2010-03-23: Stubborn Is Someones Middle Name


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Summary: Jono and Robyn's stubbornness get the best of both of them.

Date: March 23, 2010

Log Title Stubborn is Someone's Middle Name.

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Attic

Every wall is made of glass up to the domed ceiling. Storm has really done her work up here over time and turned it into quite the indoor garden. The room is separated into different parts for the different plants that are in there. There are flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, small trees and much more. There are plants that shouldn't even be able to be found in this northern climate but they thrive up here. Anyone wanting to come up here for fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables are welcome to steal from the indoor garden. Depending on the time of year, various different species of flowers and different fruits and vegetables grow. In one area there are a few small fountains and a bench with some fresh dirt on the the ground with trees and plants all around. It seems like a good spot for meditation.

The sun streams down, making a magical little spot here in the garden. Outside it may still be chilly, but in here it's a far more comfortable temperature. In a small, cleared spot, sits a thin British man wearing black. He cleared that spot, and has filled it with Psy-fire. It pools around his legs, and those two tendrils from his chest coil on the air in a lazy manner. It's beautiful in the sunlight. The fire glimmers and dances, turned near gold in spots as the light passes through it. Jonothon has his hands cupped and floating there is a small.. something. It's a piece of paper that has long since lost its form. Think telekinetic orgami. The man is working on his powers, but in a small manner. Trying to shape something delicate. Nor is he doing all that well. Poor paper gets mooshed far more than it gets shaped.

Stairs, who knew they'd be so much trouble when there's a healing hole in your side. Robyn should have changed his mind on heading up here about five steps up, but he's decided to just take it easy and finish the rest of the trek up. Once he steps into the garden on top of the school, he sees the psi-fire, as it's pretty bright. Taking a few steps closer he finds a place to lean against and smiles. "Heya Jono."

So focused was he that Jonothon is startled with the voice. Tendrils of fire immediately shoot out to knock over a pot. The air grows heavier as well. The man in the midst of it all merely slumps his shoulders and looks resigned. Damn it. Not at Robyn, but at himself. Paper pressed between hands, the air clears up, and the psy-fire calms again. «Hullo, Robyn.» Looking over, there's a bit of eye narrowing as he judges Robyn's condition. «You shouldn't be up here, mate. Sit down before you bloody well pass out.» Looking pale there, Robyn!

"I'm not going to pass out." Robyn says with a smile as he goes to sit down, leaning against one of the large tree pots. "I just thought this was the best place to go since I shouldn't be wondering around outside. I…like it up here." He admits looking around as the sound of the water fountains and smell of all the plants is just relaxing. "You doing any better from last night?"

Psy-fire rocks the knocked over pot, for Jonothon is thinking about it. He gives the thing a dirty look and rises to his feet. It's strangely fluid, for he's lifting himself through telekinesis without even being aware of it. Feet touch down, barely having lifted off the floor, and he goes over to clean up the mess. Some dirt spilled, and the plant will need a little tlc. Sadly all Jono can do is stuff it all back inside the pot and hope it works out for the best. «Better you didn't go out. It's pretty cold today.» Spring and all. Is he doing any better? The pot cracks audibly. A motioned sigh and the man puts it down and out of the way. «Made Tara cry.» No, not doing any better.

A joke would be so easy right now, but that's not Robyn's style. "How did you make her cry?" He doesn't think Jono would have done anything on purpose but who knows with girls. "I just came in to see her slam James on the ceiling, which I don't doubt he deserved, but using powers on another student…" He did that to Lucas…once. "And really, she cried?" Robyn's met her once but she seems like she's tougher than that. At least to him.

Dirt mostly in pot, the next thing to get is a broom and dustpan. Trailing fire, Jonothon does just that. «She didn't care about the mark on her record.» He explains. «That's a good warning sign that she'd do it again, so I made it very clear that this was an issue. So she threw up the fifteen year old girl defense of crying, claiming she was always in the wrong, and running off. I left her to do so.» Yet he is feeling guilty for it. «Got to think of something suitably nasty for her punishment.» A shrug and he starts sweeping. The psy-fire nudges dirt around too, but not all that helpfully. One tendril flows out to grab the bit of paper Jono left on the floor. Unconsciously he makes a little Tara out of the paper, attention on his sweeping.

"Want me to try to talk to her? I know it's not my responsiblity but maybe talking to a student who isn't going to punish her? And as someone who has posses another student here during a fight?" Robyn says with a shrug. He might not want to be an X-Man, he might not want the life, but he sure as hell cares for the people here. It's the first time he's has real friends, people he's really become emotionally attached to that aren't his parents. "You can make her have to clean the koi pond? Or the bathrooms?" Bathrooms are always gross.

A glance over. «No.» Don't talk to her. «Don't put her on the spot.» Jonothon straightens and goes to dump dirt in the trash. The pot is moved to a safer location. Not that much is truly safe with him around. The little paper looks like Rashmi a moment as it trails behind the man. «I like the pond idea. It'll need a cleaning now that spring is here.» And will be suitably messy. «Need a recharge?» Asked as Jono returns to his spot in the middle. Not going to stop practicing just because someone is here. Does look surprised that his paper is a fish (Koi!) when he looks for it. You know, hovering there behind him.. a look of consternation and the fish is a mooshed bit of pale.

Robyn is watching the piece of paper as it goes from Tara, to Rashmi to a fishie! "No, I'm good for now. With you and Addison, when I absorb it, I'm good for pretty much the day, like twenty four hours and I'm good till tonight." Maybe he can find Addison, he really does want to absorb that enery from the phoenix force again. "You're not paying attention to what you're doing, are you? With the paper. It looked kinda like Rashmi before that and Tara before that." He comments.

«Alright.» Jonothon isn't concerned with it. Robyn knows his own limits. «Eh?» Paying attention? Ha. Not a bit. He frowns at the wad of paper in his hand and can only shrug. «Can't seem to do anything right when I try.» Frustration there. «I've broken most the furniture in my room, and my stereo. Push people around in the hallways.. I'm a menace.» Nose wrinkles, but he lets the psy-fire take the paper again. «I can feel the molecules in it.» Said absently. «In most everything when I think about about it, but that doesn't mean I can control it well.» Sigh! «Guess I'm a far better subconscious sculptor than conscious.»

"Well paper isn't the best medium for sculpting." Robyn says with a slight smile and listens close to what Jono has to say. "I'm really sorry you had to go through this Jono. But you're not a menance, you're just recovering. And…I think you need help." Robyn risks saying. "Not mental but with your powers. Like we do. Help learning how to control it. Addison has the whole psy thing with the fire, maybe he can help you. So..you know..you're not breaking your furniture."

There's that sigh again. «I am getting help.» Said wearily. Jonothon honestly is getting help. «You never seem to notice the work load I have around here. I train every day, sometimes twice a day, with private work outs on top of that. I work out with the Hellions three times a week, and help the teachers. Never mind chasing people around to make sure they are okay.» Doesn't appreciate the mental mention either. The paper turns into a phoenix, glowing and golden in the sunlight, surrounded by fire. «I've had the power a bloody couple weeks. Give me a break.»

Robyn wants to reach out and put a hand on Jono's shoulder but he know he can't. "Jono….I'm worried about you. I'm not putting you down. I guess I'll just pretend there's nothing wrong and that you're fine and everything's peachy. Would that be better for you?" Robyn says as he attempts to pull his knees up to his chest but winces as his body tells him 'bad idea'. "You're just so stubborn at times Jono that it's hard to tell. I'm not insulting you or your control, I'm just…worried. Okay?" He focues his eyes on the floor instead as he knows he's probably walking on think ice that's about to crack under him any second now.

No, touching now could be bad. Better to leave off. Especially after the man gives a dark look, if brief, before shifting his gaze. Psy-fire lashes though, showing his mood clearly. Conscious of it this time, he keeps a firm hold on the stuff so it doesn't break anything. Like a certain teen-ager. «Yes, as a matter of fact it would.» Be easier if Robyn pretended everything was okay. «There's nothing to be done, Robyn.» Jonothon is so insistent about that. «Listen.. you can't handle the bollocks you've got going right now. If you can't handle that, you can't handle mine.»

Robyn doesn't say anything, not for some time. In his mind it's the belief that Jono is the adult he doesn't need the help from 'some teenage kid' who has problems of his own. Why would a cool adult like Jono rely on some kid for help? "I'm not asking to handle your problems Jono, I'm just asking you to not go through this alone. You are and you're lashing out at people. You're grumpier than normal. I know I can't fix your problems, just like you can't fix mine, just…you've been there to help me get through my problems. Why can't you let people who care about you help you get through yours? Isn't that what friends are for?"

Jonothon fixes a look on Robyn as brown eyes shift to flame. Yet, nothing is said immediately. Mainly because he's reining in his proverbial tongue. Shouldn't say what he's thinking. The floor beneath him cracks loudly as the atmosphere grows uncomfortable. Then after that moment he looks away. «I am alone.» Leaning his head to the side, he shoves the feelings away to let the air relax somewhat. Also drags fingers back through his floating hair. «All the friends my age are either dead, or gone. You call me friend, and you mean it, but I'm on the outside of that circle of yours, Robyn. This is how it is, and how I am.»

Robyn pushes himself up off the floor and gives Jono a look that is dead pan, not really revealing much. "Fine, I'll leave you /alone/ then." To him there is no circle, there is just Jono refusing to see those who are there for him. "I guess I worried about you for nothing." He says as he doesn't look at Jono, starting to make his way back to the stairs.

«Heh.» Said without real humor. «That's mature of you. Cheers, mate.» Jonothon has a bad habit of this. Gets hurt and loves to drive people away. Nothing is done to stop you from going. Instead he looks up somewhat at the paper his psy-fire is holding. Sigh. Maybe he can fix the floor.

Robyn stops and turns around, yeah Jono hit a nerve. "And this is really mature of you Jono. You're supposed to be the older one here, but driving away those who care about you? I'm just another kid to you aren't I? Do you know how worried I've been about you? It wasn't just the fact that Jordan was taken by that asshole but it was you too Jono. Do you have any idea how much I looked up to you? How much you mean to me, not just as a friend, but someone in my life? Do you Jono? And you're saying that you're alone, all you're telling me is that you want to be alone and that I should just go 'bugger off' as you would say. I'm just a 'bloody' kid, a 'toerag' annoying you." Yeah he's using Jono's slang, maybe to drive home a point and yes, there are a few tears in his eyes as there's quite a bit of anger and annoyance in his voice.

Jonothon only gives silence in return. Sure enough he heard everything, but he says nothing in way of reply. Lifting a hand into the sunlight, towards that tendril of psy-fire, the man's attire shifts unconsciously. A form he hasn't worn for a long, long time. Sure he's been without a face, but the ruin of a teen-ager isn't something that he's been seen as since he was a teen-ager. The sheer pain, the weight of it all, manifests in his appearance. Shirts turn to black jacket. Lower face covered in black bandages, and he becomes so very haggard. Tangled hair in all directions, deep cracks through the skin of his face, and those eyes.. wrapped in near black that has nothing to do with make up. When he was at his worst. And to think, it's gotten worse since then, but he learned to feel better about himself and not show it. The change doesn't last, but for a little bit the ruin of a life sits in the sunlight, reaching upwards.

Robyn watches Jono change and it doesn't make it any easier on Robyn, if anything, it just makes him feel like Jono really does need someone. "Jono….please. You're someone who is really importatnt to me, and someone I /want/ in my life. I don't know everything you've been through but I know this is another thing added onto it, it's this life at this school…" Robyn believes that. Xavier's changes people, gives them more hardships than they deserve. "But if we don't have eachother Jono, who do we have. Please….don't push me away."

Not even aware of what he's done, the man looks over as the anger turns to pleading. His arm drops to his lap, and psy-fire curls around him almost protectively. «You're the one walking away, Robyn.» Jonothon points out with a strange gentleness. «I never asked you to go.» Sure enough he's closed himself off though. That's pretty close to the same thing. «This is how I am. I have to work it out, even if that means being an arse sometimes while doing it. You throwing insults at me and walking away isn't showing me that you really care.» The voice is strangely calm. Perhaps too much so.

"You might not have asked but but when you tell someone who cares about you're 'alone', it helps drive people away from you." Robyn says not moving closer but staying where he is, standing a few feet from the door. "I didn't throw any insults at you." Not that he's aware of at least, yeah he called Jono immature but like that old children's addage: he said it first. "You can believe whatever you want Jono." As saying that Robyn isn't showing he really cares is kind of an emotional stab to the teen.

«Alright.» A noncommittal answer if there ever was one. Jonothon will in fact believe what he wants. Then again, everyone does. He gently plucks the paper from the air before him and turns it over in his hand as clothing reverts slowly to what it originally was. There's a curious weariness now, but he chalks it up to the emotional mess he's struggling to hide. Not easy to keep the psy-fire from doing stuff when he's feeling like this. «I'm here if you need me.»

Robyn bites his tounge and doesn't say what he really wants to say. "And I'm here if you need me." If Jono wants to admit he needs somone, if he wants to admit he's not alone. "You're too damn stubborn Jono." He says before giving him the faintest of smiles as he wipes one of his eyes. Yeah maybe a tear or too has snuck out. "But right now Jono, I know I'll be fine. I'm just being paitent is all." As tough as it is.

He's stubborn? Where has he heard that before? The man smiles faintly down at his hands. The paper is once more going through the motions of changing and being mooshed. Jonothon doesn't look over. «People tell me so.» That he's stubborn. Admit that Robyn will be fine, and he looks over. Eyes are the same hues as the psy-fire. «Good. Take care, mate.» Yes, he really would like to be alone now, but only gives gentle nudges about it. Shoo.

Of course Robyn has to get one more word in before he leaves. "Just remember Jono, just cause we're 'kids' and we're younger than you, doesn't mean we don't care and we don't want to be here for you." He says before going to make his way down the stairs. When he says 'we', he knows he's including Rashmi and all the others who lives Jono has effect at this school. It takes him a while but he makes it down the stairs feeling exhausted. When Jono eventually makes his way down stairs he'd probably find Robyn asleep on one of the couches in the Observation Deck.

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