2011-06-14: Summer Snow

Players: Kai and Vance

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Summary: Vance and Kai have a power display in a secluded park.

Date: June 14, 2011

Log Title: Summer Snow

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

//Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.

Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory.//

It is early evening in New York City, as Vance Astrovik dressed in a dark black T-shirt and dark blue jeans stands by the memorials for to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter. While he did not know them personally. It still saddens him when he thinks of them. He sighs and places a flower on each site and then bows his head in a moment of silence for the fallen. After a minute or so, he looks up and frowns as he looks around Thompson Square Park.

It's been a working evening for Kai, his bosses needed a job done and as he was already in the area he was instructed to complete said job, he's dressed in black jeans, black converse, a black hoodie, hood up with a red t-shirt undernieth, quickly crossing though the park on his way home he has is earphones in and is listening to a band he found on the internet.

After the moment of silence and paying respect to the dead. Vance begins his walk through the park. He ponders heading towards Mutant Town, but he always has mixed interactions when he is there. He sighs when he catches sight of Kai, though he is unsure if it is Kai or not with his hood up. He moves at a quick pace towards the youth and calls his name.

Hearing the sound of his name being called though the sound of his music, Kai turns and looks round spotting Vance, not the best time to run into an Avenger but to late to keep moving now, "Hey Vance what brings you here", he pulls out his earphones as he walks towards Vance.

“Oh, just paying my respects.” Vance offers solemnly as he points to the memorials for Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter. He then looks around, “I was thinking of heading into Mutant Town. What about you? I’m surprised to see you out here. Not really Queens is it.”

Kai nods looking over at the memorial, "Oh right, you know them?", other than school he spends almost no time in Queens, "I had something to take care of earlier and i'm just on my way home", technicly he's telling the truth, "Why you going to mutant town?"

“No I didn’t know them personally. It’s said when anyone dies but their deaths were particularly sad. Young Ms. Florez was a mutant and Detective Baxter worked on her case.” Vance shakes his head, “It’s sad in this day and age when prejudice even against our kind exists.” He sighs as he looks over towards Mutant Town, “Oh I like to do some outreach work.”

As messed up as it may sound Kai only really feel compassion for those he knows, even that is new but he knows the correct answer to Vance's statement, "Yeah, it's horrible when thing like that happens, at least they're remembered", he raises an eyebrow at the outreach work, "What kinds of stuff do you do?, and don't you find that it cuts into your heroing time?"

“Oh there are shelters there, then I might volunteer at. Also, Mutant Town always seems to be under some sort of attack, so I’ll help out with rebuilding. And the Genoshan Embassy always has some kind of projects that someone might help with. You should think about getting involved with some stuff there. Might put some things in perspective for you.” Vance offers as he smiles, “Plus you could use your powers openly, (in a non destructive manner).”

"Between school, homework and my chores i'm not sure if i'd have much time to help, but i'll keep it in mind", it might be useful for Kai to make some more contacts, "I don't want to use my powers openly, i can't control them, three times this week i exploded a glasses because i accedentally froze the drink inside, and yesterday when some guys were picking on me i felt the ice coming, i had to leave so i wouldn't hurt anyone".

"Nodding as Kai mentions the last bit, “Well, you’ve already demonstrated sense to know to leave.” Vance offers a smile and a pat on the shoulder, “It gets better and I understand the fear to use your powers in public. But in private, I suggest you use it. Like baby steps.”

"I can't, i have no idea how to even start learning to control it, and i an feel it, everyday i get closer to losing control completely and who knows how much damage i'll cause, i don't know what to do", Kai sighs, "I can't help but feel like i'm gonna hurt someone".

Fishing into the pocket of his jeans, Vance pulls out quarter and tosses it into the air and then holds it telekinetically a few feet away and above Kai. In the secluded section of the park near enough to Mutant Town to be left alone, Vance requests, “Freeze the quarter.” Vance smiles, “First lesson, less is more. If you can focus on small things like this, then larger targets should be much easier.”

Taking a deep breath Kai holds up a hand in the direction of the coin, releasing the energy he misses the coin complerely hitting a tree behind Vance instead, the ice spreads covering the entire tree and then continues to spead an won't slow until it covers roughly a ten foot radius around at which point it'll slow down but continue to spread, dropping his hand he sigh, "See".

Shaking his head and sighing, “Ok well, that was a start.” Mentally approximating distance an what not. Vance looks to the tree an surrounding area. He looks to Kai, “Ok Try again.” This time there is a telekinetic sphere surrounding the two and the quarter. “Any damage should be sustained and limited by my abilities.”

"Ok, but you asked for it", Kai repeats the same action as before missing the coin and hitting the telekinetic field around them, the ice will begin to spread around the shell as it spreads across the sphere and as the ice spreads the tempreture will begin to lower to about -10 degrees C.

“Chilly.” Vance smiles as he stares at the sphere and the ice spreading on it. “Cool. Literally, cool.” Vance then states, “Hey stands net to me.” As he moves closer to Kai, he creates a smaller field around the two. He telekinetically lowers the larger field as ice rains down on them. “Hey we made it snow.”

When the snow finishes, Vance notices the new tighter field starting to get a thin layer of ice and he starts to get even colder next to Kai. He lowers the field shattering the thin layer of ice and flies up telekinetically and shakes and shivers a bit, “Dang you are cold! You could give Ice-Man a run for his money.”

Kai isn't quite finished yet, as Vance flies up and breaks the field the ice begins to spread across the ground away from him, "Is it really that cold, i don't feel anything", Ice-man not an Avenger…, "He's an X-Man right?"

“Yeah, pretty cold. Well, I wouldn’t think you would feel the cold. Most manipulators like yourself don’t feel the temperature associated with their powers.” Vance continues to shiver a bit “Yeah, he is a hero.” As his body adjusts he lowers himself but still not on the ground “Well, you did something new today. You made it snow, so to speak.”

“Still flowing out of you, huh.” Vance studies the situation. “Well still got to get you out of here.” Vance flies up higher and places a separate TK field around Kai and lifts up into the air. They fly up about 100 feet, “Don’t be scared. I won’t drop you.”

Kai hair and eyes are now ice blue, when Vance picks him up the ice stops as they get higher he starts panicing shutting his eyes tightly, "Put me down, put me down, please please please just put me down".

As the ice stops, Vance flies himself and Kai an the ground “Close your eyes and breath in and out. Take soothing breaths. It’ll help you calm yourself.” Vance demonstrates and after a few breaths, They are on the ground. “Calm yourself.”

Kai immediatly calms down when his feet are on the ground and his hair and eyes return to normal, "I really down like heights", he looks round at the ice surrounding them, "See this is why i need help, i have no control at all".

Sighing a breath of relief, Vance nods, “True. Very true.” As he looks around at the ice and looks up at the still hot sun, “Well thankfully ice melts.” Bt turning to Kai, “Are you ok? You pushed yourself a bit, but I think this was a good start, actually seeing what you can do.”

Kai shrugs, "I'm fine i think, just really freaked out i'm more worried about my powers than before", he looks at the ice around him not his best work but it'll do, "This could happen again and you wont be there to float me into the air".

“Well, I’m glad you are ok. You pushed yourself a bit, you’re ok. That’s the most important thing.” Vance hmmmmns, “Well, maybe we can find some place or something to help you out with.” Vance scratches his the top of his head as he sees the ice around the park.

Kai nods, "Yes that would be helpful thanks, i can't keep freezinf things", he looks over at the frozen tree, theres something quite nice about it in his opinion, "This is really gonna stand out this time of year".

“I forget. Have you told your parents about your mutation?” Vance asks as he seems to be pondering a thought.

Kai shakes his head, "My dad's in the army so he's away a lot and my mom's job makes her have to travel a lot so i don't see her either so i live with my uncle but i havn't told him, i'd rather they didn't know, telling them would just complecate things".

“Well, I can understand firsthand not wanting family to know, but still if you want to get formal schooling and training, you’ll have to tell whoever is your legal guardian.” Vance thinks back about what happened with his own father and shakes his head, “But yeah, they would have to know.”

Kai considers, "So if i was to tell my uncle you know someone who would be able to help me proberly", he then realises how that sounds, "Not that you haven't been helpful because you have".

Quirking his brow, at the first statement and then moreso with the second statement, “Yeah, we could talk to him about maybe sending you to a school.” Vance says that slowly as he stares at Kai a bit offended.

"I said you were helpful, but it would be good to see someone who specialises in teaching this stuff, where as your expertise is in saving lives", Kai starts to look hopefull, "Theres a school that can help?"

“Yeah. I think there is a school that can help you.” Vance nods. “Let’s see how things go.” He smiles, “We’ll just see how things go.”

Kai raises an eyebrow, "What do you mean see how things go?, if theres a school that can help me i'll do anything to go there, i can't deal anymore", of course dealing with the dicks at his school are in no way adding to his eagerness.

A beeper goes off and Vance just sighs, “Well, I have to get going.” The life of a hero and whatnot. “We’ll be in touch soon, Kai.” He lifts off into the air and flies off.

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