2009-12-10: Student Bonding And Breakfast


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Summary: Robyn doesn't like being a frog, July and John get his mind off of it.

Date: December 12, 2009

Log Title Student Bonding and Breakfast

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

It's morning in the mansion and Robyn's currently in the kitchen, still his froggie self. The two foot frog, with a cartoonish apperance, sits on one of the chairs with it's chin resting ont he table. Some breakfast on a try in front of him, the bacon and waffles are untouched. If it's possible for a frog to look a bit down, Robyn's definately managing it.

July steps into the kitchen, humming softly to herself and smiling, but then she stops and blinks as she notices a big frog at one of the tables, looking… sad? "Hey, Robyn?" the elastic girl says, approaching her friend. "What's wrong? I didn't know a frog could look that sad, but you're managing it. What happened?"

Robyn looks up at July tries to put on a better face. "Hey July, do I really look that bad. I guess it's cause I'm still a frog." He says putting up a four digited Froggie hand. "And with these hands I can't do much of what I like to do. I just miss sculpting is all and I can't do it."

July smiles softly and sits at Robyn's table, across from the frog. "I can imagine. I remember how sad I was when I lost my powers. Something I learned to love to use." she nods gently, "But don't worry!" her smile grows a bit, "It seems the effects are starting to wane. Robin sometimes remembers her old self. Maybe soon you'll start changing back, too. Oh! by the way, Robin said that, when she returned to her old self, she saw a message writing itself on a mirror. It said 'help me'."

"I can still use my powers, but I can't possess anyone long enough to actually get an scuplting done." If Robyn's being serious or not about saying that, it's hard to tell. "In the stories the Frog was turned back to himself after being kissed by a princess, but I don't know any princesses or if it will work, wait, message in a mirror?"

July chuckles and arches one eyebrow, "Oh? Why can't you possess them for long enough? Is it because they fight you?" she asks, smiling, but then she blinks as the message is brought again. "Oh, ya. Seems like Robin saw a fog in the mirror and the message 'Help Me' wrote itself BEHIND the mirror. As in, inside it." she shrugs softly. "When Robin took us there, the mirror was just normal. No fog, no message. We knocked on the mirror, tried to push it, but nothing out of the ordinary."

"I just can't, and it's not because they fight me it's because I can't keep myself in there for that long…wait." Robyn says shaking his head quickly. "You really think I would do that just to sculpt?" He blinks a few times as he wouldn't intentionally use his powers on another student unless it was in the Danger Room. "I dunno, I just don't wanna be a frog anymore. Though I did there was another weird instance in Salem Center."

July shrugs gently, and smiles, "If you want, I don't mind if you possess me for a while to do your sculpting." she says, nodding softly, "Just let me know first so I make sure I don't have anything else to do that day." she chuckles gently.

Robyn is sitting in oneof the chairs in the Cafeteria with his uneatten breakfast in front of him and he appears to be a two foot tall Frog, definately not realistic but definately real "No, I can't do that, I can't stay inside someone for more than five minutes right now until I'm pushed out." He says looking at his four digited frog hand. "Thanks though."

July is seated at that same table, across from the frog. July smiles, "You sure? I wouldn't mind." she shrugs gently, but then she nods, "If you change your mind, let me know." But then she looks at the frog's breakfast, "You're not hungry, man?"

John strolls into the cafeteria wearing black jeans, white t-shirt, black sneakers, dog tags, eyeliner and black nail varnish. He is listening to Go:Audio on his ipod and is singing along, he goes over to the line and gets two pieces of toast and a coke. He looks around for where to sit and spots July talking to a frog. Shaking his head at how little this supprises him now he walks over to their table, he pulls out an earphone and asks "Hey July do you mind if i sit here?"

Robyn shrugs. "I don't really know if I'm in the mood to eat. I have all this pent up creative energy that I can't get out and it's bugging me. When I'm in an off mood I usually go sculpt but now I'm in an off mood because I can't go off and do it. And I can't get much done in five minutes July, thanks for the offer." Five minutes isn't enough to even get started on a scuplutre. He looks up at John as he walks over and waves a Frog hand. "Hey."

July chuckles gently and shrugs, "Maybe if the person you're possessing wanted to help you stay longer?" she asks, smiling a bit, before looking at John as he approaches her, "Oh, hi, John. Sure, go ahead."

John sits down and takes a bite out of his toast, he says to the frog "Hey, from what i've heard about the weird stuff going on im gonna guess that your Robyn" then adds "whats that about possesing?"

If it's possible for a frog to blush a bit, Robyn does. "What, you've heard of me?" He says as in the past finding out someone talked about him wasn't usually a good thing. "Yeah, I'm Robyn, the frog kid I guess. And posession is one of my powers. And no July, I've tried, Addison's been helping me. At least I have the physchic vampirism under better control with his help."

July ah's and nods softly, at that. "Yeah, frogboy, one and only!" she giggles softly, before looking at Robyn again, "And what's the necessary time there must be between possessions?"

John grins at seeing a frog blush "Jared just mentioned that some called Robyn had been turned into a frog" adds "possesion huh?, sounds cool" he opens his coke and takes a sip.

Robyn shurgs. "I dunno, it's helpful but I don't know how many people like having me inside their bodies and their is nothing they can do to stop it." He looks over at July and shrugs. "I don't know, I just know I feel really exhausted after five minutes." He says finally reaching out a hand an taking a piece of bacon to munch on.

July nods at that, and watches Robyn eat that piece of bacon with a smile, "I thought frogs didn't have teeth?" she tilts her head a bit.

John shrugs "Apparently this one does" he looks at Robyn "Can't use draw energy from the person your possessing?"

"I'm not about to just eat flies." And looking Robyn does have a few teeth as he's not truely a frog, just a 'prince' trapped as a frog. "No, I can't draw energy from the person I'm possessing, if they have powers I might be able to try to use them but I'm still learning. I have a lot of psychic related powers that aren't easy to get a hang of. I have to absorb psychic energy to function, I can posses people, I can do what they call Astral Projection and I can…well potentiall make psychic weapons."

July oh's softly, and she blinks a bit, "Wait. So, you need psychic energy to function? Does that mean you don't really need food, or do you need both?" she tilts her head abit.

John nods "Still a cool power" he grins "Can't you just go find yourself a princess to turn you back?"

"I need both." Robyn explains. "I need the psychic energy to fuel my powers and to function on a normal level, or else I get headaches and worse." He reaches out and starts to munch on another piece of bacon thinking he'll have to go find some cookies later. "Yeah, where can I find a princess? I don't even think Jordan wants to kiss a frog." The he realizes he doesn't eve know John's name yet, even if July did mention it. "Sorry, I don't think I know your name."

July chuckles gently, smiling and she nods, "Yes, I recall you complaining of your headaches before you started training." she nods gently again, and giggles softly.

John laughs "There must be a fairytale princess round here somewhere, and who wouldn't kiss a cute little frog like you?" takes another bite of toast "My names John mate" holds out his hand to shake.

Robyn nods to July. "Yeah, I don't get my headaches as much anymore cause Addison lets me take some of his pyschic energy everyday and since he's a mentalist and has so much of it, I don't hurt him in return." If he was to asborb it from July or John, they would definatly get wicked headaches at the least. Robyn shakes John's hand with a four-digited Frog hand of his own. "I don't normally look like a frog, it's just nothing seems to stay calm around here for long." He doesn't answer John's question but shrugs.

July looks at John and giggles, "I'd say that the frog look is an improvement over how you usually look, Robyn, but I'd be lying." she giggles softly, winking at her friend.

John grins and takes the earphones out of his eyepod so it will play out loud as it begins to play 'It ain't easy being Green'.

Robyn looks at July and chuckles. "Just because I look like an emo-kid doesn't mean I am one. I just like the clothes." Robyn has very macabe tastes and dresses in clothing that usually reflect that. It's not usually hard to guess he's a Tim Burton fan. "Okay, I just have to ask, why do you have Kermit on your i-Pod?"

July giggles softly, "You emo-frog." she teases, before looking at John, and then his Ipod, hearing the music. "Speaking of which, what are your music preferences, John?"

John looks at Robyn and smiles "I know what you mean i wear black, nail varnish and a little eye-liner and back home people start calling me emo, my little brother put kermit on my ipod he loves the muppets" he turns to July "I like Go:Audio, Simple Plan, Lostphrophets, Paramore, mostly punk rock stuff".

"I don't wear the nail stuff cause it would get into my scuptures and I just don't like it, and I don't wear make up. I just like all that Tim Burton stuff." That and Robyn likes to wear his hair in his face. "I kind of know who some of those bands are, I really like a lot of Industrial actually." Robyn says throwing in what he likes.

July ah's and nods, "I see. It's interesting. I wish my clothes changed with me, but I'm lucky the headmasters made my uniform adapt to my powers." she nods gently, giggling softly. "AS for music taste… I really don't have a prefered band. I just listen what I find good, no matter th genre."

John finishes his coke "Tim Burtons cool, i love the nightmare before Christmas" then adds "Musics cool, it keeps me calm".

"I also play the cello a bit, I was in the Orchestra back at my old High Schoo." Robyn is more into art and scuplting than playing music, even though he enjoys it. "I love that movie, and Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood, I like 'em all. I don't have to worry about anything clothing wise with my powers, just someone to protect my body when my mind leaves it."

July smiles and nods, "I prefer fantasy movies more. Or movies about the old and medieval age. I am fascinated by that age." she nods again, "Or straight action movies. Those are fun too."

John finishes his toast "I like vampire films personaily"

"I love the old Bella Lagosi and Christopher Lee Vampire movies." Robyn says with a big grin. "And fantasy is pretty awesome too like Legend." And of course the obligatory Tim Curry film is mentioned. "I like anything with a lot of old speical effects or stop animation. I want to make scuptures for film one day."

July arches one eyebrow, "Y'know, the sight of a frog as big as you, Robyn, grinning like that, is kind of disturbing." she chuckles softly, shaking hr head a bit.

John laughs "It is kinda odd", "Anybody know where the nearest piercing place is?"

Robyn shurgs his shakes his head. "I really don't know John, you might want to ask…Daisuke? The kid who tutors? He's got several piercings, he'd probably know." Robyn hasn't gotten any piercings and he's not sure if he will. "Okay, I'll try not to smile, unless I'm thinking you're a really big fly." He does have the tounge of a frog after all.

July arches one eyebrow at the 'fly' remark, but then she giggles softly, "Right. Yeah, I'm a fly." she chuckles, before looking at John. "Piercings? Don't those hurt a bit when you get your skin pierced? Wouldn't that trigger your power?"

John shakes his head "Actuly no, pain doesn't realy bother me that much, i have a high threshold"

Robyn shakes his head. "I was just joking around with you, July. Oh! How's things going with you and Annalisa? I noticed you were together. A while back she was venting to me that she thought you didn't like her." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I'm okay with pain too, usually I have two tattoos, but not like this."

July oh's softly at John. "Yeah, but, don't they use alcohol or something other to clean the area, that's also flammable?" she asks, then blinks as Annalisa's name is said, "Oh? She did?" she asks softly, turning to look at Robyn. "Yeah, we're together, too."

John smiles at Robyn "What are the tattos of?" he looks over at July "They use alcohol, oh i didn't know that, your right not a good idea, i should wait till i develope more control" then adds "is Annalisa dealing with her fear of her powers any better?"

"They're both on my wrists, one says Thin as a Dime and the other says Mad as a Hatter, one is just because usually, I'm really thin and the other is cause I like Alice in Wonderland." Robyn explains and he nods to July. "Yeah, this was when she got here earlier."

July chuckles as she hears the tattoos, but says nothing about it. But when asked about Annalisa, she blinks, then shrugs softly, "I'm not sure. I'm hoping she's getting better."

John grins "Nice tattos dude, i nice to meet someone who had tattos done sober" turns to July "I first met Annalisa earlier the day i meet you and when i asked about her power she didn't wanna tell me".

"I'm only sixteen, I had to get my parents permission to get them in the first place. And I don't drink." Robyn says as he's pretty straight edge. Who knows when he gets older, but for now he is. "And also it's illegal to get tattoos while drunk. Bloods too thin and it causes problems."

July smiles, "She had a bad accident when her powers showed up." she says softly, shaking her head a bit before standing up. "Gotta get going now. Thanks for the talk guys. Or… guy and frog." she giggles, and then she waves, "See you two later."

"I'm still a guy!" Robyn says chuckling. "I gotta get going too, math class now, blah. It was nice meeting you John!" He says taking his tray in his mouth and hoping over to the garbage can to through it out before hopping out of the room. In this form he's not exactly bipedal.

John waves as July and Robyn leave the room "See you later July, nice meeting you too Robyn".

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