2011-08-11: Super Tag

Players: Ashley, Elastica, Jules, Rush, Supernova, and Xorn

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Summary: Students and alumni gather for a game of Super Tag in the Danger Room.

Date: August 11, 2001

Log Title: Super Tag

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

As the summer draws to a close and he prepares for a new semester, new students, and a new Alpha Squad, Xorn sits in the control room as he ponders different and new scenarios for the students to be able to utilize. As he attempts to plan on some new scenarios, Xorn mentally sends out a summons throughout the Institute to any students who would be willing to participate in a Danger Room session. Also, sending out a summons to some of the alum who have offered assistance due to the recent developments around the campus. As those responding enter into the Danger Room, they will find Xorn, dressed in his X-Men uniform consisting of white robes with a red X-sash and of course his metallic mask. He hovers up a few feet in the air, arms crossed as he waits to see who answers his summons.

July steps into the Danger Room after heating the telepathic summons, "Heh, been a while since I've heard voices in my head." The elastic girl says with some amusement as the graduated girl steps into the room, and smiles at Xorn, "Hello again, Mr. Xorn." the girl says, waving gently at him.

Some people can't always teleport to where they need to be in an instant. It would be an ironic fate that the teleporter cannot teleport to the Danger Room, and it's just so happens that it's how it plays out. Not for lack of ability, no, Jules has never been to the Danger Room. So for a good few minutes, Jules needs to ask about its location several times while making headway down to the sub-basement room. When the young mutant finally arrives it still strikes a kind of awe, despite being a kind of unassuming steel room.

With nothing better to do, Ash has been loitering around the campus through the summer months. So he's around when Xorn's telepathic summons goes out across the school, and makes his way towards the Danger Room for lack of anywheres else to be. After a quick jog to his dorm to change into his combat uniform and toss on a sleeveless black hoodie. But he makes it down to the Danger Room, hood pulled up over his toussled hair, glancing about to see who else decided to heed Xorn's call downstairs.

Cloud is holding off finally moving out until the missing students are found and their kidnappers dealt with, until then he owes this place so is gonna do what he can to keep the mansion safe until the threat is over. Having heard the mental message on his way down to the weight room he grabs his squad uniform from his locker instead and heads down into the danger room.

Annalisa comes into the danger room after hearing the telepathic summons, smirking as she sneaks up and gives July a surprise hug! She sends a wave to the group around her, dressed in her old Corsair uniform, though the legs are cropped a bit to look more like shorts.

As the students and alum gather, Xorn says nothing as he simply hovers and looks down at those that have entered. Connecting everyone gathered through a psi-link, Xorn’s voice sounding like a Chinese-accented Darth Vader offers an introduction, “To those that are new or who have not yet met me, I am Shen Xorn, one of the X-Men and professor here at the Institute.” He bows after his introduction and then lowers himself to the ground.

“Today’s session is simply a game of tag. Though, Danger Room style.” A grin would form on his face, if his mask allowed or if he even had a face. “This room allows you to use your abilities without worry of harm coming to others. This is chance to use your abilities in a fun way, since it is summer.” The room goes black and then suddenly everyone will find themselves standing in a realistic beach area completely with ocean waves and sand. “I will choose one of you to be ‘it’ And will be monitoring your progress an throwing in a few surprises as well.” He bows and then simply seems to disappear. “I will be mentally linked with all of you should you have any questions or comments. And to start the game. Cloud, you are it!”

July blinks at the sudden hug, then she giggles and rests her hands on Annalisa's arms, "Hey there, Anna." the girl says, smiling, before shutting up to listen to Xorn's instructions. Then the scenario change, and she smiles, "I think we should be wearing swimwear, not our uniform." she playfully quips, giggling softly.

Jules listens to Xorn intently with full attention. Even if the team uniform is constantly fiddled with. Having a generic Danger-Room suit is like being on your own team, even! Exciting! When the scenery projected turns into a beach, Jules then becomes distracted. It's really the first time the teleporter has ever even /been/ to a beach! Of course, all of this is internal monologue. Just constantly projecting that quiet kid stereotype.

The sight of fingerless gloves over his hands is brief, before Ash shoves his fists into the pocket on the front of his hoodie. In the back of his mind circles his chosen codename, remember Xorn's words at the end of his last session. However the teenager doesn't have much opportunity to bring that up as of yet. The various greetings thrown around the room are returned with a brief nod, and then Xorn lowers down and gives the details of the activity. His features twist at the sight of the ocean, his body going very, very still before the youth manages to drag his eyes away from all. that. water. Then he's backstepping away from the waves, higher up on the beach, as Cloud is proclaimed as it. "Have fun, Metal Boy!" he calls out, and then his boots are digging into the sand as he bolts away from the group.

Cloud groans as the room becomes a beach and he is named it, "You had to make the one person whose powers are useless here it?", not really sure how he's gonna pull this off he spots the two hugging giggling girls, and hoping for a quick catch runs towards them.

Annalisa giggles a bit towards July, nodding. "I didn't bring mine, not sure I've ever seen you in a bikini." She nudges July playfully, and then notices the announcement. She tilts her head to see Cloud running towards them, and flicks her wrist in a horizontal motion. Her eyes let off a brief, blue glow, and a small wall of blue fire, about a foot high, springs up infront of July and Annalisa, trying to block Cloud out.

Xorn offers to Cloud mentally, “You are more than your powers and you should not rely solely on them. Use your environment as well.” To everyone, Xorn offers, ““Remember there are also surprised thrown into the simulation.” As more of the beach layout appears, various types of rocks line the outer beach area separating the beach area from a small wooded and slightly open field. More room for the kids to play in. For those opting to go into the water, small aquatic creatures appear, some analogous to beaches others that are more exotic as well as algae, jellyfish, some eels, and a random shark and squid further out. Also sand begins to shoot up randomly throughout the beach area.

July smiles, "Well…" but then she gasps as she momentarily forgot about the game, and now Cloud is charging toward them, but she's saved (for now) by that wall of fire, "Oh, wow. Nice going, Anna. Now we should get the hell away from here! Let's split up, he can't follow us both!" she grins, giving Anna a soft kiss on the cheek before dashing away to mingle with the trees behind the beach!

Jules seems to still be a little distracted by the beach. There's some odd glancing about as the teleporter absorbs the surroundings. Then Jules just casually walks off in a random direction on the beach! "This is really impressive." Jules says to no one in particular. Then the game comes back to mind and Jules turns to look at Cloud to see who is tagged 'it' next.

With Cloud dashing off towards July and Annalisa, Ash charges up the dune, up to glance out towards the play area over on the other side. Long legs leaps over the line of rocks, and his boots scramble in the line of sand-meeting-grass, before finding purchase to bring him back around. Finding a larger rock for a perch, Ash hops up atop of it, crouching down with his hands on his knees, watching from on high!

Cloud stops when faced with the blue wall of fire before grinning, he places a hand near the flames and absorbs from the fire, not his favorite form of energy but it'll have to do, his next move is to absorb from the nearest rock he can find his hair, clothes and body copying the properites of the rock, he looks up at Xorn, "No chance i can borrow some energy for a birds eye view?"

As Ashley lands atop a large rock and perches on it, he will find it shaking rather violently and coming apart trying to knock him off of it. As Jules runs off randomly to avoid Cloud, he will find the sand he standing atop of suddenly giving away like an hourglass as holes start to appear around him. A similar situation occurs near July. As Annalisa runs towards the rock, they begin to shake and then roll towards her. “Ask and ye shall receive.” A simulacra of Xorn appears standing next to the rocky form of Cloud with his hand held out. When Cloud absorbs the energy he will find it a much more manageable form of energy to absorb that previous times. The real Xorn remains in the control booth pushing buttons to see how else to make the scenario suitable for training.

July gasps as she starts to sink in the sand, "Hey! That's not fair!" she cries out, although she should have thought something like this would happen, it was too easy. Quickly she reaches and stretches her arms toward the nearby branch to loop her arms around it and pull herself out of the sinking sand and she stands up on that branch, looking down, "Great. Now not only we got the 'It' following us, we need to worry about the beach wanting a piece of us…" she mutters.

Jules gets a little more daring as time passes on. Maybe large groups are uncomfortable or something. But then. Wait? Which is the ground sink-Oh holy crap the ground is falling! Almost reflexively, Jules makes an awkward jump back while simultaneously attempting to teleport at his previously intended destination; in front of Cloud for some much needed taunting. A move to protect July and Annalisa from the tagging. However the result of the awkward jump in sand preserves through the teleport and momentum carries through. The result of which is Jules falling backwards into the sand beside of Cloud.

Ashley was definately not expecting the rock to take umbrage to being used as a watching perch. As it shakes, rattles, and rolls to throw him off, Ash's precarious balance quickly goes the way of the dodo, and with a furious pinwheeling of his arms, the teen ends up face first in the sand, sliding down the bank slightly. And then those arms go from pinwheeling to clutching over his head as the first rocks bounce past, heading for Annalisa. "Geez! He wasn't kidding…" he manages; after spitting some sand from his mouth, and then blasts a fireball towards his former perch as it bounces towards him. Cloud's current position lost for the moment, his attention focused on the terrible pieces of terra.

Cloud grins, "Thanks", as he reaches out to absorb the energy, focusing he thinks back to the other times he's used this kind of energy and lifts himself into the air, "Excellent", noticing Jules as he starts to go up he goes to grab the boy and pull him up too, "You're it".

Annalisa sees the boulders start to fall towards her, and instantly spins around, starting to run in the opposite direction. She spies July climbing into the tree, and goes barrelling in that direction, terrified shes going to get run over.

Reaching for the branch, July easily evades the quickening sand and standing upon the branch a face forms on the tree and sticks its tongue at her as the branch turns into a hand and attempts to grab her just as Annalisa appears next to the tree having successfully avoided being crushed by rocks. Ashley’s fireblast towards the rock that bounces towards him causes it to explode raining down small pebbles. As Jules jumbles about and falls into the sand near Cloud once again it starts to loosen and form a hole just as he is tagged it. The simulacra of Xorn looks down as the hole appears nears Jules and with a flick of his hand. The hole stops forming and the simulacra offers, “Those are ‘it’ are spared from the attacks of the environment itself.” Then looking up to see the floating Cloud, who is no longer ‘it’, and the nasty looking seagulls flying towards him, with rather nasty fanglike teeth.

July blinks at the face forming on the wood and sticking its tongue at her, "What the…?" she asks, but she's interrupted as there's a big hand trying to grab her, "Oh, COME ON!" she says, thinning herself up and slithering away like a snake to evade that grip. She coils back on the ground before reforming herself, "Great. That means we can't stand in one spot too long. Genius, Xorn. Genius, and devious." she grumbles, but chuckles and then looks at Annalisa, signalling at her to keep on the move, before she is on the run again, running in the forest paralel to the beach, still, to keep an eye on the current 'It'. 'Gods, I just hope no Bozo clown with bloody balloons show up.' she thinks, chuckling softly.

Jules has been made 'It'. This is terribly unfortunate for everyone. Or perhaps it's a gift, because now the ground is no longer trying to eat him. As Xorn lifts Jules up to his feet there is an offered smile as thanks before the teleporter darts off. Most might think Jules would just teleport to someone to tag them, but instead the androgynous boy begins sprinting for July. "Haha, I'm going to get you!" Jules shouts.

"That's what I thought…" Ash says to no one in particular, with a self-satisfied nod behind his lowering arm, curled over his face once the blast was let loose to protect from flying wreckage. Then his attention is turning back towards the beach, spying Cloud and Jules' interaction. "New kid's it…" he muses to himself, brushing off the front of his hoodie and then replacing the hood, pulling it down over his brows. Unfortunately for Ash, he hasn't heard the warning about staying mobile…

Cloud's eyes widen when he sees the fanged seagulls heading his way before he remembers something rather important, he's stone, still he should keep his head in the game as he has no idea what other suprises are in store or what tricks the new kid who is currently it has up his sleaves, focusing he uses the borrowed energy to moves towards the trees while taking out the birds with the flames he absorbed earlier.

Annalisa gasps as she sees the teleporter show up and go for July, she leaps forward in an epic maneuver, trying to block July from becoming it! "Looook ouuuut!" She shouts dramatically.

Successfully evading the tree, July finds her path in the forest clear of any dangerous surprises… for now as Jules gives chance to her. For Ashley as he stands up admiring his pulverization of the large boulder he has blown up, he may notice the sand on which he stand starting to drag him under as the sand quickly turns into quicksand. The fang-toothed seagulls let out loud excruciating screams of pain as they burn from Cloud’s flame. They explode as small feathers float down towards the sand. Annalisa successfully places herself between July and Jules just as Xorn watches from the control booth and presses some buttons changing the weather in the beach scenario. A stiff wind filters through and snowflakes begin to appear in the sky and begin to fill the area.

July gah's as she now has a stalker! As Jules makes that playful warning, she smirks, "Gotta touch me first, man." she winks at Jules while still running, before starting to run *faster* by elongating her legs, and then she takes up into the tree tops by stretching her arm up to grab onto a branch and then bring herself up to it, and she starts jumping and swinging from branch to branch, tree to tree.

Jules skids to a stop in the sand, scrambling backwards to avoid touching Annalisa. With a splash of sand, Jules quickly gets back to standing and teleports to one of the trees. Of course, to everyone else it just looks like the boy vanished completely, save for the disconnected voice coming from the forest line, "If you want to play like that!" Zip! Another teleportation, and Jules is in another tree, the tree July is currently swinging on. He makes a quick tag for her hand.

"The deuce….!" Ash shouts as he suddenly starts to sink, the sand becoming more fluid under his boots. Scrambling, pulling on his legs against the suction trying to pull him down to a dark place, long fingers dig at the side of the slope to find purchase. Making another mental note to figure out how to fly, the youth drags himself out of the sand and up the slope. Now he's picked up on having to keep moving, and does so, pulling himself up to his feet and then darting along the edge of the play area, eyes scanning for the rest of the group and whoever is 'it'.

Cloud is actually rather relaxed as he blasts any of the seagulls coming his way, all the action seems to be going on on the ground, hovering above the trees he looks around for anyone who might need a hand, well he was before the wind and the snow kick in, he's new to the whole flying thing so gets blown off course.

Annalisa blinks a few times, watching July go stretching off and "it" follow. She shrugs a bit, and leans back against a tree, sighing quietly. "Well, I don't know what I can really do now…"

As Jules seems to have July specifically in mind to be it, he proves successful in catching her when he appears in the tree an reaches down tagging her hand. After tagging July, a large of pile of snow from the tree top begins to drop down on Jules as he is no longer it, the hazards of the scenario will affect him too. Upon freeing himself from the quicksand and making it up the slope, Ash and all present will find that most of the sand and wooded area are completely covered by snow and the ocean has pretty much frozen over. The wind seems to carry Cloud and blow him towards the ice-covered ocean where ice spikes begins to shoot upwards towards him. For those on the ground, snowy hands lift up and try to grab them and pull them under instead of quicksand, it’s not quicksnow.

July watches as Jules teleports around. 'Of course. A teleporter.' she mentally chuckles, smiling, but then she blinks and gasps as the guy appears where her hand holding her airborne is. As he is about to touch her hand, she quickly melts it away but not before the touch connects and she reshapes herself into a ball form, bouncing and rebounding away by ricocheting against the tree trunks and branches. 'Great… now after who…?' she mentally grumbles, and wonders as she rebounds hard and fast around the trees.

"Tag, you're it!" Jules says as he manages just the faintest physical contact. Then.. 'Bumf!' The snow hits its target and Jules falls to the ground with a crash. Before even having a chance to rebound from that, the snow even begins to try and drag Jules down. With that, the boy begins struggling physically against the snowy hands.

As his breath quickly mists in the biting cold, Ash shivers the slightest bit as the scenario goes deep into a new ice age. But then flames start to dance over his hands and forearms, running along his bare skin like a pair of gloves. Crunching through the deep snow, his pace slowed by the impediment, the teen firebug starts to blast gouts of flame at the reachy-grabbing ice hands. With one hand going up to tug the hood back over his head, a tall black figure standing out easily against the white of the snow. The jets of flame leaping from his hands like he was waving a flame-thrower around doesn't hurt, either.

Cloud struggles to force himself upright as he's blown above the frozen sea, he barely has a chance to react as the ice spikes start shooting up towards him, dodging out of the way he continues to dodge the ice spikes until one finally hits him on the shoulder cracking the stone and knocking him downtowards the frozen ocean.

Annalisa stretches her hands outward as the snow hands start to claw up at her. "Tch…" She murmurs, her blonde hair lifting up slightly, and starting to glow an eerie blue, along with her eyes. A twirl of blue flames start to spread outwards from her, until a wall of flame surrounds her about ten feet from her position. "Bad snow!"

The snow continues to prove to be a hindrance to everyone except July aka “It” as she bounces to and fro finally heading in Ash’s direction whose fire abilities have melted the snow hands and any snow in his general vicinity freeing him from the cold attack. Similarly, Annalisa’s firewall melts all the snow in her general vicinity of ten feet, freeing her up from any environmental attacks, at least just for the moment. As Cloud drops onto the ice of the ocean, it begins to crack under his rock weight as the ice begins to crackle and break apart under him. Xorn continues to watch and monitor the session along with the thoughts and emotions of the students and alumni engaged within the Danger Room.

July's ball form bounces around as she considers her targets. It'd be unfair to return the 'it' back to Jules, so she keeps searching, until she finds her next target. Mentally smirking, she bounces and then zooms past Ash, flying over his head, but not before creating a fleshy tentacle to go and try to 'tag' Ash's head, "Tag! You're it!" she calls out, hoping to hit the guy, and hoping he doesn't use fire against her.

Jules struggles with the snow for a bit before teleporting to random points in the snow field. Every time one of those hands begins to drag him down, he teleports again. With no sign of getting tired yet, either. Though his vitals are rising a little bit from struggling against the snow hands when they /are/ dragging him down.

Ash's attention is on the surrounding snow as he carves out a nice little circular area of burnt grass and glassified sand. Nothing given to the trees and the other students up in them. Although the firewall from another pyro catches his attention, his gaze flicking over towards the blue flames with a brow arching under the protection of the hoodie. Awww, Ash isn't a special little snowflake. Which, of course, means he's totally unprepared to get smacked in the back of the head by a long length of flesh. One would hope that it's a finger or a toe or something. As the smack rings out through the mostly quiet air, it's followed by a yelp from Ash as he's thrown forwards from the slap, staggering around as one hand goes to the back of his head. Of course, the other is stretched out as a few gouts of flame fly free, the teen blindly striking out with his ability before he comes to his senses, lowering the hood to rub the back of his head. "My turn…"

Other than the acheing pain in his shoulder Cloud is still conscious, feeling the ice beneith him breaking he uses the energy absorbed from Xorn to lift himself off the ice and back towards land, he runs his fingers over the cracks on his shoulder "Fuck that hurts", spotting Jules struggling a little he flys over towards the teleporting Jules, holding out a hand above him, "Want a lift?"

Annalisa stands fairly still in the center of her ring of fire, taking several deep breathes, trying to focus and keep herself from getting scared. "I think I'm safe." She mutters quietly.

Noting the effect the multiple teleports and snow is having on Jules, Xorn takes specific notes so as to let Jules’ advisor know for something to work on as Jules ports from spot to spot. Some of Ash’s random flames fly free right past July though missing her by ever so much. Xorn takes note as Ash’s current advisor and nods. As Cloud rises into the air, the ice cracks leaving a big hole allowing some water to spurt out as he assists Jules lifting the mutant teleporter into the air. As Annalisa pants thinking she is safe the ground on which she stands begins to rumble and shake. A mini-quake.

July mentally gasps as the flying fire almost hits her, the intense heat managing to soften her side just a tad, and she falls on the snow and reforms back to normal, "Ow ow ow, hot hot hot!" she says, shuddering, "And now cooold…" she shudders again, "Ga… gotta keep on the move…" she lifts herself back up and starts running away from Ash. He wouldn't be so cheap as in to re-tag her, would he?

Jules grabs Cloud's hand as it is offered, accepting the lift. Even as the mini-quake begins, Jules finds the energy to speak. "Keeping flying, this will be weird." Then without a sound or flash of light, Jules teleports Cloud and himself upwards, away from the ground. This shouldn't cause any more disorientation than moving form point to point should normally. It is a method of immediate safety as the duo should now be away from the ground that's trying to kill everyone.

No, Ash isn't that cheap. Still rubbing the back of his head and muttering something about cheap shots, Ash stalks on. Unhindered by the environment; well, beyond going knee-deep into the snow once more, But that is easily remedied by taking a trick from one of his classmates… soon Ash's legs are engulfed in flames as well, flickering white along his limbs and melting the snow, making his going a bit easier. Melting a path towards Annalisa just as the ground starts to shake, his gaze not on the woman, but her firewall as he comes closer. Like he's trying to gauge how hot it's burning.

Cloud blinks in shock when he and Jules are suddenly muh higher up in the air, now they only have to deal with the snow and the wind, "Nice trick, but i think this my count as cheating", he tries to think at Xorn, "No way for anyone to reach us up here, this cheating?", he can't always trust his his way of thinking, tends to get him in trouble.

Annalisa stumbles back as the ground starts to shake, her fires dissipate, and she grabs ahold of the tree firmly, trying to stay steady. "Whoaaaa…"

Watching Ashley set his legs ablaze, Xorn is surprised and impressed by his student’s trick and mentally sends a “Nice trick, Ashley!” to the young pyromaniac. Then he responds to his former student’s question, “It is not cheating but is it fun? One of the points in this exercise, is a chance to be creative and have some fun.” While thinking they may be safe the wind gets stronger and colder the higher one goes, so it bats Jules and Cloud around a bit. Though Ash won’t retag July, she finds the wind getting a bit stronger making it more difficult to control the direction of her bounces. As Ash approaches Annalisa the miniquake stops, but the tree she grabs onto grabs onto her as well, hugging her, rather tightly.

July grumbles as she has some trouble walking through the snow, and as seeing Ash using his powers intelligently, she hmms and tries to do the same. She flattens her feet and widens them, and finds out it does make it easier to walk in the snow, but still speed is bad. She hmms, frowning, wanting to get a good distance from the fire guy. A grin appears on her lips as she has an idea. She dives down as her form changes to a snow board to slide down the snow slope!

Jules looks up to Cloud, "Xorn's right." While Jules would like to let go and teleport, it's just not an intelligent idea. So instead, the teleporter holds on to Cloud through the wind.

As the firewall is dispersed, a grin splits Ash's features. Both from Xorn's compliment, and from his previous impediment dropping away. He steps out onto the bare patch left behind by the woman's pyrotechnics, flames leaping and licking along his legs as he moves to charge across the quaking ground. Just as the tree limbs move to grab at Annalisa and pin her. Whether or not the limbs are successfully, Ash pauses, eyes going up towards the sky. "Aww, see, that's no fun!" he calls out to the disembodied voice of his advisor. "She can't even fight back or anything!" he finishes, folding his arms across his hoodie-covered chest.

Cloud nods and fighting against the wind drops down towards the ground near Ashley, "Ok, looks like we're getting back in the game", picking up some snow he makes a snowball and launches it at Ash trying to get his attention, "Can't believe that snowballs only just occured to me".

Annalisa urks as the tree reaches around and hugs her. She lets out a yelp. "Molester tree!" She shouts, her hair lifting up and glowing again. Gleaming blue fire once again twirls around her, setting the tree holding her into a blaze of fire.

As Annalisa destroys the tree that was embracing her with her powerful blue flame. An alarm sounds off in the Danger Room signaling the end of the simulation. The room goes dark and the students and alumni find themselves once again in the empty metallic chamber. Xorn’s disembodied voice speaks out, “You all did very well! Ashley and Jules, I will meet with you both individually to review the session. Elastica, Rush, and Supernova, thank you for participating. As always, you show the new students what graduates of the Xavier Institute are capable of.” With that the doors to the Danger Room open, “If those of you who have graduated would like critiques of your performance as well, I will gladly meet with you. But you all did very well! When the doors open, some more students enter as a new squad has scheduled the Danger Room for this time. Xorn remains in the Control Booth ready to run this new group of students in a simulation.

"…or maybe she can…" Ash says with a chuckle as the Danger Room reverts to its default appearance. A glance up towards the control room shows that Ash hears and understands Xorn's instruction on a follow-up review, and then he's pulling the hoodie back up over his head, "Well, that was fun." he says aloud.

July reforms back from snow board form back to her normal, human form before she hits the ground, and she chuckles, dusting herself, "It was a fun ride." she giggles softly as she nods at Xorn's words, "Well, I guess we should let the new guys have some fun, too." she says as she watches the new group entering.

Annalisa runs over to July after the Danger Room reverts to normal. She slings an arm around July's waist, giggling. "Did you see? I didn't cry or anything."

Jules teleports once more to meet up with the group, now on the ground and also shivering a little. Whether from the perceived cold or the adrenaline is actually unclear. Jules will stick around for Xorn, of course, but still he smiles at everyone else. "Good game, everyone. We should make that a sport or something."

July nods, giggling as she hugs Anna back, "Yeah, I saw that. That was pretty sweet, Anna." and then she kisses the girl's cheek, "That was really nice." she says, before looking at Jules, Ash and Cloud, "How about we all go out eat something, hm?" she offers.

Hooking a finger into the hood of his hoodie and slinging it over his shoulder, Ash starts for the exit as the others group up. Don't want to get in the way of someone else's training, after all. He pauses near the gathering of the others, looking at them all in turn. As July says something about food, his stomach of course decides to rumble at the thought. "Food would probably be good, but I'd have to run and go change, first…" he says, free hand tugging at the chest of his combat uniform.

Cloud stretches and moves his shoulder as things return to normal, glad the ache is gone, "Well that was fun but i've gotta run, got a couple of phone calls to make", with that he gives a wave and heads out.

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