2011-07-16: Talk At Thompson Square Park

Players: Drew Daniels and Vinny

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Summary: Drew and Vinny continue their regular chats at the park.

Date: July 16, 2011

Log Title: Talk At Thompson Square Park

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.
Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory.

Evening in Mutant town finds Vinny in the park again, though not at his usual bench. He stands on a large flat stretch of cement that at one time might have been a basketball court or picnic pavilion. His eyes glowing brightly as a mass of water writhes and froths behind him, held in place by his powers. A few garbage cans sit at the other end of the cement.

Decidedly making more of a SHIELD presence in Mutant Town due to the escape of Dingo, Tex enters the park after having patrolled some of Mutant Town. Not having entered Nowhere or spoken to any of the residents as they would most likely protect Bruce’s whereabouts, he opts to head to Thompson Square Park, if for anything, to meet up with Vinny. Their last few conversations have left Tex a bit worried for his friend. And so, like clockwork, he finds the platypus in the park, though not in his usual area. Drew heads over and finds the mutant practicing with his powers and he smirks a bit as the wind picks up behind the mass of water to see how it adjusts to the wind.

Vinny had already detected Tex's approach, having met with him enough that he can recognize Tex's unique bioelectric signal. The mass flows and scatters a little as water tends to do but is brought back into the main mass quickly enough by the Hydrokenetic "G'day Tex, what brings ya ta Mutant town tonight eh?" He motions with one hand and from one of the trash cans there's a spout of water and a tin can is tossed into the air. Vinny motions with the other hand and some of the water from the mass behind him peels off and fires out the hit the can, sending it spinning off into the dark.

“Nice display with the water. You’d give that famous water motion fountain in Vegas a run for its money.” Drew chuckles a bit as he stretches, “Since Dingo has gone to escape, we figure he’ll most likely come to Mutant Town. So just doin’ a leisurely stroll in the area to check it out. No big attacks or anything, just checking it out for now.”

Vinny nods, he motions again and another spout fires from a different can launching another target, which is just as quickly hit with another water blast. "He's already here.. ran inta him last night. Had a few… words and went on my way." He launchs and tags another target as he talks. The mass behind him getting smaller with each attack.

Raising an eyebrow curiously at Vinny, “You had words with him and went your way?” Drew continues to watch the power display, “Well, you’re alive, so I take it then a fight did not break out?” Drew moves closer and actually takes a seat on the concrete next to Vinny, “I thought you were going to contact me if you ran into him.”

Vinny launchs and nails another Target. "Ya wanted eyes in mutant town, that's what I'm givin' ya. I don't know how much of tha town still backs him. You bring SHIELD in here to take him down ya could be facin' an angry mob of agressive Mutants. If I have ta deal with him before I have all the info I'll call ya and call Stark. But till I know what kinda support he's still got it's too risky. The NMO are scattered, leaderless, but not gone. He rallys them again and there will be trouble. But with Magneto MIA for weeks now he's likely lost alot of his backers."

Drew hmmmmmns and nods his head “Fair enough, pardner. So, what did this little chat with Bruce entail?” Looking up into the night sky, Drew whirls his finger about creating a cool breeze to relieve them of some of the summer heat which has affected most of the city.

Vinny sends the rest of his water down a nearby drain, taking a break as the glow fades from his eyes. "Just had some personal issues to air out. Like that drongo leavin' me ta fight for my life durin' the NMO rally ambush.. after I stuck my neck out for him in that whole precint M mess."

Taking a moment to understand what Vinny is saying, Drew nods a bit as he pulls out a Maverik cigarette, “Well, can’t get more personal than that, I suppose.” He lights the cigarette taking a long drag, “What was his physical state? Was he weak, did he appear angry? Was he with anyone?”
Vinny shakes his head "Was alone, seemed to be normal. Just like he was before goin' on kick. Guess the prison dried him out pretty good. Just seemed like Bruce."

“Well, when Dingo is just Bruce, he’s still an ass. But at least, it appears anyway, that there is no Kick increasing his already powerful abilities.” Drew exhales and then takes another drag from the cigarette when he ashes into the air which a wind picks up launching the ash into a garbage bin. “And how’re you doing? After all that happened to ya, confrontin’ him like that and all.”

Nodding his head, “Well, you’ve certainly come along way from when I first meetcha. You increased in power and finesse with your abilities. And withot needin’ a school. I remember thinking you were good for the SHIELD school or possibly even to go to the X-Men for training. You’re a testament to what one can do on their own… when pushed to the limit.” Drew offers as he finishes his cigarette.

Vinny nods "My limits have been pushed so many times these last months it's becomin' a bad habit. I just have ta remember I can't go force for force with him. I have to use the strengths of my element. Adaptability, versitility, and learn from the past."

“Pretty good. With water to command, you could control just about anything. Have you tried controlling the water within? Are you limited to just what you see?” Drew asks as he stubs out the cigarette and ponders reaching for another.

Vinny shakes his head "External sources only.. even if I had the focus to sense the water in a living thing, that's a line I don't think I can cross. Ya start messin' with tissues and bloodflow.. even if I could pull that off I couldn't garuntee the target would survive. Pop a blood vessel in the wrong place an it's dead man walkin'"

“True. Plus I suppose you don’t want to get too powerful. You know what they say about too much power.” Drew gives into his urge and reaches for another cigarette. “Plus, you have so many other things you can do. Water also turns into ice and vapor. Maybe your power extends to that or to other forms of liquid?”

Vinny shakes his head "If it's frozen my control doesn't work.. at least not yet. As for Vapor. Well I've been workin' on somthin' with that but it's gonna be awhile till it's ready."

His curiousity piqued, “Oh?” Drew takes a drag from the cigarette. “What is you’re workin’ on regarding vapor?” Drew stiffens up as he gives his attention to Vinny. As the powers teacher at Barnes things like this fascinate him.

Vinny nods "Well I been tryin' ta gather water by pullin' tha moisture outta tha air. But it's been too dry ta practice that now. Tha second was an attempt ta combine my nuerotoxin with water an vaporize it inta steam or fog.. makin' like a paralyzin' gas. Not havin' much luck on that one."

Nodding his head, “Those seem like good trick if you can pull them off.” Drew pauses and blinks a moment “You have a neurotoxin? Is that something related to platypi? I did not know they release toxins.”

Vinny nods and holds up one hand, he clenchs his fist and a single spike of bone extands to about eight inchs past his knuckles. "True Platypi have bone spurs on their hind legs that they use ta defend themselves. Mine are a little more conveniently placed. Go ahead and get the Wolverine jokes outta yer system.. I heard um all before."

Laughing loudly for a moment and then subsiding, “Well, I guess that is a nifty little thing to have handy, so to speak.” Drew smirks as he finishes off his cigarette stubbing in on the ground and using a wind to hurl both butts of the cigarettes into the trash.

Vinny nods "Well the toxin is nasty stuff.. injected by the spur is trips the pain receptors in the nervous system and turns them all the way up.. then keeps them that way. If yer lucky the pain is enough ta make ya pass out, if not yer muscles just seize up from the overload and you get 15 minutes of tha worst pain ya ever felt in yer life over yer entire body."

“Wow, sounds nasty. Remind me never to let ya poke me.” With that Drew rises up, “Well it’s getting’ late and I better head back to the school.” The wind at his command lifts him off the ground, “Ok, if any situation arises with Dingo, give a holla, ,Vinny.” With that he rises higher until he is out of sight.

Vinny nods "Stay safe out there, if I got anythin' ta report I'll give ya a call. Just give me some time. Better get some rest myself."

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