2012-07-25: Super Mutant 64


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Summary: Well have you ever played Super Mario 64….

Date: July 25, 2012

Log Title: Super Mutant 64

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

It being summer, one would not expect the instuitute to be as crowded inside as it has been all day. But due to the inclement weather the vast majority of the students still in the mansion stayed indoors today. Hildegarde spent most of her free time working on her newest book, the rest of her time being spent teaching a summer history course.

The familiar thud of Hildegarde's heavy footfalls echo down the hall as she approaches the danger room. The woman is wearing her "Panzer" outfit, as she normally does when coming to sessions in the Danger Room. She stops out front of the main door, her attention on an electronic pad in front of her as she scrolls through some information. The students who signed up for this session should be here shortly.

The last time Nicholas was down in the danger room he found it to be a great thing to take his mind off of things, so when the chance to do a Danger Room session today he decided to sign up. After spending most of the day with Orion, he's now in his Xavier's uniform of a black hoodie type top with an X pattern in blue on the sleeves and matching blue pants with Xes on bottom of the legs. He walks in the room, the doors hissing close behind him, and waves at Hilde. "Hello Ms. Hilde. I'm here for the session?"

As Lock's powers are still less than a year old, he's only recently started trying them out properly and he still has real trouble using them it was suggested to him that he signs up to some extra Danger Room sessions. As he enters the Danger Room dressed in his black and green DR uniform he pulls the lower ninja-style mask attached to the shirt over his nose and mouth and straightens his goggles on the top of his head. Spotting Nick he frowns under the mask, the other boy's been nicer lately but still he doesn't wanna give him any ammo, "Er, Hi Miss, here to meet my doom".

Hildegarde glances up from her tablet and smiles as the two arrive. "Ah, hello Nicholas. And…Warlock, correct?" She has seen Warlock around the school but is unfamiliar with the boy's abilities. "Now you're both listed as telekinetics, correct?" She pulls up a sheet on her tablet with training scenarios for specific abilities. "I can start out slow. I assume you're both familiar with how the danger room works? Does anybody have any questions or concerns?"

Nicholas pushes back his hood and isn't masked or anything underneath it. "Yup, I've got Jedi mind powers." He can't help but give Warlock a grin saying that. "I've done plenty of Danger Room sessions so I know the drill. Only question is, aren't you going to tell us what our goal is or something?" It's always good to know the objective. "What's up Lock?" He finally greets him.

Warlock raises an eyebrow, "I am?, be nice if someone told me, unless they mentioned it that time i was trying to fix my phone, swear to god nothing in that class got though". He grins at Nick under his mask, "Thought i was the jedi". "Yeah i mostly know how they work", he shrugs at Nick, "Kinda hoping not the break anything, mostly me".

Hildegarde smiles at Warlock. "Ah, yes. Like I said we'll start out slow. In the danger room we can create scenarios that you can prectice mastering your abilities with. We can create landscapes, weather conditions, combatants, and obstacles that we would otherwise be difficult to come accross. And most importantly we can control what goes on in here to minimize damage to the environment and the students." She nods to Warlock, "I won't let you get hurt…too badly. And don't worry about damaging the room, that's fairly difficult to do. Just don't intentionally jump into an abyss or under a hammer and you'll be fine, ok?"

Hilde turns to Nicholas to address the question about the objective. "I've got three levels loaded into the danger room here, each level will be a bit more difficult than the last. Your objective is to get to me on the far side of the room." She gestures to the far corner and begins walking over to it. "You can move objects in the room to create platforms, but I suggest not flying." Once the woman reaches the other side of the room she turns back to the students and waves up to the control room above, apparently another professor is inside controlling the room.

Hilde smiles over at the boys and calls out, "Good luck! And stay focused!" And at that moment vast sections of the floor vanish. The floor beneath Hildegarde shoots up several yards and the floor beneath the boys drops slightly. Between the two pillars appear moving platforms, swinging blades, and a small ramp that seems to continually shift. There is a clear path for the most part, but it will involve a lot of jumping.

Nicholas nods and looks up at Hilde. "So, we just have to get to the other side?" He asks as he then looks to Warlock. "Well I can easily lift you up and put you on one of the platforms with my powers. She said also a Telekinetic right? You can then return the favour, also we can use our powers to try to stop the objects from moving so we can get across."

Warlock sighs, "Damn, the one skill I'm starting to get a hold on", he looks at the path in front of them before looking over at Nick, "I'm not quite at moving stuff with my mind yet, if i could even do that, i'm strong, sometimes, i'mstarting to get good at flying but she said not to do that, and a couple of weeks back i was cuting someing and slipped and rather than using a finger, it bent". He frowns and looks up at the platform, "If i bounce off a couple of things i might be able to jump it, if i can i could piggyback you up there maybe?, i dunno"

Hildegarde calls over the fissure, "That's correct! But be careful, some of those platforms may not support both your weights!" The platform directly in front of the two boys begins moving up and down, the one beyond it is moving from side to side, but it is about twenty feet above the two boys' heads. That one seems to slide into a slot in the wall, it will be impossible to stand on it indefinately. Hilde's voice floats over to the boys. "I didn't say DON'T fly, just that you might not want to."

"Screw it." Nicholas says as he takes as many steps back that he can and waits until the platform and is on it's way down and when it's almost level with them he runs forward and takes a leap of faith to the first platform. He times it enough so that when he jumps he lands on the platform with a skidding stop at the edge of the platform, pushing is weight back so that he falls on his back side. "Okay Warlock, want me to lift you up here or do you think you've got it. It's like playing Mario Brothers!"

Warlock watches as Nick makes the jump, he considers flying after him but there must be a reason why Hilde warned against it, no sense finding out why unless he has to. "Nah i can make it, unless i'm Luigi, he sucks", taking a running jump he leaps towards the platform, grabbing the edge and pulling himself up, "Your jump was cooler".

The platform the two are on shoots up about twenty feet, then down again, then up, the movement is fairly regular. The next platform over is moving side to side, but this is the one that slides into the wall, they will need to jump onto the third platform before it vanishes into the wall. The third platform is moving toward the far wall and back again. Once during each trip the platform flips upside down.

Hildegarde is standing on the platform at the end of the room, still typing a few things on her tablet.

Nicholas instantly reaches down a hand to help Warlock up since he figures this is also a team work session. "HOw the hell are we supposed to stay on that. Warlock….I might need you to fly once that platform flips upside down, I can't stay on that." He says watching the platforms. "Do you mind going first Lock, and I'll be on your heels, then we can try to reach the third platform cause I'm gonna need your help there."

Warlock nods, "Got it, when we get to the flipping platform i gotta stop us from getting game over, i can do that", he takes a few steps back, "If we die, my bad". With a run up he jumps just before the other platform is completely level with them, hopefully it'll be level when he reaches it. If he makes it he'll keep moving and leap to the next one before turning to make sure Nick's following him and getting ready to react when the platform flips.

Warlock makes it to the third platform with little difficulty, though the platform wavers slightly when he lands on it. There are only a few more platforms between here and Hilde. The next looks a little complicated. It is one line of continually rising platforms going up into the ceiling as the other set lowers into the blackness beneath. If one set is stood upon for too long they will wither vaanish below or be crushed against the ceiling.

Shortly after Warlock jumps, Nick backs to the edge of the platform and makes a running jump after him. "Your bad…" He sighs and shakes his head before going to jump to the third platform trying to stay close on Warlock's heels. Though this time he makes the jump a bit short and ends up barely catching the side of the third platform and scrambles quickly to get up. "Get ready Lock, I think it's going to flip soon." He says still struggling to get up.

Warlock barely looks at the steps ahead as he's focusing firmly on the platform they're on, he runs over to help Nick up as he nearly falls short. "Ok, getting ready then". He takes a deep breath, "Ok, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, we're not gonna die by falling to our deaths and after this… pizza", he mutters to himself as he waits to react.

The flip comes fairly predictably, exactly in the same location as the platform passes back and forward. The two can probably see now that there is a second platform far below in case they somehow do not manage to stay on the platform. They won't fall into an abyss, but it will be unpleasant if they land down there. If they happen to glance over at Hilde they will find her sitting in a chair now. Apparently whoever is in the control room conjured one up for the other professor.

As Lock feels the platform start to move he grabs Nick, "To infinity and all that" and flys them up just high enough to lift them clear of the platform flipping, "Hey, i didn't kill us yet, cool", while he's pleased with himself he's on edge, Hilde made her warning for a reason.

"Thanks." Nicholas says as he looks at the next group. "Okay we pretty much gotta get the platforms to when they're close together and just jump without really stopping, that way the platforms don't space out to much, nor so they bring us to far from her. "We don't want that second platform to fall to much." He says as he looks at Warlock and grins. "Ready?" He says as he waits until the right moment and makes a run for it jumping across the first one but he stops and loses the moment and by the time he's going to run for the second platform, it might look like he's too late.

Taking off seems not to have done much at first, but a second before Nicholas winds up to leap to the set of lowering platforms a strong gust of wind pushes the two boys back. The wind lasts for a few seconds and then stops for a few more, then starts up again. it would appear that these gusts of wind are times as such that they can only safely jump every other pass by the platforms. Hilde stands up and looks down at Nicholas, it seems she thinks he may not make the jump if he leaves the platform.

Warlock runs after Nick making the jump and keeping good pace before the wind starts causing trouble, frowning he stops before the second platform coming to a similar conclusion to Nick might be too late now. "Nick, you up for taking a risk and prehaps being really stupid?", he holds out a hand and if Nick takes it he'll try and throw his strength into a jump to make up for the slowing down and make the jump.

Nicholas looks at Warlock and shrugs. "Why not, I don't have any better ideas, let me put up a shield in front of us as we go, it might be able to push through the wind? I dunno." He says grabbing onto Warlock's hand and forming up a telekinetic shield in front of the two. "Ready? Three, two, one!" He says so that they both can jump and he relies on Warlock and his idea.

The wind starts up just as the two land on the next platform, but it isn't strong enough to do much more than just push them back slightly. The only thing left between them and hilde is a swinging pendulum, but if they do not jump soon they'll lower too far to reach her. They would have to jump back to the previous platform and ride up again. Hilde smiles up at the two students. "Almost there! Mind that swinging death thingy!"

Warlock grins as they land the job, "Ok, we offically rock", he raises an eyebrow at the swinging pendulum, "Whoever put this thing together has been playing waaaaaaay too much Super Mario 64". With the platform sinking and the swinging pendulum he's drawing a black, "So, gotta plan?"

"Well I can try to slow it with my telekinesis and while it's slowed, you can try to fly us across, sound good?" Nicholas says to Warlock as he braces himself and puts his hand out, using every bit of effort he has to slow the pendelum down so that they can cross safely. It's obvious he's using his full concenration.

The wind is still gusting at random intervals, but the telekinesis manages to slow the pendulum enough that the two are able to reach Hilde with relative ease. As soon as the two boys land on her platform everything in the room behind them vanishes. "Very good! Your time was…Five minutes and eleven seconds." She taps a few things on the pad. "There are two more dificulty levels if you feel up for it. You can try the next level now or we can save it for another day. What do you think?"

Nicholas looks at Lock and grins at him, putting up a hand for a high five. He definitely seems to be in much better of a mood now that he's in the Danger Room. "Yehaw Lock!" He says joking around. "I'm pretty beat Ms. Hilde, I was horse back riding all day and after that I'm just ready to take another shower and call it a night. Thanks for running this though." He says stretching a bit after all of that jumping.

Warlock highfives Nick, "Ok that was fun and we are awesome!", actually makes him wanna look into his powers more. "I guess if Nick's heading out i'm gonna head to bed and try to avoid dreams of being chased by a giant spike turtle monster".

Hildegarde nods to the two boys and hits something on the tablet, causing the room to return to normal. "The spike turtle monster isn't until level three." She does not appear to be joking. The doors on the far end of the room open and she begins moving toward them. "If the two of you come back down here with another professor, I have level two on this exercise selected as a "Recommended Exercise" for the two of you. Or you can find me any time to continue this training."

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