2020-07-31: Target Practice


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Summary: Kael, and Connor take the new Avengers out for some target practice to get the team used to working together. They happen upon DJ and attract some unwanted attention.

Date: July 31, 2020

Log Title Target Practice

Rating: PG-13

The Future - NYC - Times Square

Once a central hub for humanity, little remains of Times Square but broken storefronts and disintegrating buildings. Stretching as far as the eye can see, the entire area is littered with crushed cars and skeletonized bodies; leaving little to be found without taking a chance inside one of the many crumbling facades. For the lucky, scraps of a bygone lifestyle can still be uncovered in the form of clothing, canned food, and supplies. Albeit amidst the occasional threats of wondering gangs and roving Sentinels. With literally innumerable hiding spots to choose from, there is little doubt that either could be laying in wait.

With the news of the new Avengers rolling through the underground, and some comments being heard that some of them aren't really battle ready. There was some talk at breakfast about traversing out into the city to find some sort of practice for them. While fighting against one another is a good way to get things rolling, what really locks skills in is actual battles. As thus, Kael gathered up who he could and started to lead them out to Times Square; the aerokinetic peers around a corner. Looking for one thing in particular. "Is everyone ready?"

Word spreads fast in such a closed off community, like the underground. Kael's idea was a sound one, even if Tony hadn't come up with it himself, due to focusing on other matters. Needing a break, and wanting to see how the others fared, Iron Man made his way through the tunnels to the gathering of people heading above ground. "I hope you don't mind if I try a few things out. I need to scrape off a bit of rust if you understand my meaning."

The city has been where DJ's been staying. He hasn't yet lowered his pride enough to seek out the assistance of Iron Man or any of the other heroes or harbingers that he's heard of. But then, Thought hasn't told him he's doing anything wrong. He's been doing his own thing, and taking care of a few sentinels here and there as he can. As it stands, the man is simply walking along, alone, carrying a rather large walking stick. He's in his mortal form right now, now revealing himself. For those that may have known him on Broadway, or as a Hunter, he has changed slightly. His hair is a brilliant fiery red now. Other than that… he remains the same.

Being the one that's most likely the most commonly mentioned as not being ready, Hawkeye is taking this little 'outing' very seriously. The woman is nervous, but hiding it fairly well, her gray eyes the only thing that really gives away the fact that she's feeling a little out classed going up against an actual enemy. Maybe she's trying to boost her own spirits with the slightest hint of confidence that fills the air around her, swirling around her in the wind currents. She offers Tony a small smile and shakes her head, "I know I would welcome another person with us." Hopefully she'll manage to not get killed…

Since this is a training exercise, but is to help simulate battle conditions and assist the Avengers in getting into their 'groove'. Volk's contribution in this scenario today is 'bad guy' As Kael looks around the corner, there's a sudden smack of fire that hits the wall next to his head. Pink paintball bullets splattering in a raking pattern that doesn't do any damage, but they are coming from real guns. He's not visible at the moment, relying on his cloak to afford him some cover as he reloads the low-velocity, non-lethal rounds into his weapon, and growls out, "Come get me."

Kael glances back at Tony with a smirk. "I don't mind. Just don't slow us down." He snickers a bit before he glances over at Star, taking note of her eyes and he says, "Star, you'll do fine." He looks over at DJ, a brow quirking slightly as the winds around him start to swirl softly, "Haven't seen you in a while." As he looks back around the corner, the paintballs make him step back before he mutters, "Least he's getting into the mood of things." There's a burst of wind as Kael just glides quickly across the street; separating him from the group. Hopefully, they'll like the exercise.

The paintball entrance amused Iron Man briefly. Not knowing the young man who had spoken directly to him, he notices this other gentleman whom he's unfamiliar with as well. Turning toward Hawkeye he flexes his fingers inward then out again, "Well, Hawkeye, you heard the man." Even though he's suggested that they pursue the offered target he is held up regarding the man nearby with the walking stick.

"Of course." DJ says to Kael. "Things change. People change. Everything changes." He rests against the staff as he looks to Iron Man. He raises an eyebrow. Everything Thought pointed to is coinciding. Maybe he should just go along with it. He'll still wait for a moment, though. "Hawkeye?" He asks. Hmm. The stories are flowing properly…

Star nods silently at the encouragement and nocks an arrow, though she doesn't draw it yet; just preparing for the eventual attack that she knows is coming. At least her eyes are gray and not violet at the moment, though… Her eyes widen slightly when she spots DJ, quickly narrowing as she studies the former Hunter for a moment. Her studying doesn't last long though before she's distracted by the paintball splattering against the wall and she draws the arrow with a little squeak of surprise, automatically taking aim in the direction the shot came from. Then she realizes that it's just paint and a scowl draws her brows together as she mutters to herself, "Oh brother…" She sighs and gives the area where the shot came from a visual sweep even as Iron Man speaks, a small smirk beginning to play at the corners of her mouth, "After you, my friend. I'll just stay out of sight for a moment."

The archer's smirk grows a little broader, "Unless you're afraid of a little paint?" She's going to hold back her attack for just a moment while she takes stock of the situation first: How many, where are they, and just how best to take them down without actually killing them. When she hears the red haired man speak her new name her attention turns to him for a moment, "Yes?" You rang?

The ante is upped on the pair of new Avengers, and the newcomer, as a small round device comes flying through the air and lands on the ground close by Iron Man. It's a paint grenade, a home-made one at that by the looks of it, using the shell of a dead flash-bang. The air ripples in a faint distortion as Volk moves and instead of more paintball rounds going at Kael, another three of the same are tossed towards him in a pattern to send puffs of more pink paint into the air to get on him as well. The sounds of booted feet are heard on the broken concrete as he slides to a stop on his knees near a car as he then puts a weapon up over the side and puts a few more non-lethal rounds off to one side to try and keep the three scattered. This is supposed to be practice, but still the 'enemy' does not seem to be expecting any restraint from his three 'foes'.

Kael's eyes flick up towards the paint grenades, and he launches a gust of wind upwards; causing them to explode against the buildings' walls higher up. Giving him time to move out of the area as the paint falls down. The aerokinetic flies up to the roof of the building, crouching down before he moves closer towards the edge to try and find Volk.

Before Iron Man is able to converse with this gentleman beside him, "Leave the dirty work to the guys…." he registers the device landing nearby. Reacting quickly he attempts to grab the two near him and fly them out of range of the explosion. Real or not, he didn't really think pink was his color, and the point is to assume it is a real device and to act accordingly.
"What the hell?" DJ asks, dodging to the side to avoid things as he tries to turn to stone… only to forget he can't. "Crap. Forgot Mom had to take the powers away to break the brainwashing." He sighs, "What did I walk in on and should I leave?" He asks quietly. After all, he doesn't have a clue what most of this is. He just knows the Avenger Names being used.

There's another small squeak of surprise as the grenade lands near Hawkeye and Iron Man. She's eager enough to get out of range of the explosion, not really wanting to have to explain to her daughter just why she's splattered with pink. Even as she's grabbed and flown off, she releases the arrow in the direction of the vague disturbance and pulls another from her quiver, "Get me where I can shoot at him without being an easy target myself, would you? Maybe I can take him down."

From the wreckage, Volk tucks and rolls to get under and away from the arrow, before he says, "There you go… Remember, just because things are rougher these days, don't stoop to attempting to subdue first. Incapacitate when you can… if it helps… think of me as a criminal." Which isn't much of a stretch, given what Kael alone could tell them that he knows Volk has done. But as the speech is done, he appears to initiate a teleport, putting him right onto Tony's sensors. Unfortunately, he reappears right behind Kael, offering a boot to the rear to send him over the side of the building.

Kael looks down at Volk, looking around for something to blast at him when he notices him teleport. He lets out a curse before he's kicked over the edge of the building! "Goddamit!" yells Kael as he spins in the air, the wind catching him before he aims to blast Connor up into the air with a strong explosion of wind under him.

Tony is used to these gravitational forces that Volk uses. When the next one appears on his sensors Iron Man releases a plasma bolt at the disturbance. If Volk doesn't get out of dodge he'd find himself decorating a nice sized crater. Landing amongst some cracked cement walls, Tony releases Hawkeye. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," he offers up with a hint of amusement in the robotic tone. The boot jets fire sending him out of the hiding place, and he hovers for a moment. This is not the best idea, he thinks to himself before touching back down onto the ground killing the power.

DJ simply stays where he is. "Ok, I get it. Some kind of training thing. In the middle of a public area where ANYONE can walk in and get themselves hurt. Smaaaart." He says with a bit of an eye roll. "Even unprotected humans with no superhuman powers." He grumbles, moving off to the side, holding his staff tightly in his hands. "Maybe I should just go… over here." He points off a little.

Catching and riding the blast of air, Volk uses that as a means to evade the plasma bolts, but vanishes as the blast goes off under him. But… with the elevation, he spots the real target of the exercise, and says over the comm unit on his HUD piece, 'Sentinels inbound. Sooner than expected. Kael and I will fade back. Show's yours Iron Man, Hawkeye.' And as he reappears on the ground, Volk vanishes once more, but the sounds of his running feet can be heard. as he makes his way for cover once more, beginning to change out his ammunition from pink practice, for something much more lethal.

In the air, and descending quickly, three standard pattern Sentinels appear and start to land, one of them declaring loudly on it's speaker, 'MUTANTS DETECTED. MOVING TO ENGAGE.' Followed by the two others stating 'ACKNOWLEDGED'.

Kael looks up into the sky, letting out a huff of air at his bangs as he mutters, "Took those buckets of bolts long enough." He lands on the ground and vanishes into one of the alleyways; meeting Volk at his cover as the aerokinetic grabs the weapons he needs to go against Sentinels. Over the comm link everyone, sans DJ, has he says, "Good look everyone. Star, now yer chance to shine."

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's act will begin shortly. For the safety and comfort of others, mind the laser beams," Iron Man announces to those that are wearing a communications device. Iron Man hovers off the ground and moves to intercept one of the three inbound Sentinels firing off several plasma bolts aimed directly in the Sentinels path.

"Sentinels?" DJ asks, looking up suddenly. Crap. He's not a mutant, so technically, he's not a danger. But then, he is a rogue hunter. That could change things. And these people are most likely mutants, Mr. Stark being the exception. He's torn. He knows he shouldn't run. But maybe they can handle it… or not. He stops moving away, and grips the staff, raising it slightly off the ground as his mind works towards a decision.

The arrival of the Sentinels has Hawkeye freezing where she stands, arrow nocked to string, but not yet drawn. As suddenly as that, her eyes flood violet, but she stands her ground, reaching for an arrow that's a little more deadly than the ones she's been using up until now, "Why couldn't I have gotten some better ammunition before this..?" The words are muttered softly as she fires first one arrow at one of the approaching machines and then another in quick succession, aiming for the eyes of the mutant hunter that's aiming for her and turning to take cover before she even sees if she hit her mark.

The lead Sentinel jinks to evade the incoming fire from Iron Man, and the speakers emit, 'TARGET DESIGNATE: IRON MAN. DATABASE UPDATING.'. Landing in a crouch, the Sentinel replies with a blast of it's eye beams at the armored form, before rising up to fire off a pair of razor-nets to pin the form.

The two other Sentinels seem to favor Star over Tony as one of her arrows does hit one eye of the robot she shot at. Sadly, the other one just plinks off into the darkness as its stepped on. 'MUTANT DETECTED, MOVING TO ENGAGE' emits from the uninjured Sentinel as it moves towards the building. The injured one emits 'HALT MUTANT! CEASE ALL ACTIONS!' as it lets a razor net fly towards Star.

With the pulse bolts sailing off and crashing in the distance, Iron Man has only a moment to dodge an incoming beam that gets a little too close for comfort. Right on the heels of the dodged eye beam are the two nets. One is effectively avoided but the other connects. Bound in mid hover, the suit is commanded to change form making the surface an effective cutter. Stark shoves his forearms down violently, freeing him up to yank away the rest of the wire. The suit shifts again to begin repairing the damage. He fires off several short repulsor blasts towards the pair that are heading for Hawkeye then flies headlong towards the one engaged with him.

"Three against one. Unfair." DJ says simply, raising the staff fully into the air. "In the words of my predecessor…" He slams the staff against the ground, bringing a cascade of thunder and lightning to his body, transforming him into the God of Thunder, "I SAY THEE NAY!" He shouts, using his lungs to their fullest extent. He looks much like the classic Thor of old, but with red hair. He looks to the two sentinels aiming for Hawkeye, and flings his hammer, and himself, in the direction of one. He hasn't really had too many opportunities to practice with this, but he has it all in his mind, as he remembers the previous Thor's ways. In effect, he's trying to smash himself through one of them, but he did aim a little low. So, the only real danger is to their legs.

"Oh SHIT." Hawkeye cringes slightly even as she runs, trying to dodge out of the way of the net that's heading her way. She half turns and fires another arrow at the Sentinel that's closest to her, again aiming for the optics and hoping to blind it so that she can get under cover. The act of turning, however, also takes her eyes off of where she's going, and she tumbles backwards. Unfortunately, this leaves her vulnerable to the net and she finds herself effectively bound with an arrow in one hand and her bow in the other, "Shitshitshitshit!" Frantically, the archer starts sawing at the wire that's wrapped around her legs with the arrowhead even as DJ goes from red headed former Hunter to god of Thunder and attacks one of the sentinels after her, "Guys? A little help here? QUICK!"

'TARGET CAPTURE EVADED - UPDATING' Declares the leader Sentinel, but as it adjusts itself for a more lethal barrage, the repulsor bolts clash into the osmium armor. Three power bolts clang against the chassis, and the last knocks it down, and causes a short that makes the head twitch before internal repairs begin. When the thunder strikes and the smoke clears, the second of the trine attack robots finds itself suddenly falling and landing close by Hawkeye, it's left leg ripped off at the knee by a redheaded battering ram. The fallen one declares 'ERROR: CANNOT DETECT POWER SOURCE. WARNING, WARNING, INITIATE PROTOCOL EPSILON'. The lights go out in it's eyes, and suddenly the chest opens, and Spider Sentinels begin pouring out!

When Hawkeye falls and the Sentinel comes closer, there is a sudden sound of air displacing as Volk appears in front of Hawkeye, and stands there with a shimmering field in the shape of a Captain America disc-shield. Two layers overlapping to provide cover for Star to free herself. He looks back at her and growls out from under the balaklava, "Don't panic. Never panic… when you feel the fear, ride it. Don't let it consume you. Fear is instincts. Instincts keep you alive. You've got friends, you've got backup."

Kael lets out a loud curse, and there's a soft boom of wind as he bursts out of the hiding place where he was. The aerokinetic rushes towards there Star is, a dome of wind erecting around her even before the man gets there. The winds whipping strong enough to deflect even the robots physical attacks. When Volk appears there, Kael grins as the wind domes turns into a blade of wind that just curves around Volk and lashes right out towards the Spider Sentinels.

Then the second sentinel goes down, the third one will alive booms out 'MULTIPLE MUTANTS DETECTED! CEASE ALL ACTIONS!' Then the eyes fall on Thor, the actual one who took down the sentinel and another line echoes 'REPEAT! CEASE ALL ACTIONS!' Its two eyes start to glow red before two beams streak across the sky towards the Asgardian.

As Iron Man pursues his target to the ground he hears the God of Thunder. Now was not the time to ponder where the hell Thor managed to come from but he was damn glad the Avenger had shown himself. With his target down he magnolocks himself to the armor of the Sentinel. His hands lock down at the neck area, further locking into place as the armor shifts to give him more of a hold. "Let's see how she handles," he says to no one but himself. A giant sized robot is still a robot. It takes him sometime to gain control of the system. First thing was first, follow the path, find the source of the commands being issued. If something was stupid enough to come after him he'd just have the controlled Sentinel do the dirty work for him.

As the wind blows at the Spider-Sentinels, Thor looks around. The wind is not so much his domain, but something else is. "Did you not hear what I said? I said I SAY THEE NAY! That means back the hell off!" He braces his feet into the ground and holds the hammer out with both hands, drawing lightning from the skies and channelling it in their direction, with a silent prayer for it NOT to hit any of the other humans here. Yeah, he's not exactly the same, but he'll do. "Sorry I didn't speak up sooner!" He calls to Iron Man and Hawkeye. "Wasn't sure if I'd be needed or not."

"I'm not panicking." Not yet, anyway. She works to get the net off of her swiftly but without actually cutting herself on either wire or arrow. As soon as Hawkeye has freed herelf, she scrambles back to her feet and nocks another arrow, "Thanks, guys. Guess it doesn't pay to not look where you're going, huh?" Her eyes still contain little flashes of violet and gray, but black has taken over for the most part: She's angry right now. Mostly with herself for letting herself be the damsel in distress again. She's a hero now, an Avenger, she shouldn't have to be rescued! Unfortunately, she's not much use against the Spider-Sentinels, but that doesn't mean she's not going to try. In rapid succession, she fires arrow after arrow at the smaller weapon platforms that swarm in her direction, slowly giving ground as she strikes her targets; aiming for air intakes and visible sensors in an attempt to at least disable the robots.

The wonderful thing about a bow is how it magnifies the strength of the shot, and Hawkeye might be surprised as the less armored but faster Spiderbots begin to go down as she nocks and fires smoothly, however more of the continue to pour out of the Sentinel that was downed, some also beginning to come out the severed leg. It seems that the internal components of the Mark 3 are reconfiguring the release more and more of them, lasers, projectile weapons, and even claws coming closer and closer to striking. That is until THOR (and yes it does require capitols, True Believers) unleashes mother nature upon them. Lightning cannons out from the head of the Hammer towards the group of Spiders and the still-active Sentinel, striking some, scattering others, but the bulk of them are frozen now and twitching as electricity spiders over their forms.

Iron Man finds that getting inside the Sentinel systems is easy, as well as attempting to access the memory core once he's locked in place, however… he immediately detects that the Sentinel has severed it's wireless physically from other systems, and then there's the sound of a small explosion inside the head as new directives in place on the robot cause it to detonate, keeping him from getting inside the network. However, this Sentinel is now his, all controls accessible, weapons, protocols, everything…

And as Hawkeye is up and moving once more, Volk vanishes… and reappears on a nearby rooftop, snagging up his reliable and powerful .50 caliber sniper rifle. Far enough from the fight to give the Avengers a chance to get some of their own licks in, he pulls down the bipod and sets up, checking the sight's settings after flipping up the dust covers. Over the comm, Hawkeye hears in her ear, "You're going well… keep it up. Remember that fighting isn't about speed and strength. It's timing. You can shoot all the shots you want, but it's always the right shot that does the most damage."

The third Sentinel is blasted by multiple bolts of lighting, but it's still operational as it starts to lurch towards the mutants on the rooftop. It's speaker somewhat garbled as it booms out. 'MUTANZZZKT -ECTED! CZZKT -TIONS!' With that, it fires two two razor nets at the mutants occupying the rooftops to ground them before it goes for the others around.
Kael stands behind Star, letting her fire all the shots she wants at the spiders. And he just smirks a bit, his wind wall keeping things away from her; but he splits it down the middle as Star fires her shots. He keeps his eye on the third Sentinel as it speaks, and then wind wall drops. A rush of wind swirls around the two nets before he slams them down on the ground over what spider sentinels he can.

The damage being done, Thor's getting a little grin on his face. He's had power before, sure, but nothing like THIS. This… is simply amazing. However, he's not rushing after the next one. From what he's gleaning here and there, Hawkeye's new to the whole thing. So, he's just going to provide a little distraction this time. Distraction, by going physical on Spider-Bots. Hey, what are godly fists for?

The archer narrows her eyes at the machines she's facing, turning on one purple booted heel and racing to find a more defensible position to fire from, "Yeah, yeah. Make every shot count." She's trying, alright? She just hasn't memorized the specs for the Sentinels and is, instead, aiming for the easy targets on them. Hawkeye turns again, not really in a better position, but at least a little further away and takes careful aim, sighting along her arrow through the Spiders and back to their 'parent'; her face a study in concentration as she tries to guess just how to stop these things from coming out of the larger Sentinel, "Any ideas on how to stop these little buggers? I don't really kow what makes them tick."

The Sentinel Tony is currently in control of gives him a landslide of information that he files away for future use. Frustrated with himself for not being able to stop the defensive measure he forces himself to focus on a new tactic. For now he simply activates another fail safe within the construct. Once he's clear the Sentinel explodes behind him. The active sentinel is now his target, once there Iron Man locks on, digs himself in and stops the security protocol from being activated. With the communications network at his fingertips he speeds through searching for the source. The others seemed to have things in hand, mostly. When Iron Man finds what he's looking for the tide of this war would certainly be changed. At least, that was his hope.

Thor continues his bashings and smashings of Sentinels as he lets loose for the first time in a long time. He's not worried at all. But then, that could easily just be the confidence of a God flowing through his body. "Stupid Sentinels. Damn government making me a slave in my own body for so long. Never again!"

The Sentinel that's has Spider Drones pouring out from its body seems to focus on Thor. Even as the Asgardian smashes his way through the drones. The Sentinel that's latched on by Tony goes to active that security protocol, but it's stopped via Iron Man. And then a whole new world is opened up to Iron man via all that the Sentinel has to offer.

The aerokinetic has winds whipping around him as he watches the Sentinel; but when Iron man latches onto it, Kael turns his attention to the little spider drones as he pulls the iron spikes off of the back of his vest and basically turns into a Redneck Gattling Rail Gun at the spider drones. Pointing away from Thor of course.

Tony has a wealth of information downloading, as he sifts through to find what he's looking for. Something stands out to him almost instantly, and he attacks this thread of information with gusto before he's violently kicked out of the communications system. Attempting to get back into the system reveals blocked attempt after blocked attempt. He had something to work with, and that was enough for now. Taking full control of the Sentinel it turns towards the others feeling much like the Goblin that controlled the gate guardian in Labyrinth. "Clear out!" The Sentinels voice commands as the hands power up and point down toward the ground at the corpse spilling the drones.

Her question unanswered, Hawkeye just keeps firing steadily at the drones, not bothering to keep her aim focused on the ones that aren't close to Thor. As long as he doesn't step between her and her target, there shouldn't be any accidents, after all. The woman can't help but curse quietly, raising her voice to ask a rhetorical question of the men, "Is there no end to these damn things?" She's far enough distant that she's out of the way when Iron Man warns, via the Sentinel he's controlling, to get out of the way, so keeps carefully aiming at the Spiders.

Hearing the command from the Sentinel in a very unsentinel fashion, Thor looks up, nodding. He moves back inline with Hawkeye, and moves into a protective stance. She can easily fire around him, but he wants to make sure any blast or anything doesn't hit her.

Kael takes Tony's call from the Sentinel to get the hell out of there, and he does! The last of the spikes is fired off at a drone before he blasts himself back over towards Thor and Hawkeye. A dome of air swirling around them as the aerokinetic adds his own protection to the mix. Though it may not be as much as a Godly body standing in front.

To put a stop to the drones and clean up the mess that is littering the street, Tony fires the palm beams from the Sentinel once the others are clear enough. The corpse is dealt with rather effectively and all that is left are the few spider drones running around after the others. From his vantage point atop the Sentinel, Iron Man makes sure to block the events transpiring here and send any incoming support on some other meaningless path. "Negative, we've got a coolant leak. Very dangerous," he communicates to a nearby Sentinel that is offshore. As it asks for their status Iron Man responds, "Negative, we're all fine here. Gamma 3 Epsilon." Bless his geek knowledge rearing its head.

Star gives the god before her a small smile even as she keeps firing, "Aw… I didn't know you cared." Now that she's got a rhythm down, she's willing to let herself have a little fun. Or at least to banter with her allies, anyway. When her latest arrow gets caught in Kael's dome, the archer sighs and holds fire to wait and see what, exactly, Tony is about to do with his little remote control robot. When he fires and decimates the Sentinel that's so busy turning into little drones to flay them alive, her small smile turns into a broad grin and she nocks another arrow, silently taking aim once more and waiting for the wind to die down so that she has a clear shot at one of the remaining Spiders.

Kael smirks a bit. "Sorry about that Star, didn't want any shrapnel getting close." THe dome of air swirls out of Star's way as it gathers behind him, waiting for her to fire her arrow so Kael can let loose a volley of small windblasts of his own.

The sentinel's body is definitely obliterated as is most of the spider drones that were already inside of it and coming out of it. It seems that Tony's geek speak is making the Sentinel on the coast think for a bit as there's no other ones coming to check up on things.

Down below looks interesting through the eyes of the Sentinel. Tony plays around with the mutant tracking ability as well as every other thing he would like to have hands on experience with. "We appear to have had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh everything's perfectly all right now, here. How are you?" Just so the others know that he's in charge of the 30ft tall creation. "The other bogeys are bugging out," he adds as the Sentinel starts to walk away from the others to a safe distance where Stark engages the self destruct protocol and flies off the Sentinel before the explosion.

"Don't worry about it. Better safe than sorry, after all." With that, Hawkeye fires at one of the remaining drones and draws another arrow from her quiver, "That… was actually kind of fun, as long as you ignore the fact that I made an ass of myself with that net…" At least she's willing to admit it, right?

DJ takes the hammer and slams it against the ground, letting the energies of his godhood flow back into the skies, taking him back to his human form. Just plain, simple, former broadway star, DJ Daniels. "We all are like that at first. My first time was during the Inferno years ago. But that was with different powers." He shrugs slightly as he looks about. With the power flown out of him, it's an odd sensation.

Kael looks over at DJ as he resumes his human form and he lets out a laugh. "Huh, guess I learn somethin' new everyday? Nice job with the lightning, DJ." He looks over at Star, and follows her arrow before he lifts a hand up and sends small baseball sized blasts of air at the remaining Drones. The Exposion of the Sentinel causes him to take a step away from it when he sees Iron Man fly from it beforehand and he suggests, "Now… how about we get back home before more of those guys want to see if Iron Man is still here."

Iron Man lands relatively quickly so that the area doesn't attract more attention. As he walks towards the others the armor swiftly changes itself to appear like a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a red hoodie. With hands in the front pocket of the hoodie Stark acts casually as if there hadn't been a battle here just moments ago. "I'd ask for introductions but this isn't the place for that. Anyone up for a MRE back at my little dirt corner of the world?"

"I could. I'm just… tired." DJ says. "Been walking all day." He admits. "So, wherever is good. Though, I'll probably just end up passing out. Godhood takes a lot out of you." He nods solemnly.

Hawkeye grimaces a little at the mention of the Inferno, "I heard about that from Cloud when he first went to Xavier's… I heard it was pretty bad for a while." Not that she was anywhere near New York back then. She nods and nocks her latest arrow, but doesn't draw it yet, just staying prepared for in case something else shows up, "That sounds like a really good idea. I'm sure Em's wanting to know how things went, after all." She gives Tony a little smirk as his armor changes into civilian clothes, "Sure, Tony."

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