2009-03-28: Take Me As I Am


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Summary: Leo makes an admission of past and emotion to Nathaniel.

Date: March 28, 2009

Take Me As I Am

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

With all the commotion going on, Leo has missed it all. AT the moment, he's in the kitchen of the primary mansion, dancing to the beat of the drum in his head. His butt shakes lightly as he pulls a water bottle out of the fridge and sips at it gently while looking for a high energy snack. At the moment, he's oblivious to anything going on around him, until something catches his eye anyway.

Naturally, this is a scene where someone HAS to come along and see it, and Nathan is the best candidate at the moment. He pauses in the doorway of the kitchen, his eyebrows lifting and a grin touching his features. He folds his arms and leans comfortably against the doorframe, watching Leo dance around to nothing in particular and just trying as hard as he can not to laugh. Of course, the butt shaking is interesting in and of itself, but that only adds to the overall effect.

Spinning in place, Leo meeps, falling over as he's distracted by someone's face. He laughs at himself, shaking his head. "Hey." He says brightly, lifting himself up from the ground. He shouldn't go running to Nathaniel… of course not. That would be improper. That would admit how much he wants to be near the guy. It takes him all of three seconds to cross the room and wrap arms around him. "How are you?" He asks, taking a deep breath as he almost purrs to himself.

Nathaniel just starts laughing when Leo finally sees him, shifting away from the doorframe and stepping into the room just in time to curl his arms around Leo, drawing him close against his tall frame and shrugging casually enough, "Hopelessly amused and painfully enamored. You're a little cuter than is probably healthy, you know." He flashes a quick grin down at the other teen before he frees a hand to push back Leo's bangs, "How're you?"

"Pretty much the same. Content with a lot of things I've never been truly content with. But…" There is that but. And Nathaniel can most likely feel that there is something bugging Leo. "There is something that I need to tell you. I mean, It's not anything bad, I just need to be totally honest because… I feel like I actually have a chance at something here." Yeah, he said there's possibly something real to him. That's a huge admission on the lightbright's side right there.

"Sure, Leo. Come on," Nathan says in a curious fashion, tugging Leo with him so that the two of them can sit down at the island. There's a moment where he seems intent on tugging Leo into his lap, but he fights the urge, instead ruffling the hair just above the back of his neck the way he often does when his brain is doing things that take conflicted processes. Once settled for what seems like an at least semi-serious conversation, he lifts his chin to Leo in an indication to go on, smiling at him in a quiet, but fairly warm, fashion.

Leo scoots as close as he can. He'd definitely be willing to get into said lap, but he'll wait. "I'm… I know I'm bright and cheerful and cute. I won't lie, I do know it. But… I'm far from innocent." That's the brunt of it right there. "I'm no virgin, and I'm a voracious flirt. I fully believe in doing what I can to make my friends feel good. But, you've also become a major part of my heart since I met you. I don't know how or why, but I feel as though it's something that I have a good chance at. So, I needed to come clean. There are a few guys that I make out with to make them feel good. But… I'd rather have you." That weight of burden inside him is lifted, only to be replaced suddenly by worry. A gnawing fear of rejection. Poor Nathan, having to feel all of this.

Nathaniel watches Leo's features intently while he speaks; even if he can feel what Leo feels, he does try to turn it off, and that's what he's trying to do now. This is important - he wants to let Leo tell him what it is without feeling like he's sneaking into his brain. When all is said and done, the young man looks mildly stunned, green eyes still focused on Leo but with a certain level of surprise. He blushes after a few seconds, scratching his fingers through his hair and shaking his head, "Leo… don't you remember the first conversation we ever had? I never expected you to be innocent. If you were, I'd feel… grungy and gross, honestly. Fun at first, sure, but still." He says this last with a hint of a grin, but then he reaches out to slide his hand into the other boy's, "I'm… abnormal. I don't feel things the way most people do, even if I wasn't an empath, I'd be weird, but… but. Yeah. All I know is that I… only really want you. I don't know about the other guys. I don't know how much it all means to to them, or to you, but I know it doesn't matter. It really doesn't, if you… you know. If you want me, too." He has a hard time vocalizing it and, even after he's finished, he seems uncertain if what he said was what he meant, that flicker of frustration that creases his forehead. Still, he did say it, so he has to live with it, his hand tight around Leo's.

He had started to let a bit of a tear form in his eyes, because of his fright. Bad guys? No problem. Fighting? He can do it. Dealing with matters of the heart that can backfire? That's hard for Leo. But as he hears what Nathan says, he slowly looks up. "Really?" He asks. The tear streaks down, only because the moisture is already there and doesn't just vanish. The hand in his is squeezed as Leo flips around to straddle Nathaniel's lap with a bright smile. He doesn't even bother to wait or ask for permission. He uses his one free hand to pull Nathaniel's face up towards his shining light before leaning forward for a kiss. It's not the light, cute little kisses he's been getting and giving. This one is something more. The pent up feelings and desires that he's felt and wanted to wait on, coupled with the glorious relief he feels at Nathaniel's acceptance of just who he is.

Nathaniel's hand slips free only so that he can slide his arms around Leo's middle, one hand coming to rest on the back of his hips as the other settles between his shoulderblades, "Of course, really." He's blushing hard enough that he has to turn his eyes down for a second, the tips of his ears burning, but he tilts his head back with Leo's hand. He returns the kiss eagerly, his arms tightening around Leo as the lightbrite's emotions are momentarily heightened to an intense degree, a slip of the power. He has his own pent up feelings and desires that are only too willing to take this chance for some exposure, his tongue tracing along the valley of Leo's lips while his fingers find their way around to rest on the back of Leo's neck, warm and firm.

Slips of power are nothing unusual to Leo. Especially with his own heightened emotions. The healing energies of Leo's light are flowing all around and into the other, energizing him heavily. Fortunately, it's not a painful buzz or anything, just good, pure energy. "Why didn't I meet you earlier?" He asks softly, in a break between the kiss. His legs move to wrap around Nathan's back tightly as he can't help but pull himself as close as possible. His own arms move over Nathan's shoulders, hands going into his hair. Fingers trail along the warm ears as he chuckles. "Of course, I do." he finally responds. "I knew that from that night down by the cove. It… it meant so much to me that you stayed there with me."

Nathaniel's brow furrows and he tugs Leo against him just a bit - not that they could get any closer. That's purely to bump Leo's hips against his own. Bwaha. He winds up asking, though, voice curious and maybe a little confused, "Why wouldn't I? …to be honest, I'm a bit of a freak. I liked watching you sleep. People always look cute when they sleep." He says this last with an idle grin, brushing his lips lightly over Leo's once more, the energy making him, well, energetic and frisky. He lowers the hand on the back of Leo's hips to his leg, squeezing the other boy's thigh affectionately and leaving his hand there to warm it.

"If we were somewhere more private…" Leo teases gently, grinning as he slides a little against the lap, just moving back and forth gently. "I just know you're going to run away with my heart." He chuckles. He means it in a good way, obviously. "And you're more than welcome to do it." He reaches one of the hands up to twist a lock of Nathaniel's hair gently. "My hair bleached out to white. Nothing sticks in it anymore." He chuckles. Even Mr. Parker-Mayfair's power would probably wash out.

Nathaniel just grins again at that teasing, thought his eyelashes flutter minutely over Leo's sliding, exhaling roughly and tilting his head to the side as his grin becomes a smile, "I read something once that was like that… that it's impossible to love somebody and run away with their heart, because you give them yours instead. Poetry, so it was pretty flowery, but it said something like… that's why you feel them in your veins, why the thought of them makes your chest hurt, and why you get a fever when they're around." He has to frown to remember the whole thing, but when he finishes, he laughs and smiles, "Corny, yeah… anyway, I like your hair. It reminds me of bunnies." He proceeds to pet Leo's hair in a slow, rhythmic way, playful; he does like it, but teasing is more fun, especially after that big chunk of sap.

Leo also enjoys the teasing, but enjoys the pleasing as well. As Nathan's head is tilted to the side, he leans in, placing soft kisses against that tender area, coupled with the occasional slide of the tongue. He won't leave any marks, not without Nathan's permission of course. "Corny is just fine, when it's true." He says with a blush. "It used to be blond, so it's not that much of a stretch. Just went white. I'm thinking of growing it out." He says, running fingers through it. It's already able to hang in his eyes when he's not watching it. "Just because I think it'll flow well with the way I move."

"I think it'll be nice… and it'll be easy to pull," Nathan says this last with a faint grin, tugging on one of those locks gently. His voice his is huskier, though, that attention to his neck having effects that you don't have to be an empath to pick up on. A flicker of his lashes again, the heat that picks up in his cheeks and the way he runs his hand along Leo's thigh. Yes, if they had somewhere else to go, it'd be a different scene altogether. He tosses his bangs away from his eyes in a habitual motion, breathing out slowly and smiling at Leo all over again, "I'll probably dye mine again soon. Maybe just get rid of the color, make it darker…" Yes, they'll discuss hair while he pretends not to want to do horrible, unholy things to the poor lightbrite. Cough.

"Uhm… there IS something that might be something better and easier on your hair. Mr. Parker-Mayfair is a hairstylist. And… he can change the color of things when he touches them. That way it doesn't hurt the actual hair." Leo offers, continuing his sliding before punctuating another yawn. "It's getting to be bedtime, babe." He whispers, with a soft sigh. "As soon as we're allowed to go off campus again… we need to go do some shopping." He simply slides down, giving a quick cheek kiss.

Nathaniel cocks a brow and shifts to his feet when Leo slides down out of his lap, "A mutant cosmetologist, huh? We really could run our own planet. I'll have to ask him. It'll be a lot easier than what I usually do." He runs his thumb over the curve of Leo's cheek as well, kissing him lightly in return before he ruffles his white hair, "I agree. We'll have to head into the city, make a day of it. I may even classify it as an actual date." He pokes Leo playfully in the stomach with this last, though he eventually offers to walk him back to his room, if he wants. If Leo does, there'll likely be more smooching in the dorm; if not, Nate will sit and snack, then head to bed himself. Hooray.

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