2009-12-09: Surprise Visits


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Summary: A reunion of friends with an unexpected visitor with many questions.

Date: December 9, 20009

Log Title Surprise Visits

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

// There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.//

Vincent's back is too the path and his duster is pressed against his back billowing before him. His arms are crossed and his head is lowered with a black hood up. Vincent looks over to the lake off in the distance and remains standing like a living statue.

Steping out of the mansion wearing a short sleeved black shirt over a pair of jeans and a guitar case strapped to his back, is Kenta. With no surprise, as soon as he steps out he lights up a cigarette, taking a long drag. "Why are you so awesome and so horrible at the same time." He says speaking to his cigarette. He spots Vincent and walks over to him and stands right next to Vince, staring out with his black eyes. "Something intering out there that I can't see?"

Vincent looks over at Kenta and says "Long time no see." Vincent looks back to the horizon and shrugs, "Nope." Then he sighs and turns to Kenta with a smile on half of his lip. Vince doesn't say anything about the cigarettes even though a few thoughts come up to his head.

Kenta nods a few times before smiling and looking at Vincent. "That it has been, didn't expect to run into you here. Figured you were being all suave and debonair in the city or something. Living the college kid age life." He says chuckling between drags. "What have you been up to man?"

Vincent shurgs, "Nothing note worthy." He lowers his shoulders and his head as if he hasn't even started to accomplish in life. "I haven't heard much about you since the last time we talked. What's been going on with you?"

"Same old, same old." Kenta says with a chuckle. "Still doing the music thing, still doing the single father thing." He shrugs slightly and smiles. "I'm teaching music here, which isn't bad, most the time. I still don't know fully what I'm doing with my life, you know how it is."

Vincent looks back to the nothingness that had him enthralled earlier. "All too well." Vincent says as though he knows exactly how it is. With a smirk back on his lips, he looks over his shoulder at the school and makes the remark. "So, the school's still standing. For now."

Kenta can't help but laugh. "A while back when there was the invasion from another dimension…fuck other dimensions…a good part of the school was destroyed, thus leading the dorms being built." He says waving a hand at the student dorm buildings. "I don't go in there unless I have to, I'll still with my apartment with Armande."

Vincent nods, and chuckles, "That's right, fuck other dimensions." Repeating just what he thought was amusing. "So that's what those are. Figure they would have done that long ago." Vincent then gets a devious look on his face, "Are they co-ed?" He then flickers a smile on his face.

"The rooms aren't coed but there is a boys floor and girls floor. It's also got a nice Cafeteria and lobby for them to hang out with." Kenta goes on to explain about the dorms as him and Vincent just stand there. "It makes the teachers wing and the Atrium so much more quite as it's not a hang out spot for students as much.

Vincent says, "Ha. Sucks for them, but I guess that makes things somewhat easier for you guys. Or atleast quieter." Vincent says with a shrug. He brings his hands up to take the hood off his head. "Were you headed somewhere, or just outside to smoke?""

Walking out from the professor's wing, Brian stretches. He looks about the atrium before seeing Kenta and Vincent. "Yo!" He calls out as he joins them, he's dressed in some normal attire, black Journey shirt and some nice-fitting jeans. "What's going on?" He asks.

"A reunion aparently!" Kenta says chucklig as he see Brian coming on over. "I was just coming out here for a smoke and to play guitar for a bit. I like playing outside." He looks over at Brian and grins. "Not much, look at the slacker I found over here." Then seeing Brian's shirt, Kenta can't help but sing. "Any way you want it, that's way you need it, any way you want it…"

Vincent looks over at Kenta. "Slacker?! Atleast I moved out." He says with a grin before looking over to Brian and giving him a two fingered salute. "Guess it is some sort of reunion." Vincent gives a shrug at the situation and runs his hand through his hair, putting on a bigger smile than he's had for a while.

"She used to love~ She used to sing~" Brian breaks out. "Hey, you moved out, but I'm still learning stuff here." Bran comments, even though he never really spoke to Vincent when he was here, there's still a bond between former classmates.

"Hey, I moved out, even if I do have a room here but it's better mostly staying at my own place since I have my son." Kenta says laughing as Brian contiues singing. "Man I miss jaming with you Brian. And I miss us being roomates back in the day, that was pretty awesome." He says putting his hands on his hips and stretching back. Kenta's dressed only in a tshirt and jeans dispite the cold.

Vincent nods to Brian. "Good for you, not much they could have taught me about myself anyways." Vincent says. "Self healling isn't something you need to control anyways." Vincent uncrosses his arms and cracks the bones in his wrists before he says, "I think I was the only one who didn't play some instrument."

"Dude, you dunno how much I miss jamming in the room." Brian quips before moving up to the atrium window and stretches again. "So, what are you up to these days, Vincent?" Brian asks.

A figure is dashing across the grounds. He doesn't know why he knows, but he's familiar with the layout. Most of it. For some reason, as he comes around the building, intending on dashing across to a tree, he pauses, standing totally still in the open. There's… a building over there. "There didn't used to be a building there. And how do I know that?" Ben asks himself, confusion written on his face. He's wearing a black shirt, black jeans, and has a backpack slung over his shoulder. His hair is pulled back into a long ponytail.

"He's upto doing nothing but looking at porn and spending long lonely nights in his bed room." Kenta says teasing Vincent in his old fashion. He's expecting to get a look for that. Out of the corner of his eye he spots the movement and squints to get a better look. "Something we can help ya with?" He yells to the guy to get his attention to try to figure out who it is. Maybe it's a newer student he doesn't know?

Vincent gives not the look that Kenta was expecting and just shrugs. He looks back to Brian and shrugs in regards to the porn thing then he rushes forward towards Ben, but he doesn't run directly to him, but is on a path to behind the figure. Then Vincent stops behind a tree and looks over at the possible trespasser

Brian himself isn't quite on the defensive or the offensive, but he's always ready to use his energy. He's focused on Ben at this point though.

Blinking, Ben turns to look at Kenta. His left eye is glowing. "Kenta?" he asks lightly. "Why do I know that building is less than a year old?" He says simply. He's confused. But then, Kenta's dealt with that from him before. He's not asking the obvious question, why is he there. Even he doesn't know that answer. It was just… a calling.

Kenta looks confused and blinks as well. "Ben? What the hell are you doing here?" It's not a rude 'what the hell' more of a surpised one. He walks over towards Ben looking back at Brian and Vincent. "He's a friend of mine, from the coffee shop." He says as gets to Ben. "Because it is…how do you know this place?" He says knowing that Ben gets confused sometimes but showing up at Xavier's is an odd one.

Vincent comes from behind a tree towards Kenta, then closer to Ben. The self healler is a quick one and just from Kenta's words, "How were you able to get through the defense system?" Vincent asks of Ben.

Brian walks over to the rest of the group, if he's cool with Kenta he is cool with Brian. The energy user asks; "Better yet, if he doesn't go here, how can he get past the sec…What Vincent said.

Everythings confusing. Last night, some guy comes in the store. He knows mixed up versions of names from my past. He knows about… about…" Ben tugs his shirt up and wipes makeup off of his face, revealing the black, star-shaped tattoo over his eye. "that. And now, I just felt that I needed to come here. Like it could help me connect the dots. That's all." He shrugs a bit, biting his lip. Looking at Vincent, he blinks. "Defense System? I didn't have any trouble with anything." After all, there were no alerts or anything. He was recognized…

Kenta shrugs. "I don't know, and id didn't trigger any alarms?" Somethings not right to Kenta. He blinks as Ben reveals the star shapped tattoo, as he didn't even know it was there. "Woah, and who is this who knew about it? Did he give you a name?" Kenta asks looking between Brian and Vincent. "Well this is a haven for a lot of us, mutants that is. How about we look to talk to Scott, I don't know about tonight if he's around but maybe tomorrow? You can crash at my place if you like and come with me back here i the morning?"

Vincent takes a step back once Ben reveals the tattoo. Not from shock, but because he did make it through the security, and that fact alone, throws up many red flags in Vincent's head. Vince keeps his eyes sharply on Ben, not sure what to do or even think in this situation.

Brian looks up. "I saw him earlier today. So he's most likely here, but you know, he's always doing something." He adds. "As long as he's okay, there's always answers to questions here."

His name was Julio. He knew the names of my friends, but… Not the same." Ben says with a bit of a sigh. "I just really… The dreams have been worse." Kenta has heard of them. "In one, I was over there" he points to the Dorm. "Only it was a practice field. Terry was watching me. She was drunk as usual." Odd memories. But they're real to him. All of him.

Kenta nods slowly listening to Ben. "Julio and Terry, neither of those names sound familar. I don't know of anyone here by those names." He looks to Vincent and Brian with a look of confusion. "Do you guys know either of those names? And Brian, you're the tech guy, can the security here just….let people in?" He's trying to get a few things straight. "I think Xavier's has to have some connection to you but I don't know what, I mean you remember stuff about here and for some reason you didn't sound off any alarms.

Vincent just shakes his head and beneath the sleeve of his duster, flexes his lower arms, keeping himself in high alert mode.

"Umm, well, as far as I know, the security system works off of DNA. So the computer recognizes you like that, but anyone can come in with authorization if they are visiting the mansion. So, in his case, the computer recognizes him…for some reason." Brian says, he could go into it deeper, but he doesn't think anyone else wants to hear the big schpiel.

"I don't really know. That's all I can think of." Ben says with a bit of a shrug. "I wish I could figure out more." He sighs softly. "If it recognizes DNA… do you have access to see who it reads me as?" He asks, looking to Brian.

Kenta puts up his arms with confusion. "I really don't know, Brian, do you?" Brian's the techie, not him. "How about I go look to see if I can find Scott or someone, that way we can see what we can find out? If not, we'll figure out something." Kenta really doesn't know.

If the two that stay here don't know what's going on, why the hell would Vincent. Vince remains silent and shrugs again. He very much would like to walk away, but turning his back seems like a bad idea right now.

"Me? I can't. But if someone can grab Scott, he can." Brian says, looking to Kenta and Ben. "I know a load of stuff about the tech here, but that's where my knowledge ends. I can't even access stuff that high-clearance."

"It was worth a shot. I'm… These dreams are driving me crazy. And they've led me here." He leaves it at that before blinking. "Oh, crap. I've been rude. Sorry, I'm Ben. Ben Starr." He explains to Vincent and Brian. He extends a hand. Three fingers, one thumb.

"I'm gonna go find Scott, if I can't, I have a room here. I'll call my folks and tell them I'm not coming home tonight so they can watch Armande." Kenta will take full responsiblity for Ben since he is friends with him and hopes that they can find an answer. "I'll be back!" He says taking off towards to the school to see who he can find.

Vincent takes a step back like he's going to follow Kenta, but actually he will up until they're out of sight, Vincent's getting a bad vibe. And yes, he's such a great friend, he's willing to let Brian talk with their new aquaintence all by himself.

"Brian Carerra." Brian quips as he is introduced. He notices the missing finger as he shakes a hand. Before opening up a pack of cigarettes and lighting one up, offering one to Ben. "Well, all we can do now is wait for Kenta." He says.

"I suppose." Ben says, reaching up to scratch the back of his head. "Sorry if I interrupted something. I was just following my instincts. You know?" He says, now feeling quite out of place with Kenta gone.

Brian shrugs. "All I did was just show up, nothing really interrupted." Brian says, the situation really not a problem. He lights up the cancer stick and takes a drag.

"Those things'll kill ya." Ben says, looking around. "Yeah, I just… I dunno. It's all so confusing. I laid it all out on Kenta before. I don't need to lay it out on someone else." He shrugs.

"Suit yourself, man." Brian says, taking another drag on the cig.

"So, mutant haven, he said? School?" Ben offers, thinking. "Well, at least I DO fit in with that part." He says with a nod. Looking at the other guy.

"Yeah, mutants come here and they can be safe. And learn how to control their powers." Brian says, there must be something wrong with the security system if Ben could not know what this place is and not set off any alarms.

"That's definitely a good thing. If I had had that when I was younger, I wouldn't have been in gymnastics with the others. But then, Sam woulda kept pushing me to do it." He chuckles. "But only because Coach Nathan kept pressuring HIM." Ben explains. "I mean, I still think my gymnastics thing is part of my mutation, but hey." Yep. He's rambling.

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