2009-03-04: Student Missing


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Summary: Eddie panics as he realizes Daisuke's gone missing, Addison, Kitty, Scott, Sam and James try to calm him and figure out what's going on.

Date: March 4, 2009

Log Title Student Missing

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Boys' Wing

A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the boy's dorms. There is a sign on the wall when you first enter the hallway labeling this as the 'Men's Dormitories. A few painting hang on the walls to give the area a more homely look.

He's been trying to control and not listen, but somethings are just TOO mentally loud. Running from the adult hallway, Addison runs for the chaotic vibes, trying to see who they are, only to know before he gets there. "Eddie? What's wrong?" He asks, hair falling behind him. "Are you ok?" Of course, with Eddie, even though Addison doesn't know it, that's a regular question.

James hears Eddie's voice as he is heading for his room after finishing the day's dishwashing duties and stops before turning toward his friend with worry in his eyes. "Ok just calm down Eddie. What's happened?"

A sound like that is hard to ignore, espcially when one was absorbed in reading a good Sci-Fi book in the atrium. Sam jumped up and ran into the boys wing to see what the matter is to see Eddie having what seems like a bit of a panic attack. "Eddie, take some deep breaths okay?" He says not wanting to repeat Addison or James.

"Is it aliens?" calls Kitty Pryde's voice from down the hall; she's sprinting down it from the direction of the atrium, not too far behind Sam. "Vampires? Something I can punch?"

The Headmaster soon comes from the Professor's hallway following Kitty. Something's happening, and when it happens at Xavier's it's never subtle. There's enough people looking at Eddie, but what was he running towards? Scott looks into Daisuke's room. Knocking on the door as he opens and pops his head in. He says nothing but the look on his face says it all, stone-faced and concerned.

Finally pulling himself free from the painting and losing his shoe in the process. He looks up and lets out a string of babble one would get an award for figuring out. He gives Kitty a strange look and then follows Sam's advice. Taking several deep breaths, he calms enough to speak. "Dai's missing and I think someone or something took him!" he says, looking at all the teachers.

"Who's missing?" Addison asks, tilting his head. "Oh, the guy from the gym." He nods slightly. "I could try to look for him." He says with a half-tilt of his head. "See if I can locate him, but I don't really know him that well to track him that easily." He admits, trying to calm Eddie somehow… but he's never used his telepathy in a calming manner, so isn't going to attempt power-usage.

James shakes his head "Unfortuantly my ability just lets me track objects in motion not identify them positivly so I can't help either."

It's Kitty's job to get weird looks. At Eddie's words, though, she looks sharply from the door, where Scott's looking, to the kid. "Missing how? And for how long? Any idea?" She can't do anything with no information, so maybe she's a little less gentle than she could be.

Sam nods as Eddie speaks and nods. "Well, Scott's here so that's a good thing, but tell us everything you know okay Eddie?" The blond says as he tries to understand more than just 'Daisuke's Gone'. "Just start from the begining and tell us what you can." Sam figures they can form a plan once they know all the facts.

Scott retracts his head from the room. "The room's trashed, like someone were looking for something Daisuke had." The field leader starts to think of who could have done it. "We need to analyze the video feed from the cameras around the mansion, see if there is anything we can see from there." He'll do some of that task, but would need help. He starts to move over to Eddie, kneeling down to his level. "Continue, Eddie."

Eddie starts to panic a bit more as he pulls his shoe back on and ties it tightly. He nods when Scott kneels down. "He was acting -really- weird lately. -Really- not like him. And Pallaton mentioned he didn't smell right and…" he pauses to take another deep breath. "I was thinking that someone took Dai and replaced him with an imposter and I was looking for him to gather some information and I couldn't find him anywhere and I came up here to check if he was in his room and found this mess and I have no idea where he is so I was coming to find one of you when I tripped and sorry I broke the painting but we gotta find him!" he goes on, needing to catch his breath when he finishes.

"Imposter?" Addison says, suddenly annoyed. "If it's one of ours, it had to be one that wasn't controlled. Farouk can't fake that well enough." He grumbles slightly as he looks between the others and tries to reach out to see if he can locate the other kid, but doubts it, with his lack of knowledge.

James winces "Ok do you remember when Dai started acting wierd?"

Sam nods and brushes his hair back. "Ah reckon it could make sense, if they look exactly like us…Addison, do ya think Farouk had any reason t' be here? T' be sendin' anyone here?" He asks trying to figure out why this might have happened. "And do ya have any clue what he might have chosen him?" Finding as many answers or even ideas is sometimes the best way for coming up with a plan.

Eddie goes quiet, holding his head. "Back…when Pallaton first ran off. When he was coming here from work. Before the barrier went up…" he trails off. The gears are turning in his head, a bit of anger and worry bleeding off him.

"I'll get the security system logs, Scott," says Kitty, glancing up. "I know it like the back of my hand. If he was here earlier today— him *or* the impostor— then it would've registered when he left the grounds." She holds her hands out to Eddie, an offer of help getting to his feet. "That could give us an idea which direction he went in. I can't remember, do we have any ferals handy who could track his scent?"

Scott's mouth goes to a grimace. Despite all his efforts, he never considered a student doppelganger. Though Sam did present a very good question, he waits for a response from Faith. "We've got one, Pallaton. He's a student but his ability would help us, before the trail goes cold." He doesn't know where Logan went off to either.

Eddie goes quiet, holding his head. "Back…when Pallaton first ran off. When he was coming here from work. Before the barrier went up…" he trails off. The gears are turning in his head, a bit of anger and worry bleeding off him. "Dai…why take Dai…he's not someone you'd expect to be taken, right? Not one of the X-men but he's close to me and I have information…lots of it…but why not just take me then?" he's asking no one in particular. "Information from the Young Aveng…" he pauses, eyes going wide for a moment. Fishing in his pocket, he produces the USB flash drive from Vision and hands it to Scott. "Got this from the Young Avengers…has all their intel on it. Gave them what I had too…" he trails off. "I think there might be more than just the people Shadow King is controlling here causing trouble. I think the aliens that invaded their dimension in the first place are here too and they could have taken Dai."

Addison ponders for a few moments, thinking. "Eddie, the aliens are gone. Trust me on this one. Farouk couldn't affect them. But some of our people were warped and twisted from torture and abuse." He blinks, recognition appearing in his face. "Wait. Daisuke. Sakuragi. Farouk would have every reason in the world to send his Daisuke over here. His power to detect weaknesses. Mutant, physical, structural. And if he's willingly working with Shadow King… and his brother…" His voice goes cold as he looks at the others. "I… I'm going to go outside and keep an eye on things. If necessary, I'll hold a telekinetic shield over the grounds. The others may offer to help as well." Without waiting, Addison hurries off to watch from outside.

James pales slightly at Addision's words "Anyone know what the range on whatever detection ability he has is?" he asks calmly.

Sam nods at Eddie's words and at Addison's words. "Weakness detection? Ah think the obvious think t' say is they're plannin' an attack here. Just tryin' t' figure when is the fun part but at least we can be prepared. So two think we gotta concentrate on, findin' this student, Daisuke and preparin' for th' fact that they're probablly gonna attack. And Ah don' know what his range is. Scott?"

"I'll get on those recordings now," says Kitty, letting her hands drop. "And start a quick and dirty overhaul of the security itself, if he's been poking through looking for holes. Scott, I'll fill you in on any changes I make." With that, she unceremoniously drops through the floor— most likely headed for the server room.

Scott thinks on the distance issue. "I don't know. We haven't done a baseline in the Danger Room for him yet." Scott stands back up, looking to Kitty. "I'll be in the war room, looking over the camera footage. Talk with Julian, see if he's willing to pick up an extra shift on guard duty, I'm sure addison would appreciate the help. If you're injured Eddie, get down to the medbay, have Dr. Reyes make sure you're alright."

Eddie shakes his head. "No idea yet," he answers James. Getting to his feet quickly, Eddie frowns. "I'm fine. Is there anything I can do?" he asks quickly, not wanting to sit back and do nothing. He's also hoping he's not being put on guard duty as he'd be a vulnerable spot to attack.

"Ah'm sure Scott will let ya know if they're anything ya can do. Right now, Ah think we just gotta discuss what's goin' on." Sam's been co-leader of the New Mutants and X-Force for too long where it's hard for him to just sit back and say nothing. "How 'bout Ah fly ya back t' yer parents house for t'night since it might help bein' with family right now?" He says figuring Eddie's probably a bit emotional finding his best friend missing.

Scott gives a nod to Eddie. "You can help me dig through the camera footage if you want. Or Sam can get you back to your parent's house. Your choice." He's got a look on his face urging Eddie to choose fast.

Eddie tenses. Going with Sam means he technically won't be breaking lockdown if he decides to go out and hunt on his own. Going with Scott means he might be able to spot something Scott might miss. Biting his lip, Eddie nods. "I'll come help look through the camera footage. Two heads are usually better than one," he says.

James simply stands not really sure of what to do.

Scott nods. "Come on then." He gives Cannonball a nod before starting for the atrium. "I'll keep everyone informed." He's going to need to start ASAP on the video footage.

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