Tanner "Bloodbath" O'Kane
Tanner 'Bloodbath' O'Kane
Portrayed By Dominic Monaghan
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1/12
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Cody
Place of Birth Killarney, Ireland
Current Location Greenwich Village, NYC
Occupation Business Student
Known Relatives Trish (Mother), Seaumus (Father)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Armor Plating
First Appearance Bloodbath 1


Sick kid grows up to be a sick college student. After an episode, he wakes to find himself curred by a mysterious woman who also gave him powers. Now she wants something in return…


  • Was taken in by a mysterious woman, curred of his affliction and given super powers for a price.


  • Tanner was born 6 weeks early. He wasn't expected to live a day, but managed to make it.
  • Tanner is only 5'4.
  • Tanner is Smarter than you….so watch out.


  • "I've taken nothing and damaged nothing. If you would prefer to stop me rather than help the injured young man inside that building, then that is at the expense of your own morality. I'm -not- stopping."
  • I've spent 21 years of my life too weak to do -anything- that resembled a normal life. And now I've got one…if that means suckin' lard through a straw three times a day and shovin' a little girl down some stairs just for ritual, I'd do it…but I got it easy. I take supliments, a drink milk and I eat protein….done." He pauses and looks down and then back up at you. "Cream or sugar?"

DNA Collected so far.

  • Vladimir
  • Victoria



Tanner's body now produces blood at an amazing rate. He is unable to die of blood loss without the complete loss of at least two appendages. His stamina will increase to that of a normal humans, rather than his previously low stamina, and he'll have a very high resistance to disease (but NOT to disorders or toxins). His blood cells of all types (Red, White, and even platelets) are reproduced at extreme levels. Even if a major artery is cut, it will still have enough to flow through him, despite the spurt, because blood travels through his body even without the vessels there.


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