2012-01-17: Talk Over Pizza


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Summary: While making pizza dinner and the talk goes to food and other things.

Date: January 17, 2012

Log Title: Talk Over Pizza

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Some people just aren't born with the cooking gene, the gene that lets you know when your food is about to burn or the instinct that too much salt is just that, too much salt. Nicholas is one of those people so he's opted for one of those box pizzas for dinner. It's been in the oven for a bit but ever few minutes the teen has to open it to make sure it hasn't burnt yet.

Taylor has already smelled the pizza being made, which attracts the teen to the kitchen, as usual, peering through the door carefully before stepping on through, sniffing the air and approaching the scent. Nicholas is then noticed, and Taylor makes quite sure to hide any feline mannerisms, even dropping the steady sway of that tail and the sniffing around, offering him a polite nod.

At the nearby island with adjacent stools is a Jules. The usually upbeat and whimsical teen sits with arms folded on the table, head resting on said folded arms. It would appear as though the teleporter is tired and perhaps napping in the kitchen, though responses are given to questions or statements posed to the androgynous mutant.

Nicholas debates turning up the oven a bit to hurry up the cooking of his dinner because he's quite hungry. His hand moves to the oven dial just as Taylor walks in. He watches his catlike classmate for a bit before returning the polite nod with a wave. "I think he's sleeping, was like that when I came in here." He says moving his head towards Jules before going to the fridge and pulling out a can of coke.

Taylor glances over towards Jules when Nicholas speaks, and then nods, "Yeah, looks like sleep to me… Or just listening in to whatever's happening in here. Which seems like… not much." The student peers at the dial and then at the pizza box's instructions, examining them. The feline student squints while doing so.

You page, "The pizza box says it's a Digorno Surpreme pizza and should be at 375, Nick's cranked it up to 450" to Taylor.

Jules mumbles from the cradle of arms, "Mmfnot sleepinf.." A head is raised and Jules just looks absolutely beat, as though an all-nighter was just pulled. That is probably a pretty common look to have for some students. "I can't sleep this early.." says Jules, looking towards Taylor, "Hello again."

Nicholas looks over at his fellow Corsair and rolls his eyes. "Where is there a law that says you can't sleep at eight o'clock at night? If you're tired, your tired." He says shaking his head before going back to look at his pizza again. "Come on…I'm hungry." He mutters. "Yeah, evesdropping on me must be a wonderful thing."

It takes Taylor a few moments before the felinoid student reaches towards the dial to turn it back down, "If it's on too high, it won't cook properly all the way through… I used to make these at home. Ruined a few…" To Jules, Taylor says, "Hey again. What's up? Were you napping then, or just prefer the dark?"

"My internal clock just won't let me, no matter how hard I try." replies Jules, who sort of trundles up to an uncertain stand. A hand is placed at the teen's forehead, where some gentle rubbing is applied, "That's okay, though. If I slept all day, I wouldn't get to talk to Nick or you."

"But it's cooking so slow." Nick kind of complains as he goes to sit down with his can of coke, staring at the oven. "My Mom usually made 'em on the weekends for dinner cause it was easy." He says focusing his gaze on the red and white can in his hands. "Oh yay for you!" He says to Jules. "I'm a blast to talk to."

"Yeah, I know it cooks slow when you're hungry… funny how that works," says Taylor, peering at the pizza, and then towards the fridge, wandering over to check what's inside. The felinoid student peers over at Jules and says, "I didn't know that talking to me was a highlight of your day, given that we've only spoken once!"

Jules gives a happy, if tired, smile. As though it were the highlight of the day. In that kind of fatigued stupor, the teleporter 'blinks' over towards the cabinet housing the tea, only for there to be some slightly interested riffling through the different kinds of tea packets before Jules decides to take none of them, and walk back towards the island.

Looking up with raised eyebrows, Nick watches Jules. "Man, no matter how many times I've seen that in practice it's still weird." He admits looking back to the stove trying to resist the urge to check it again. "If you want something with caffeine there's pop in the fridge." He says before looking at Taylor. "It's a conspiracy." He says dryly.

"It's kind of unnerving, since I'm kind of getting used to hearing pretty much every move anyone makes… actually, it's kind of overwhelming, but weird when I miss someone," says Taylor, peering towards Jules, and then reaching towards the fridge to open it and look inside.

"My teleportation?" inquires Jules curiously as the teen sits indian-style on top of the bar stool, which is kind of super unusual. "It's kind of convenient to have a completely silent method of transportation. I've teleported you in practice, Nick. Was that weird, too?" says Jules before a stifled yawn. It probably was.

"Yes." Answers Nicholas to Jules almost too quickly as he reaches out a hand to use his telekinesis to open the oven and check on his pizza where he's sitting. "Why aren't you done yet." He asks the pizza as he's waiting for the cheese to brown a bit. "YOu can hear everything?" He says to Taylor sounding a bit surprised.

"Like, everything in a room this size? Or things in the hall nearby? Yeah. If people are walking or moving or whatever," says Taylor, shrugging lightly at Nicholas's question. "My hearing is good. It's actually really distracting… But yeah, silent teleportation actually does seem kind of useful for sneaking if you're into sneaking."

There is kind of a moment where it seems Jules is interested in the pizza, but nothing is said on the subject. The hearing is commented on with a soft voice, "I think that's really cool on its own." Speaking of practice, Jules comments on that, too, "You did really fantastic today, Nick. In the danger room."

"That's gotta drive your crazy." Nick says to Taylor as he takes another sip from his coke and starts to play with the can in his hands a bit before looking over at Jules, and the look is anything but friendly. "Whatever." He says bitterly to him.

Taylor peers towards the can being played with over the fridge, and then looks back inside of it, "Yep, sure does." The student pulls out some leftover chicken, and puts it on the counter, before saying to Jules, "Danger room is kind of weird, I'm new to the whole idea… I dunno. At school, we played dodge ball."

Jules looks somewhat hurt by Nick's response, but not particularly so. It is perhaps an understatement to the seething withdrawal the teen may or may not feel from said bitterness, but it doesn't matter as nothing comes from those emotions that may or may not exist. Jules simply rests back into those arms atop the counter, just as things were before Taylor entered.

"I dunno, I just feel like the Danger Room is something I have to do." Nicholas says as he gets up and checks his pizza. "Finally." He says as he turns the oven off and uses his powers to take out a plate and then telekinetically pull the hot pizza from the oven to the plate, his eyes glow blue and his moves his hand to guide things along as he does so. "My Mom…used to have me take hot stuff out of the oven for her…."

"Oh, really?" says Taylor, head tilting lightly, "So she was good with the whole mutation thing? I imagine that would be handy in a family that's okay with that." The feline student adds, "Not that my parents weren't okay. I think just… weirded out. They'll get over it."

Not much happens with Jules, just more not sleeping on the counter.

Nicholas nods. "Yeah, she was, same with my Dad. The whole county knows I'm a mutant, I've had my powers since I was twelve." He explains as he goes to cut apart the pizza into six slices. "I'm gonna head out to get some homework done uh….either of you want a slice before I leave?" He offers.

"Oh, that's cool," says Taylor, thinking for a few moments about what Nicholas says and looking down at the floor for a moment, before Nicholas offers the slice of pizza. "Oh, sure, yeah, I wouldn't mind a slice. It smells good!"

Perhaps Jules is as unreadable as usual, because the teleporter doesn't hesitate at all to look back up and reply, "Yes, please." At least there's none of that weird teleporting stuff that Jules does.

Nicholas uses his powers to take down two plates and put a slice of the supreme pizza on each plate for Taylor and Jules, leaving the last four for himself. "Have a good night." He says as he heads out to find the library.

Taylor says, "Thanks, Nick, goodnight…" The feline looks at the pizza for a few moments further before picking off anything too green or oniony, and then taking a bite.

"Goodnight, Nick." bids Jules to Nicholas. It would appear that the presence of food has rekindled Jules' energy, at least for now. Supreme pizza is just the trick for such deeds. In fact, not one of the toppings are one Jules particularly dislikes, and as such, the pizza is eaten as is.

The felinoid student comments on the subject of the pizza, "I used to really like pizza. I mean, it's still good, but not really the same…" Taylor peers towards Jules and then back down towards the slice of pizza.

Jules looks at Taylor curiously, "You're not going mad. We all have gone through changes." The return of the melodically melancholic voice, it seems the pizza has returned Jules to normal spirits, despite the fatigued exterior appearance. "I really like pizza with pudding."

"Well… I didn't think I was mad. Just… well, I think my taste buds are different. Raw meat is the shit, but I am not so into like… peas and beans and stuff like that," says Taylor.

"My father always said we should try to embrace change and the unexpected. I think he's right for the most part." replies Jules, though the mutant stands and 'blinks' away. The fridge opens from across the room and a chocolate pudding packet is removed. The fridge is then closed, a 'blink', and suddenly someone is back at the island opening said chocolate pudding packet. Along the way, Jules also somehow picked up a plastic spoon. "We should do running together."

"Well, change is well and good, I guess. I mean, I'm not a big change person, I guess," says Taylor, suddenly laughing as if something's funny, but cutting it off shortly, after hearing Jules's offer, "Running? I've never really done… running…"

Jules is all sorts of chipper, still holding that whimsical accent, "Raw meat has a lot of protein in it. It would go well with your body, you could be a really great runner and not even know it, I think. We could do it together. I used to run track." The spoon is placed in the pudding and Jules takes a bite.

"Raw meat is fucking delicious…" says Taylor, starting on some of the leftover chicken now that the pizza piece is done, "I guess I could try that. I could stand a little fresh air, I guess… So track, huh? How was that?"

Jules seems a bit apprehensive, in just a moment's hesitation that barely registers as a facial expression. It's not as though the question displeases Jules, just that the teleporter looks curious about the nature of the inquiry. After such expression, the teen replies, "Quite alright." Another bite is taken of the pudding, and there is silence.

"Oh. Yeah. Good then," says Taylor at the response, eyes trained on Jules. "I was just curious."

Jules looks up from the pudding cup, spoon still in mouth. The teleporter's eyes look back towards Taylor, with a rather soft and curious expression. As if Jules is expecting Taylor to say something.

"I just knew some people in track. I always wondered, I guess," says Taylor, shrugging. "I was never on any sports teams."

"I believe in you," says Jules in a somewhat nonsequitor and aloof fashion. "It's a sporty thing. I stopped running track after I gained my powers. I couldn't control the urge to run and teleport at the same time so well. I love running, though. Like thinking of running is a way to be free of restraint… Sometimes I don't even wear shoes. Maybe you would feel the same way?"

"My feet don't fit in shoes anymore," comments Taylor, looking down at those unclothed feet, "Not properly. I'm kind of getting used to being without shoes though. And I dunno. Maybe. But if we run together, won't you feel that way again?"

Jules gigglesnorts again at the shoe comment, as if something were funny about it. The timing of the laugh is as odd as Taylor's earlier laugh. It subsides to allow Jules to speak, "No, I have had my powers for a while."

"Oh… so you're cool with running again now?" says Taylor, a bit curiously. The feline student finishes eating all that chicken, peering inside the box, and then shrugs, "How long since you manifested?"

Jules smiles, "About four or five years… My mother had the same powers I did.. so the running thing was only a small problem."

"Oh… wow, I guess you sort of inherited it, then, huh?" says Taylor, a bit surprised, "I only manifested a couple few weeks ago?"

Jules doesn't look incredibly surprised, but the speed at which the mutant says words is is slightly increased, "Oh, that explains why you are fretting over changes. I was wondering…" The teleporter's demeanor doesn't change so much, if only becoming a bit cheerier, "I wish I could help you more, but I can only say that I believe in you, Taylor."

"I'm not really sure why you would. You barely know me," says Taylor, peering towards Jules with a questioning look, "But yeah, I guess it's just hard, and everyone is acting like everything is normal. I'm almost feeling like I need someone to just freak the fuck out so I know I'm not the only one."

"Because of your eyes," replies Jules in that normal voice. Always with these enigmatic statements, it's like Jules is a broken fortune telling machine! The continued response earns a headtilt from the teleporter, "Why?"

"Why? I dunno. Because I don't like people acting like it's not a big deal when it's a pretty big deal to me," says Taylor, shrugging. "I mean, I don't want anyone to be mean to me or anything, but fuck! I want to know it's okay to feel shitty!"

Jules' expression kind of fades into the neutral area, now carefully watching Taylor. "It's okay to feel sad." There is something oddly sincere and down to earth about this statement. The paradigm shift in tone and weight is startling, as though Jules understands.

Taylor blinks a few times when Jules speaks, looking up towards the other teen for a few moments before nodding once. "Thank you…"

Jules nods, "I usually feel sad… Or angry.. Being okay with what has happened in the past is what allows me to leave my room. It's … Complicated.. Like the thaedori that steal my socks.. Or at least I suspect as much." Jules adds on in that nonsequitor, whimsical tone, "We all wear holes in our skin."

"Thaedori?" says Taylor, after a moment, "Are those a kind of faerie?" The felinoid student shrugs slightly and then says, "I'm sorry that you feel sad or angry. But you probably have a reason to."

Jules replies, "You wouldn't be frustrated if you didn't have a reason. Everyone is calm because they want to tell you that you're family here, you're welcome among us that share this gift with you." The question regarding the thaedori isn't answered.

Taylor nods slowly and says, "I suppose you're right, yeah. I just mean, well, it's kind of hard. That's all. I figure, eventually I'll adjust, though I hope I can learn how to like… turn back. But I've been told that's probably never going to happen…"

Jules speaks softly now, "I still think you're you, of course.. I can't help you turn back, but if you ever want to talk."

Taylor nods at Jules and says, "Yeah… thanks. I know I'm me, but it's not really the body I'm used to. You know? Like suddenly everything's different."

Jules nods in return, not really quite saying anything in response. Not that there's much to say, as the feline has some pretty good arguments there.

"I know it's not as bad as it could be or anything but… it's not super easy or anything either," says Taylor, sighing softly and putting dishes in the dishwasher.

"What will you do?" asks Jules, who then eats another spoonful of the chocolate pudding.

"Eat more raw meat, I guess," says Taylor, shrugging lightly. "That's kind of it. There's not much I /can/ do. It's pretty fucking well out of my control."

Someone is suddenly behind Taylor, and they are putting a dish in the dishwasher. It's Jules. That is disconcerting teleportation. "I'm sorry."

Taylor is surprised by the sudden disappear and reappearance, but quickly locates him again, ears flicking lightly at what he says, and nodding once.

"We can maybe do some running in the future. For now, I'm going to go to sleep upstairs." says Jules, moving around Taylor with hands at sides and the like.

Taylor nods at Jules and says, "Yeah, okay. Have a good night, Jules…" The feline student closes the dishwasher, and then starts off towards the exit.

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