Tara Kincaid
Tara Kincaid
Portrayed By Saoirse Ronan
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 15th 1994
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Aliases None, yet.
Place of Birth Albany, NY
Current Location Xavier's Academy
Occupation Student
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other None
Identity ??
Known Abilities Telekenetics
First Appearance ???

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Tara was the first daughter born to Michelle and Jonathan Kincaid after three boys. It'd been family tradition to name all the boys in the family Jonathan, which usually worked out since most of the family only ever had one boy, but after having three, they had pretty much run out of variations of Jonathan they could call their children, so it came as something of a relief when it was pronounced that the new member of the family was a girl.

However, Michelle's excitement was soon diminished when Tara first opened her eyes. The corneas had severe cataracts to them. More so, after a few tests, they determined that even if she did have surgery to replace the corneas, she still wouldn't see since the infection that had caused the cataracts also damaged the occipital cortex. Their daughter would always be blind.

Still, little Tara acted like nothing at all was wrong with her, and her parents quickly overcame any misgivings they might have had in raising her, though they quickly recognized that she was going to be a handful regardless. She was fearless, almost reckless, curious, smart, and willful. A dangerous combination for any child. By the time she was a toddler, she'd given herself more cuts and bruises than any of her brothers. Minor injuries never bothered her much. She'd get her two minutes of crying out of the way, and then she went on her way.

At around age four she began to show signs that she was a bit more gifted than other blind children. She started crashing into things a lot less and began to develop an almost preternatural awareness of things around her. Little did she know it was her mutant power awakening at an early age and manifesting itself as a kind of spatial sixth sense. For her early childhood, it remained rather weak, serving more as an early warning system that she might be walking into things.

During this period she pretty much considered herself one of the boys, much to her mother's consternation. She refused to wear anything pink and frilly (not that she could tell if it was pink, mind you. She usually found out when her older brothers teased her about it) she wrestled with them, played cars and GI Joe and Transformers (with her Barbies always being hostages and little else.) It didn't get much better when she got older, although the only saving grace was when she was about eight and her mother challenged her to find 'something a normal girl would be interested in.' Tara's snarky response was, 'Fine! I'll do gymnastics!' never actually expecting her mother to call her bluff. So the very next week she found herself in a unitard with a coach who really didn't have any idea with what to do with her.

Strangely enough, it turned out that she had a natural affinity for gymnastics. Her coach was convinced that her lack of sight gave her a better sense of balance (which it did) and without sight her mind was able to focus on the moves she needed to do without getting distracted by it. What was even stranger was the fact that Tara actually enjoyed it. Finally, her mother found something girly for her. All throughout Middle School and High School she tried out for gymnastics team, and despite the initial skepticism, she always made the team, and always did exceptionally well in competition.

As she grew older, the gymnastics helped mature spatial awareness that she had gained as a child. By the time she hit her teens her awareness of space and objects within that space was significant enough that she could navigate unfamiliar territory without the help of a cane. Her parents started to worry that their daughter might be 'gifted' in another way, and urged her to stop showing off and use a cane so she didn't draw attention to herself, which she did with much protest.

During High School she found out she had another talent: Languages. She started out with Spanish and found that it was easy enough for her to learn. Encouraged by this, she decided she wanted to take a language that was significantly harder, but she had no idea what to take. It wasn't until her older brother introduced her to anime. Sure she couldn't see all the nifty action, but the romantic comedies were hilarious to her. Only problem was the voice acting on them were almost unilaterally terrible. She found her second language: Japanese. While it was a lot tougher than Spanish, she had an easier time than her fellow classmates in picking up the language. When she got an 'A' on the final she proudly declared that there wasn't a language she couldn't learn. Of course, somebody immediately challenged her to learn sign language. Despite all the snickering at the proposal, she was never one to back out of a challenge so she set out to find somebody who could teach sign language to a blind person.

That's when, last year, she met Jared. Nobody else seemed to think so, but he had the smoothest voice and nice facial features. And he was smart. And he was just like her in that he never backed down from a challenge once it presented itself. So she found herself getting private lessons from Jared (sigh, Jared) where he taught her sign language by having her lightly touch his hands as he made the signs. Her spatial sense had developed enough that she didn't really need to do that. She could tell what signs he was making using her ability, but she'd promised her parents that she wouldn't let anybody on to her little secret. Besides, it let her touch Jared (sigh… Jared) on a regular basis.

Of course, all good things come to an end. Despite being blind, she had joined a sighted High School gymnastics team and had quickly become the star pupil. The coach was ready to find a professional teacher for the girl because he was sure that with the right tutoring she could go all the way to the Olympics. But one day during state competition disaster struck. She was on the uneven bars, having a very good run when one of the wires that stabilized the bars snapped, sending the whole array flying. She didn't even think about what she was doing. She just *pushed* with her mind, keeping her aloft feet above the ground, and the bars and guide wires in midair, preventing them from hurting her, or anybody else.

Her coach was devastated. She was disqualified from the meet, and banned from competing ever again because being a mutant gave her a unfair advantage against the other girls. Her mother was devastated as well, having had big dreams that her daughter would grow up to be an Olympic gold medalist. Jared was shocked to find that he was almost dating a filthy mutant.

Tara was ecstatic.

She figured that the only thing much cooler than being an Olympic gold medalist was to be a superhero! That way she could flip around and use her gymnastic skills and she'd save people and use her power for good! Her mother despaired. Her father looked on with quiet amusement. Her brothers thought she was now the coolest person in the world. Jared… well… Jared was a jerk anyway. With the help of her middle brother (the one that introduced her to anime, who was also a comic book geek) she tested herself and found the limits of her power, of what she can, and can't do. Her mother warned them to stop, afraid of getting the wrong kind of attention, while her dad just cautioned that they just be careful because he didn't want anybody getting hurt. It all came to a head when she made an attempt to fly which ended up with a disastrous crash into a tree. Fortunately, nothing was broken.

Exasperated, her mother finally contacted Xavier's institute who had, earlier in the year when her powers first manifested, sent Tara an invitation. She was ready to send her daughter off to school and hopefully those people would discourage her from following her dream of becoming a superhero.


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