sentence as his back arches from the shot. The scream from pain though causes a nice hole to be broken into the side of the building causing a few bricks to fly inwards. He ends up falling to his knees and putting a hand on his back as he tries to fight through the pain. His hand starts to go for his glock figuring just getting a few shots off with give him the edge. His hand grips it and breathing deeply he starts to pull it out of the shoulder holster. The sound of gun fire causes Dai to freeze for a second as he's not sure if it's aide or another hunter.

"Thats the usual response, yarrrgh ah!" Laughter rolled from Deadpool again until a "Whoah!" as the building started to shudder and topple inwards. "Almost forgot about those bagpipes." About to say more until a bullet entered his body and exited, ricocheting off the wall near Daisuke. "My spleen!!!" The rope in his hand whipped out, snapping like a lasso at Daisuke's upper body. Not bothering to turn around and retaliate to what was attacking him from behind yet. They'd get theirs soon.

It was him, all these years of nothing familiar from the past…But thinking of the past will only get her killed. Hell, him in the past would get her killed, though many times had proven somewhat enlightening and…dare she think it? Fun? Her reverie was snapped when the rope shot out for Daisuke and the pistol was raised again. This time though she did find her words as the aim again was lifted for the back of Deadpools head. "Wade… Let him go." Looking to Daisuke with a flick of her eyes and then back to Deadpool another brief exhale relaxed her body into a firmer stance. "You still have his sword I take it Howl?" Domino didn't have to hear what this was about to know. Set aside from who was on what side, she had seen Howl with it and warned him before.

Daisuke really isn't a bad fighter, he can usually put up his own and he's usually not afraid to fight back but this is one of those odd times when someone's got the upper hand and just keeps taking him off guard, and that someone is Deadpool. The lasso catches his upper body and his arms are pulled tight against his torso. His cheek is already starting to swell and turn a lovely shade of purple. He does turn though, to face Deadpool, as he doesn't need his arms to attack. "Fancy meeting you here Domino." He says as he looks like he's seen better days. With out a warning he lets out a scream towards Deadpool to hopefully knock him back.

Lasso in place, enacting second stage of this was met some hindrance; he didn't expect Howl to be as resilient as he was. Deadpool's hits were like well placed jackhammers but the mutant did a good job at handling them, expected out of those few associated in some way or another with the X-Men. "Long time no stab, Dom. I see you showed up with a gift, I always loved bullets, how about one back!"He shouted as Howls blast struck and the Merc was lifting off the ground to sail backwards but not before he gave that rope a snap, tugging it harshly towards himself exerting that enhanced beyond human strength to whip like launch Daisuke at Domino. "Catch!" Some bits of his suit flayed off in particles along with flesh from the sound-burst sent at him. His face half visible as a large grin was across it. His hands releasing the rope in the process of this.

Even though it should have seemed obvious, Daisuke gets pulled by Deadpool and then thrown right into Domino. He isn't exactly dainty on his feet and without his arms it's almost impossible for him to use his sonics to fly. He takes a few stumbling foot steps before stumbling on some rubble and falling right towards Domino. Without his arms he really can stop his fall.

"What can I say, I love this side of town. It's the culture." That was all Domino said in response to Daisuke though the amusement was there none of it showed on her face, nor in her stance. When the sound blast echoed out through the air and impacted Deadpool her aim shifted to follow his form, but was interrupted. The words followed by the incoming form of Daisuke gave her a split second to react leaving her no time to fire another round into Deadpool, instead she was bracing herself for the impact of Dai into her, sending her back and her own body pulling them into a roll so the impact was equally absorbed and did not take her completely out for unneeded time. The hand holding the Ruger luckily did not release when they hit the ground and she was aiming up and out when movement stopped.

"As fun as its been… time to hop down the rabbit-hole. Thanks for the Chinese but it still doesn't make up for the sword -_-. Kill ya both later!" Deadpool's body flickered as one hand swung out and three grenades slung out towards the two, pins clattering on cement. The Mercenary then fades entirely, teleporting. A smile on his face, that down feeling gone. He had friends again.

Daisuke lands and falls on Domino and rolls off of her. "Sorry." He mutter as he just watches Deadpool. "If he wanted the fucking sword back I would have handed it over rather then going through this shit." He says as he struggles to get up to a sitting position. "And I gave the asshole my dinner…and thanks for being in the right place at the right time. I know I can't take him on my own." He honestly though there was a good chance he'd be dead.

Pushing back to a stand she grabbed Dai again, the familiar sound of Deadpool's goodbye gift hitting the ground had her nearly dragging Daisuke with her off of that street and around the corner in a near throw to evade the concussive explosion that had fragmented bits of concrete and paper bags as well as Chinese food holders skittering by them. "Apologies are not necessary, thank you works fine." A wavering smile was passed to Daisuke as she looked back to where Deadpool was before he disappeared. "So he is alive. I recommend you give that back now. As for him freeloading, apparently nothing has changed." Let's get back though, that explosion may alert all the wrong…people."

"Um…can you help me out of this?" Daisuke says struggling with the lasso. He's trying to let some suppressed memories stay suppressed at the moment as he deals with the lasso. "Yeah, when you asked me where I got it, I told you, I fought Deadpool." He says as he remembers mentioning it to her a while back. "And yeah, I really know where he is right now to return it. He's gone, I don't have anyone to return it to." He says as her words don't make much sense in regards to returning it now if he's not around. "I agree with getting back underground."

A flash of the wrist sheath had the rope around Daisuke severed, a small frown dipping the corners of dark stained lips. "No, you never gave a name, you gave attitude though in place of it and didn't elaborate. I don't assume either." She sighed as he took it quite literally in the meaning of now-now, rolling her eyes and heading off with, or without him at her side. "You know what I meant on giving it back, doesn't have to be this second or tonight, but I recommend effort in it. Aren't we supposed to be following this one rule also, of don't go out alone?" Yeah, pot/kettle. But if he was going to rag on her every word, she was going to harp the rules on him.

"I'm not gonna argue right now and thanks." Daisuke says getting up as he rubs his arms and then his cheek. His kidney hurts something fierce too. "Sorry about the attitude, stressed and.." He shakes his head and isn't about to admit he was scared shitless. "Hey, I don't see you with a buddy either." He says with a smirk as he lets her know that he's not being serious. "And it seems I have my mutant buddy now, shall we head back together?"

"Good, it's a waste of energy." Glancing back at Dai she shrugged galically and offered a half tilted smile that only affected one side of her lips. "Yeah, did I forget to mention I don't do rules well?" That almost brought up the other corner of lips but she turned away before it even had a chance to surface. "Yeah I was on my way, I just was out getting supplies anyway, fancy meeting you here." And with that she stepped back into the darkness that not only swathed her figure clothing wise, but seemed to covet her when she stepped into seclusion save those alabaster colored features. "Let's get back and get you looked at."

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