2010-03-12: Support In Various Forms


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Summary: Rashmi and Robyn lean on each other and chat with Hank and Pietro, who has been called in to help.

Date: March 12, 2010

Support In Various Forms

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Sitting on the couch with a black board in his lap and a hunk of grey clay on it is Robyn. He's just staring at the clay and it looks like it has a few 'poke' marks in it. He's been trying to get the urdge to sculpt again but he doesn't know what to do. He needs to do /something/ to distract his mind but he's not sure if it's possible. He's dressed in his usual style but for some reason he hasn't been shaving lately, like he just doesn't care.

Rashmi emerges from the hallway leading to the Girls' Dorm, her hair pulled over one shoulder and looped about an arm, all to keep it from dragging on the floor. Spotting Robyn, she smiles faintly, moving over to drop onto the couch next to him. "Hey," she says quietly, trying for a smile. "…I didn't *think* I used all the hot water…"

Robyn puts the board in his lap aside and returns a small smile to Rashmi. "Huh? Can you use all the hot water here?" He's not sure if it's possible, maybe it is if everyone took a shower at once? But are there enough showers to do that? "Doing any better from yesterday Rashmi? You've had me worried, I've never seen you look so…worn out."

Rashmi shakes the hair off her arm, tying it off with a black band and separating out three hanks. "A little… I'm still worn out. Like, *really* worn out. I just… Between Jono, and Jordan… and then Lucas… I couldn't take it anymore, you know?" With a sigh, she looks off into the middle distance, hands plaiting her hair almost of their own accord. "…But it didn't even stop there… Kael and Chezlie ran into Daisuke yesterday. Kael… if Magneto hadn't stitched him up *right there,* he might have died…."

Robyn winces at Rashmi's words and lets out a sigh. "Please let it be over soon." He says to noone in particular. His fists clench and he takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry Rashmi, I…and it's okay if you can't take it anymore. It's okay if you still can't. You have your friends to lean on, just like we lean on you. So what if we're all stressed out of our mind, we have to be here for eachother right, and I'm sounding like you now, aren't I?"

Rashmi leans against Robyn's shoulder, smiling gently. "I don't know… Are you? I don't really pay attention to myself when I'm talking." Nudging slightly, she returns to the task of plaiting up her hair. "…But I finally got to talk to the Headmaster. And…. it made me realize something. D'you know, he's been catching hell from just about *everyone* over this? I mean, I guess it's kind of to be expected, since he's in charge… but he's only just one person, you know? That's not fair… so… I guess I just sort of decided, no matter what's happening… He needs to have at least some kids behind him. So…" She shrugs, looking down at her hands, hair braided about halfway to the end. "I'm going to keep trying. It's all still too much for me to deal with… But I'm trying anyway."

Robyn puts his arm around Rashmi and lets her lean against him. "I didn't know that, but I guess he has a lot with being an X-Man and with being a headmaster." He says as he never really thought of him as anything more than 'that guy in charge'. "I'm just trying not to go into a funk like last time. And maybe you should pay attention to yourself when you talk, you're smart and have that whole 'hope' thing going. Which I have to keep telling myself that Jordan didn't go willingly….Sorry I stormed out yesterday."

Rashmi shakes her head. "Don't be… I told July afterward, and I guess she just totally forgot you and Jordan're together." There's a faint roll of her eyes at this, and a quiet sigh. "And, Robyn…. if you're trying not to get into a funk, you, um…. might want to do something about that scruff there, you know? Just saying…"

"Huh?" Robyn says kind of absentmindly rubbing his chin. "Oh, I just guess I haven't thought about it lately." He's just been going through the motions for the most part, eating, sleeping, showering, homework. "At least I'm not as bad as last time and I'm sleeping?" He says raising his eyebrows in a hopeful expression. "Or does it really look that bad?"

"You *do* look a little dirty on the face, there," Rashmi admits, rolling the hairband down the length of the plait, swiftly tying off the very end. "But, yeah… You're sleeping, and probably eating, so it's not nearly as bad. But, that's good itself, right? I mean, maybe it says you're learning to handle all this?"

Robyn shrugs. "I dunno, I'm scared as all hell, but I think I'm glad I didn't see Jordan. And seeing Jordan makeout with your boyfriend didn't help at all the last time." Robyn says trying to make a small joke. "But I guess I should shave, I just haven't been thinking about it." It's not like it's much, he's a teen, it's pretty much chin and upper lip fuzz. "Yeah, I've been eating and sleeping, I think it helps cause I know all of you guys more too."

Rashmi nods quietly, frowning down at her lap at the mention of the word 'boyfriend.' "I'm glad to hear that," she says quietly, closing her eyes and sighing. "…I wish I could understand what happened out there… I mean… I turned my back on him… and he *knocked me out!* Who *does* that? I mean sure, it's sweet of him to stay for the police instead of me, but… he *hit* me!"

Now that Rashmi is a less groggy then yesterday, it's come back to him that Lucas hit Rashmi and he looks at her with concern. "What? He did?" He'd ask why but he can tell she doesn't know. "Want me to punch him again for you? Or I can possess him and make him do something stupid in front of the school for you?" He's actually not joking. "Have you…talked to him?"

Rashmi shakes her head. "No, I haven't… and no…. no, please don't. I want to talk to him, first.. *I* get to be the first one to hit him, if it's necessary." Even the idea, however, looks distasteful to her, and she rests her head against Robyn's shoulder. "…You remember how I told you that hoping keeps me from losing it completely…?"

Robyn nods. "Okay, I won't do anything to, unless you want me to." Thus why he asked first. "And I'm really not a violent person but just the idea that he hit you…"He doesn't like it at all. "Yeah, I remember you saying that a while back?" He's fearing hearing that she's lost it, cause the fact that she keeps going is helping him to go on.

Rashmi sighs. "Well… it wasn't enough, a couple days ago. So… I don't know. It's all I know how to do… I'm just worried, now. I can't trust Lucas… I couldn't keep myself from losing my mind for a little… It's… sort of terrifying," she says in a small voice.

Robyn looks at Rashmi for a bit and takes a deep breath before taking, his voice really quiet. "It's okay to lose your mind for a bit. I think sometimes we have to lose it before we find it again. Just…find out what happened, talked to him first. You never know Rashmi. I don't want to say it was right of him to hit you but…" She's right, he knows she is. "What do you want to do today Rashmi?"

"Go back to last month," Rashmi murmurs sourly, turning her face into Robyn's hoodie. "I think it was actually better around here, with the demons and the heat and the being terrified…"

"I can't do that, I don't have time powers, but…" Robyn tries to think for a bit, he wants to do something that isn't sitting around and feeling sorry for himself and the others. "God! I had this Rashmi, I want to do /something/. Not something to bring them back but something. Like…I dunno. I wish I could sculpt or play the cello or something."

Rashmi tilts her head. "Well… why don't you? I mean… you're an artist, right? You're pretty lucky, that way… you can just put together whatever's in your heart, like right now… and then you can just…. pound the *hell* out of it, you know? Maybe it'd help?"

Robyn reaches over and picks up the hardening piece of clay he's been staring at. "I've been trying Rashmi, all I've been doing is poking it. I haven't been able to have /anything/ come to mind. I mean I kind of want to make something for you to help you feel better or something for Jordan for when he comes in but right now…what's in my heart…I don't really want to sound emo." Go figure with the way he dresses. "Even artists get a form or 'writers block'.

Rashmi smiles. "So… make the block. Then beat it down."

"I think what I really want to do is break something, but last time I threw some figures of mine against the wall that I regret." Robyn closes his eyes as sighs. "And Last time, Jono…he did this really cool Danger Room sesson, that just allowed me to go crazy and break shit. It…helped a lot. This time…I don't have Jono. I miss him Rashmi."

"I miss him too," Rashmi murmurs. "Oh God, Robyn, I miss him *so much*… I'll be so , *so happy* when everyone comes back…"

"I've never had any siblings….that I've know about until Richard but I didn't grow up with him, but Jono, I imagne that's what having an older brother would be like." Robyn says as Jono is kind of an idol to him. "And Jordan…he's my first boyfriend, I wasn't even out of the closet until him, and..it sucks, so much. I want to sculpt something so bad but I…I don't know what to make anymore.

Rashmi wraps her arms around Robyn's shoulders, sighing softly. "Robyn… I really, really think that maybe this time…? You should make something you *want* to break. And… maybe we'll find out what that Danger Room thing is, and do that once, together? I think… I think I'd rally like to have something to smash too… just once."

Robyn leans against her and nods. Maybe that is a good idea. "What would you want to break, if you could right now?" Maybe he'll make a bunch of things so that way he can just go smash happy for a bit. Like a dozen. "And yeah, that's a good idea, finding out the program. If I could find a glass Mr. Sinister and smash his face in…." If only he know what Sinister looked like.

"I really don't know," comes the quiet reply. "I've… never really thought about things I *want* to break, y'know…?" She blinks, brow furrowing as a thought strikes her. "Hey… you think maybe the Danger Room knows what Mr. Sinister looks like?"

"Probably? I mean if any of the X-Men do." Robyn says standing up and grabbing Rashmi's hand as he thinks she knows what she's thinking. "Come on, lets go find Mr. Summers or another teacher." He says, it's a good idea in his opinion.

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

A few hours later

Arriving at the school at the request of Dr McCoy, Pietro doesn't need to stop long at the gate. Security permits him entry. So quite simply there might be little warning when a white haired man wearing a skin tight costume appears at the doorway. He carries with him a little gust of chilly air that ruffles his hair, as well as the clothing of those around him. The costume is two shades of blue. One a pale, icy, shade, and the other a rich blue. There's a lightning symbolism included in it of course, and his gloves have cuffs at the wrist. No mask though, for he doesn't believe in such things. "Excuse me." Asked of who ever is there to be asked. Yes, he really seems to appear out of no where. "Is either Dr McCoy, or Mr Summers in?" And yes, he looks so much like Magneto that they can easily be mistaken for one another at first glance. Pietro is far leaner than his father, and his hair style different, but his eyes are the same electric blue, and his voice similar.

It's been a blessedly, badly-needed quiet day; having taken the day off from classes, Rashmi has corralled Robyn into enjoying the peace, an attempt to lift both their spirits for a change, rather than have to deal with crisis after crisis which both teens are patently ill-equipped to handle. Currently, the redhead is discussing colleges with the boy, but is brought up short, accompanied by a startled squeak and a hop of an inch or two, by the sudden appearance of the blue-clad mutant. Turning to face him, an interesting series of expressions crawl over her dark-skinned features, each of them telling their own story; 'OHGOD NOT AGAIN' '…Wait… he's not *that* young…' '….*Or* that genuinely polite… what…?'

Robyn has inturn told Rashmi some quite interesting and comical stories about his father and his band, or the childrens books his mother has illustrated along with some interesting odd habits his roommate has. The semi-normal chatter of teens. It's been needed for the two of them. Robyn freezes when he sees 'Magneto' as he's had a runin with the man before and it quiet terrifying. "Umm..uh..I think Mr. Summers and Mr. McCoy are in, I haven't seen them today." He answers in a nervous voice but then he realizes that something is off, Pietro looks a bit different that Magneto.

The reaction he gets means only one thing. Expression shifting to irritation, Pietro puts a hand on a hip and says ruefully, "I see you've met Magneto." The dislike there is clear. So not a fan of his father. That hand soon moves to place fingertips against his chest. The white-haired man bows slightly, formally, "Pietro Maximoff, or Quicksilver." Doesn't at all apologize for startling Rashmi. "I'm an Avenger." Said with a smile that curls at the edges of his lips. Says it because people often need to hear it. "Thank you." The man doesn't rush off though. "Dr McCoy asked me to lend a hand with the troubles your school is having. I always carry my communicator with me, so if you'd like the number in case of trouble.." Trails off, leaving it to the teens to decide.

Rashmi blinks, glancing from side to side, arching an eyebrow Robyn's way. "Um… Rashmi Franklin," she replies, bobbing a slight curtsy in return, little more than a dip at the knees, but one has to do *something* when introduced this formally. "I, um… haven't… seen Dr. McCoy around much lately… but I do know the Headmaster's in. Probably you'd find him in his office…?" Trailing off, she realizes there was something else to his conversation, blinks, and bobs her head, digging her cell phone from the bookbag at her hip. "That'd probably be a good idea, sir, thank you…"

"Robyn…Robyn Larkin." Robyn says introducing himself as well, following Rashmi's lead. He offers a hand in a manner to be polite after all, he's a guy and guys don't curtsy. "Dr. McCoy might be in the medbay?" After all there have been quite the number of injured students down there. "Or in the garage, I know Mr. Summers hangs around there a lot."

Pietro grips that hand, but doesn't let the contact linger. With Rashmi digging out her phone, the man waits and gives her the number. He's wearing some kind of comm device in his right ear, so will very easily be reached when needed. "I'm sure Hank already knows I'm here." Said with amusement, but there's a sharper look at Rashmi. Her demeanor, in fact both students, has him thinking. "My father isn't here, is he?" Father? Magneto of course.

Rashmi stuffs her phone back in her bag once the number is entered, flushing slightly. "I don't think so… not right now. But, he's been here a couple times… Last night he saved Kael's life, then started yelling at the Headmaster." Her nose wrinkles, as though the redhead considers this a breach of manners. "…He left after that, though. Probably he'll be back now and again… um… he's your father?"

Robyn takes the number down as well, you know, since things are so bloody crazy right now. "I haven't seen him, wait what happened?" AGain, more rumours he didn't hear but then he's been avoiding some people. He's not surprised by the father bit, as they do look alike, he's more surprised that Magneto has a son that's an Avenger.

Father? "Unfortunately. You can't pick your family." Pietro shrugs, for that's an issue he can do absolutely nothing about. "We all make due." For all he didn't address it immediately, the man did listen to Rashmi. It's just that he thinks fast enough that he often has to wend back to topics. "The EMP a couple of days ago reeks of his heavy handed means, and both of you near jumped out of your skins on seeing me. That can only mean one thing." There's some sarcasm there, but it's directed at his own life, and not either of you.

A look to Robyn. His eyes aren't any easier to meet than his father's. "I was hoping someone here could tell me what's been going on. McCoy didn't mention much, but I know several students are missing, and there have been attacks." He's here for another reason, but doesn't list it. No need to.

Rashmi bobs her head. "It's been… bad, sir. *Really* bad. Like, worse than the demon thing… for us, anyway… And it's not just students missing. Mr. Sinister took Mr. Carrera and Jono, as well as Skyler, Jordan, and Daisuke. Jono was the first one to come back and start causing trouble… but now it looks like they're all starting to move, sir… Jordan took some files or something out of a doctor's house not far from here… and Daisuke was I guess robbing a pharmacy or something back in the City? And the EMP thing… um… I'm pretty sure that was Mr. Magneto pitching a fit after Jono got away from him, on Tuesday." Better to adress the Master of Magnetism as Mr, it seems, just in case speaking his name grabs his attention…

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear." Hank states with an unintentional mirroring of Rashmi's (unarticulated) thoughts. "Hello Pietro - it has been far too long, how are Crystal, Wanda and Luna?" He offers the other Avenger in the room a toothy grin and a fairly ginormous blue hand. "Miss Franklin, Mister Larkin…is this rather dapper silver haired fellow bothering you?" Sure things are grim, and Hank still feels like crap after his own brush with Sinister, but that doesn't mean he has to be all serious!

Robyn goes glum as Rashmi talks and nods along. "Mr. Sinister…he did something, made them something they aren't. Jono…he's not himself. He…." He just sighs and looks at Rashmi. "Nothing can stay normal for long it seems." Someone's back to talk about the whole Sinister thing. "It's really bad though." His voice is dull and definately has a sad tone to it. "Hello Mr. McCoy, you don't need to call me Mister anything, just Robyn is fine. No, he's not bothering us. Just…came to help." Or so Pietro said.

Mr Magneto? For some reason that really tickles Pietro and a smile spreads. Totally ruins the stern Magneto look, for he relaxes with it. This man isn't his father, for all they have much in common. "Sorry, I truly don't mean to belittle your troubles. Mr Magneto?" The motion of a hand, and he grows serious again. "I'm sure the EMP was Magneto as well, and frankly.." He trails off as Hank appears, and that smile of Hank's is echoed. Which is sure to be entirely freaky for Hank. Pietro is smiling? Not snide and bitter? The hand is gripped in return. "Crystal and Luna are fine, but my sister is still missing unfortunately. And of course I'm bothering them." Psh! As if it'd be otherwise. "They've been telling me of the trouble here at the school."

Like what Robyn just said. "Sinister has a bad habit of this. No wonder you called me." Said to Hank. "And don't fret, young man. We'll get things sorted out." A promise made with no doubts.

Rashmi brightens visibly as Pietro gives his reassurance. "Really, sir?" Sighing faintly in relief, she nudges the boy with her shoulder. "See… I told you." Whether the assurance is empty or not, it's something to hold onto. Pragmatism, for the moment, can take a running jump. "No, it was… And one of our friends sort of got caught in it. Forge and the Headmaster have been working on fixing him though, so he'll be all right." Turning to Hank, the redhead bobs her head, a pleasant smile on her face. "Hi, Dr. McCoy. …Actually he's sort of doing the opposite of bothering us, but thanks."

"I know, Robyn, Miss Franklin…I was attempting a bit of levity in the hopes of lightening people's moods a smidge, mm…or perhaps even a full 'tad', though not Tad Williams." Hank shake's Pietro's hand firmly, and with Pietro's superspeed he'd almost certainly see the momentary flicker of confusion at the smile from good Mister Maximoff. "When there's an EMP it is fairly likely that Magneto, or perhaps Polaris is involved. Though I suppose it would be unwise to rule out a nuclear weapon, or some experiment or other going awry." And then he looks to Pietro. "Actually, there's a student here named Chloe McMillan who could use some pointers re: superspeed."

Hank rubs at his arm a moment. "In regards to Sinister…I have managed to get a probable location for his base of operations via means best left a mystery, once we can gather sufficient forces we will be making an assault on that location." A grin. "Of course were you so minded you could always scout it out for us prior…"

"Do either of you know if Mike's okay?" Robyn asks since the EMP is brought up. He hopes that he's going to be okay since yesterday, he looked like a car wreck, literally. "I hope so sir." Robyn answers to getting things sorted, he doesn't have the optimism Rashmi has, but he'll take what he can get. "Nuclear weapon? Huh? And you what?" A location on the base. "Really, you know where they are?"

No smile as Pietro firmly nods to Rashmi, "I've risked my life for far less." And he never breaks promises if he can help it. Likes to keep his word, and the man never lies. "It's Magneto." Said to Hank. "There's confirmation he was in the area at the time. Stands to reason. Father never did think of others when his temper is on him." A shrug, for that's yet another thing he can't do anything about. "I'm sorry, Robyn, but I don't know anything about that." Sorry! To Hank, he nods. "You mentioned a student, and I'll be glad to help. Including the scouting. You have to realize that Sinister is certainly prepared for that. I'll get in as far as I'm able though." Never one to back down, even in the face of clear danger.

Rashmi's eyes widen as Hank speaks of knowledge of Sinister's location. "Really…?" Shaking her head as Robyn speaks up, the redhead squeezes her friend's shoudler, smiling. "He's going to be fine, Robyn… I saw Forge working on him myself, and he's sounding a lot better now… sort of… anyway. It won't be long until he's better than before, trust me." There's a thought that strikes her, and she frowns to herself. "But um, if you're all going to be going out there… D'you think maybe some of us should figure out some sort of plan for this place, in case some of the others decide to come here then? I mean, it sort of makes sense that he'd try to have the others do as much damage as they could while you're all away…" Applied Tactics; someone's been taking Hellion's elective course.

"If Mike is in Forge's care he's in the best hands possible. I would not be too concerned, he'll more than likely return better than ever at best, his old self at worst." A nod then. "And yes, I know where Sinister is most likely operating from. HOPEfully he has not yet abandoned and/or moved his base of ops." Hank confirms to both Rashmi and Robyn. Looking to Pietro, he nods - a faint grimace. "Alas, you're father has never been all that concerned about the price other people pay for his temper." A smile then. "And I'm sure Miss McMillan will be grateful for any advice and insights you can offer." A nod. "As to the location of Mister Essex…" And then he leans close, whispering the coordinates into Pietro's ear. Hey! No sense putting the kids at risk for that knowledge, or tempting them WITH it.

Robyn wants to hear the location as he does want to go after Jordan but he knows he wouldn't, not from what he's seen and heard. "Do…you think, if we get them back, they'll become themselves again?" He wants his friends back the way they were. "I'll go visit Mike later, I'm glad he's gonna be okay. And any help you need with anything here Rashmi, let me know. I know I can't go after Jordan but, like you said a while back, we can still do stuff here."

Pietro folds his arms over his chest and says nothing of Mike. Has no idea who Mike is, or why he'd be with Forge. Well, okay, so he can guess because of Forge, but you know… "Magneto is Magneto." There's nothing there that will ever change, or so his tone claims. And another nod for Chloe. "Or merely someone to talk to." A smirk there. "I'll find her." He's the best one who can, if anyone is able. That whisper has him leaning to Hank, and he nods yet again. Doesn't rush off yet though. Totally understands the need for whispering too. "Now?" He'll be back within the hour if he's undetected. Then again, he's not expecting to be. Looks to Robyn after, but doesn't answer. Doesn't know. "Don't give up." That's all he'll say.

Rashmi flushes as Hank leans in to whisper, but evidently understands. As Pietro seems to be making preparations to leave, she does decide to pipe up. "Um… Be careful, sir. Jono… he can sort of shape things, now. Like, we saw him make a wall reach out and grab someone, and I heard he turned the entire front of the Grindstone into plate glass… Jordan can move through things now, sort of like Ms. Pryde… aside from the density thing he did before. Daisuke… I *think* he can shape sound, but I don't know much about that…" Looking to Robyn, she nods. "If we need to, Robyn, I'll be calling everyone I can, don't worry."

"To be sure we'll organize a sort of 'home guard' for the Academy." Hank says with a firm nod. "Sinister alone is a worthy challenge for the X-Men, or the Avengers…Sinister and his new Marauders…well…we can't afford anything but the most experienced, most powerful people we have to have even a faint chance of success." And then he smiles. "As to them being returned to their old selves — given time and plenty of help I believe that it should be possible to reverse what was done." Hank sighs. "My own research is not sufficient, I will definitely need all the help I can get." Though not the other Hank, he'd write a virus that would try to kill him! Looking to Pietro he nods. "Now would be most excellent, my friend…I assume you have your Avengers comm? I'll monitor in case you need assistance."

"Any help you need, on the home front, I'm willing to help. I know now, that we're no match for him." Robyn says and he means the students. If he ran off after Jordan like he was planning before, he knows he'd probably just have been killed now. He's only met Magneto once so he doesn't know much about the man except what he's learned in mutant ethics. He's much quieter around adults than he is his classmates. "He didn't turn it into plate glass…it was more like wood, like he blocked all the exits so we couldn't leave. And then that blast…" Robyn shudders.

Taking Rashmi and Robyn's advice very seriously, Pietro none the less seeks to rest a hand on Rashmi's shoulder. "Thank you. Don't give up hope." Quiet, simple advice, but it's what matters. "Unless they can move at mach ten, I can be long gone before anyone has a chance to do me harm. Especially when I'm scouting. I didn't teleport here." There's that smile again, trying to assure the teen. That same gloved hand lifts to touch the device in his right ear. Oh yes, he's his comm. Pietro is never without it. Been an Avenger too long. "I'll be back if I'm able." And with that Pietro disappears. There's not even that gust of wind this time, but some seconds after he's gone the door does click shut.

Rashmi smiles to herself as Pietro 'disappears,' already looking far more heartened than she had over the last couple days. "I don't," she murmurs to the empty air. "I never do…" Drawing in a deep breath, she squeezes Robyn's shoulder, turning to Hank. "I'd like to volunteer for that Home Guard, Dr. McCoy. I know… I'm not all that fond of fighting, and I'm not really experienced… But I know I can be a help… even if it does come to a fight. This place… It's turning into another home, to me. I've got friends here, people who could be family. … I don't want them to get hurt if I can stop it."

"And that willingness to help is exactly what I was counting on, Robyn, Miss Franklin. That willingness, that eager and earnest desire to offer aid is what separates the likes of you two from the likes of Sinister and his ilk." Hank's rather large hands grip one of Robyn's and one of Rashmi's shoulders. "That is what we call the heroic urge, or…" A wink. "..the lack of a self-preservation instinct exascerbated by the tendency to be in the midst of whatever random chaos might be in the offing." A sage nod. "Believe me. I know."

Watching Pietro go is something of a interesting thing since it's hard to tell where he went and when he left, he's just that fast. "Thanks for getting him to help. And I'm not a hero, I don't want to be one. I just want my friends back and okay." Robyn has no desire to do the hero thing and actually it kind of scares him. "I really don't like this random chaos, do…things ever stay normal?"

Rashmi flushes deeply under the Beast's praise, ducking her head. At Robyn's words, she chuckles a little, wrapping an arm around the boy's shoulders and squeezing. "You know… I told Jono that, once. Y'know what he said to me? 'If that's really true, gel, why do you keep trying to act like one?'" With a sigh, though, she nods. "It *would* be nice to have a little real peace around here, though…"

"Unfortunately, Robyn, this IS the norm for our kind. Fate seems to like to ensure that Mutants and Metahumans in general live in interesting times. I did a graph once, it seems that the very laws of probability skew when such people exist, and the skewing is measurably greater the denser the concentration of superhumans." A gentle squeeze of Robyn's shoulder. "For my own part I can't remember a time when things were…" He reclaims his hands, making finger quotes. "…normal." Hank smiles to Rashmi, "Oh, there's interludes to be sure, it isn't ALL chaos, but you have to accept the reality of things — we DO live in interesting times more often than not."

"I'm not going to be a hero." Robyn says with a bit of determination in his voice. He's never really wanted to be an X-Men or had a case of hero worship like some of his other classmates. "So, things are always like this? There really is no chance at a normal life? Does anyone who go here just go off on their own and do what they want?" He really wants to know that, he kind of needs to know that.

Rashmi tilts her head at Robyn, trying her hand at a gentle, encouraging smile. "I told you, Robyn… Sure you can. It's just a little harder to get there, than maybe it'd normally be, you know?" Her eyes flicker to Hank, an eyebrow raising. The redhead may be too respectful to prod outright, but it's clear she's trying to fish for confirmation without letting Robyn see it.

"It is possible to have a normal life, possible but unlikely. Especially while you're here in the heart of a large concentration of our kind. When you master your powers if you're minded to strike out on your own, and live away from here, it is conceivable that you can have a mostly normal life. The problem is that mutants by their very existance draw fire from those that hate us, and metahumans in general are loci for the exotic and unusual." Hank smiles then. "That doesn't mean you can't avoid being a hero, I've seen it happen. It won't come easily, but it can happen." Hank nods with what Rashim says, and offers her a wink. "Miss Franklin has the right of it." He confirms.

Robyn sighs and nods, not really saying much. In his teenage mind he's hearing 'you can try but more than likely you'll fail. You're stuck with this life kiddo if you like it or not.' He about to say something when he hears the sirens going off. It's good their with Hank right now. "Oh god, what's going on now?" He says reaching out to grab Rashmi's hand.

Rashmi's head snaps around to the school, squeezing Robyn's hand. "…Those're the same sirens Magneto shut off last night," she murmurs. "I don't know… Dr. McCoy?"

"I don't know either, but I will. Please stay here for the time being, or else report to your quarters. The alarm concerns a breach of Cerebra, and that's…not good." And with that the Bouncing Beast strips off his lab coat, and then bounds into action!

Robyn watches Beast run off and Robyn just stands there for a bit before falling to his knees. "Please, I just want all of this to stop. I don't want to know what's going on down there cause I know it's bad. I feel like my life has just gotten more confusing and worse since I've been here. I'd rather be back at my old school as a nobody. Someone who wasn't important." It's mostly a lie as he wouldn't give up the friends he's made here for the world.

Rashmi sighs, kneeling down next to the boy and wrapping her arms around him. "I know how you feel, Robyn… But it's going to be okay. You watch… Dr. McCoy said so… and an *Avenger* promised it would be. I mean, come on… Anyone who works with Captain America couldn't *ever* make hollow promises if he *wanted* to, right?"

Robyn is on the verge of crying again, but he just nods as he leans into Rashmi. "I…I hope so..And.." He says this to make himself feel more better and just try to keep himself from a break down. "Have you ever seen Captain America without the mask…he's…really good looking." Okay, he couldn't resist. "I hope Dr. McCoy is okay and I'm glad he got an Avenger to help."

"Actually I haven't," Rashmi says with a soft chuckle, recognizing Robyn's need to distract himself. "But I don't doubt it… so what's he look like, then?"

Robyn is still on the ground and leaning on Rashmi. He sniffs a bit before answering. "Well, he's blond haired, blue eyed and probably the only hero I've every noticed like that. You know, that blond kind of jockish, all American appearance? Like Jordan or…Dallas. I know I'm a skinny art kid but I always thought that was attractive, the jock thing."

Rashmi chuckles. "Well… it's hard *not* to have a thing for that type… just, usually there's no brain to go with all that muscle. And he's *blond?* Wow…. Okay, I think I need to get a couple new posters, then…"

Robyn chuckles and is glad for the distraction. "You can see pictures on the internet. He's not one of those heroes that hides what he looks like." He takes a deep breath and looks up at the sky. "I just don't know anymore, things are so messed up. I'm glad to see you having hope again."

Rashmi settles down in place, leaning against the boy and sighing quietly. "You know… It's one thing to think it yourself… But it really, really helps when you know someone else believes the same thing. So… I'm *really* glad we met Mr. Maximoff. I like him a lot better than Mr. Magneto."

"Same here, he's not scary." Well Robyn's one interaction with Magneto involved him dredging up a part of a sentinel. "But you're right, we gotta do what we can here. Just let me know what I can do to help and I'll try. Do you really think we're gonna get attacked here?"

Rashmi shakes her head. "Honestly? I think it's about as likely as us *not* getting attacked, you know? Maybe a little less. But, I can't help thinking about all that Tactics stuff Mr. Keller's been teaching, you know? And I think…. I'd feel a lot better if we were ready, and didn't need to be, than if we needed to be ready but weren't."

"You're from New York too, you know what it's like growing up around Superhero fights. It wasn't fun. It's just…I guess I have to deal with this is what I am." Robyn says looking down at his hands. "A mutant, someone the world hates if I like it not. I don't mind being a mutant I just wish I could do want I want and I know you say I can but I really think it's impossible. But you're right, we would feel better if we were ready. At least we know this school has good lockdown?"

Rashmi bobs her head. "Exactly. And what you want, Robyn? You could do that, really easily. Just, like I said… there's a few things you need to do, before you can really get it locked, you know? I mean, probably a lot of it'll be learning how to deal with that psychic vampire thing without really having to drain anyone, or something. But I mean… we were in Mutant Town, and it wasn't that bad, right? And we've got a friend there now, so…?"

"I was in Brooklyn, where Jono…you know. Apparently my parents were affected by whatever he did before Cheshire teleported us out." Robyn did talk to them later that night. "I dunno, Cheshire was kind of creepy but I figured he'd help if anything came around. I should probably go take a shower soon and head to bed."

Rashmi's brow furrows. "Wait… what did Jono do? I was too busy freaking out over that cement that cut my face to notice… oh," she says, as Robyn speaks of finding bed. "It can wait until tomorrow, then… and get a shave, all right? Looks like you built a sandcastle with your face." This last, said with a wink and a grin.

Robyn decides to tell Rashmi before leaving. "I dunno, but he did some sort of psychic attack that caused a ton of people in the area to pass out from a mental blast, most people don't know what it was but it's…too much." He says before giving Rashmi a tight hug. "Thanks…for everthing. See you tomorrow." He says before heading off.

Rashmi returns the hug, settling back to watch Robyn head back toward the mansion. "G'night, Robyn! Sleep well, all right?"

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