2012-05-16: Sunny Day On The Lawn

Players: Tara, Cale, Nicholas and Taylor

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Summary: The kids talk about Envy's recent terrorist attack in New York.

Date: May 16, 2012

Log Title: Sunny Day on the Lawn

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Right Path

A brick path off the courtyard cuts through the grass to lead to the other areas on the outside grounds of Xavier's. There are a few benches that line the path so students can sit and enjoy outside. Either side of the path the grass is well manicured and has enough room for students to have a picnic, play Frisbee, or relax and study. At night there are small lamps that raise three feet off the ground to provide light.

With classes done for the day, Nicholas is relaxing not to far from the woods. He's decided that with the nice weather, and with the rain finally letting up, he'd rather be outside. After all being stuck in the medbay for a couple of days has left him craving fresh air. Lying in the grass, facing up to the sky, Nick's eyes glow blue since he is repetivly throwing a rock into the air and the putting up his hand as he tries to stop it from hitting him on the way back down with a telekinetic shield. The rock hasn't hit him yet, but he hasn't made a shield either, mostly it's him using his powers to shift the tragetory so it misses him. When the rock lands a few feet away, he pulls it to him telekinetically, throws it again and repets the process. Who knows how long he's been at it out here.

Cale also figured it was a nice day, as he wanders out onto the lawn fro the dorms; today not having bothered to actually put on shoes. If he was going out, he might've, but the Xavier grounds are pretty clean of sharp objects, and he enjoys the feeling of the grass between his toes. A pair of khaki cargo shorts cover his legs today, with yet another anime shirt, this one Inuyasha. His wardrobe seems to consist solely of such shirts, almost. "Nick!" he calls, upon spotting his friend; happy to see him feeling well enough to be out and about.

Taylor is walking down the path carrying a textbook and a magnifying glass in one hand. The felinoid student seems to be presently wearing pyjamas, a powder pink top and bottom, which implies that Tay did not make it to classes today. It also seems as though Taylor is heading towards the dorms instead of away from. The feline student's ears flick upon hearing Cale speak and Taylor approaches and says, "Hey Nick, how are you doing?"

Tara has decided to go for a jog after class, in an attempt to work on her endurance. She's got her long blonde hair tied up into a ponytail, and is dressed in comfortable looking running shorts and a garishly pink sports t-shirt as she puffs up the trail. She slows down a bit when she senses Nick trying to put up a force field. She stands and 'watches' for a few minutes before informing him, "You're doing it wrong." She doesn't mean it in a mean way, but it may come out like that. "Think of it like a turtle's shell."

When Cale calls out Nick's name he loses his concentration and the rock falls right on him, hitting him right in the chest though luckily not where he was injured. "Ow." He says as he sits up. "Hey Cale. How's it going, and hey there Taylor. I'm hanging in there, no longer in the med bay so that's a good thing. Still recovering a bit." He says and instantantly frowns at Tara's comment. "Noone asked you." His tone is a bit short and snippy sounding.

Cale glances between Tara and Nick, "I think she was just trying to help…" the boy trails off, looking over at Tay. "You okay?" he asks the ocelot - it's not common for other people to be wandering around the grounds in pajamas at two or three in the afternoon… Not that Tay DOESN'T look okay, but, you know. He cares, and all!

"Yeah, I'm okay?" says Taylor, looking down and seemingly checking for injuries just in case before shrugging, and putting down the book and magnifying glass onto the grass and plopping down. "Just gotta play more catchup with the classes and all that. Always getting into trouble." The feline teen nods at Nicholas and says, "I'm glad you're feeling well enough to get out of there. I hate just laying in a hospital bed."

Tara gives Nick a shrug, not seeming to be too offput by his comment. "No, but forcefields can be a tricky thing when you're first learning how to do them," she says. WHen she hears Cale and Taylor around she gives them a jaunty wave. "Hey guys!"

"Yeah, I spent a good amount of time in one not too long ago… the smell of the medbay makes me wanna hurl," Cale rolls his eyes a little. "Hey," he gives Tara a faint smile and a wave, waggling his fingers slightly. "What's going on? Other than people getting stabbed…" his eyes play over to Nick for a moment, slightly jokingly.

"Being stuck down there is one of the most boring things, it wasn't as bad as when I first woke up down there the first time I came here though. I think most of the school saw my backside the day I woke up." Nicholas says shaking his head. "Thanks Taylor, I still have to take it easy for a bit but at least I can go to classes, see Orion, hang out and stuff." He says before glanding over at Tara and pausing for a bit before he speaks. "Okay." It's his way of kind of apologizing and trying not to snap. "Not like I wanted to get stabbed." He says to Cale sounding irritated. "And did you see the news cast about the woman with the bus of kids she'll kill if someone doesn't murder this other woman? Well the crazy one is the bitch who stabbed me!"

"Whaaat? Yeah, she seems like a fucking crazy bitch, I think the world would be better off if people like that were behind bars or worse," says Taylor, grimacing at that, before glancing over towards Cale and shrugging lightly, "Everything smells so strong now, too, so antiseptic really burns my nose, so I know what you mean." Tay considers Tara for a few moments and then says, "Hey, there."

Tara makes a sound like a tire that just got punctured. "Pssh. Nobody wants to get stabbed, and, yeah, medbay stays are pretty lame," she says, with a shrug. "But they're kind of a rite of passage, you know? You're not a Xavier student until you spend a week down there. Look," she says, pulling up her shirt to show of some pretty gnarly scars on her stomach. "Got those when a couple of students here got brainwashed and went after Cerebra." If anything, she sounds rather proud of them. "Aaand I was there stopping this time travelling douchebag, and his radioactive buddy." She pauses when she hears that Nick had an encounter with Eris. "Really? Wow. She seems pretty hard core crazy."

"Yeah, but, I still don't really wanna go back in there. Like I said, I /just/ got done being in a hospital for two weeks, like, a few weeks ago. I'm good for a while," Cale sighs, plopping down onto the ground right next to Taylor. "Anyway, that lady IS crazy, I dunno who could take her on. Maybe Spider-Man. Or the army, or something." He's not really all that intimately familiar with the various New York superheroes, but Spider-Man is one of the ones that gets national coverage from time to time.

"I just hope that woman she wants dead gets her really good." Nicholas says as he lies back in the grass. "I've already been in the medbay twice. First time wasn't anything school related, I just woke up there after…" He takes a deep breath and then starts to move the rock, from earlier, around with his telekinesis. "The world would be Taylor but it's not like that. Most of the horrible people are out there just getting away with the crazy crap."

Taylor frowns for a few moments and then nods, "Yeah… I know that, I just hope otherwise, you know. People like that need to be fucking punished…" The teen's brow furrows for a few moments, "But she must be pretty stupid to put that kind of display on television. I mean, now everyone knows about it, so maybe it won't be too hard for someone to figure out where those kids are and just take her out…"

"I heard the news, but, yeah, can't really see any landmarks," Tara says, puffing out her breath as she starts to run in place to keep her heart rate up. "We could probably get more information if we had the original tape. And, yeah, while our prison system seems to be a revolving door for these guys, can you imagine what it would be like if there weren't people like m… the Avengers out there to stop them?"

"Yeah, it'd be bad. Real bad," Cale murmurs, shrugging a little. "Nobody's gonna let those kids die though. I hope. But, I think most of us have bigger problems closer to home… or rather, bigger in relation to ourselves…" he glances at Tara. Except for maybe her. He brushes some hair out of his eyes, tucking it behind his ear, "Anyway, I don't think she's exactly SMART, just really strong, so… they shouldn't have too much trouble…"

Nicholas just remains quiet and lets the others talk. He can't really add much to the conversation without being bitter and knows it. The rock continues to float through the air for a bit until he lets it drop to the ground, his eyes fading back to their natural colour. "Like anyone is going to give a bunch of kids the orginal tape and like we're going to do anything to stop her. We're kids, we're outclassed power wise in almost every way possible."

"Well, I didn't think I could do anything about it," admits Taylor, shrugging lightly, "Just that, I dunno, maybe something could be done, I guess. But yeah, hopefully the Avengers or whoever can track them down… I mean, maybe I could sniff them out or something but… um, that would probably be dangerous in some way or another, and I don't want to be the one to cause her to follow through on her threat."

Tara continues to jog in place and scowls at Nick. "Don't underestimate yourself. If you let yourself think like that then she's already won." After a couple more jogs she says, "I'm gonna finish my run. Let me know if you want me to show you how to do a force field, Nick. Later guys!" And with that she jogs off into the woods.

"But, it's not really our fight to fight…" Cale trails off, shrugging at Tara - she's a bit to ambitious for him; of course, you'd have to be heartless to not care about a busload of kids possibly dying… BUT, on the other hand, it's really just not their problem. Don't worry about stuff you can't do anything about, right?

Nicholas sits back up and curls his knees close to his chest, hugging them lightly. "It isn't our fight Cale, mainly because we wouldn't do anything to help but probably get a bunch of kids killed. Something like that is for the Avengers…hopefully." He says looking over to the woods. "If it was one or two kids, it wouldn't be a big deal but since it's a bunch of them, and it's been on television, they can't afford to look bad and let someone like her win."

"Yeah, that's kind of the thing I'd be scared of, I mean, if I tried to help at all… just like setting that woman off. I'm not a professional or anything and I don't know what kind of awful things she's capable of," says Tay, sighing and rubbing their forehead lightly, "I dunno. I'm just some kid."

"Yeah, I mean honestly, just leave it to the professionals. Well. With stuff like that, anyway… if it's personal, then it's a different matter… Not that I really wanna be a superhero or anything /anyway./" Yeah, if it were up to Cale, he'd just lay around on his computer or playing video games every now and then.

"Sometimes I wish I was a superhero." Nicholas says. "Or I just want to be better with my powers. Then maybe…maybe I'd be able to protect people instead of watching them just disappear around me. I could do something more, maybe…just maybe the next time the Purifiers decide to kill some mutant kid and their family, I can be there to make sure it doesn't happen." There's a sadness to his voice that sounds like he's on the edge of losing it. "Taylor, she's capable of some awful things. I saw the hand that she cut off of some kid because she needed a finger and a hand was better. Then she wanted to do the same to Mason just cause."

Taylor shudders at the description that Nicholas gives and the feline student says, "It sounds like she's horrible… Ugh, that's just… disgusting…" The teen frowns for a few moments and then nods, "Yeah, I sometimes wish that I could protect people better, I mean, I've never had many people to protect, and I've always been good at that small amount…"

"I don't know… I don't really… wanna fight. Ever," Cale frowns, playing with a lock of his hair thoughtfully. "Even when someone's done something horrible it just seems like… ugh. I guess there's no way around it sometimes, though," he admits.

Nicholas stands up and shrugs. "I don't like fighting, but I like being able to save those I care about a lot more." He says in a flat tone. "I'll see you two later, I gotta go check on Orion." He says giving a wave to both of them. "Don't think about it too much, it'll probably just depress you." Like it's depressing him. "Take care."

"Seeya, Nick," says Taylor, waving at him, before the feline looks towards Cale and says, "I guess I've only really fought to protect other people, not really to defend myself… Well, I should get going too… I've got plenty of catchup reading to do." The teen sighs a bit miserably at that, waving that magnifying glass demonstratively. "Seeya, Cale."

Cale gives both of the other students a wave, before flopping back on the sunny lawn. Yeah… he could definitely just fall asleep right here. Right. Here. So that's what he's going to do.

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