2011-02-22: Taking Action


Assistant District Attorney Izumi Haruno, Captain McIntire, Police Chief William Raikov

Log Title: Taking Action

Summary The ADA & Chief of Police take control of Precinct M before anything else can go wrong.

Rating: R


The police station is attached to one of the courthouses. In order to enter one must walk past a guard in a glass booth who buzzes in guests. Visitors will be searched and put through metal detectors before being allowed inside to speak with detectives. The main section of the station is a large open office area with several desks butted against each other scattered around the room. There are a few offices along the back wall and a two small interrogation rooms.


The men of Precinct M are on edge today. Word has come through that three of the officers in their Precinct were attacked last night. Two are in the hospital and one is dead and word has it that Magneto and another mutant are to blame.

The elevator door opens and a middle aged man with blond hair and blue eyes steps off with a Japanese woman in a business dress. The draw a bit of attention as they move through the room, stepping into the Captain’s office and closing the door before even speaking to the man.

Police Chief Raikov is the first to speak. “What the hell is going on here, James? I get reports of bad shootings, arrests of innocent mutants, and now one of your Detectives is dead? Damn it I have enough to worry about without this shit. The Mayor’s breathing down my neck to get this thing fixed.”

ADA Izumi is silent for a while. She walks around the office and looks out through the windows before closing the blinds. “Let me be frank with you Captain. We have no reason to believe that Baxter was killed by Magneto. In fact, after reviewing the traffic cameras in the area we have reason to believe that Magneto was not even in the area.” She turns to him. “Officer’s Santmire and Blackstone are hereby relieved of duty. Once released from the hospital they will turn in their badges and guns and be held for questioning involving the deaths of Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter.”

“That’s ridiculous.” Captain McIntire walks over to ADA Haruno and begins yelling. “How dare you accuse my men of that!? Do you have any idea what it’s like for my men? You think you know what it’s like to work as an officer? Spend one week in my precinct and you’ll be singing a different tune. We have Dingo destroying our cars, Magneto killing our detectives, and every singe person we try to arrest is capable of killing our officers without the use of a weapon.”

Raikov shakes his head. “James please. I saw the video. Baxter was shot by one of your own men. One of the men that attacked them may not even have been a mutant. The other looked like he was just trying to stop the fight.” The man sighs, “Look I hate to do this to you, but you’re relieved of your Precinct until we can launch a full scale investigation. I’ll be sending additional officers here to help fill the rolls of those we take out of circulation, and I’ll be stationing National Guard around Mutant Town to assist with Patrols.”

Izumi nods. “Yes. This has gotten too far out of hand. If you back away and let us do our job, I’ll tell the judge that you were cooperative. If you’re lucky you won’t be demoted for negligence. That is, if you stay clean through all of this.” The woman pulls out a series of official papers detailing the investigation. “You are hereby relieved of the title of Captain until further notice. You may keep your gun for now unless you choose to surrender it.”

McIntire looks rather enraged at this point. “WHAT!? You can’t be serious! One of my Detectives is dead and you’re blaming his fellow officers? I can’t believe this! Why on earth are you two wasting time in here pointing fingers at our own people when you should be out there capturing that mutant bastard that killed Baxter?” He shakes his head. “Damn mayor. He just wants to make it look like he’s doing something. Fucking election year.”

Raikov narrows his eyes. “Stand down McIntire! This is happening. If you’d paid attention to your officers then maybe this situation could have been avoided.”

Izumi walks toward the desk and sits down. “James go home. There’s nothing you can do now and I can tell you’re going to make things hard on us. Go get some rest and we’ll call you in if we need you. Please don’t make me have you held.”

The Captain opens his mouth and closes it. He looks furious now. Rather than saying anything else he simply grabs his coat and storms out of his office. The Lieutenant looks up in alarm as McIntire hears for the elevator and follows him, following the other man out of the building.

~ Fin ~

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