2012-03-07: Tarot Readings


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Summary: Bridget offers Tarot Readings in the Grind Stone

Date: March 7, 2012

Log Title: Tarot Readings

Rating: PG

Westchester - Grind Stone

The Grind Stone is a quaint little coffee shop with tables surrounded by various shape chares and even a few couches with coffee tables. Baristas in yellow aprons are ready to take anyone's order from a latte to a hot chocolate to one of their many specialty drinks.

It's early evening and around dinner time which is why Nick is sitting at one of the couches with a cup of hot chocolate and a sandwich in front of him. He just needed to get away from Xavier's so he's miraculously made his way to Salem Center and to the coffee shop where he now sits. The blond teen stares at his cell phone, frowning and really wishing that the soft indie rock over the speakers wasn't playing at the moment.

Fiona is here! At the Grindstone! … AGAIN! Of course, last time she didn't exactly hurt anybody, so they let her in again. The staff seem to be watching her with an /obviously/ wary eye though - maybe even more of a glare. The girl in question looks… well… not exactly surprised by their attitude towards her, but more resigned to it. She's getting better, honest! "If you freak out and yell again, we're calling the cops!" the cashier warns her in a hostile tone as he hands her her drink.

As is often the case outside of the school, Taylor happens to be using an image inducer today, taking on the less fuzzy appearance closer to how Taylor looked before manifestation. A very pretty blonde, though seeming to be of indeterminate gender, wearing black slacks and a fashionable grey and black jacket. The student eyes Fiona curiously, being behind her in line, at the warning from the staff.

Bridget is new to the area sure she grew up in the city but never been to Westchester before she came to the school. She finally gets board of the same rooms and had herd of this place so she, Ebony, and Amour make there way to the Grind Stone. She walks in and holds the door for the black and pink skulls that follow her. She looks around the whole trip and now being one of the first times she been out in public with them (that she knows about). She walks over to the counter and makes her order, "Could I get Venti 1 pump caramel, 1 pump white mocha, 2 scoops vanilla bean powder, extra ice frappuchino with 2 shots poured over the top (apagotto style) with caramel drizzle under and on top of the whipped cream, double cupped., and a corn muffing please." She smiles sweetly and pulls out her bank card and waits.

Upon hearing the barista give Fiona a warning, Nicholas looks up with a puzzled expression until he sees the girl standing behind her. Getting up he walks up to Taylor and nudges against her. "I swear you're following me everytime I leave school grounds just to make sure I can find my way back." He teases her with a faint smile on his face. "So you just needed to get out too?" He says as he can't help but stare at the skulls that are with Bridget and there's a tense discomfort that comes over him. "Damn, some people are such morons."

Fiona blinks back and forth between the cashier and the newcomer, closing her eyes and sipping on her coffee. She's not really, you know, /sure/ about this whole floating skull business. She ponders whether it might be magic, or mutant related, but has no real way of telling without being able to sense large-scale magic… so the sorceress meanders past Taylor and Nicholas, towards a table. The barista seems torn between watching the girl who is a apparently a known menace, and this new, unknown quantity.

Taylor seems surprised at the nudging and then laughs at hearing what Nicholas has to say, "Yeah, I just had to get out of there for a little bit, get something to drink and stop ruminating. That I'll be able to get you home is just a happy side effect!" The student smiles and then looks towards Bridget, voice lowering at the latter comment, "What do you mean?" Tay's eyes shift for a few moments towards Fiona, curiously.

Bridget gets her coffee if you can the thing she order and coffee and the corn muffin and looks around for a table. The pink skull bumps her and makes sound like out of a Halloween sound track at her. Bridget looks at a table near the other. Her eyes scan over Taylor with out showing she knows her. She walks over to the table and sits alone well maybe not alone she has the skulls. She sips her coffee and then pulls out a deck of tarot cards and starts to shuffle them idly.

Nicholas looks at Taylor and then back to Bridget. "That girl there, walking around with those things, it's not good to attract attention to yourself." He says to her sounding annoyed by it. "I have a spot at the couch if you wanna join me." He says walking over to where his sandwich and hot chocolate is left sitting. While moving between the tables and chairs, someone pushes their chair out, catching Nick, and causing him to bump right in the chair Fiona is sitting in.

Of course, Fiona is sipping coffee at the moment, and spilling it all of the table and partially onto her clothing causes her to emit a sort of 'squeak' sound. She blinks at Nick, eyes growing a bright purple and face red from embarassment, but doesn't necessarily seem… angry… "H-hey," she stammers. He's BIG! She, perhaps, takes the bump in the wrong way; as she didn't actually see how it happened. "I get the point! I don't want any trouble! I just wanted a frappiccino… I-I'll go," she apologizes. Whatever happened in here /before,/ she doesn't seem to relish the possibility of an angry mob forming to take revenge for it. Especially not when she's completely unarmed.

Taylor looks at the skulls for a few moments and then frowns and nods, speaking quietly, "Admittedly, I'm pretty glad that I have an image inducer… I don't want anyone to-" The androgynous teen moves to help Nicholas, after the boy has bumped Fiona's chair, but at Fiona's reply to the bump, headtilts and says, "I don't think anyone's asking you to leave or anything."

Taylor looks at the skulls for a few moments and then frowns and nods, speaking quietly, "Admittedly, I'm pretty glad that I have an image inducer… I don't want anyone to-" The androgynous teen moves to help Nicholas, after the boy has bumped Fiona's chair, but at Fiona's reply to the bump, headtilts and says, "I don't think anyone's asking you to leave or anything."

Bridget sips her coffee and shuffles the cards some more. Her eyes does fall on the three but still does not seem to know who Taylor is after all she not a cat. She watches for a moment and then stands grabbing a big stacks of napkins form her table and walks to them and with out a word help cleaning the spill coffee. The pink skull comes over and helps as well.

"I…I'm sorry, it was an accident." Nicholas protests to the girl who, he believes, seems to be scared of him. "I don't even know who you are!" He says as he can feel himself starting to get angry but he tries to control his temper. "Damn it!" He mutters looking to Taylor as he walks over to grab a few napkins and when he returns he notices Skull Girl has already beaten him to it. "Thanks." He mutters to her in not the most grateful sounding of tones.

"You're not?" she peers at Taylor. "It's okay, I've … oh, okay," Fiona dabs at her clothing with some napkins, drying off her shirt. "It's not that big a deal," she murmurs, blinking between Taylor and Nicholas, and then down at Bridget. Suddenly, she seems to be the center of attention. She breathes a deep sigh, "It's just been a rough few days. I had a … breakdown in here a week or two ago and I don't think they like me very much." Her eyes pulse a glowing purple as she tenses up when Nicholas looks frustrated; then finally die down as she relaxes.

Taylor nods at Fiona and says, "Well, we don't even work here, so it's really not our place to ask anyone to leave, anyways. Just here for coffee." The teen glances off towards Bridget, offering her a polite nod as well in acknowledgement of the napkin efforts.

Bridget nods and smiles, "no problem. I like helping people out." She seems not to notice the sound of Nickolas' voice or she decides not to care about it." She smiles at the other, "By the way I am Bridget" She goes to hold out her hand as to offer to shake and notices the coffee on it, "oh I guess that can wait." She giggles softly and goes back to cleaning. Amour makes a napkin in her mouth moping up the mess quickly. Bridget looks at Fiona and frowns some. She takes a clean napkin and wipes her hands off and walks around the table, "sounds like you need a hug." Next thing you know Bridget's arms around her in a hug.

"I know what you mean." Nicholas says dryly to Fiona. "It's been a rough couple of months for me." Though the purple glowing eyes do keep him on edge a bit. "I'm probably just gonna head back on my own Taylor, can't really…" He just shakes his head before looking at Fiona. "Listen, I'm really sorry about that, I didn't mean to do anything to scare you or make you nervous or anything." He says and the weird skull girl throwing her arms around Fiona is enough to make Nick just turn and go to leave the place.

Fiona just kind of blinks and freezes, staring at Taylor as if to say 'please help!' when the girl hugs her unexpectedly. Not that she doesn't like hugs, but maybe not from people she just met literally seconds ago. "I… thanks… I think?" she nods, gingerly returning the hug and then unintwining herself from the other girl. "I'm Fiona," she offers awkwardly.

Taylor headtilts at Nicholas as he says that he needs to head out and then nods, "Text me if you get turned around at all, and I'll catch up with you…" The teen's apparently meticulously groomed eyebrows rise up at the hug taking place, and the look from Fiona, giving her a perplexed shrug in return for it.

Bridget lets go of Fiona and smiles some, "nice to meet you." She giggles some and the black skull lets out a evil twisted laugh at the situation. She frowns, "what are you laughing at?" The black skull speaks in the screams and wails. She then blinks, 'I don't think…..I mean….." She looks back to Fiona and frowns some, "I sorry if the hug made you uneasy. I forget not everyone is like me." She then looks at Taylor with a look on confusing on her face she might not know who you are but your voice sound familiar to her, "have we met before?"

Fiona brushes herself off gently, shaking her head a little, "It's fine," she grins, "It's really no big deal," nods the teen. "By the way - what're those… things following you around? Are you a mutant, or is that magic?" she wonders aloud - because typically, skulls and that sorta thing tend to be magic; but she's not really sure she /senses/ any…

Taylor blinks a few times at Fiona's question and says, "Uh, I don't think… magic? I don't know how many people… do people know magic?" The student then looks towards Bridget and nods once, "Yeah, we have. I'm Taylor. Taylor Marinov, from school…"

Bridget looks back to Fiona and smiles, "oh I am a mutant and those are." She point to the pink one first, "she Amour." She points to the black one, "He is Ebony." She then nods, "well magic can be done easy such as hex and stuff you just need to right stuff for the stuff to create the spell." She does not know magic or what real magic is but she thinks she does. She then blinks at Taylor and blinks, "Taylor you look different. What happen?"

Fiona blinks back and forth between Taylor and Bridget, shutting her mouth for a moment. She decides to let Bridget talk, smirking just a little. Typically it's not a /great/ idea to go blabbing about your powers, but she had to know. Perhaps because of the question, it could be surmised… That she does. But she's not gonna say so!

Taylor headtilts at Bridget and says, quite self consciously, eyes shifting slightly, "Umm, we can talk about that later…" The student clearly doesn't want to give the explanation in front of too many people, but while speaking, the teen rubs their watch lightly.

Bridget nods, "okay." She then hugs Taylor lightly and lets go. She smiles some, "so I guess we should find a seat or something." The two skulls fly over to Fiona now and circles her slowly. Both nod to her before flying to Bridget and nuzzles her. Bridget takes the skulls into a hug and smiles, "you two can sit at my table since this one is a little sticky."

"Heh, sure! C'mon, it'll be fun," Fiona reaches down, suddenly cheerful (demonic links are GREAT for inducing mood swings, huh?) and grabbing Taylor by the hand. However, the texture there is… not exactly what she expects. At all. "I… wha…" she releases the hand almost as quickly as she had grabbed at it, as if shocked by electricity.

"Okay," says Taylor, accepting the hug, if a bit awkwardly, glancing back, and then seeming rather shocked when Fiona touches the hand. "Ah!" Taylor steps back, pulling the hand away and close to themselves, before closing distance quickly with Fiona in a rather frantic way, but keeping a hushed voice, "Don't say anything about it, I can explain, okay?"

Bridget had felt the fur with the hug which confuse her a little but just thought it was part of her power some how. She watches the two and frowns some noticing the other girl did not know. She then smiles and takes both of them by the hand, "come on I will give you both a reading." She leads both back to the table.

"Oh, all… right?" Fiona rubs at her hand; it seems to be okay. But she's pretty sure she just felt fur! The magic user does as motioned, heading over to Bridget's table and sliding into a seat; whereupon she probs her chin up on one elbow.

Taylor also sits down at the table and then looks at the two girls there, and says quietly, "Okay, this is not what I look like. Not anymore… I'm using an image inducer to look like how I used to… But I don't like people knowing, not in the public. Some people can be… really judgmental. Okay?" Then Taylor looks to Bridget and says, "A reading?"

Bridget smiles, "wouldn't know anything about that. The skulls float over each of her shoulder watching the other women. She pulls out a deck of tarot cards, "I just got these and I been dying to use them. She puts them down on the table, "who wants to go first?"

Fiona smirks, "You can do me first," she nods - looking amused by the whole thing. One might think that she doesn't even believe in magic from watching her! Who knows, though…

Taylor seems glad that the explanation passes without comment, taking a sip of the drink and then nodding, "Feel free to go first." The student headtilts slightly, "Thanks for not freaking out."

Bridget nods and shuffles the cards and then places the cards down in front of Fiona, "now cut the deck or was it have you shuffle them." She thinks for a moment and nods, "yah cut the deck." Yah she very new at this. Once you have she starts to lay out the cards slowly.

Fiona goes ahead and cuts the deck, then glances at Taylor, "Trust me… I've seen… a lot of weird stuff. I'm not exactly sure what an image inducer /is/ but…" she trails off, hand touching the golden chain with the keys around her neck, "I can keep quiet about it."

Taylor watches idly as the tarot cards are shuffled, and the teen then nods at Fiona, "An image inducer is like… a hologram, that covers my body. So that people can't see what I look like. Because most people would flip the fuck out."

Bridget looks at the cards and frowns some then pulls out a pocket size book on them and flips the pages, "mmm it seems the cards say you have a power inside you or a power with in. That it will bring you struggle but you will learn to live with this power….. or something close to that." She smiles.

Fiona smiles a little, "I suppose that's pretty accurate." Surprisingly. She guesses it's like Donna says - always respect superstition. You never know when it may turn out to be true… "Oh, like, on Star Trek, huh?" the girl answers Taylor, "That's pretty cool, honestly."

"I guess, yeah, it's pretty neat," says Taylor, nodding and looking down at the watch for a moment and then glancing towards Bridget, head tilting lightly, "I've never really had a tarot reading done. I dunno, never knew many people interested in that kind of thing…"

Bridget picks up the cards and shuffles them, "my friends and I are all into this stuff. It is pretty cool.. Would you like a reading?"

Fiona smiles, "That was pretty neat. I do need to be getting home though… nice meetin' you all," nods the teen, waving cheerily as she saunters out of the building. Away!

Taylor nods at Fiona and says, "Seeya later…" The teen's attention turns towards Bridget, and Tay shrugs lightly, "I'll bite, sure, give me a reading."

Bridget nods and starts to shuffle. She looks at the other woman as she bows out, "nice meeting you have a good day." She grins. She then looks back to Taylor and placethe deck in front of you, "please cut it."

Taylor watches Bridget shuffling the deck a bit curiously, "I'm not really sure how this is supposed to work, honestly…" The teen cuts the deck as instructed.

Bridget smiles, "by cutting the deck your energy is infuse in the cards. Now that energy makes the cards tell the truth when flip." She flips up the cards . She looks at it and then pulls out her book again, "lets see that right side up and that up side down. So it said you have a great struggle head of you but you are strong and will over come everything put in your way."

Taylor headtilts at what Bridget says and then says, "I see. I dunno how accurate that is, but I guess that I'll find out sooner or later." The feline considers that for a few moments more and then says, "Interesting hobby, though."

Bridget nods, "I love things like this the ritual and sub cultures of the world. " She smiles and sips her coffee as she gathers up her cards.

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