2009-02-27: Stuck in a City


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Summary: Kaden and Dmitri chat before Drew comes along.

Date: February 27, 2009

Log Title Stuck in a City

Rating: Log Rating. PG

NYC - The Marc (Outside)

In New York the afternoon slides quickly into evening as the City that Never Sleeps adjusts to being invaded yet again. While the more jaded New Yorkers tend to ignore things and keep thier heads down, the more paranoid ones tend to call for the police at the slightest strange thing. The one thing that hasn't changed, the fact that the nicotine addicted still need their fix even if the world is crashing down around them. The smokers that tend to cluster outside the Marc today have a new member of the club, an interesting Eastern European man in fairly nondescript clothes choosen to make him just that much harder to remember if someone had any reason to question the smokers about him, or why he has spent his entier time with them making sure he was facing the Marc.

Kaden was upstairs in Keith's apartment just kind of sitting around, irritated that the invasion ruined his good mood, when he decided he was going to go down stairs, get some fresh air and take a quick walk around the block to try to collect his thoughts. It's not an easy thing for Kaden and he'll probably still be irritated but it's worth a shot right? Exiting The Marc in a short sleeved shirt and jeans something distracts Kaden from going on his walk as he sense Dmitri there. Walking over he gives the Earth spirit a wave. "Hey Dmitri."

Dmitri gives a fake smile to one of the other smokers before pinching out the end of the cigarette he was smoking and sticking it behind his right ear. "Hello Kaden, I did not expect to see you today. You did not have to drug Keith or Drew in order to sneak out did you?" Dmitri asks the last in a slightly joking tone, used more for the benafit of the other smokers than for Kaden.

Kaden shakes his head. "No, I just said I was going outside and that I was check on the refugees here. I really don't know why I'm out here." Kaden says looking up at the sky at the feild up there. "It's just weird, being trapped in here." He doesn't like it but who really would. "So how are you holding up?"

Dmitri shrugs, gives the guys he was with a look that more or less translates as a see you later and starts walking so he and Kaden can talk without being over heard. "I have closed down my shop, moved anything I could not replace easilly somewhere safe, and sealed off my cave. I have spent most of the time since then watching for any trouble. As nice a place to hole up as it is, a luxury apartment is a bit of a target to some minds."

Kaden nods to Dmitri and runs a hand through his hair. "Well I'm going to stick with Drew, Keith and Xane for now. I know Drew and Keith would like a way for all five of us to stick together so maybe we can talk to Fancypants." Kaden says shoving his hands in his pockets. "Hey, thanks…for the other night Dmitri."

Dmitri nods at Kaden, "No thanks, I did what I belived needed to be done. You should stay with the others, we may be nearly immortal but there is still safety in numbers." Dmitri takes a deep breath and decides he will just go with it, and pulls a ring box much like the one he left for Drew's birthday only red out of a pocket. "If I were a supersticious I would think it a bad sign that I had just finished this as the dome went up…"

Kaden takes the ring box and looks at Dmitri confused. "What's this?" And Dmitri might notice that Kaden's become a bit more mellow since the last few times they ran into each other. "And why would it be a bad sign that you finished it as the dome went up? And I've never been one for supersticious. A four leaf clover is about as lucky as my ass." He says as he finally opens the box to see what's inside.

Inside the box is, against all expectations, a ring. Made to fit the general design and look of a class ring, the type that most high school students get their senior year, the ring was amde of solid silver. The center gem a tear drop shapped ruby cut so that the round section appears to have a five pointed star inside of a circle. On ths sides of the ring, a phoenix and the other a dragon eating its own tail. "It is a ring. I am making them for everyone."

Kaden looks at the ring for a long time before just saying one thing. "Wow." He's surprised and eventually smiles as he continues to stare at it. "What's this?" He asks of the dragon eating it's own tail, having never seen something like this. "And thanks, Dmitri, this means a lot."

Dmitri nods, and does not say anything for a while. Emotions are not something he is good with, part of the reasons he kills any he has, the closest he comes to sharing anything like them is in his craft. "Its called Ourroborross. One of the symbls for eternity."

Kaden just nods and puts it on, it's something he'll probably not take off for a long time. If it were Keith or Drew he'd give them a hug but Dmitri doesn't seem the hug type to him and he hasn't reached that level of comfort with the Earth Spirit. "Seriously Dmitri, thanks. Are you sure you want to stay down there by yourself? You said there was safety in numbers, maybe we can do something to stick together?" Kaden says as him and Dmitri are outside the Marc just chatting.

Dmitri cants his head to the side and looks at Kaden, if he were a different person he might give the boy a mischievous grin. "Who said I was staying down there alone? I only said I had sealed up the cave, not that I was going to be sleeping there. Given that in a fight I am the one in our little family that has the best chance of holding his own I would not risk the rest of you by staying so far away in a time like this." Dmitri had not been sure that Kaden would accept the ring, of all of them he is the one that had the most chance of not keeping it given his tendency to dislike displays of affection and such.

Kaden nods and smiles. "Good, cause I know Drew and Keith would worry about you." And Kaden too but he doesn't admit that quite yet. He adjust to people in levels. "But seriously, I really do appricated you taking the time to teach me control, I know I've already said than you but it does mean a lot. And I don't hate you, I was just pissed off that night." He knows that Dmitri didn't do it to be mean to him but to teach him a much needed lesson.

He's clothed and ready to go out into the night. Drew has been determined to do something about what's going on, since he's been trapped. Coming down, he's dressed very lightly. A pair of board shorts and a tank top. The air seems… moist with anticipation. He does take pause as he notices a few people standing nearby. "Kaden. Dmitri." He says, moving a little closer to them.

Dmitri nods at Kaden. "I know, anger has a way of making people say things that they do not mean and you would not have spent the night after I freed your feet if you really hated me." As Drew leaves the building and coming to join him Dmitri nods at him as well. The Earth Spirit smells faintly of smoke since he has been using the cover of a smoker to keep an eye on the Marc since the dome went up over the island. "Hello Drew."

Kaden nods and smiles to Dmitri. "I'm trying to work on that, my anger. Trying not to be so…pissy." He admits and when Drew walks up, Kaden gives him a smile. "Hey Drew, Dmitri and I were just chatting." He says brushing his hair back. "You're not planning on going out and exploring tonight without me are you?"

"I was hoping to find you here. I'm not going without you. We'll find a way out. And if someone gets in my way, well…" Drew says with a hint of a grin as he walks up boldly to Kaden and wraps his arms around the fire spirit, gifting him with a full on kiss. Hardly a chaste one. "I wanna get out there and do something with water. I want to see if I can force it to break some of the shield."

Dmitri does a pretty good impression of Mister Spock as Drew kisses Kaden in…such an interesting way. "Good, none of us should be wondering the city alone. I have not had a chance to try for anything at the edge of the dome, or even to try and find out just how deeply underground it goes."

Kaden wraps his arms around Drew and returns the kiss, smiling at the smaller water spirit. "Maybe the more of us combined the more we can do together. Find a way out of here or at least a way to stop this." Kaden is a bit blushey as he bites his lower lip. "I doubt it could go that deep under ground, I don't even know what this field is made of."

"I bet we could do it together." Drew moves over to give Dmitri a hug. And if he'll accept it, he'll get a kiss as well. Not a chaste one either. Hey, he loves his friends. "But I am going to try to control the water outside against it and see if I can do anything."

Dmitri is not completely sure that the three of them really could do it, but he is not going to say anything. The hug gets no response, he is not going to fight it or give in much, but the kiss at least gets a return keeping pace with what is given. "It would be interesting to see how it responds to changing pressures in the rock on both sides of the field if it does extend a great distance under ground."

"Should we grab Keith or Xane or are they…busy?" Kaden asks not sure if Xane's even home from work yet. "Well we can't just sit around and do nothing, Drew needs his water." Kaden says with an affirmative nod as he reaches out to take Drew's hand to give it a squeeze.

"Psst. Dmitri. Good job on the beatdown. Afterwards, I taught him how to internalize the heat." He offers a high five to the earth spirit. "I'm just wanting to try my thing for now, but anyone's more than welcome to come. You ready, love?" He asks Kaden.

Dmitri does his Spock eyebrow again as Kaden takes Drew's hand without any prompting. That is something new, and technically any of his business. He just looks at he offered palm of the upraised hand. "I think I will stay here and…continue what I have been doing."

Kaden nods. "Fuck yeah." Kaden says itching to do something. "You sure you don't want to join us Dmitri?" Kaden says as he looks at Drew and shrugs. "If not, I guess we'll be going, and thanks for again for the ring, I like it a lot D."

"Oooh, you got a ring?" Drew asks, lightly as he pulls up Kaden's hand to look at it. He holds his beside it and grins. "A lot like mine." He chuckles before heading in the direction of the closest part of the barrier.

Dmitri shakes his head, "I will stay here, keep an eye on the others, you two be careful."

Kaden nods at Dmitri. "I'll take care of Drew!" He calls back as he walks with Drew, still holding Drew's hand, determined to try to get something done.

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