2009-03-29: Student Problems


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Summary: Christopher and Scott have a discussion in regards to Pallaton.

Date: March 29, 2009

Log Title Student Problems

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Blackbird Hanger

A quick shuttle ride exits you to a large bay where sits the Blackbird. Advanced equipment to maintain the high tech plane is locked in cabinets and closets through out the room. Unless you are trained and have the authorization codes, you will not be able to access the Blackbird or the miscarry doors that open up for its launch.

Before the large battle on Tuesday, Scott needs to do some minor repairs and maintenance on the blackbird. Various air tools are strewn about below him on the ground, right now he's focused on the right side of the plane. The sound of air wrenches rings through the hanger. A grease laden shirt on scott, work jeans and work boots. He's got no trouble in occupying his time it seems

As the doors open to let someone in, the least Grease-Monkey teacher of the school walks in, Christopher. "Good afternoon Scott. I'm sorry to bother you when you're busy there's just something I needed to talk to you about." By now Scott would have probably heard that a student went a bit 'crazy' in the rec room, destroyed the room and that Pallaton was injured in the attack.

The Blackbird mechanic looks to the bolt he needs to tighten, letting the wrench tighten it before looking to Christopher. "I heard. But I've got time to spare." A rag is pulled out of his pocket and wipes his dirty hands on it. Pressing a couple of buttons on the bottom of the plane, the ramp comes down. "Let's have a seat." He's been on his feet for the better part of three hours, has been needing to sit down.

Christopher raises an eyebrow at Scott. "You heard I needed to talk to you?" He sounds a bit surprised but shrugs anyway. He goes over to stand, letting Scott sit, he doesn't need to at the moment. "As you probably know, the new student Owen had a little…episode. It's not the episode I'm worried about since we are here to learn control, it's the actions of one of the students, Pallaton, I'm worried about."

"I heard about the incident. And caught Owen trying to sneak out of the medbay before he was cleared to leave." He dfines what he said before. As the headmaster takes a seat on the extended ramp, he listens to Christoper. "What did he do that's worried you?" All he heard was that Pallaton got hurt from the 'incident'.

Christopher reaches out to touch a spot on the Blackbird where it got scrapped a bit, and changes the colour so it matches the rest of the jet. "Well he didn't listen to ord..well not orders but a teacher in a dangerous situation. It was clear that Owen wanted to try to kill…or even eat, him and he ignored me when I told him to stay back, on several occasions, ignored me when I told him to go to the med bay because he was bitten, quiet severly, and I honestly believe that he could have avoided futher injury if he was to have actually listened to a teacher. I think this is a problem when we have a student who ignores a teachers requests in an emergancy situation."

Scott listens intently, he's not a fan of a student not listening to a teacher or X-Man in that situation either. "You're right, it is a problem. Especially in a serious one like that. I noticed he slipped up on the mission to Memphis. but I don't think that was defiance." He thinks about having a chat with Jericho, Pallaton being his student and all.

"Slipping up on your first mission is different than not listening and walking right into danger and just being stupid." Christopher states. "I'm not going to claim I had the situation under control, I mean I feel bad enough that I had to result in knocking the student out but Pallaton tried to give the feral creature he becomes a hug and ended up getting himself further injured. If you may Scott, can I recommend as part of a punishment that he helps clean and rebuild the recreation room."

"He tried to give it a hug?" Very…strange behavior from the mutant. "His actions then are unacceptable. I'll have a talk with him. And I think your punishment is just." Scott does need to make sure that Pallaton wasn't hurt too badly, then deliver the punishment.

"I just want him to know I'm not doing this to be a hard ass, I am doing this to protect him." Christopher says running a hand through his hair. "Well I can understand the hug, he thought it might help snap Owen out of it, I tried to calm him too but I had to blind the two of them quickly so I could get Pallaton to back down so I could take care of Owen. I really hate to say it but him not following my orders made it harder for me to try to snap him out of it and I believe further destroyed the recreation room. I think beyond just a punishment he needs to be told the seriousness of what he did."

"He should have conceded to your authority then. But we know he didn't." He understands Chris not wanting to be a hard ass. "Sometimes you need to be a hard ass, too many of these kids think they know how to go about a situation and can handle it, but most of them cannot." The rag he's using to clean his hands is placed next to him. "Though he does need to realize what kind of a situation he put you in."

"Well it's not like I didn't repeat myself sternly several times." Christopher says more frustrated with Pallaton not listening than with Scott. "But I should be on my way, let you get back to your work and me to mine. Thank you Scott. If he's upset about it, you can always let him talk to me too." But Christopher isn't incharge of disiplinary means so he'll leave that up to Scott. He colours in one or two more scratches before giving a wave and heading out. "Caio!"

"Alright. I'll send him to you if he's got a problem." Only for a talk though, Scott's going to take care of the punishment part. "Goodbye Christopher." He chimes out before getting up and continuing his work on the plane.

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