2010-06-13: Summer Jobs


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Summary: Lucas is sad! He needs a summer job. James has a GREAT idea.

Date: June 13, 2010

Log Title Summer Jobs

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - James and Lucas's Room

James and Lucas' room is at first glance, a typical boys' dorm room. There are small piles of clothes throughout the room in various stages of "clean." The left side of the room is Lucas', and the unmade bed sheets are in disarray, mingled around two science textbooks and a J.D. Salinger novel. The bookcase at the foot of the bed is mostly empty, except for a family portrait of Lucas' family taken when he was only ten years old and a complete collection of Salinger's work, including nine different printings of "The Catcher in the Rye." Leaning against the wall in the corner near the door is a kayak oar with a well-used life jacket hanging on it. James' side is somewhat more bare, but just as disorganized. On his desk are various books on engines, electronics, and other subjects of personal interest. The hyena's belongings seems somewhat more used than Lucas' items and a show signs of much harder use. Even his furniture looks beaten, as if it might have been tossed out the window a few times.

Lucas opens the door to the room and walks in. He moves to the bed, and twirls, flopping down onto his back hard on the bed, bouncing a little as the mattress reacts to his light weight. "What the fuck, Jimmy. Ah totally had that one covered…" He grumbles, and sighs.

Once inside the room, James pushes the door soundly closed and immediately opens all of the windows, expression one of disgust,"Do you really think so? Tell me why." His eyes intently scan the lawn below.

Lucas studies James for a long moment. Apparently, for as stupid and tough as he is, he's perceptive, and sees where this is going. "Fuck. You too?" He sighs, shaking his head. "Whatever." He rolls onto his side, his back to the room.

James runs a finger along the surface of his desk as he checks its cleanliness before setting his rear on it. "No…Lucas. I would honestly like to hear what you have to say." He smiles rather darkly, "I am not upset. Actually, I am impressed."

Lucas sighs, not rolling back to face him. "Ah melted the transmitter to keep the cameras from showin' us. Ah gave the nurse a very safe dosage of a very basic anesthetic used to do stitches. Ah waited to make sure Connor was in there, that way if'n things went bad and they responded to the life monitors being disconnected faster than Ah expected, he could just bamf us outta there." His shoulder moves a little, probably a shrug. "Weren't really nothin'."

James smiles, "What would you do for me, Lucas, if I asked? Let us say for a moment I was in trouble." He gives that some thought, "A lot of trouble. Would you kill for me?" His eyes take in the sights of the room, "You say was nothing. I disagree. I see untapped promise."

Lucas rolls over finally, and he looks at James with some seriousness. "Ah cut my arm with a guitar string to get close to that nurse tonight…" His head tilts a little, "What… What are you drivin' at, Jim?"

The smile on the hyena's face fades as he looks Lucas over with a strange alien expression, "Who said I was James."

Lucas furrows his brow, "Huh?" He swings his legs out over the edge of the bed, looking at James kind of confused.

The hyena shrugs and slides one leg over the other to sit cross-legged, "James was correct…you are smart. But not that smart." He nods over to the bookcase, "Mind if I borrow one of those?" He reaches out a hand and, with concentration, one of Lucas' Catcher in the Rye books flies across the room and right into the hyena's waiting grasp, "At the risk of repeating myself, I will cut to the chase. I am not James."

Lucas furrows his brow, and slowly rises to his feet, his left hand creeping across to rest on the lip of his right glove. "Who are you, then?" he asks, flatly, cautiously, but without fear

The hyena shrugs, one hand slightly gripping the desk as he sways in his seat, "Someone capable of offering you a gift no one else at this school can. Your mother: cured." Seeing the boy’s hand move towards his glove, the stranger tosses the book back to its owner, but says nothing more.

Stupid Lucas apparently returns, releasing his glove to catch the book. "Careful!" he shouts as he catches it. He glares at the other 'boy' as he sits the book gently back on the shelf. He looks back at the James thing. "Ah don't know who you are, but you clearly ain't done your homework. Ah been down that road once before. Killed for it." He shakes his head, "She's in the best hands she can be in."

The hyena raises an eye ridge, "From what I have heard about you, Lucas, you have no issues with killing. So, why bring it up now?" A glance out the window, "You and James are cut from a similar cloth. I picked him for the same qualities that describe you. The very ones I saw you display in the Medbay." A glance back, "I am not offering to take you down a road Lucas, I'm offering you a chance to build your own. One where your mother lives and your future is secured."

Lucas' left hand once again rests on the lip of his right glove. "Talk. But Ah recommend you hit the important parts up front so's Ah don't fry your ass…"

It laughs, "I am 17,000 years old Lucas. The only thing you will do to me is hurt your friend’s body—and your chances of saving your mother. But, to be civil, I will offer this: I am not here on purpose. I am not sure how I came to be here, but I believe it is related to the park. It’s simple: help me home, I help your mother." The hyena smiles, "And if all goes as well—as I am sure with you by my side—then afterwards I will offer you a place of power that Xavier's cannot."

Lucas tilts his head a bit. Something there appealed to him, but it's hard to tell what. "And Jimmie? What happens to him?"

The hyena shrugs, "Nothing. I assume his consciousness is merely displaced.” He nods his head towards Lucas, "When I leave, which is what I want to do, he will probably return." Probably. "I've no reason to harm James." Probably. "I find his decisions…entertaining and familiar."

Lucas swallows, still studying the creature before him. "And what do you want me to do?" he asks.

The answer is as ambiguous as it gets, "Help me remain undetected. And help me get back to my body." And of course everything inbetween."I do not know what my requirements will be, but I DO require that our deal remain…flexible." The creature inside the Hyena's body smiles.

Lucas points at the thing, rather serious. "Ah do nothing to endanger Rashmi," he says, clearly meaning for that to be part of the agreement.

The hyena nods, "Deal." Which is 'crazy-evil' for 'screw this up and I go for her first.'
‘It’ hops off the desk and walks towards the door, "And now, I go see just how well this body responds to The Hunt." Giving Lucas a kinder look, the creature nods to its new friend, "Thank you Lucas. And welcome to the first step of joining the Hellfire Club." The door shuts, leaving Lucas alone.

Lucas tilts his head a bit. "…hellfire club…" he repeats, and then he pulls out his laptop. Time to Google.

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