2009-03-03: Taking Manhattan


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Summary: Villains (and a hero) decide to finish taking Manhattan back, themselves.

Date: March 3, 2009

Taking Manhattan

Rating: R

Upper East Side

Late evening on Manhattan. The island has been hell for the past week. Emotions have been running rampant, as have murderous people from another dimension. However, things have been changing. There were six figures hanging over the city. Now, there are only two remaining. One in gray and one in white. They were outside the barrier, but now they've moved inside. The howls and annoyances are staying away from where they're hovering… high above the city.

There reaches a certain point where one becomes sick of this shit and wants to take their city back. Not for those living in the city, not for the good of man kind for but because they're pissed off that something is invading on their turf, and that's the point that Kage's reached. He's not out for a casual stroll, he's out to find someone to take his frustrations out on and seeing the two, well they're perfect targets. Dressed in his 'costume' of red and black with buckled, with pockets for his weapons and gadgets galore. Looking femine as usual, Kage's made his way over to where they're hovering.

With tensions high and all of her bounties caught for the moment, there's little for Candy to do. It's so rare for the girl to be bored that she's decided that it's about time she goes to check out what all of the hullabaloo is about. Kitty said they weren't aliens, so Candy wants to see exactly what they are. Glancing over her shoulder every now and again, that odd feeling of being followed still lingering. "..the hell?" she frowns before shaking her head and looking up. High up.

Hilary has been going round for a week now with a pistol in his pocket and a total of 12 bullets. Six bullets are loaded into the revolver that is still in his pocket, with the other six floating loose in the pocket on the other side. His hands are down in his pockets and when he walks he leaves black footprints, as if he'd stepped in paint. And in fact he is walking now. His goal is uncertain, but he pauses and looks up at the figures. He happens to be rather near Kage, but says nothing as yet.

Dressed in his own costume, Force is sitting on a rooftop right now. Sipping a bottle of water, he's waitinf for something…or someone to come get him. Who knows what…

Finesse's own costume is a mirror to Force's. For a reason. In and out of costume, they're twins. Half black and half silver. He glares upwards as he floats towards his brother. "I…" He intones loudly. "Have had just about enough of this shit." He glares upwards. "And I think the rest of us have, as well." He isn't wearing a mask, feeling no need to at the moment.

The figures simply remain floating above, as if nothing below interests them at all.

Kage sighs and looks around. Hilary gets a nod but Candy, she gets a bit of a scowl as he walks off towards one of the buildings. He smiles as he looks up and senses the one he knows as Kas not to far away and a life force extremely similar but just slightly different. It's like their life signatures are mirrors of eachothers. He figures he can get a better shot the higher up he is so he walks over to an alley, finds a fire escape, and goes to scale his way up the building. He's a theif, this sort of thing is easy for him.
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When one can't fly, they have to make other ways to get high quickly. Candy moves to one of the nearby fire escapes, reaching a hand up to grip the rusting metal. She sighs and hefts herself up a couple of the rungs, pausing when she notices the guy.. girl?.. hero, across the way working their way up the fire escape across from hers. She gives a nod towards the scowl, not really caring. She has bigger things on her plate.

Hilary watches people start to climb things, shrugs, takes the revolver out of his pocket and pops off a shot toward the grey thing, all very casually. He reloads while he waits to see what's going to happen.

Kicking his legs slightly then crushing the bottle, Force grins at his brother. "I dunno. I like having things to fight," he says, lifting off the rooftop and floating towards his twin. "And I like having an excuse for you to be home with me," he says, trying to pull his brother closer. ~~We gonna go smash those badly dressed guys up there?~~

~~Of course we are~~ Kas chuckles, letting himself be pulled against his twin. The scar on their faces is opposite, just like everything else. "People of New York. Cast off their burden!" He shouts, laughingly. "I don't know about you, but I'm tired of it." But before he can act, the gunshot is fired. Kas looks down and offers a thumbs up to Hilary. "Now that's the way you do it!"

The response is nearly immediate. The gray figure holds up a hand at the exact moment of the firing. A shield of purple luminescence forms in front of it, blocking the bullet. The energy then reforms into something else, on the figure's hands. It speaks, in a deep, menacing voice. "Insolent humans." The voice is definately male. "You should succumb to the shadow. Instead you attack. Perish." The figure's hand glows, a dagger of energy coming from it's fist as it dives downwards, not caring who it's targetting (poor Candy). "Face my prisoner's psychic knife. The focussed totality of her psychic powers."

Kage finally gets to the top of the building that's next to the one where Force and Finesse are. While climbing up he hears the gun shot go off and is kind of glad. "Well now I know not to try that, and insolent humans? Glad he's not talking about us." He says as he sees the dagger of energ coming from the figures fist and take out a small canister of some sort. "Let's see, yes…that might work." But he might need help….

Well.. that was unexpected. Candy glances down as the gunshot rings, eyes focussing instantly on Hilary and the gun in his hand. She glances back up in time to see the target look down, the hand and it's dagger of energy headed right for her. "Shit," she hisses as she tries to shift her position quickly, eyes slamming shut as the dagger slices through her jacket and the side of her arm. An unlady like string of curses flows past her lips as a gun suddenly appears in one of her hands, thrust toward's the being's chest as she pulls the trigger three times.

Hilary pockets his revolver with a fatalistic little smile. "Well, so much for the armament," he remarks. He raises his voice for the grey figure's benefit, not that he expects much attention to be paid: "I could do without the melodrama." He offers a pleasant smile to Kas, then glances over to see the energy slice through Candy. "I say," the Englishman remarks mildly.

Force drapes himself over his twin as he goes all speech-making. "Ooh, that sounds fun," he muses. "I'm gonna go play with the one that said the bad line, okay?" he doesn't even wait for Finesse to respond. Charging towards the chick with the psychic dagger, he starts increasing her gravity in effort to slam the woman into the pavement before he gets down there.

Reaching out, Kas sends thin blades of mental energy at the still floating figure in black, attempting to divest him of headgear. "Good luck, love." He calls to his brother with a chuckle. His fingers move softly as he attempts to unravel the material covering the Black King's head.

The Gray Queen lands on the ground, heavier than intended. Thank goodness her mind can move her body despite the sheer weight she's developed. The bullets hit the armored chest, one penetrating to the side, one deflecting, and one simply falling flat as her telekinesis blocks it. The one that deflects bounces and cuts a chunk from the back of her own headpiece, revealing blond hair. Slowly, she lifts her other arm, and a wave of purple energy flies in Hilary's direction. What doesn't hit him, however, will hit the Starbucks nearby, smashing the walls. The people start running out the other door, screaming, only to go to another across the street.

The Black King, on the other hand, has only one target, since the others are all involved with his queen. His costume begins to disintegrate around the head, revealing a very well known face… in this dimension and others. The face is that of Professor Charles Xavier. He reaches a hand towards Kas.

"Oh this is too good." Kage says with a wicked smile as he sees the face of Charles Xavier. Let them all deal with the queen, he'll join Kas in trying to fight Xavier later but for now, he'll try to give Paul an edge. The small grenade he took out of his pocket he throws two the ground right where Candy and The Grey Queen are. "Cover your eyes Englishman!" He yells out as their is a bright flash of light as the gernade hits the ground, he hopes to blind The Grey Queen and doesn't care if Candy is in the way. Humans aren't his concern.

Candy keeps her position on the fire escape even as her assailant is pulled heavily to the ground. She watches the grenades fall to the ground and hears the cry, covering her eyes as they flash. Once the flash subsides, she stumbles back and takes aim, firing the one gun she has as the other is summoned and immediatly fired. "Hey, how about you duchebags go back home?" she calls towards the Queen.

Hilary unfortunately has no super-speed with which to evade the attack. He does all that he can, releasing a pulse of concussive force in the opposite direction. However, the burst is not strong enough to counteract the entire attack, and so he is knocked flying through the air for several feet before he lands on his ass. But most obediently he slaps a palm over his eyes and is thus spared any blinding while he gropes in his pocket for his revolver again, in case the Queen is too dazzled to defend herself from shots.

~~Leave baldy alone and come help kick this bitch's ass, Bro!~~ Force mentally fake-whines. He closes his eyes as the flash grenade goes off, grinning slightly. He gives a quick count before charging for the Queen with intent to punch her right in the stomach pretty hard.

"AAAAAARGH! Get out of my head, Charles!" Finesse screams at the intrusion. Moving for some kind of distraction, he simply reaches out and flings some of the debris from the fallen Starbucks. It happens to be food. "Have some Tea and Crumpets, Charles!" He shouts, growling as he tries to mentally defend himself from one of the most powerful telepaths in the world.

The Black King starts to speak, his voice coming out as the same voice that came from the other face a few moments ago. "Kastor. Different from mine. Oh, he was fun to play with before he escaped." He laughs, until he, himself is distracted by the hot liquid on his face.

The Gray Queen speaks, in that same voice again. "You invaded. We return the invasion. And… the Shadow King wants a new land for himself." However, with the next firing striking her arm, her natural scream comes out for a second as the barrier vanishes… for a moment before the control is regained.

Kage isn't sure how well what he's about to do will work against a telepath but he just feels more comfortable, as he fades from view turning completely invisible. He decides to take out one of his own guns, giving it a light kiss, before taking aim and trying to get a few shots off at Charles. Let those three deal with the bitch, he wants to do something against the mutant loving bastard. It might not be the same Charles but it's good enough for Kage. After firing off three quick shots, Kage moves locations out of habit, staying invisible.

As names are flung around and people scream about others in their head, Candy can only shake her own. Freaking super powered baddies, it's all new to her. A few more shots ring from her gun as she grabs the side of the fire escape and slides down quickly. Hey, bullets seemed to do something. Nice. Candy slinks through the alley, trying to get closer.

Hilary scrambles to his feet, leaving black streaks where his shoes have slipped slightly. He hustles to circle around and shoot at the spot where the Gray Queen's pretty blonde hair is showing. He is not a crack shot, so he squeezes off about three rounds in the hope of hitting something.

Force turns in the air when he hears his brother's scream, anger building in him. "HEY!" he yells, rocketing at the Black King at full force. He intends to charge right into him with both fists.

His energy is turned in a different direction. Pain is sometimes a great motivator, Kas has learned. His mind reaches out to the legs of the man and begins to apply all of the pressure slowly up and down those precious limbs.

The Black King gets hit in the arm, the other bullets bouncing off bone, but causing his voice to come out naturally. The twin's dual attack causes him to go flying into the field, crushing against it, his legs dangling uselessly beneath his body. "What?" He speaks, like the voice of our known Charles. "What are you doing? Elisabeth!" He calls out. He's obviously not fighting anymore.

The Grey Queen pulls in on herself as another pair of bullets penetrates her body. The barrier collapses as she pulls her fields in tight and strong against her body. Looking up, "Charles?" She asks. "Where are we? Where are the others?"

Kage doesn't care that Charles seems to have snapped out of anything so he takes aim and carefully fires another bullet at Charles. He's aiming to kill. "I don't care if you are a mutant, you're human loving scum whose trying to take over /my/ world." The crossdresser growls out from his invisible spot.

As the Queen is riddled with bullets and pulls her barrier closer around her body, Candy kneels, using a trashcan to block most of her body as she levels her weapon on the woman, waiting for an excuse. Both attackers seem startled and out of sorts. It's either a trick, or they actually have no idea. But she won't be caught unaware.

Hilary walks up toward the Queen with his gun trained on her head. "Does anybody happen to know what's going on and whether I should pull this trigger?" he raises his voice to wonder.

Paul floats there in the air, seething with annoyance. His opponent isn't attacking back so he doesn't quite know what to do. He looks back at Kas for guidance.

Kas glares as he pants softly, pausing. He's not used to attacking so vehemently. He looks around. "I'm done. The barrier is down. I don't care about the rest." He shrugs, moving to his brother and wrapping himself around the other man. "Let's get the hell out of here."

Charles gets another bullet… it does hit. Hopefully, though, he won't have to suffer long.

Hearing Charles's scream of agony, Elisabeth shares her shield with him, pulling him in towards her. "I don't have a clue." She says, tears streaking her face to Candy. As soon as Charles is near her, she lifts him up. "But I aim to get out of here and keep him alive." With that, she takes off into the night, using her telekinetics for flight. Along with that, an open mental call, ~~JEAN! DANTE! ADDISON! EMMA! Where is everyone?!~~

Kage sighs and walks out, coming visible again. He looks across as Kas. "We need to talk sometime. Whatever code name you go by." He says knowing better than to call him his name out loud. He looks down at the two below and shakes his head. "I'm just glad I have my city back."

"Damn," Hilary says rather mildly as the opponents escape. He pockets his gun and looks round. "Well. Anyone up to go to a pub?"

Fierce eyes meet tearful ones as Candy locks gazes with Elisabeth. Don't blame her, she's not the one who put up that stupid barrier. As the two start to moe away rom the group, Candy slowly rises, sliding both guns into empty holsters at her hips. "That was Freaking weird," she says with a shake of her head.

Force scowls until Finesse is wrapped around him. "Fine…" he growls, needing to cool down. Holding onto his twin, Paul starts to take them both back towards home.

"Of course. You know where I live." Kas says softly, not extending the effort, letting his brother carry him home. He runs a hand through his hair as he leans his head on his twin's shoulder.

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