2010-02-04: Sushi and a Movie


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Summary: Dallas and Wyatt hang out again. Things progress.

Date: February 04, 2010

Sushi and a Movie

Rating: R (Major romantic snogging at the end. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.)

Wyatt's Apartment

Managing to find a few hours he can spend away from school isn't that easy, but Dallas manages. He travels into the city by mass transit and after calling, drops in on Wyatt. He's dressed in jeans, a polo shirt and sneakers under his old school letter jacket. And he's wearing that mainly because he suspects it might amuse Wyatt, given the circumstances when they first met. Outside the door, he steels himself and runs a hand through his hair, muttering, "Ok, this time, keep it cool. Relaxed." With that, he knocks.

This time, Wyatt's wearing something that actually matches. He had someone from work pick it out for him. A woman with some kind of sense. It's a light green shade, close to that of his eyes, along with a pair of black jeans. It's all brand new. Even sneakers on his feet. Black leather ones. He's nervous, of course. But, that doesn't stop him from opening the door with a grin. "Hi." He says, slightly bashfully.

Dallas stops when he sees Wyatt and he forgets to breathe for a second, just looking. And then he smiles and takes a breath. "Hey. You look … good." He doesn't say more than that, just watching Wyatt for a moment and apparently forgetting that he's standing in the hall.

"I asked a co-worker for help." Wyatt explains with a half-smile. "Come in. Please." He says, biting his lip. "I told her I have no skill at matching anything or what looks good on me. She asked why I was worried. I told her I… kinda had a date. I know, it's a stretch, but…" He says, blushing a bit at the line of his cheekbones. "I wanted to look good for someone that would appreciate it."

With a low laugh, Dallas shakes his head. "I don't think it's a stretch. But I'm not exactly an expert. I /think/ we have to go out for it to be a date. But I'd rather be here." He's in the process of brushing past Wyatt to enter and he stops, looking up at the taller young man, expression a bit goofy, with that smile and those wide eyes, standing almost close enough to brush against the young doctor. "With you." The clarification seems important.

Closing the door as Dallas makes his way in, he nods softly, hearing the clarification. He takes only a moment to think about it. Before his brain gets the better of him, he reaches out and puts his hands on Dallas's shoulders, pulling him close enough that he can plant a tender, hesitant kiss on the other boy's lips. Afterwards, he'll give a soft whisper. "I've been waiting to do that again." His heart is beating a mile a minute. "Sorry… I just…" He stammers.

Dallas is rather happy to be kissed, apparently. His hands go out to rest on Wyatt's hips, he tilts his face up and returns the kiss after a moment, keeping it soft and light. When their lips part, he makes a noise that might be something like, "Mmm!" Satisfaction and pleasure and anticipation all at once. His own heartbeat is just as fast as he says, "Ah, don't. Say you're sorry for that, that is. Because I'm not." He laughs quietly and points out, "And it's not like I can say anything to /you/ about making the first move."

Nodding softly, Wyatt says, "I won't. Apologize." He explains with a grin. "Goodness, I've been on hyperdrive with my studying. I think I got something that'll work for my friend with the skin condition." He says, happy about that. "I have to call him soon and let him know to come down. And if it works, I can make it regularly for him."

Dallas laughs and says, "Yea, I think I know who it is now. Technically, he's supposed to be here with me. He's part of the reason I have so much detention right now. But I wanted to see /you/. I don't care if he has to wait an extra day or two to see himself again." He still has that light hold on Wyatt's hips, standing there in the foyer. Which is fine with him. It's cozy. He fights the urge to hug Wyatt just because he can and adds, "But… yea. What do you want to do with the evening? I have to be back to the school by eleven and the bus and train trip takes about two hours but still, that gives us some time."

"We can cut it shorter. You can put on your shadow, and I can take a double speed dose." Wyatt says, almost immediately. "Anything you want to do." He says with a nod. "As long as I have you here, I'm… I feel normal. I don't feel like an outcast." He says softly, letting his hands slide down Dallas's side softly. "You know?"

The student tenses a bit as Wyatt's hands go roaming down his sides and he makes a 'snrk!' noise, trying to resist flinching and an involuntary laugh. Apparently, Dallas is ticklish. He says, "I get that. And you're not an outcast." He does hug Wyatt at that, actions speaking louder of words as he tries to show by proximity and intimacy what he probably doesn't have the vocabulary for. Wyatt isn't an outcast to /him/.

There's a shudder and a relaxation as Wyatt is held tightly. "Thank you." He whispers, just burying his face in the stronger teenager's neck. "I've always been different. I've always been looked at strangely. Until you came around. Now, even people at work say I seem like a normal young adult now." He says with a bit of a grin. He did notice the snrk, but doesn't say anything about it. Instead, he starts slowly moving, guiding them both towards the couch.

Dallas's eyes go wide as he feels Wyatt's breath on his neck and that nuzzling contact between them. He regretfully lets go long enough to follow along with the scientist. Well, not entirely. He takes his friend's hand as they cross the room. It's not something he'd do in front of anybody, perhaps, but it's just the two of them. "Well, maybe we both just needed somebody around who didn't see us as freaks. Or a project. Or somebody who needed to be fixed." He eyes the couch and his expression is a mixture of actual and feigned innocence as he says, "Looks comfy. So we're staying in?" He can't help but grin again at that.

"We can go out if you want. I'm good with anything you want to do. I just… I'm happy. Having you nearby." Wyatt says with a bashful grin. "You've made so many changes in my attitude." He laughs. "Normally, I'd be saying exactly where I want to go, what time to get there, what I'll order before I even see the menu, and when it had better be on the table." He grins.

Dallas laughs at that. "Well, that has to make you popular with waitresses." He sits and gently tugs Wyatt down with him, refusing to let go now that he may /have/ somebody in his life. "We can order in. Watch a movie. That's fulfilling my part of the bargain, right?"

"Movies. Yes. We can get some of those." He does have a nice TV. And a video game system. He only has that because it's a good system. And, it has access to download movies! "Uhm, that sounds wonderful." Wyatt says, nodding quickly as he slides a hand onto Dallas's leg, sitting beside him. "Do… do you feel as crazy as I do?" He says with a chuckle.

Dallas blinks as Wyatt's hand rests there and he blushes faintly. "I…" His voice comes out as a bit of a squeak at that and he clears his throat, sounding more normal as he continues, "…I feel good. Which /is/ crazy. For me. But it doesn't make either of us crazy." He continues to study Wyatt's face for a long moment and that sudden, wide grin is back. "Movies. On TV. Dinner. via Internet." He pauses and adds, "No chick flicks, though. I don't want to ruin my manly image by tearing up."

There's a laugh from Wyatt. "I'm partial to intelligent comedies and parodies, but I'll let you pick the movie. If I call the food." He grins, winking. "You browse here, I'll go do the order." He pauses. "Is there anything you DON'T like, or are you open to stuff you may have never had?"

Dallas arches his eyebrows and his tone is as dry as bone as he says, "I'd think you'd know that I'm pretty …open to experimentation… Doc. You pick." He reaches for the remote and starts to look for the movies on demand channel. Intelligent comedies. Parodies. Ok… maybe … Adam Sandler? Or maybe something with British people. They seem smart. He tries to figure out what will appeal to Wyatt and that he wouldn't mind watching himself.

Grinning, Wyatt moves over to the computer to place an order for something. It takes him a little time, picking and choosing things from a long list and menu. He makes sure that Dallas can't quite see the screen from where he is. He grins. "Well, I didn't mean that way."

Deciding to err on the side of caution and pick something American, Dallas finishes the selection and puts it on pause to start loading while Wyatt orders. He slides off his shoes and lines them up neatly under the coffee table and then stretches out on Wyatt's couch, watching the other young man select and order with a thoughtful, careful expression, as though he's trying to memorize the lines of Wyatt's back and shoulders, outlined by light from the screen as he looks for dinner. His reply is still dry as he just says, "That's a shame." A little teasing in a way that's pretty daring for Dallas.

Wyatt finishes the order and keys in a credit card number, finishing the order. "Should be about a half hour." He blinks, clueless. "What's a shame?" He asks, sliding his own shoes off and moving to see how Dallas is stretched out. He can't help but look up and down the form. "You're amazingly attractive like that. All relaxed. Comfortable." He says, moving to sit down, lifting Dallas's feet to place them in his lap.

The young man grins and stretches his arms out over his head, knowing it will hike his shirt up to show off his stomach and accentuate the lean muscle of his body. It's a pose as lithe and shameless as a cat preening. And just as self-satisfied. Dallas looks down the length of his body towards Wyatt and says, "Well, I'm relaxed with you." He smiles as Wyatt rests Dallas's feet in his lap, feeling the body heat and the sudden, unexpected intimacy of soft hands on his skin. "Which is pretty weird."

Said hands slide over the feet gently, tugging socks away as he begins to give a light massage to each one. "I'm… glad. I really am. Why is it weird? Because you're not used to being around people like me, or… because of…" He blushes again, grinning softly. "The other day." His touch is firm on the foot as he rubs.

Making a pleased sound as Wyatt pulls off his socks, Dallas gasps lightly and tries not to laugh at the sensation of that massage. After his initial bout of ticklishness, the sensation is wonderful. He melts a little, relaxing and sighing happily. "I'm not used to being relaxed. And I'm relaxed because you're … you. You're not from the school, you're not competing with me or waiting to join the gossip clubs or trying to push me." He closes his eyes, basking in the feeling of Wyatt's hands on bare skin. "And the other day was /awesome/."

"Why would I push you? And gossip? That's just plain stupid. I hate people who talk about things they don't know. Gossip is just that. Second and third-hand knowledge." Wyatt says with a nod as he switches feet. "The fight or the… uhm… whatever you want to call it." He says, bashful suddenly again, letting one hand slide up onto the calf gently.

"Because people like to talk out of turn." Dallas shrugs at that. He lifts his head as Wyatt's hand slides up, eyes wide and watchful and his expression very serious. He swallows and says, "You could, um, stretch out with me. We'd both fit if we were on our sides. Or…." He doesn't finish that one, as 'on top of one another' is both too close to what he wants to happen and perhaps too fast for either of them. Then again, they did get a running start, so to speak.

"If we do that, I'll need to be behind you. Since we've got a movie to watch." Wyatt grins, sliding his own socks off of his feet. "Silly. Getting all dressed up when you just want to…" He pauses, stops himself. He coughs. "Take off your shoes." He finishes smoothly as he nods before moving to stretch out, but behind Dallas. Height, after all.

The young man answers that grin with one of his own. "Yea. Me too." He doesn't mind admitting it at all. Not with Wyatt. And he slides over onto his side as the taller boy finds his place. As they settle, Dallas clicks the remote and starts the movie and then, oh so slowly and casually, he scoots back a bit until his body is lightly pressed against Wyatt's, each point of connection feeling like a little spark of heat and electricity to him. His expression is a study in false casualness. "Yea, that's, um, good."

After Dallas snuggles in, Wyatt takes a few moments before he bites his lip. He slides one arm out, slowly letting it come to rest across Dallas's stomach. He ponders for just a few moments before he casually lifts the edge of the shirt to slide his hand under, placing it on the taught stomach, giving just a soft back and forth movement with his thumb. There's a little pleased noise from him as he nods. "It is."

Arching his back slightly and pressing against Wyatt in an entirely interesting way, Dallas's breathing gets a little deeper at that feel of Wyatt's arm around him and the hand against his stomach. His heart is beating quickly and his grin is so wide that it would probably strike a casual onlooker as slightly drugged or demented. He doesn't say anything, content to be very, very happy at where he is and who he's with. And the movie? Later he won't be able to remember anything. It's the last thing on his mind.

Movie? What movie. Wyatt's really not paying any attention to whether it's playing or not. He's just very comfortable. His breathing is soft, trying his hardest not to be too annoying to the figure against him. After all, that would be the worst thing he could do. He's so quiet that even with an enhanced hearing ampule, he'd be hardpressed to hear himself.

After several moments of that, Dallas can't resist. He levers himself over, scooting and turning and squirming in Wyatt's loose grasp until he's facing the young scientist. Or at least his chest, given their positions. He tilts back his head and plants a soft kiss on the underside of Wyatt's jaw as his own hands explore a little, tracing Wyatt's chest and flank from hip to shoulder with a slow, deliberate care, again as though trying to memorize his body. He doesn't seem to feel the need to speak.

Nor does Wyatt, honestly speaking. He's enjoying the moment. Taking his time. Rather than being in a rush. If Dallas runs his hand over Wyatt's arms, he'll find a place that… doesn't feel quite right. Right as he's about to lean in and place a kiss on Dallas's nose, there's a loud, pounding knock on the door. Wyatt startles suddenly.

Sighing heavily, Dallas lifts up on one hand to turn his head and give the door a glare that would be lethal to it and anything behind it, were he just a telekinetic. And at the moment, he wishes he were. He sighs and stands up, blinks, blushes and sits back down quickly, giving Wyatt room to get past. "Ah, dinner. I guess." On one hand, major interruption. On the other hand, food!

"Ohyeah…" Wyatt says, blushing as he gets up to cross the room. He opens the door. Behind it is a large tray of… something. He takes the tray and grins, "Thanks." He signs the card paper and adds a healthy tip. He knows they live off those. He brings the large tray to the coffee table in front of the couch. Sushi. Lots of sushi. All different types. And chopsticks, soy sauce… everything necessary. He grins.

Dallas blinks, recognizing sushi from TV but never actually having tried it before. He shakes his head and grins at Wyatt. "You're going to feed me raw fish? Is this another experiment?" His tone is light and joking as he says it. And then, "Ah, I don't know how to use chopsticks, either." He shrugs and says, "Well, you can teach me both at the same time, I guess."

"It's not all raw." Wyatt laughs softly. "Some is cooked. And it's completely safe. Every piece of fish is tested before it's shipped and it's kept under strictly regulated controls." He says, winking as he settles himself on the floor. He takes his chopsticks and places one in the crook of his thumb. "First one like that." He explains, before holding the next like a pencil, almost. "Keep the tips close. Then just work it back and forth. This one never moves."

Imitating Wyatt, Dallas settles onto the floor and watches the demonstration, trying to emulate it with his own set. "Like trying to eat with a catcher's mitt on." He's laughing quietly as he says it. "If I end up with more food on your carpet than in my belly, you'll have to blame yourself." The thought of it being socially embarrassing doesn't bother him. It's Wyatt. Dallas does blink as that thought sinks in, pretty sure he should be /more/ self-conscious with a potential … he pauses and asks, "Ah, Wyatt? Are we, you know, dating now?"

"I'm not worried. I make more than enough to afford to clean up my carpet." Wyatt grins. He points out the different sushis. "Spicy Tuna. Tomago… that's egg. Shrimp Tempura. Volcano. Tekka Maki. Tori Maki. Philly roll… salmon and cream cheese. The generally accepted rule is this. On the ones with fish on top, you dip the FISH in the soy sauce. Not the rice. Just one swipe. Don't soak it." He grins. "The ginger is for palate cleansing between different fish. Wasabi for spice." He says, gripping an ebi nigiri and sliding the shrimp through the soy before blinking. "I don't know. I'd… I'd like that. What would we… what would it be called? I mean… if I were to refer to you or something?" He's lost and out of his depth there.

Dallas makes a predictably disastrous first try with his chop sticks and grunts but just goes back to working at it. He has good hand/eye coordination and is stubborn, so he makes progress as he considers the question and says, "Ah, boyfriend, if you're normal. Significant other if you don't want people to think you have a boyfriend, but they will anyway." A thoughtful pause, "Love muppet was kind of popular, in a snickering kind of way, at my school. Not thrilled with that one." He finally navigates through the dunk and go maneuver and tries a bite, his dubious expression giving way to surprise and then a kind of mild pleasure. "Not bad. Doesn't taste raw. Or too weird." He looks over to Wyatt and says, thoughtfully, "We've only spent time together three times. And one was fighting monsters. The other was, um, accidental. But… if they count for dates, then I think we're dating."

"I… I think it matters what WE think it is." Wyatt says, thoughtfully as he nods. "I'd like that." He grins, watching Dallas try. "Use it like a pencil." He whispers, reaching down with his own and expertly picking up a kappa maki piece. Just cucumber. He lifts it up and offers it over the tray to Dallas with a grin. "Boyfriend? Ok. That sounds the most sensible."

Grinning, Wyatt nabs a bit for himself. "It's really quite tasty. And everyone has their own favorites. Me, I can't STAND ama ebi. Sweet shrimp. The shrimp… is raw. And they serve it with the heads deep fried and eyeballs peeking out and ew." He wrinkles his nose. He's a scientist. He's not supposed to be squeamish. He scoots around the table now, to sit beside Dallas, keeping his chopsticks in his right hand. his left moves around to slide to the other side of his… boyfriend?

Dallas makes a face. "I'm not eating anything's eyes. Not even for you." He smiles as Wyatt gets closer and that arm goes around. He scoots a little closer to his table mate, dinner not all that important, even if it is new and tasty. He laughs a little at some thought and then shares, "Robyn's going to either sculpt naked statues of us in joy or throw things at me when I tell him that we're definitely, ah, together. He says 'hi' and 'thanks again', by the way."

"How can he sculpt accurate naked sculptures of us if he hasn't seen us naked?" Wyatt asks, tilting his head. "Though, that would be an interesting centerpiece." He says, motioning a hand to the middle of the table. "Right there." He says with a nod, teasing. "Tell him, thank you. I'd never have gotten my parents out on my own."

Dallas laughs at the idea of the centerpiece. "I will. And he's seen /me/ naked. Communal showers in the locker rooms." He pauses and grins broadly, "You, he'll have to guess at." He blinks and then amends, "And he better not." There is just a hint of possessiveness on that one. Well, this is his first relationship on the first night it's recognized as such. He can probably be forgiven for being a bit greedy.

The hand on Dallas's side moves slowly up and down as Wyatt continues to munch on his sushi. He's just enjoying the closeness and the good food. What could be better? He can't help but chuckle a little bit at the possessiveness. "Maybe you should take showers alone there, now." He grins, giving a little playful growl before he catches himself and looks down demurely.

Dallas wriggles a little and he snickers before settling down. That line about showering alone gets a sideways glance, self-satisfied and oddly thoughtful. It's the first time he's had anyone 'stake a claim' so to speak and he finds he rather likes the idea. Wyatt gets another light kiss on the neck and then the line of his jaw. "If you'd like." Not even an argument about it being illogical. It is, a bit. But it's also a tiny price to pay if it makes Wyatt a bit more comfortable or happy. And then a grin and an entirely bland, "There." Oh, look, another piece of sushi. He works on getting it to his mouth while leaving Wyatt to digest or miss /that/ conversational land mine.

Wyatt nods thoughtfully before his eyes widen suddenly. He did catch it. Apparently. He doesn't know how to properly respond to that one. So, instead, he just leans in and nuzzles his nose into the nape of Dallas's neck. "We should see, sometime, about getting you a weekend pass away from the school." He says with a chuckle. "And not for anything bad. Just to spend time. Museums." He starts. "Of sports." He adds on, making an accomodation. "Just having someone there."

Dallas makes a pleased, "Mmm!" at that nuzzling and then sighs. "No weekend passes for a while. Maybe a couple of weeks. I … kind of got in some trouble. Detention. Chores. Nothing to worry about." He frowns, "Also, they might ask some questions. But maybe Robyn can help with that, a little." He grins suddenly, "And yes, I'll go to museums with you." Sports are a given. /Everybody/ goes to sports games, right? At the 'just having somebody there', he nods and swallows, not wanting Wyatt to see how very much he wants that, for fear of scaring him off. "Y…Yea. That sounds, um, really good."

"I'm prepared to answer any necessary questions." Wyatt says with a nod. "And since, I apparently know some people you do, I'm hoping some of them can vouch for me." Wyatt says with a nod. He looks over at Dallas and considers for a moment. He takes his chopstick hand and places the chopsticks on the table before using it to meet his other hand around Dallas.

Dallas grins at Wyatt and says, "You want to do this above board?" He sounds faintly incredulous at that. But, he's willing to go with it if Wyatt is, despite the time-honored teen tradition of keeping adults out of your personal life. He grins at the sudden full embrace and returns it, since he'd have to climb onto the scientist's lap to get any closer. He blinks, that mental image getting stored for later. His expression is curious, "What's up?" That considering look may have meant something.

"It's my first time sharing something like that with someone. I want to do it right." Wyatt explains. "And… well…" He grins sheepishly. "I'm an adult. And you're legal so close enough. It's not like they could say no, anyway." He grins, sliding a hand a little lower as he looks at the sushi. It's good, but this is better.

Dallas grins and says, simply, "Yea. It is." He sets his own chopsticks down and lifts up a bit so he can kiss Wyatt again, thoroughly and slowly, with no sense of hurry, though of course, that edge of urgency that is always in the back of his mind somewhere bleeding through just a bit to add enough passion that it doesn't seem academic or forced. He really is doing what he wants to be doing right here and now.

As the kiss begins, Wyatt gives a soft squeak of pleasure before he finally does something HE wants to. He moves forward. Even when he's right against Dallas, he continues moving forward, pressing him slowly, but incessantly to the ground. He doesn't move from Dallas's lips, though, unless the other boy pulls away on his own. He's trying to move until he's sitting on his knees, body pressed against Dallas's on the floor.

Dallas chuckles into the kiss as he is borne over backwards by Wyatt and he gives way, excited and curious and just generally having the kind of fun you only get from exploring something new and a little forbidden seeming. (Not that it actually is. It just feels that way.) He keeps the kiss going and even dares to make it a bit more invasive, with his tongue exploring softly and seeing how far Wyatt will let him take things. With their bodies this close together, he wonders if Wyatt can tell how fast his heart is beating and how much he's enjoying the moment.

Wyatt's mouth opens softly at the tongue, gingerly letting his own slide out to touch and tap against the other. He doesn't know if he's doing it right, but he's going to make up for his inexperience with fervor and trial. Wyatt's own heart is matching speed. His hands slide down, further, gripping tightly and spreading across Dallas's sides. Needily… almost hungrily.

Dallas makes a low noise in the back of his throat at that response from Wyatt and the feel of his …boyfriend… yea, pretty much certainly, at this point … holding onto him that way. His own hands slide up and down Wyatt's back and then Dallas slips them into under the black denim, letting his fingertips slide between Wyatt's skin and the material of the jeans. He pulls back from the kiss for a moment to study Wyatt's face for a moment and then goes back to that kiss, this time not holding back and letting Wyatt feel his need and urgency as well.

When the hand dips lower, Wyatt gasps softly, still not used to anyone else's hands touching there. He gives a light pleased groan as he goes back to the kiss. His own hands move to slide up under Dallas's shirt, where one hand was before. He moves up, pressing his hands firmly over the tight chest, feeling everything he can.

Dallas arches up under Wyatt as he finds a sensitive spot. Apparently he's a bit sensitive in a lot of ways. Nothing that getting used to being touched won't cure. Probably. Still, that noise he makes, half gasp and half moan? There is no mistaking that for anything other than erotic pleasure. And Wyatt's the only one who has ever provoked that sound from Dallas. His hands go around the sides of Wyatt's jeans, sliding over the skin and then between the two young men as his outstretched, questing fingers trace over hips and towards front.

After seeing the reaction, it's a good thing Wyatt hasn't taken a strength ampule. Otherwise, Dallas's shirt would be trashed. Not that Wyatt cares. He'd buy him new clothes later. He presses down slightly as the touch goes to that area on his abdomen, arching his hips downwards. He only knows it feels good. "Dallas…" He whispers.

Dallas groans as Wyatt suddenly is pressing against him. His hands still, thumbs still as he realizes that with just a couple of tugs and a twist, he could have Wyatt's own jeans unbuttoned. He swallows and looks into Wyatt's eyes at the whisper. He swallows and then swallows again, before he speaks. "If we keep going… I'm not going to make curfew. But I'm pretty sure I could sneak in without getting caught. After the night patrols stop." Which means spending the night with Wyatt. And given the position they are in, literally…. His own interest and willingness to take the risk is evident but he's not going to pressure his new (and first) boyfriend.

Wyatt blinks and considers the situation. He shakes his head. "No… we'd better stop then." He says, sliding down Dallas's body to place a soft kiss on his stomach, just above the pants. "I don't want to risk not having time with you." He says with a sigh. "I want to have you come back. And spend time. I don't want you to get more detentions." He says with a nod, sliding down and rising up to stand. He offers a hand down to Dallas.

Dallas sighs with deep regret and frustration. That slide is tantalizing enough. The kiss? He has to fight from jumping at that. Dallas suspects that Trey will be complaining about a lack of hot water in the morning, given how long a shower /this/ is probably going to require. He just clears his throat and says, a bit roughly, "Yea. You're right." Taking the hand, Dallas stands and catches Wyatt about the waist, going for one more kiss, deep and just short of savage, channeling some of that frustration. When it's over, he can't help but laugh a little and shake his head, blowing out his breath in a gust. "Wow." He rests his head on Wyatt's chest for a moment and then steps back, if the other young man lets him go.

Wyatt will allow it. For now. "Come back to me." Wyatt says with a grin , still reeling from the kiss. "And try to stay out of trouble. Promise?" He asks, biting his lip and pulling a key off of the ring at his hip. Hey, if he's dating someone, they need to be able to get in when they want. It's not like he has anything to hide.

Dallas grins with pleasure and surprise at the idea of getting a key to Wyatt's place. He nods and says, "If it gets me back here sooner? I'll be an angel." He can't help but add, with a trace of humor in his voice, "Of one kind of another." And then a deep sigh. "Aaaand I need to go. Which sucks."

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