Tabitha Jones, "Patches"
Tabitha Jones
[[Insert Image Here]]
Portrayed By Miranda Cosgrove
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 17th 1994
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Patches
Place of Birth Sandpoint, Idaho
Current Location Unknown
Occupation Barnes Student
Known Relatives Victor Jones (father), Jennifer Jones (mother, deceased), Richard Jones (uncle).
Significant Other None.
Identity Unknown
Known Abilities Power Mimicry and Sensory & Agility Enhancement
First Appearance Mission Impossible


Excerpt, Victor Jones; personal diary; 17/02/94

— born today! I'm so excited. I'm a father, of a beautiful little girl. Jenny is so happy, she's glowing. Won't look at me though, or anyone else. She only has eyes for our daughter. I think it's because she's got her eyes; they're so pretty. The doctor told me they might not stay blue, but it doesn't matter, they'll be beautiful no matter what color they turn into. I'm going to call the guys, they're going to have to go hunting without me tomorrow. I'm going to be taking my wife and daughter home.

We've already picked out a few names. What should we pick? I like Ripley, that's my first choice I think. Jessica is good too, or Katherine. With a K, damnit, I don't care what anyone else says. Jenny likes Tabitha the best though, I think she's got her heart set on that one. I suppose we can always give her a middle name, that way we both get —

Excerpt, Victor Jones; e-mail to [UNRECOVERABLE]; 16/02/95

— will be fine. Yes, look, it's fine. I was hoping to see Tabitha's first birthday, right? I mean shit, she's my kid, I want to see her grow up. You don't have a family, Richard, so I assume you don't really get the concept. But unfortunately, you're right. Work calls and I've gotta go. I'll pick you, Steven, and Moira up at the regular time. We'll be heaving up to Canada this time, but we've got our equipment already in place, so we don't need to worry about dragging it across the border, right? We'll just be three dudes and a chick out for a road trip, and that's all any —

Excerpt, Jennifer Jones; voice mail to [208]597-3285; 12/06/99

— up the phone, damnit! Victor! I know you're there, you said you weren't leaving on that camping trip for another hour. You can't take Tabby up there! You said you weren't going to, but Moira told me you are. What's going on, Victor? I don't like it when you tell me lies. Marriage is built on honesty. Victor, are you there? Pick up the phone God damnit. I don't know what the hell you're thinking, she's five years old! She can go and be a Spark next year, then a Brownie when she's seven if she really needs to get outdoors. There's bears up there in those woods! And if you take her shooting I swear to God Victor, I am —

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 16/06/99

— go out in the woods tunight, your in for a big SUPRISE!!!!!!!! Thats what Mr Patches says, and so dus Daddy! We went out in the woods and we got big surprises too. But we didn't see any bears except Mr Patches anyway. But it was fun!! We went camping and fishing and we went in some caves and it was so dark but Daddy and Uncle Rich brought flashlights, and we saw the stalagmighties and tighties and they were really neat! And then [UNDECIPHERABLE] fun fun!! Mommy was angry when we got home but I dunno why. They must have been really mad at each other because they yelled for a long time. But it was fun so I don't know what's wrong.

I didnt like it when Daddy and Uncle Richie shot the guns tho. It was so loud —

Excerpt, Victor Jones; personal diary; 02/08/99

— thing bit him. Couldn't believe it, it actually bit him. Steven will be okay though, he's just got to rest up and keep changing his dressings. Moira's the expert on that stuff, she said he'll be fine. At least we killed it. I got a new Colt Anaconda a few months ago; haven't had a chance to use it since Richard and I practiced with it out on the shooting range, when we went camping last June. Oh well, at least we got the damn thing; it won't be bothering anyone else ever again. …it actually bit him! Jesus. I mean I've heard of all sorts of things, but… damnit, whatever.

Jenny says that Tabitha lost Mr. Patches and won't stop crying about it. We're going to have to have a talk about this, she's five. She needs to lose the attachment to that damn teddy bear. She's worn all the fur off it anyway, Jenny keeps patching it up with bits of fabric. She babies our kid way too much, keeps going on about how she needs to be just a normal little girl. Though I guess it can't —

Excerpt, Jennifer Jones; personal diary, 03/08/99

— under the sofa. Really wish I'd looked there earlier! Oh well, at least we found Mr. Patches. She can take him with her to her friend Molly's house next weekend. She's going to a sleepover birthday party, and is going to watch cartoons and play games instead of going camping again. I wish Victor wouldn't go off camping so often. …Maybe I'm being too persnickety, she does enjoy the camping trips and I guess it's better she's out of doors than watching TV all the time. I just wish Victor and his brother wouldn't incorporate trips to the shooting range up there, it's not good for a little girl. But what am I to do? I tried sending her to piano lessons and she just couldn't make it stick, the teacher told us she didn't have the required mindset or some other dumb —

Transcript, Lisa Warrington; letter to Mr. & Mrs. Jones; 04/09/99

Mr. and Mrs. Jones,

My name is Lisa Warrington, and I am one of Tabitha's teachers this year at Sandpoint Elementary. I'm writing to you out of some concern about some of Tabitha's perceptions of her world. You see, on their first day back to school, we had all of our students in the first grade draw pictures of their family. Tabitha's picture was a bit strange; and when I asked her what the two men were doing, she said it was her father and her uncle shooting guns. I know it's not my place to pry, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, but I would just like to express some concern about the nature of her home environment. I hope she is getting the necessary care and nurturing that a child needs, and isn't being brought up around weapons. I hope you understand that I am writing purely out of concern for the girl, and hope we can clarify that everything is alright.

Sincerely, Lisa Warrington

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 30/04/01

— get to move up to Brownies soon! Can't wait. I'm going to get to do BIG GIRL STUFF finally. Being a Spark is so LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. Have to wear this stupid pink shirt and do little girl stuff all the time. Brownies get to do sleepover camping trips and stuff! And no boys! Just —

Excerpt, Jennifer Jones; personal diary; 28/07/03

— took her shooting again today. I really wish he wouldn't… but how can I say no? SHE likes it. Tabitha is such a sweetheart, but Victor's got her all enamored with firearms, especially since he got her that revolver for her birthday. What was he thinking? She's Nine, for Christ's sake. But what am I to do? She asked for it, when we asked her what she wanted for her birthday.

I guess I should just be glad she likes spending time with her father. At least she liked the My Little Ponies I got her last year, so she's not a total tom boy. Anyway. I know Victor is serious about the mutant problem and I don't want her to have to grow up being scared of mutants like we were. Are. Except for Victor, he knows what to do. And everyone who knows supports him on it too. He's a very strong person. I guess that's one reason why I married —

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 13/08/03

— fed up with My Little Ponies. I'm nine years old now, it's not like I'm a kid anymore! At least Daddy says I'm not a kid. Well, sometimes he does, sometimes he tells me I'm not a grownup yet. Well, fine, I don't want to be a grownup anyway. They have to pay taxes and Mommy always talks like that sucks major. But we went camping last week, which was lots of fun. Uncle Richard and Auntie Moira came, too, and we all went to the shooting range a couple times. We did some rock climbing as well, but I didn't go very high because I got scared.

I don't want to go back to school in a month. But at least I got the month anyway. Well… 28 days anyway. I guess February has 28 days so it's still a month, well, sort of, anyway. I want to go to the movies tonight… Mommy said maybe, if we don't go too late and I help with the dishes after dinner. I hate doing dishes but not going to the movies would suck, so I guess I'll help.

Actually, I won't throw out my ponies afterall. I still like them. At least I'm not Sarah from school, her brother ties knots in their tails and —

Excerpt, Jennifer Jones; personal diary; 22/09/03

— day today! And to top it all off, Tabby said she'd like to join the choir at school. I must say I was quite pleasantly surprised, it's a departure from all the things Vic keeps showing her. I know he loves her and wants to spend time with her, and I think… sometimes he wishes that she was a boy, perhaps. I don't think he consciously wishes that, but all men wants sons, and I know that. Still, I like to see her doing girl things. There's only so much tomboy that —

Recording, Richard Jones; voice message to Victor Jones; 02/02/04

Hey, Vic, it's me, [STATIC] alright? I've been trying to reach you. Moira says she spoke to you an hour after it happened. Listen, I know you wish you were in town right now, but trust me; we're all in the hospital. Everyone's pulling for [UNDECIPHERABLE] pull through. The bastard who hit her left his car and fucked off into the woods outside town though. But we'll get him. Steven's getting the gear together. Oh, wait, here's the doctor, hang on. [UNDECIPHERABLE CONVERSATION] Hey, Vic, listen brother. They said that [STATIC] brain injury, going to be a while before we know. Look, we'll keep our fingers crossed, and we're going to be here all night; at least until you get into town anyway. Then we'll go hunting. We've got enough of these creatures before, we'll get this one, too. It's [STATIC] mutant, no question about it. Oh, and don't worry about Tabby, she's with a sitter. Keep strong brother, I'll see you soon.

Excerpt, Constable Brian Rychek; official report re: discovery of body; 04/02/04

— found tied down, submerged in a creek. Looked like his killer tried to burn the body but it wouldn't catch fire, though that's just conjecture. There was a large bonfire that had been burned nearby. Cause of death definitely murder, the victim had at least twenty gunshot wounds to the chest. He was a known mutant though, so self-defense is certainly up for consideration as a motive for —

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; e-mail to [REMOVED]; 05/02/04

— said he was shot or something. I don't know. Daddy said he was a mutant, and that he hurt my Mommy because she was normal, and they don't like normal people. I don't know if I really get it. Why would he do that to my Mommy? Hitting her car like that? Daddy says she's doing much better and he's gone to the hospital to bring her back home now, but said he'll be making all the dinners and driving me to school for a while, because Mommy can't do those things right now. He said she might never do them again.

I hate mutants. I want them to —

Recording, Victor Jones; voice message to [509]842-9056; 09/03/04

Hi, this is Victor Jones; I'm the father of Tabitha Jones, I brought her to see you last week? I got your message, and everything will work out fine. Even though Spokane is in Washington it's much closer to Sandpoint than Boise or any of the big cities in Idaho. Having her there every weekend won't be a problem. Can she start next week? That would be great. I'll be looking forward to your call!

Recording, [OMITTED]; voice message to [208]597-3285; 15/09/04

Hello, this is [OMITTED] calling to speak with Mr. Jones, regarding your daughter Tabitha. She's being held for detention today because she started a fight with one of the other girls in her class. She said it was because the other girl had her hair died blue and she thought she was a mutant, and that you told her it was okay to hate mutants. Obviously she's mistaken, and we realize that you wouldn't have told her that, but we're going to have to speak to you to make sure that appropriate steps are being taken. We understand that her Mother was severely injured in a car accident several months ago and that a mutant was found to have been responsible, but violence at school is not acceptable. Please call me back as soon as possible at [OMITTED]. Thank you for your time, Mr. Jones.

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 16/09/04

— suspended! That's such bullshit. (Don't tell Daddy I wrote that.) Nobody likes Kathy anyway, and she looked like a mutant with her hair died like that. Two hours after class sucked major, I missed seeing Ninja Turtles. I hope there's a rerun, I want to see what happened to Bebop. Whatever! At least I got to try some of what Si-Fu was showing me. I hope Daddy doesn't tell him I used it to smack someone around though. Even though she DESERVED IT. She —

Transcript, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 19/11/04

Daddy took Mommy to the hospital today. He came back by himself.

He said Mommy died.

Excerpt, Victor Jones; personal diary; 24/11/04

— her with a sitter. She'll be fine over night. I'm just going up into BC with Richard, Steven, and Moira. We've got another job up there. I know Jenny's funeral was only the day before yesterday, but work is work. Anyway, it won't be too hard to pull off. Canadians are retards. And we've got good information this —

Excerpt, Victor Jones; e-mail to [REMOVED]; 22/01/06

— same old shit. Look, I know it's been two years Steven, but Tabitha just isn't over losing her Mother yet. I'm not either. How could either of us be? Anyway, I'm just trying to… I don't know. Encourage her to be a normal kid. A girl, I mean. I know I never used to, but Jenny always did that. I thought it was balanced, you know? With me she was Daddy's girl, right? Came out camping, fishing (she's never once caught anything mind you), shooting now and then… hell, I even took her for a round of golf once, but she said that was boring.

Anyway, could you modify those two Glock 17s like I was saying? She's just been more interested in shooting than she used to be over the last year. Anyway I want to give them to her for her birthday. I'll just tell her she can't actually keep them until she's older. They'll be just —

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 17/02/06

— I think Daddy's lost his marbles. At least a little bit. Not that I'm unhappy, mind you! I was just opening my birthday presents today, and like, he gave me a My Little Pony, a couple CDs, a movie that's a girl movie he's totally not going to watch with me cause I know he'll fall asleep, and like… two guns. What's up with that combination? I don't mind though, like I said, they're pretty cool guns and I like going shooting with him and Uncle Richard.

Oh, the My Little Pony is totally a collector item. I don't play with them anymore. I just collect them. Some of them are worth —

Excerpt, Victor Jones; personal diary; 02/05/07

— went out with Kathy Morrison again this afternoon. Who would've thought? That poor girl never was popular, and I had to work pretty hard to smooth things over with her parents after Tabbitha tried what she'd learned in a month of Kung Fu on her, which thankfully wasn't all that much. But now Tabitha seems to have adopted her or something, takes her everywhere. Poor girl's run of unpopularity seems to be coming to an end. I'm glad, actually, makes me very proud of Tabby.

I'm surprised she managed to stick it out this long with the Kung Fu though. Jenny always said she'd never last, because it's a boy thing. But whatever, I guess our girl is always going to be a tomboy.
Just as long as she never starts bringing frogs home. If she does I'm having her head examined. There are —

Excerpt, [OMITTED]; science fair memo; 03/04/08

— project by Tabitha Jones. Excellent display explaining how locks work; I was really surprised. Miss Jones has always done well in science classes but she's never been stellar; but this project won second place by the judges panel. Good show. I liked how she focused on the evolution of locks from their origins to some of the advanced version they use in high security today. I think everyone was expecting —

Excerpt, Richard Jones; e-mail to [UNRECOVERABLE]; 31/03/09

— today. Actually, apparently his little girl took it pretty well when he told her what he really does when he goes hunting. Bless her, my niece, she's such a darling and so understanding… and I guess what happened to her Mother, God rest her soul, probably meant it didn't seem all that off kilter to her. Just hope she understands that it means [DATA CORRUPTED] anyway, she said she wanted to come sometime. Vic told her maybe when she's older. She's a good —

Excerpt, Victor Jones; personal diary; 01/06/09

— bagged a deer with my Anaconda. Pretty heavy weapon for her, and she missed the first time so we had to track it down twice. Actually I'm not even sure the one we found the second time was the same one. But it doesn't matter! Tabby got it; pretty good shot, actually, though she didn't quite kill it. I had to do the coup de grace though, she got all… squeaky about it. I showed her how to butcher it properly when she calmed down, and collect the trophy.

And then we drove back home, I dealt with the meat, and she watched some movie. Not one I recognize but it was girly. It doesn't matter, I love hearing her laugh, and —

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 30/06/09

— with Kathy and Molly, and we watched movies. Molly picked The Secret of NIMH, we watched that first. I loved that movie when I was little, and it was pretty cool to watch it again. Mrs. Brisby was always the coolest cartoon hero, I thought. In the other cartoons it's always boys being the hero and the girls are always just fainting for them or something lame. Kathy picked Alien — typical! That scene where the… the thingy comes out of the guy's chest totally weirds me out. But hey, another woman who kicks boys asses. Just realized that! Anyway. I picked 13 going on 30. But we all fell asleep before it was over because it was four in the morning.

So we watched it again in the morning and totally made me late to meet Daddy, but oh well, we still got up to the campsite in time to set up. And he remembered to bring the Glocks, which was —

Recording, Fred DeWalt; voice message to [208]597-3285; 02/07/09

Hello! This is Fred DeWalt calling, I've got a message for Tabitha Jones. I've been quite impressed with you over the last few weeks, young lady; you came to job shadow me for school, and you've been back six times since then, asking me questions and asking me to show you things — and good questions, I might add. So, tell you what, I'll offer you a summer job as my assistant if you like. Think you can handle working four days a week for some extra spending money? I'll teach you all about locks. Who knows! Maybe you'll grow up to be a locksmith too. Let me know! You can reach me at [OMITTED].

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 14/05/10

— on a hunt! Finally! Daddy's taking me on a proper hunt. Or a job, as he says I should call them. He's been teaching me all kinds of stuff the last few months; he said he was going to wait until I was like eighteen or nineteen, but this one's supposed to be easy so it can't hurt. I guess we're going after a wimp that nobody likes. He says he really only gets to do like two, maybe three a year or something… but every little bit helps. It's not really a job, he doesn't always get paid for it, but that's okay. Either way it helps people out. Daddy says it's like getting rid of rabid animals, so they can't —

Excerpt, Victor Jones; personal diary; 20/05/10

— going to do? I can't handle this! My girl! It was supposed to be easy, Moira said this one was a weakling and she's never been wrong before. Tabby had to deal with that creature alone for just a few seconds when I tripped and tumbled down the hill… couldn't get back up there fast enough. It clawed her throat and chest up real bad. Had to let it go… shot into the woods after it but didn't go to check. Steven and Richard reached us fast. But… Jesus. I didn't know it could do what it did… it changed her to look like it. My baby girl looks… she looks like…

I hope Moira can find something to fix it. Oh God, please —

Recording, Moira Roshenko; voice message to [OMITTED]; 22/06/10

Steven. Hey, pick up, will you? I hope you're there. Or just listen. Look, I'm trying to build myself up a bit, I've got to phone Victor. I've got bad news for him… he's not going to like it. I've finished the DNA tests on Tabitha, trying to find something to help her. Only thing is… whatever this thing did to her, it caused her genes to activate… look, it made her a mutant. I don't know how… it might even have been in her already, just latent and waiting for something like this. Thing is, I don't think I can undo it. It's way beyond me, It took me a month just to figure that out. Might explain why she healed so fast, too… well, aside from the fact that she's miserable as sin. And who'd blame her? I'd probably pitch myself off a bridge if I woke up looking like that. …And for the love of God, don't tell Victor I said that. Or Tabitha.

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 01/09/10

— all the fucking mirrors in the house. Daddy didn't even shout when he got home, he just got the broom out and started clearing away all the glass. Didn't even say a word. Why didn't he say anything? Why didn't he look at me? Because I look like a science experiment gone wrong! I look like something out of that movie Kathy likes, the Island of Doctor Moron or whatever. I haven't been out of the house since it happened either. Daddy brought me home at night, Moira comes to see me sometimes to get blood samples or whatever she wants, and that's it. I haven't been to choir or kung fu practice or school or even in the back yard or anything. Daddy's been telling everyone I'm sick. Sick? That's accurate! How does anyone get any more sick than this? Sick is what that mutant did to me! Sick is [MOISTURE DAMAGE] not fair!

Who would have thought I'd ever actually beg to be allowed to go to school? But Daddy said no, so here I am at home still, watching TV with the blinds drawn and not allowed to answer the door or order a pizza or anything. But what am I going to do anyway? Go to school like nothing happened? Oh, hi everyone, don't mind me, I'm just wearing a really involved snowsuit and I don't want to take it off, don't mind the fur. Right, sure thing.

I hope Moira can [MOISTURE DAMAGE]. I want my face back. —

Recording, Richard Jones; voice message to [208]792-4424; 04/09/10

Hi, uhm… Victor. Brother. Called you on your cellphone instead of your house phone… this is important. I need you to come over to my place as soon as you can. We need to talk about Tabitha. Moira says she's figured out why we'll never be able to cure her.

Excerpt, Victor Jones; personal diary; 05/09/10

— don't believe it. I won't believe it. Moira's DNA tests can't be right. I'm normal. Jenny was normal. How could Tabby possibly be… it's just… no, she's made a mistake. We all make mistakes. It's easy enough to make. I'll have to apologize to Richard though, when he said what he did I think I broke his nose. He'll be okay though… he'll understand. I'll —

Excerpt, Moira Roshenko; e-mail to [CORRUPTED]; 08/09/10

— finally came to see the test results. I know half of it was gibberish to him anyway, but I did my best to explain it… showed him where the mutant DNA came from. Showed him what it looked like in her cells, and how it was active… and a rough idea of what she can do. She's an imitator; with no other mutants present, she might've gone her whole life not knowing. I wish she could have. I still don't know why her appearance changed, or… well, I have other questions, but they're not important now. I could hardly bear to see Vic when I finished explaining it to him. He cried, Steven. I've never seen him cry before. I —

Excerpt, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 14/11/10

— been really quiet lately. Daddy's been getting more and more distant. Since that mutant messed me up he's talked to me less and less. Now he doesn't even look at me unless I stand right in front of him. Sometimes I see him sitting on his bed… well, his and Mommy's, except… Mommy is kind of… sleeping somewhere else now. He keeps sitting there, playing with his Anaconda. I can hear it in my room when he spins the chamber. I gave up going in to check on him because he doesn't respond. I called Uncle Richard, and he just told me that Daddy has a hard decision to make.

I hope he isn't thinking of killing himself. Does he blame himself for what happened to me? I hope not, it's not his fault and I still love —

Transcript, Victor Jones; personal diary; 22/11/10

So here's what it's come to. How do I write this?

My baby girl is a mutant. The very thing that everyone's afraid of, that's quietly trying to wipe out the human race and take over. The thing my brother and our friends have been fighting for years. And I love my daughter with all my heart, of course. Especially since Jenny died… she's the only thing I have a heart left for. But… every night I look in her bedroom at… at what's sleeping in her bed, now, and I've come to realize that Richard is right. It's not her. Not any more. And if Moira is right about what she can do… well…

How does a man admit that he's lost his entire family? Both my wife and my daughter I've lost to mutants. After all I've done trying to make the world a safer place, I couldn't protect my own family.

However. Self pity doesn't excuse me from my responsibilities. A man must keep his house in order. The neighbors are going away on holiday in a couple of days, and won't be back. I'll do it when she's asleep.. she won't feel a thing then. It'll be humane. It'll be a mercy, really.

She can have the plot beside her Mother… I owe her that much.

Transcript, Tabitha Jones; personal diary; 23/11/10

Hi, Daddy. I know you're reading this, or at least, you're going to. I have a confession to make. I sneaked into your room while you were out and read your diary.

I did it because I thought you were depressed over what happened to me and blaming yourself. Well, looks like I was half right, anyway. What were you planning on doing? Blowing my head off with your anaconda? Thanks, Daddy, that's real fatherly of you. At least you were kind enough to make sure I wouldn't see it coming. Except that I do see it coming and I'm not planning on being here. I'm taking the ninja you gave me for my last birthday and leaving town — and I'm taking your wallet, too. Sorry, but I think you owe me some allowance for this one. I left you your credit cards since I know you'll just cancel them anyway.

Don't come after me. Please. I know you love me, and I love you too, but I don't want to see you ever again. I'm not going to tell you where I'm going, and I don't know how I'm going to live when I get there, but I'll manage — you taught me how to survive. I suppose you'd better start thinking about what you're going to tell people, about where I've gone.

Thanks for everything, Daddy. I'll always be your little girl. See you around; or not.




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Tabitha's base ability is to copy the abilities of other mutants. She is able to sense any mutant within twenty-five feet of herself, and can induce her body to adopt their abilities for her own use. (Note that so doing does not harm the other mutant in any way, nor prevent them from using her powers.) Only mutant powers can be copied; magical ability, physical modifications (such as cybernetics), and a person's skills or knowledge cannot be copied. Only the other mutant's raw abilities are taken. At present, she is able to copy the powers of two mutants (or two powers from a single mutant). She may copy one power at about 65% of its owner's strength, and the other at 25%. Once she copies a mutant's abilities she must retain them for a minimum of eighteen hours, and can keep them for up to fourteen days before they bleed off. Also, for mutants who's powers incorporate a physical change (such as Beast, or Nightcrawler) she will copy aspects of their physical form as long as it relates to the power she is copying.


Tabitha owns a jet black 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. The bike has a 4 cylinder, 4-stroke engine capable of 124 horsepower and a top speed of… Well, it goes really fast. She owns a set of biking leathers that she wears while riding.

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