2009-06-26: Taco Night


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Summary: Skyler hosts a taco night in honor of the return of everyone's powers.

Date: July 25, 2009

Taco Night

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Dining Hall

In a school for children the dining room is decorated to be practical instead of elegant. The walls are a pleasant tan color. Two large windows line the walls looking out to the school grounds. A large table for at least forty people sits in the center of the room. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling to light up the room. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the kitchen so food can be passed back and fourth.

It's been a day or so since everybody's gotten their powers back, so the mood around the mansion is lighter and more festive than it normally is. Picking up on this, Skyler has arranged a kind of celibratory dinner for everybody who cares to come. The dinner, itself, isn't much, consisting of taco and burrito fixings spread out about the table so everybody can fix their own meal how they like it. Skyler, himself is still copying Logan, but it's clear that it isn't Wolverine. Mostly because he's clean shaven and his hair has been actually combed.

A burst of light heralds the arrival of Leo, returning to his normal cheerful self with gusto. "Thank GOODNESS that stupid darkforce is gone. I hate that. It made me feel so… emo." he says, wrinkling his nose as he pauses, smelling the food. Oooh, food is good! Food is always good to someone who eats like he does. His hair is back to white, and the sparkles around his body are back to firing and glittering.

Ebony walks into the dinning hall she got punished for this crime fighting so she going enjoy the party. she dress in her normal clothes with neatly brushed hair. When she gets in 30 feet of the room anything paper start to move on there own. They wave and fluter as if in a wind. She looks around and smiles at the other people there, "Hey everyone."

"Well if Ah knew ya'll hated mah powers so much…" comes from behind Leo as Owen Folger steps out of a cloud of DarkForce. He's got a tired smile on and is once more all fuzzy. Dressed normally for him, he's just teasing the Living Lighter. "Food smells good," he remarks, moving to lean against Leo for a moment.

Robin neither lost his powers, nor received different ones, but he isn't about to let that stop him from joining in on the celebrations. Behind him follows a blue spectral being of the same size and build as Robin. It floats through the air and keeps close to him. He adjusts his glasses a bit at seeing all the food and then waves his hand at Skyler, the only person he recognizes here so far.

July is back to being the flexi-lass! Wo0t! She comes into the living room, lured by the smell of yummy tacos. Or, rather, her head arrives first, followed by a long neck as she grins, "Oohh… food! I'm hungry after all that work!" The brunette says, before the rest of her arrives running, her neck retracting back until the body catches up with the head next to the table, "Yum…" she licks her lips, pondering what to devour first…

Nathaniel is here, sporting his favorite thin sunglasses and looking as generally surly as he tends to. He has his hands in his pocket, absentmindedly puffing his hair away from his forehead as he meanders further inside. He's primarily sticking near Leo at first, but when Owen steps out to lean against him, the renewed empath breaks away in order to find his own food. He isn't particularly bothered by the punishment, but he won't pass up free tacos.

Skyler gives a wave and a grin to everybody who shows up. "Hi, everybody. I made tacos. Feel free to dig in." He chuckles and shakes his head, "I thought I'd do something nice before this weekend when we're all made to work our butts off."

Planting a quick kiss on Owen's cheek, Leo laughs. "I like the powers in YOU. Not in me. I was all dark and moody. That's so not me." he says, before reaching out for the moving Nate. "Hey…" He says, tossing a wink and making sure Nate gets a bright grin.

Owen smiles, giving Leo a little hug after the kiss. He whispers something and then chuckles. "Ah…like mah powers in me too," he says after some hesitation. "Speak for yerself, Skyler. Some of us already had tah start the month-long cleanin' detail which all seems way too much for a bit of heroics," he says with a yawn. "Gonna have some words with whoever was stashin' candy bars under the cushions of that one couch in the main room…"

Robin idly plays with the ends of his long hair as he looks down at the table and then around at the other students. "I'm kind've glad that I'm too new to even know what that punishment's all about." He smiles a bit, but doesn't say anything more about it so that he doesn't seem like he's bragging or anything. He glances about, and then at the food, deciding this would be prime time to get some.

Nathaniel is mildly surprised by the hand, blinking back at Leo only to smile faintly and lean over, leaning down to give him a short, firm kiss before he tugs on Leo's beltloop and informs him, simply, "Tacos." Nate likes tacos. Ahem. He will move on in order to assemble the food stuff of choice, glancing back in Skyler's direction only to shrug slightly, "Gives us something to do, I guess…"

July reaches for one of the tacos, and, grateful that she got her powers back, opens her mouth a little bit wider than normal to get a big bite off that taco, mmm'ing with delight as she savors it, "Delicious!" She says after swallowing, giggling a bit, "They're awesome, Skyler!" The elastic girl says with a grin, "How's everyone feeling now? Aside from the chores, of course."

Skyler snickers at Owen, as he sits down. "Oh don't worry. I'm in enough trouble for impersonating an X-Man. And ruining one of Wolverine's suits." He starts to make his own soft taco using one of the flour tortillas that he's got spread out on the table. Turning to Robin he explains, "A bunch of us went after AIM to try to get more pieces of a device that would restore everybody's powers back to whom they belong." He shrugs as if that kind of thing is commonplace around here. "And we beat up a giant evil floating head."

"Some of us went twice. I'm still waiting for my OTHER punishment for sneaking on board WITH the X-Men." Leo snickers, whispering something to Owen and moving to join Nate in the line to get foods. He likes foods. "But then, that was my dark, broody self trying to make me prove myself." He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "Sorry about Deppressio-Me."

Ebony smiles and walks over to the table next to July and kisses her cheek, "hey stranger long time no see" She grin at her joke since she worked with her all day. It not a bad thing since she like her partner and glad they choose the two to team up. She start making her own plate. She then blinks, "tyhe X-men went back but why we got the device?"

"No worries, Leo. I'm just hoping you hold onto those pants," Nate teases the other boy lightly as he puts together a couple crunchy tacos, nudging him with his hip. He adds lettuce while he tosses his own voice back into the conversation, "I'm just in normal trouble. I didn't impersonate anyone but maybe the Grey King guy. I'll miss being able to toss people around with my brain. I had a lot of plans for that." He jerks his chin in Owen's direction, though, adding, with a shrug, "Cleaning's not that bad, right? Can't be any worse than fighting giant power stealing goo from Hell."

Robin stares at Skyler for a few second, "Ah. Oh. Okay. I, um, understand these things you described." He rubs at his obscured eye for a moment and continues getting his food ready. Once that's done, he sits down at the table. The blue spectral thing leans against the back of Robin's chair.

Owen grins and leans in for another whisper. Placing a quick kiss on Leo's cheek, he moves to get some food as well. "The giant head was Mr. Moe Dock," he says, getting it wrong. "It's not cleanin' so much as havin' tah do it for a month on top of a week stuck here and a weekend of work," he says with a shrug.

July smiles as Ebony kisses her cheek, and then she wipes her lips to return the kiss on Ebony's cheek, giggling softly, "I'll say, that guy must have the worst headaches ever!" she giggles, "I wonder how can he brush his own teeth? His arms are so tiny and frail!" she giggles again, before returning her attention to her delicious taco.

"No, the X-Men went first, and I snuck on board with them. There were more devices than just the two that WE got. They got two, and from what I understand from my roommate, others got some, too." Leo says with a shrug. He laughs to Nate. "If I do, I want to redye them. Well, bleach them out completely. Or just get a pair of white ones. Or blue."

Ebony has made a taco salad by crushing up some hard shells and taken all the stuff and putting it on her plate. She smiles as the kiss is returned. She takes a fork and takes bit of her food, "well I'm guessing one of those green guys do it for him." She reaches over and pokes July's arm just to see what will happen now her powers are back. What do you think his plan was why steal our powers?" nods, "oh I see."

Nathaniel glances between Leo and Owen before, in his ever subtle manner, he states, "If you two don't stop whispering like that, I'm going to tie you together by your hair." Satisfied with this threat, he lifts his plate over his head so he can cut through the other students and find somewhere to sit down. He drops himself into the first available one, propping his heel on the other just in case and only then does he realize his folly in forgetting a soda. Hrf. He decides to eat now, work out hydration later.

Owen shrugs. "Does it matter tah us? They're evil guys with bad clothes and a weird leader. Jus' what they do," he chimes. Nathan gets a frown from Owen. "Hey now, if ya'll are gonna be doin' any tyin' use rope like its mean' for," he says, getting a soda to go with his food. "Ah heard the Avengers got some pieces from the robots too. Dunno much else 'bout it," he remarks, heading over to sit near Nathaniel.

Skyler rolls his eyes at Leo and Owen. "Get a room, you two," he says echoing Nate's feelings. "Just not mine," he adds, when he realizes that the last thing he wants is to walk in on them.

Robin looks down at his plate for a few moments and up around the table to see how many other people have started eating. Having had some recent experience with homelessness, he decides to forgo any further politeness and just go straight to the eating part. Not that he's messy or anything while doing so. Just… thorough.

Sticking his tongue out at Skyler. "Please. You should see me and Nate. HE'S the guy I'm dating. Owen's just a friend." He snickers, plopping down on the seat beside Nate, carrying his own food and… how did he end up with two drinks? He has no clue. He leans his head against Nate for a moment before he starts eating as well.

Owen sticks his tongue out at Skyler too. "Hey, Ah end up naked enough from teleportin' that ya'll really shouldn' min' seein' mah fuzzy backside anymore," he says, joking around. "An' that's right. Leo's jus' a friend. Guy Ah'm datin' don' go tah this school," he says before digging into his food.

Skyler holds up his hands defensively. "Okay, okay. I was just poking fun at you. Geez." He shakes his head, digging into his food.

Nathaniel pushes out another chair for Owen, taking his foot off the one he saved for Leo as he pokes at his taco. He doesn't have much of a retort for Skyler, just tossing his hair away from his face again and reaching over to steal one of those extra drinks. After a little while, as he pops the soda open, he does say something, "I think that means next time is in Owen's room." He takes a drink, looking curiously to the shady teen, then folds his arm on the edge of the table, "The Avengers, huh? Where were they when we were getting our brains crunched?"

July watches as Ebony decides to poke her arm, and it yields like a normal arm, the brunette just giggling softly, "What were you expecting, Ebony?" she asks, smiling at her punishment partner.

"Would you prefer we're over there snuggling with you?" Leo teases Sky with a chuckle. He pokes a finger at Nate. "They fought some as well. We just beat them to this one." He shrugs, sliding a hand over to pop his own drink open. No caffeine in his. He has ENOUGH energy. Giving him caffeine is a bad bad thing to everyone else.

Owen shrugs. "Sorry, jus' pokin' fun back," he says to his currently Logan-ized roomie. He chuckles at Leo's suggestion and occupies himself with his food.

Ebony smiles and giggles some, "Well maybe like Jello or something." She takes July's hand and leads her over to a couple of seats near the boys and sits down. This first time she notice that they are the only girls in the room and smiles.

"You wish," Skyler retorts to Leo. "I know how you look at Mr. Logan when you don't think anybody's watching."

Nathaniel nods his head slightly in understanding, though he then shrugs slightly as he says, "They're Avengers. We're school kids. I bet they're not getting punished." He sticks out the tip of his tongue in annoyance, then glances over in Skyler's direction. He looks thoughtfully at the other teen for a few seconds before he looks at Leo, expression amused and eyebrow lifted curiously. Orly?

"Eeeew, no. He's too hairy." Leo says, shaking his head. "And gruff." He shivers slightly as he goes back to his food, looking at Nate and Owen with a shake of his head. He runs a hand through his hair and icks again. He turns to Nate. "He's kidding."

July chuckles softly, "Considering we went against something way out of our league…" she shrugs, smiling softly and relaxing on her seat to enjoy the rest of her taco. "I'm just glad it's over. Even if I have to clean and clean and clean now…"

Ebony nods and smiles, "We did well for it being so powerful sure few of use had head ach for the rest of the night. Well I found it fun and wouldn't mind doing it again become some kind of hero team we kick some butt. She leans against July's shoulder and takes a mouth full of taco salad

Owen shrugs. "Mr. Logan's a great teacher and fighter an' all…and really reminds me of how mah Uncle Ted used tah be but Ah don' thin' anyone here looks at him like that…" he trails off, popping his drink open. "Hey, we beat it so it wasn' too far outta our league. 'Sides, proper tactics and teamwork can overwhelm powerful opponents," he says, quoting from Corsairs training sessions.

Robin finishes eating with a clean plate. There really was no pause in the eating motion, just consume, consume, consume. Then breathe. He looks around the table and blinks a few times, trying to get himself reoriented in the conversations. While he wasn't really participating in any, he is keeping an ear open for anything interesting.

Skyler watches Robin thoughtfully, seeming to not take in the ribbing back at him from Owen, Nate and Leo. He licks his lips before asking the table at large, "So, has everybody here met Robin? She's a new addition to our rag-tag little family."

July chuckles softly as Ebony leans against her shoulder, and she wraps her free arm around the girl's waist, "Well, if I can choose, I'd rather not fight that guy on a daily basis. Once per year is good enough." she nod-nods.

"Robin? Don't we already have a Robyn?" Leo asks, casually as he finishes his own food rather quickly and reaches a hand out to send sparkles of light ceilingward. After all, sometimes he has to let a little of it out.

Ebony giggles and nods, "yah daily would be way to much." She looks over at Robin surprise she missed another women in the room but then sees why she dress in such androgynous that it's hard to tell what sex she is, "hello there. It's a pleasure to meet about women here there why to many guys at this school."

"I might," Nathan says simply in response to Owen's comment about Logan, expression vaguely amused again before he looks over in Robin's direction, lifting a hand by way of casual introduction, "Hey." He watches the sparkles contemplatively, licking one of his fingers and murmuring, "If we could bottle that…" He shakes his head, though, and focuses back on the task at hand, finishing off the last of his second taco.

Robin blinks a few times and looks surprised as Skyler gives the introduction to the rest of the people at the table. The teen waves at everyone and then smiles at Ebony and notes softly, "Um, I guess. It's a pleasure to meet you." Robin can't really think of any other way to respond to the statement. The blue humanoid that stands behind Robin scratches its head lightly and then crosses its arms with a shrug.

July turns her head to look at Robin, and she smiles, waving to her with her free hand, "Hey, Robin. Welcome to chaos- I mean, our family." she says, giggling softly, "Grab a seat, have a taco."

"Dysfunctional as this family is." Leo says, rolling his eyes as he chuckles at Nate. "If we tried to bottle it, it'd die away. It only works straight from the source." he says with a chuckle before grinning. There are a lot of people here who haven't felt his hypercharge yet. He ponders letting them experience it without any warning.

Ebony giggles and nods at the Leo, "yah I don't think bottling it would work." She looks back to Robin, "so what are your powers and who the blue person behind you?" she wraps her arms around July.

Nathaniel nearly chokes on his soda when Leo says that, coughing behind his hand in a mixture of trying to get air and laughing for whatever reason. He brushes the back of his hand over his bangs to push them back, smiling easily at the shorter youth, "Dysfunctional's a word for it." He looks between Robin and the blue Robin curiously, his brain trying to come up with something before he says, blinking, and points from one to the other, "Robin, Bluejay." Self-entertainment isn't always the funniest. Ahem.

Skyler nods at Leo. "Yeah. There's the guy-Robyn who had Professor Summer's eyeblasts for a while." He gestures to the Robin across the table. "This is the girl-Robin."

Robin glances over at Blank and notes, "Well, that's Blank, and she's my power. I call her my puppet, but she's more like… an extension of myself. I can control her. Or I can not control her, and she just mimes out whatever I'm feeling. I'm… hoping to work on that." Robin then smiles at Nathaniel and adds, "Umm, and I guess you can call her Bluejay if you want. She doesn't really respond to anything." Smiling widely, Robin notes, "Thank you for the welcome."

Eyes dart around the room. Ebony. Robin. Skyler. None of them have felt Leo's boosting yet. July has in the danger room, most likely, since they are on the same team. One by one, Leo sends a stream of glitter at each one, giving them a hyper-boost. To them, it would feel like three cups of cappucino in a VERY short period, only without the buzz. He snickers and remains silent.

July smiles, nodding to Robin as Ebony hugs the elastic girl, "Everyone is welcome here in this family!" she says, grinning, before frowning softly, "Except that Big headed meanie who stole our powers." But then she's grinning again, "Except the Big Meanie, everyone is welcome!" she giggles.

Ebony listens to Robin as she explains Blank and nods, "Oh that's cool it's like having two of you. If you want to sleep in you can send her in your place." She giggles some. She then nods, "no big meanies allow but everyone else is welcome to our messed up super power family."

Nathaniel sees the glitter going and just huffs a sigh as he takes a drink of his soda, sliding down in his seat slightly, "If you're going to make everyone super hyper, I'm going to need more painkillers." He sounds grouchy, but he's really not, just folding one leg over the other and looking at Robin and her blue copy, "Well. Maybe she doesn't answer because no one calls, y'know? Can't call anyone by their name if they don't have one."

"Eyagh!" says Robin after being hit by the glitter. She blinks a few times and tries to brush it off. Her eyes widen and she says, "Oh my gosh what was that?!" She shakes her head and blinks a few times to try and get composed again, still trying to answer Nathaniel, "Um well okay but Blank has a name and it's Blank and she just doesn't respond to it because she's a bad listener I think."

"Pure life energy." Leo snickers softly. "I'm a conduit for the living light." He explains, snickering at his boyfriend before smacking his hand. "You know it makes it easier to deal with when I'm hyper, so they should be easier too."

"Holy crap!" Skyler shouts, as the glitter infuses him with a boost of energy. "Jesus, what the hell did you do to me, Ohmygod, I can't stop thinking or talking or anything and I think I need to run around the mansion like twenty bajillion times!"

July chuckles softly, smiling at Robin's reaction to the glitter, "Well, it is nice to have a puppet like that. You control it consciously, Robin? Or how does it work?" She asks, tilting her head a bit, curious."

"Blank… is a /horrible/ name," Nathan informs Robin simply before he reaches out to smack back at Leo's hand, making a face, "You're impossible when you're hyper." He's grinning a little now, though, and after a few seconds, just leans over and ruffles Leo's hair lightly, trying to see if he can fluff it over the teen's face enough to annoy. Bwaha. He is done eating, so now he's just relaxing, waiting to see how the sparkles effect everyone.

"Yep, I control it consciously, I can show you!" says Robin, excitedly. She closes her eyes for a moment, her body seeming to become completely motionless and paralyzed. Then Blank plants her hands on the floor and lifts up the rest of her body in a perfect handstand. For a second, anyways, before falling on her back. Right before she lands, Robin's eyes open. Blank just lies on the floor banging it for a few moments silently with her hands, but soon just floats off of the ground and rights herself. "Tada! And it's not a horrible name. It's her name!"

Leo just shakes his head slightly at Nate's movements. "Anyway, I gotta go get a workout in before my hour of sleep tonight." He chuckles, rising from his seated position. "I'll see you all around?"

July giggles softly at the failed handstand, and she ruefully shakes her head, "It's real nice. You can see and hear through it too, Robin?" The girl asks, stretching her neck longer toward the puppet to inspect it better, without having to stand up from her seat. Commodity, huh?

"Why's she look so frustrated when you let her go like that?" Nathan says curiously, looking mildly disturbed. Maybe it's because he's an empath, or just likes to be contradictory, but he can't refer to 'Blank' as 'it'. He looks up as Leo moves to go, sucking at his lower lip thoughtfully before he rolls to his feet and says, "I'm going to go smoke." He wags his hand sideways at everyone still enjoying this social moment, then tucks his hands into his back pockets and meanders out after Leo.

"Oh yes I can hear fine from Blank and I can see lots better than I do as myself. I don't know how. She doesn't have any eyes or ears," says Robin. She then looks over at Blank and says to Nathaniel, "Because she's the embodiment of my emotions, I think. She is just how I feel on display all the time. I was kind've frustrated that I screwed that up. I was gonna put her on her feet. So she mimed out how I was feeling. She always does it. If I'm sad, she cries, if I'm happy, she, um, looks happy. If I'm really happy, she claps and dances. If I screw up… she stomps about or throws a tantrum." Robin shrugs. Usually she calls Blank by 'she' and 'her', but occasionally slips up, "Anyways, seeya."

July giggles softly, "That must be kind of tough, having someone at your side always letting everyone know how you're feeling." She says, her neck retracting back to normal as she's done inspecting the blue puppet. "Aw, going already, Robin?" she asks softly with a smile.

Robin shakes her head and says, "Um, no, I was just saying bye to him." She gestures towards where Nathaniel left to and then shrugs. "And yeah, it's pretty tough. It's kind've hard to put on a brave face when Blank is just bawling away, for example…"

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