2010-11-17: Sweet Tooth


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Summary: Chloe indulges in far too many sweets for her own good.

Date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010. 6:54pm

Log Title: Sweet Tooth

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Having been gone for a whole month when you live at six times normal speed is a very long time. Enough that you start forgetting all the little comforts that the modern world can provide. Which is why Chloe has taking time to remind herself of all the best bits. Cake, chocolate, truffles, icecream and pretty much every other sugary thing you can imagine. In volumes so great that it could well make every dentist within a ten mile radius weep. All of which explains why the speedster is currently sprawled on the floor clutching her stomach feeling sorry for herself….

The speedster's teammate didn't have the same experience. He instead was worried about the girl, not to mention the rest of those who disappeared from the school for a month. All the same, he gets hungry. As Theo steps through the door, he doesn't initially have sight on Chloe, but he does on all the goodies sitting around the kitchen. He found the dirty plate from the chocolate cake, and bowl from the ice cream. He knits his brow. "Who had a party in here?" he asks himself aloud, taking the dishes over to the sink. As he rounds the island, he spots Chloe on the ground. Cleanliness forgotten, Theo tosses the dishes into the sink, and drops to Chloe's side.
"Chloe!" he exclaims. "Are you okay? Do you need an ambulance?" His hand moves to check her forehead. "Can you breathe all right? What's wrong?" Such is the tone that might be expected when you find a girl sprawled on the floor. Especially when she's been missing for the last five weeks.

"I lost a fight with my lunch," Chloe murmurs, swatting lazily at Theo. Her hand barely moving twice as fast as a normal person could manage. "But I might have broken a world cake eating record in the process though. I just need a little rest so my snack can settle, then I'll tidy up and have some more of the truffles as a reward. Before sharing whatever is left with the rest of the girls dorm."

Theo arches his brow. "Wait, you mean you ate all of that up there? No wonder you're sick," he says as the worried look fades to an amused grin. "You scared the hell out of me, I thought you brought back some crazy virus or something from that demon place." He leans back against the cabinet, not getting back to his feet. "You want some help getting to one of the rec room couches? I'm sure they'd be more comfortable than the hard kitchen floor."

Chloe makes a meh sound and waves her hand. "I'm fine here. I'd got pretty used to sleeping rough during my time in lameworld," she replies. "And if there was anything like a disease in that place you'd have already all caught it from crazygirl. No the only thing /I/ caught in that place was a reason to feel guilty every time I watch Bambi."

Theo settles down, and rests his forearms on his knees as he sits next to the blonde. "Bambi?" he echoes. "I got the impression that place wasn't anything like Bambi. I'm just really glad that you're back safe." He takes a deep breath. "So nothing happened to make you weird whlie you were there?" he asks. "Unless you'd rather not talk about it," comes the almost immediate ammendment.
"You know there is the scene where the hunters kill Bambi's mother?" Chloe asks, rolling her eyes. "Actually lets just leave it at that. I don't wanna make myself sick thinking about it." She pauses and stretches out under the table, then adds "Me? I was fine. I learnt a whole lot more about digging up graves than I ever wanted to know plus I totally killed a zombie and injured a tentacle monster. Maybe I should become a monster slayer after highschool is done."

A quiet laugh escapes Theo's throat. "You know, I can see you being that." He builds up with bravado. "The beautiful Etoile! Slayer of all foul beasts! Do you have a problem with giant squids in your toilet? She'll have the problem solved in half an hour or it's free! Just call 1-800-MONSTER."

Chloe pouts. "I'm not sure I'd take any monster slaying jobs that involve toilets or sewers," she says sullenly. "I would need a magic sword of some kind. Every monster slayer worth the name always has a magic sword. In that place knives worked okay and zombies die pretty well to axes, but for a career it /must/ be a sword. I tried teaching myself to fight with a pitchfork and a flaming torch but that just didn't feel right without an angry mob around."

"Well, I know what to get you for Christmas," the dark-haired teen answers. "Sorry I couldn't be there to help you. It doesn't sound like a place that anybody should have to live in for a month. I would have rather been on your end than ours, cause then I could have at least helped you out. Here I just sat around looking around the campus for something to give a clue what happened."

"Honestly? I bet you'd have felt even worse there," Chloe admits, carefully rolling onto her side. "Your power would have been pretty useless. You're probably not a great hunter and against the monsters you'd have been at risk of getting monsterified. I mean you're doing much better in the danger room now than at first, but you have to admit you're not really a brawler and unless it's a really hidden talent I'd bet you're not a woodsman either?"

"Hah!" Theo laughs. "Maybe I would've liked that place. I would've been able to think straight without a bunch of machines in my head. See, the Danger Room is my problem. It's not that I can't handle myself." he says. "And for your information, I happen to be excellent at wilderness survival," comes his response. "I may not be the best in a fist fight, but I made it a full week once with nothing but a pocket knife in the woods," he says proudly. "There's just not a whole lot of opportunity to use it around here. Just because I get straight A's doesn't mean I'm just some bookworm, y'know."

Chloe giggles. "Yeah but did you have to /find/ a knife in a haunted town and then hunt in a wood filled with all kinds of monsters?" she teases. "And I doubt you'd have liked it. Everything was so /boring/. No books, music or anything. I couldn't even keep my hand running for long because all the other electric stuff started failing or running out of power."

"Well, if you were there, so it wouldn't be all bad," Theo says with a grin. A little bolder than he usually dares, but the whole situation has affected him a bit as well. He stands back to his feet, turns the sink on, starting to fill it with some hot water for dishwashing. "Though, I'm glad that it turned out that you came back here rather than me having to go there. I bet you're right about it being lame. I've never had a desire to be stuck in Left 4 Dead."

"Is that like a horror movie or something?" Chloe wonders, edging her way out from under the table. "It wasn't just lame it was beyond lame. The only remotely comfortable place we set up in got trashed because two monsters had a fight and the whole place fell down. Lucky for me I was already beginning my cunning plot to find the way out…. Which kind of fell down slightly as I was looking around the edges and not trying to look for riddles."

Theo begins to wash the dishes, even though he didn't make them. "It's one of those zombie video games," he answers. "You gotta tell me, though, were you scared? I mean, with monsters and zombies all over the place, was it really creepy?"

Chloe laughs as she climbs up into a chair. Evidently one of the perks of superspeed is the ability to recover from your own overindulgence faster. "It was pretty light on the zombies apart from Star and uhm Star. Long story and probably one you should get from her," she explains. "But honestly? Not really. I never came across anything which could outrun or outfight me. Just about the /only/ bit which had me worried was when the tentacle monster was drowning Mr Gilpatrick and the new teaching assitant guy was expecting me to throw knives into the water right by them. Knowing if I got it wrong I might kill a teacher who was /already/ being half drowned was a little stressful. But thanks to the wonders of concious control over my endorphins I got through it."

"Yeah," Theo says, "I guess if nothing can move fast enough to catch you, it makes things a little easier," he admits. He doesn't have that advantage himself. He grabs a sponge from the edge of the sink, and starts scrubbing the food off the plate. "He had you throw knives at it?" he echoes. "Did it work?"

"You haven't seen any adverts for a new music teacher have you?" Chloe says smugly. "I managed to damage a tentacle, not puncture any people and get weapons where they needed to be. All in all it went better than I expected. Until the thing tried destroy the dock from under me. That was a little iffy."

"I hope they give you P.E. credit," Theo jokes. It's a whole different situation when people can really die. In the Danger Room I think some of the students forget that when this stuff goes down for real, it's not fun and games anymore." He rinses off the dishes which he found, and grabs a towel from the drawer to dry them with.

Chloe nods. "The danger room is pointless," she agrees. "It's entirely fake. Nothing you do in it will ever match up with reality and it either makes people overconfident or doubt themselves."

Literally walking on air, a few inches off the ground, Xorn makes his way into the kitchen. He is dressed in simply in white Buddhist robes. His full metal mask covering his blackhole face, he enters the kitchen and stops and pauses as he looks at Chloe. The newest X-Man to return to the mansion, he bows to Chloe and then to Theo. A disembodied voice fills the room, "Welcome back, Ms. McMillan. I am Xorn."

"Not to mention the danger room gives me a headache. I've started taking advil before I go in there now. It saves me the trouble later." He dries the plate and bowl, and puts them back into their places in the cabinet. "Oh, it's you," he responds to Xorn. "Chloe, this is Xorn, his brain is a blackhole." He steals the revelation, and then adds aside to his teammate, "Just roll with it."

Chloe winces at how inaccurate such a concept would make every physics lesson she's likely to ever take. "Uhm hi? Nice to meet you," she offers, slowly (for her) beginning to concentrate various cakes and other snacks onto a single large plate. "Would it be rude to ask why you walk while you're floating? Is it for the exercise?"

Xorn shakes Chloe's hand and responds, "Not having a head, it is hard to relate to humanity, this give me a semblance of humanity." He would grin if his mask showed expression, "I sense some residual energy from the dimension you just arrived back from. I have heard it was quite the adventure. It pleases me that you all returned safe and sound." With that he lowers himself to the ground and looks to Theo, "Mr. Fegenbush, how are you today?"

"Good," Theo says. Suddenly, he drops the drying rag. "Oh, thanks, Xorn," he says, "You reminded me. Chloe, I actually did save a SHIELD agent while you were gone. So maybe I am worth something in a fight after all. And that bad guy had a gun." Something that wasn't anything he wanted to talk about the other day now seems to have moved to bragging rights.

Chloe eyes Theo. "Can't you stop guns working?" she wonders, scratching her head. "Because it totally doesn't count for half as much if he couldn't shoot you with it." Then glancing back at Xorn she blinks with deliberate slowness. "Wouldn't /not floating/ be a better way to stay in touch? Not that I object to floating in principle it just seems overly complicated fake walking when you could actually walk."

"Well it adds to my mystique. While I could simply walk, I make an entrance that stands out more. I cannot fly, so this is as close as I get to it." Xorn then loos between the two, "Oh my.*pause* and yes, Theo stopped the villain and helped out a SHIELD agent. He impressed an X-Man that day."

"No," Theo answers, "I can't stop guns from working. They are purely mechanical. I can only mess with mechanical things if they can be controlled through electronics. I just wailed on him with a lawn sign. It was all I could find handy." He pulls the plug on the drain, and the water can be heard as it makes its way down the pipes. "If you want to relate, why do you want an entrance that stands out more? I thought you were all buddhist and stuff."

Chloe hmms. "I wouldn't be shocked if you weren't somehow behind the agent needing saving," she teases playfully. "It'd be a very Theo thing to do. Very… uhm…" She snaps her fingers. "Machiavellian's the word. Anyway I should probably get all these snacks up to the girls dorm before I get my second wind and try consume my own bodyweight in chocolate." As if to make a point she vanishes a couple of little truffles.

"Ms. McMillan, I will be teaching some classes here and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind joining me and Ms. Fegenbush on a field trip of sorts. Before I take the majority of the students, I would first like to run it by a few students. It might be a nice break considering you just got back from that hell dimension." Xorn offers, "I have not worked out all the logistics, but I think you two would like it."

Theo doesn't seem to be amused at the tease, but doesn't argue against it. "Well, I'm glad you're back, Chloe," he says. "You give me something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving." He reaches over to snag one of the truffles himself. After all, he just did all of her dishes, and hadn't even eaten anything. "They say if you eat twenty-six pounds of chocolate it has the same effect as marijuana. But I think trying to get that much would be pushing it even for you." He considers his statement, and then joins it with "Don't really try it. You'll get even more sick."

Chloe mock yawns. "I hardly need that when I can crank my endorphins up," she points out. "And maybe. It depends on what kind of trip and what you'd be teaching during it. If it's woodland survival I'll probably scream and hide in my room. Can you maybe mail me the details? Because I'm long overdue a catnap followed by a breakfast of brownies layered between slabs of dark chocolate."

Nodding his head, "Very well, Ms. McMillan. Have a good night." He then looks to Theo and watches him eat the truffle, "Goodness, I miss eating." Xorn then looks around the kitchen, "I miss many food related things."

Theo bites down into the truffle. "Night Chloe, don't make yourself sick again. I'll see you tomorrow." He gives Xorn a look. "What kind of field trip?" he asks. He himself hadn't heard about a trip either. But if it means leaving the campus, he's for it.

"Cya," Chloe offers, scooping up the immense platter of food. "No doubt we're due some stupid danger room stuff now One Eye is back." And with that she speeds off as fast as her cake filled stomach will allow…

"Good night, Chloe." Xorn then turns to Theo once she is gone, "Well, what would you like the field trip to be, Theo?"

Theo finishes the truffle, chewing it slowly and trying to judge Xorn's question. "Huh?" he asks. "You're the one who said we were going on a field trip," he answers. "What are you trying to teach us? Pick something that has to do with whatever you're teaching."

"Well, I offered the trip to just the two of you since I can sense how you feel for young Ms. McMillan? It is clear as day from your body language to your emotional state in her presence." Xorn looks over the truffle and then back at Theo, "I can come up with something, but I figure you would want to pick a setting more enticing for you both."

The boy's face turns bright red. "What!?" he exclaims. "What am I? Some sort of lab rat to you?" He seems angry, nervous, and excited about the idea all at the same time, but anger seems to be prevailing. "You can't just set us up on some chaperoned date. She only knows I exist because we're on the same team. She's out of my league. She's waiting for some pretty boy superhero. Which isn't me."

"I sense a plethora of emotions coming from you, but the anger is sticking out like a lighthouse in a storm. There is no need to be angry. And I can tell you, you may not be out of her league. There is only one way to find out. Theo, one solution to your issues with stress and the constant thrust of technology in your head is a distraction. What other way to be distracted is there than by dating. And romance. While you are clearly inexperienced, consider this a test or an adventure." Xorn levitates again and sits in a lotus position.

"This isn't school, man, it's not just some test." the technopath objects. "She's a real person, and she has real feelings. I'm a real person, with real feelings. You can't just throw us together and see what happens like some lame reality show." He grabs the sponge, and starts frantically cleaning the inside of the sink, to make sure all of the chocolate cake makes its way to the garbage disposal.

"So you don't want to do this? I'm sorry I thought you liked her. Someone who liked her would do this. You are reacting this way out of fear. I will cancel the trip or ask another student to go in your place. Again, I thought you liked her." Xorn starts to turn his body to leave the kitchen.

"I do like her, which is why I won't do something that could end up hurting her," Theo answers dryly. "And don't bother with your pop psychology on me, you can walk out the door, I'm not going to stop you." He drops the sponge back in the sink.

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